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Brilliant blue-white light flashed and Sam Beckett found himself in another unfamiliar surrounding. He looked around himself, taking in his new location.

He was standing in what appeared to be a small lab (emphasis on the small). Tables, beakers, test tubes, samples, DNA specimens; it looked like a research facility for something specific. His reflection stared back at him from one of the windows, a dark brown face with short black hair. He looked past that, to the sea of sand outside. A desert. A valley in a desert, to be more specific.

He heard a small beeping at his wrist, and a watch strapped around it vibrated. He looked down at it, finding a small screen he couldn't make sense of. The ground beneath him started shifting and his eyes widened at an underground roar.

"Ooooh, boy," he said aloud.

"Roger!" a feminine voice hissed at him and he turned, spotting a red haired woman standing in the doorway of a makeshift room, putting a finger to her lips and frowning at him.

"Sorry," he responded, only to realize he had just done it again and half-covered his mouth.

The glare he got from the woman kept him from speaking as the strange rumbling seemed to pass right beneath them. The red never moved, standing completely still, looking at her watch as the shaking began to cease. It soon disappeared entirely and she dropped her arm and continued her way towards the door.

"A little distracted today?" she asked, casting him another odd look.

"Uhhm, yeah," he smiled nervously. "You know, a lot on my mind."

She raised an eyebrow at him and sighed. "Well, move 'avoid being eaten by a Graboid' to the top of that list before you get swallowed. I'm heading to town, do you want anything?"

"Ummmm... No, no. I think I'm okay," he said, still fairly flustered.

"...Right." She left, casting a third glance at him over her shoulder. Seconds later the sound of a pick-up truck pulling away was heard before silence fell again.

Sam rifled through some papers, looked at some personal belongings. He reached into one of his pockets and pulled out a wallet.

"Roger Garrett," he read. "Fantastic, I know my name," he mumbled.

"Well," a voice suddenly came from behind him, "You are actually a scientist, Sam."

The time traveler spun around, coming face to face with a familiar hologram. "Al! You got here quick! What else can you tell me?"

"Okay, you leapt into the future again," Al said, clicking at his hand-link.

"Oh, great! Really?" Sam asked worriedly.

"Yes, but not as far as before. And we luckily got a lot of information from your last future leap, remember?" Al informed.

Sam nodded slightly. "Sort of. With... The Avengers, right?" Al nodded. "So, where am I?"

"It's August 4th... 2004," he read, "You are in Per...Perfect?" the hologram tapped the whirring device impatiently. "Perfection! Valley, Nevada. It's inhabited by- oh, wow."

"What?" Sam demanded.

"Giant underground monsters," Al said forebodingly.

Sam groaned. "Well that's just awesome, Al."

"Step away from the coffee machine, Burt," Jodi ordered, chasing him out from behind the counter with her towel. "I swear, if you keep trying that you'll never see another cup again."

Burt grumbled under his breath. "Don't take so long to make it, then."

"If you want to make your own coffee," Tyler said with a smirk, "Why don't you get your own coffee maker?" Burt's only response was a glare.

"So, what's on the schedule for today, Jodi?" Tyler chuckled, sitting down at the counter.

"Work." Jodi plopped a thick manila folder in front of him. "You've got three different tours today."

"Oooh," Tyler said, "Quite a bit. How many on each?" he questioned, flipping through the folders.

Jodi pulled a piece of paper from the bottom of one of the folders and set it on top before starting the coffee machine and hunting up something for breakfast. Tyler read over the sheet of paper silently as the door opened. The door opened to the store, and Larry joined them.

Casey followed him in soon after, plopping down at one of the tables. "God, it's hot out there. I nearly roasted in my truck on the way here."

Tyler snickered a bit at that, receiving a small slap from Jodi.

"Did Roger come with you into town today?" Larry asked.

"Roger is...being weird," Casey replied.

Jodi frowned. "What do you mean? Is something wrong?"

The scientist shrugged. "I dunno, he just seemed out of it this morning. Almost seemed to forget to be quiet when El Blanco passed by. He said he had a lot on his mind, but what I don't know."

"Did anything happen yesterday?" Tyler offered, a bit confused.

"Not that I know of."

"Huh," Tyler said, going back to reading the paper. "Weird."

"Maybe he's trying to plan something," Jodi suggested with a wink, setting a cup of –weak- coffee in front of Burt. "Isn't your birthday coming up?"

Larry grinned excitedly. "Maybe he got you something!"

Casey rolled her eyes, blushing slightly. "I doubt it. Besides, he looked more like he was confused than just nervous."

"Maybe you almost caught him," Tyler smirked.

"You guys are enjoying this, aren't you?" Casey asked, frowning at them with amusement in her eyes.

"They're children, it's what they do," Burt remarked calmly, taking his first sip of his coffee and wincing. Jodi smiled with evil triumph.

"Whatever you say, Gramps," Tyler retorted.

"Just wait 'til you change your first diaper."

They were interrupted again by another person entering the store. It was Roger- or, at least, that's what they saw.

"Roger? I thought you weren't coming," Casey said, looking surprised.

"Oh, decided, you know- wanted some breakfast," Sam said, trying to act casual.

"See what you mean," Jodi murmured quietly before addressing him. "I'm about to make biscuits and gravy. Have a seat."

"Oh, biscuits and gravy?" Sam asked happily as he sat down. "My mom used to make that all the time."

The room fell into an awkward silence and even Burt was bothered enough to fully look away from his newspaper. After several deadly quiet moments he decided to be the brave one. "I thought you grew up with your aunt and uncle?"

"Because your mother died giving birth and your father couldn't afford to raise you," Casey added, her face carefully blank to hide the slight worry she was beginning to feel.

Sam looked up with a flustered grin. "Yeah, of course. But, I meant, my aunt got the recipe from my mom," he improvised.

Burt shared a questioning glance with Tyler but said nothing, turning back to his reading.

Larry drummed his fingers a bit awkwardly on the counter in front of him. "Oh, Jodi! I got The Day the Earth Stood Still in the mail yesterday," he informed the shop owner. "Do you want to watch it with me later?"

Al looked between the sci-fi fan and Jodi, glancing down at his hand-link. "Maybe you are here to get these two together," he joked.

Sam rolled his eyes at the comment, mumbling an "I doubt that" under his breath to the hologram.

"Sure, Larry," Jodi replied distractedly, focusing on her task.

Tyler looked up from the paper he had been looking over repeatedly. "My tour is going to be here any minute," he said, checking his watch.

"Hey!" Burt stopped him before he could leave. "Keep your eyes peeled, I saw more of those tracks this morning pretty close to one of your paths."

"Tracks?" Sam asked curiously before Tyler could respond.

"Uh, yes, tracks," Burt repeated with furrowed eyes. "The one's we've been seeing along the riverbed and near Dry Gulch Spring?" he turned back to the tour guide. "It seems whatever the creature is is starting to venture further away from water. So be careful."

"Duly noted," Tyler said with a mock salute before heading out the door.

Al looked out after him. "I'd be careful what you say around these guys, Sam. Record shows these guys are a pretty suspicious bunch. 'Specially that guy," he pointed in Burt's direction with a cigar. "Conspiracy theorist."

Sam nodded a bit in response.

"So, Burt!" Casey turned to strike up a conversation with the survivalist. "What are you up to today?"

"Oh! Wait a second, Sam!" Al suddenly said. "Ziggy thinks she knows what you are here for. 'Burt' here and the tour guide... are found dead in a river two days from now."