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Chapter 3.

The males had now went their separate ways for it was time for Henry to get back to work at the store. It was now slow than it was from earlier this morning but that didn't matter to him at the moment; he was just happy and proud to have some quiet time to himself that way, he could think about his year-older, big, strong, and indigo haired friend that he admired so much since childhood. He hummed a soft tune that he remembered his Mother doing the same when he was very young before she died from a brain aneurysm 2 years ago.

Soon, he spotted Emily who smiled her large smile waving out her hand vigorously towards him her feminine body and slightly curvy hips making her way at the flower stand. "Hey Henry, long time no see, how's the job working out for ya?" Henry grinned his green eyes twinkling with wonder. "It's going great Emily thank you. How's life as being a Sophmore?" She shrugged. "Meh, it's taking its toll but hey, after awhile, you get used to it." And the two chatted until it was closing time and he clocked out getting his bag. The couple then started to walk out in the night starlit sky.

The street lights began to turn on each side of the road. The wind picked up a little but luckily, it wasn't that chilly out. "So, I heard that Thomas and Percy gotten excellent grades and it's all thanks to you; you are such a great Tutor to them. I mean, what would they do without you?" Emily was blabbering on and on while Henry just listened; he was feeling very flattered. "Oh Emily, you know I'm not that great; I just try my best is all. And I love doing what I do besides, it's all part of who I am; but you have people that don't think that way." He then looked down at the sidewalk as the emerald haired teenager took notice becoming concerned.

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