The Tank-Bred – Urdnot Grunt - 3 Weeks after the battle for Earth

The Leader of Aralakh Company, the creation of a maniac, stood staring at the rubble of what was once the remains of Clan Sheerk. It was a good fight, one he wouldn't soon be forgetting. Sheerk was one of the few clans left who still wanted revenge for the genophage and therefore opposed Clan Urdnot. They didn't really have any more say in the matter, they were all dead.

A week after the battle for Earth, Wrex assembled all Clan leaders to The Hollows where they discussed the future of all Krogan. Sheerk's leader Slite, announced his intentions for the Krogan: a violent one. Slite challenged Wrex in hand to hand combat to decide the rightful leader of the Krogan. Needless to say, it wasn't much of a fight. Wrex then ordered Aralakh Company to wipe out the clan. It took barely an hour for Sheerk to be eradicated. The non-combatants were now to become part of clan Urdnot.

"We're ready to go, move out." Grunt said to the lead Tonka driver. Grunt picked up the last ammunition box salvaged from Sheerk's main compound and got into his Tonka.

"Why Urdnot? Of all the clans to conquer us, it had to be the one with the tank-bred." A Krogan POW whispered under his breath, the other two POWs mumbling their agreement. He was one of Sheerk's combatants that were captured during the battle; Grunt remembered defeating him. He'd shot away his gun and before he knew it, Grunt had tackled him to the ground, stuck his claymore in his face and asked the question: Surrender or death?

"Why Sheerk? Of all the clans to conquer, it had to be the one with the most whiny, pathetic excuses for Krogan on all of Tuchanka. Consider yourself lucky to even get the chance to become part of Urdnot. Also keep in mind this certain tank-bred was the one to destroy everyone and everything you know." Grunt's soldiers laughed in approval, slapping him on the back and flexing their muscles at the three POWs.

The trio instantly fell silent. Grunt took out his omni-tool and sent a message to Wrex that Sheerk was destroyed. Getting bored, he popped open the hatch on the roof of the Tonka and climbed up. Sitting down, he put down his vindicator and claymore and started eating his noodles.

"A little spicy" He said to himself. "Heh, heh, heh" he laughed, remembering his encounter with Shepard on the Citadel, dammed C-Sec, everyone thought his battle master was dead. But Grunt could feel it in his blood, his brain said Shepard was dead but his instinct said alive. Shepard was on the Citadel when the Reapers were destroyed, the Citadel fared no better than the Reapers themselves. He was told he was in a place called Wales, stopping any Reaper air or sea units coming in from some other Earth place called North America. He was just about to get up and share that war story with his Krogan when the floor rumbled.

He looked off in the distance, the dirt was spitting out of the ground. He looked to his left and it was coming from there too.

"THRESHER MAW!" He yelled, they were closing, fast. "THRESER MAW!" He yelled again. There was no time to go back into the Tonka and get his soldiers out,. He grabbed his vindicator and put it in its holster on his back. The maws were seconds from attacking the convoy. He ran, picking up his claymore on his way and jumped straight off the Tonka. He hit the ground right as the one of the maws devoured the Tonka he was on merely seconds ago. He looked to his left and saw another Thresher Maw take down one of the other Tonkas.

"Go, go, go! Get back to Urdnot!" He barked in his omni-tool to the rest of his squad. The rest of the Tonka's sped off and Grunt was left alone with two hungry thresher maws.