Author's note: Welcome back to the second part of the "46" series that started with "attack of the 46 inch Winchester". The first story will be referenced a couple of times and there is a character in this story that probably won't make much sense to anyone who hasn't read the other story. As before, it's my plan to post a new chapter every fourth day.

This story will loosely follow the plot of the second part of season 5. It's also going into the Sabriel direction and that's where the M-rating of the story will eventually come in. If you know some of my other Sabriel stories, you'll already know that I always take my time building up the relationship before anything happens. If you came here for the promise of porn and nothing but the porn, this is probably not the story for you.

Special thanks to Treeni for beta-reading!


Chuck Shurley had learned what his purpose in life was two years earlier. Apparently, Chuck had never been meant to be the author of a, not really successful and discontinued series of books, he was a prophet of the Lord. Finding out that everything he had written about had actually happened to all too real people had been a shock, even though it explained a lot about how Chuck's characters had never felt quite like his own. The writer knew that you had to give your characters a bit of a life of their own to be able to write about them, so they were more than cardboard cutouts, but they had always been too independent from any kind of plot Chuck's imagination could have come up with. He could have hardly ever imagined Sam's bout with Ruby on his own, he couldn't even put it in the books. Of course, there was also the fact that basically everything he had ever written had come to him in a dream. Before Chuck had met the Winchesters for the first time, he had assumed that he was just going crazy. Strangely enough, finding out the truth hadn't been that much better than the insanity option.

Knowing what was going on had undeniably changed Chuck's life, but it had done nothing to make the side-effects of having all those visions any more bearable. That was what aspirin and alcohol were for. That Chuck's self-medication regularly made him pass out somewhere around the house in the middle of the day, was something the writer could live with.

Gabriel found the prophet surrounded by papers and mostly empty bottles. The fact that Chuck was snoring softly, while lying on his couch in a striped bathrobe, a white shirt and boxer shorts with hearts on them, was highly amusing to the archangel.

Gabriel's inner trickster just couldn't let an opportunity like this pass, of course. The archangel pulled a can of whipped cream out of thin air and coated the prophet's palm with a thick layer, all the while being careful not to wake the man. After Gabriel was content with the amount of whipped cream on Chuck's hand, he made the spray can disappear and held a long feather instead. The archangel grinned and started to tickle the prophet's nose.

Chuck scrunched up his nose a couple of times, frowning deeply in his sleep, before he finally brought up his hand to scratch the itching spot. He awoke with a start, as soon as the whipped cream hit his face.

"Morning, Prophet Shurley," Gabriel greeted the human in a chipper tone. The archangel offered a package of wet wipes he had snapped into existence to the prophet with an innocent smile, before he went on talking, "I trust you know who I am."

Chuck was still busy cleaning his face, but he took the time to nod. Of course, the prophet knew exactly who Gabriel was and everything about the archangel's relationship to the Winchesters over the years.

"Good," Gabriel nodded to himself contently. "How threatened do you feel right now?"

Chuck blinked a couple of times. He couldn't help feeling a little threatened now that the archangel had brought the topic up. It hardly ever meant anything good, if somebody asked you how scared you were. Then again, Gabriel was on the right side from what Chuck had seen. "I… uh… not too much?"

"Perfect," the archangel commented with a grin, "We don't want Raphael to pop in, do we?"

Gabriel really didn't want his older brother to crash the little friendly meeting the archangel had hoped to have with the prophet. Sooner or later, Gabriel would have to face his brothers, but he wasn't ready for that kind of confrontation yet.

"I… I guess not," Chuck stammered. The prophet remembered the last time Raphael had shown up in his house, all too well. He really could do without ever having any molars stuck in his hair ever again! Not to mention watching people explode in front of his eyes.

"Cooperative little guy, I already like you," Gabriel stated with a grin, wrapping his arm around Chuck's shoulders amicably. It couldn't be said that all prophets in history had been nice or even decent people, but Chuck seemed to be one of the good ones.

"Chuck Shurley, I have come to take back what was supposed to be mine, anyway," the archangel declared, before Chuck could get a word in edgewise. Not that the human would have anything to say that was even remotely as important as what Gabriel was getting at.

"I… I don't…" the prophet frowned deeply, as he was trying to make sense of what the archangel had just said.

"Jeez, let a guy explain, will you?" Gabriel clicked his tongue disapprovingly. Of course, Chuck had no idea what the archangel had been talking about, that was the point of being cryptical! The prophet would have gotten his explanation in good time anyway. "I guess you've seen a lot of me over the past few weeks."

"Kind of… you… uh… showed up a couple of times," Chuck replied truthfully. In fact, the writer had seen a lot of the archangel during the time when he had been babysitting the de-aged Winchesters and wouldn't Supernatural's small fan base, have loved that story? Gabriel had also made appearances in the prophet's visions afterward, indicating that whatever he was doing was going to influence the Winchesters' story later on. Chuck thought he understood why the archangel had chosen to pay him a visit. "But I didn't tell anyone! I swear!"

"Don't worry, Chuckles, I know," Gabriel stated with a shrug, pulling two chocolate bars from his jacket and offering one of them to the prophet. The archangel knew that he was putting Chuck under a lot of stress and in Gabriel's experience, chocolate always helped with enduring things like that. "Luckily, my bigger brothers aren't very good with creative thinking, but they'll figure out that knowing what you know would be beneficial for their plans soon enough."

Chuck nearly dropped the chocolate bar after hearing that. Of course, the archangel had made a logical assumption, but the writer had never thought of it like that. In fact, he had – probably foolishly – assumed that all the angels would just leave him alone, because as a prophet he was meant to write down whatever he saw. That Chuck had crossed paths with the Winchesters, more than once before and had ended up in his own books spoke against that theory, though.

"So I have decided that it's about time we got you out of Raphael's hands," Gabriel explained, ignoring that the human was already struggling with what he had heard this far. There would be a time for caring about Chuck's feelings and giving him the time to get used to things later, but this wasn't that time. They had to move this along.

"Uh…" the writer replied as eloquently as he could bring himself to be that very moment.

"Glad to hear you agree with me," Gabriel spoke, patting the prophet's shoulder. Technically, Chuck hadn't agreed to anything, but he hadn't disagreed either and the archangel was willing to count that as a win for the team. "No need to worry, I was supposed to watch over the prophets before I became unavailable, anyway. I'm just staking a claim that's stronger than Raphael's. You'll probably not even feel a thing."

Gabriel had been their father's messenger and the prophets were chosen people who wrote down whatever stories God decided had to be preserved for the sake of the humans. It hadn't come as a surprise to the archangel when his father had asked him to watch over the prophets. The duty had only been passed on to Raphael after Gabriel had run away.

"Probably?" Chuck asked, his voice taking on a noticeably higher tone. Hearing that something 'probably wouldn't hurt' wasn't really reassuring. In fact, it sounded an awful lot like it was going to hurt terribly, but the archangel didn't want him to freak out beforehand. Too bad that Chuck was already freaked out.

"Unfortunately, Raphael will feel it when I cut that connection," Gabriel went on speaking, ignoring what the prophet had just said. They could deal with the human's freak out later. "So we'll have to relocate you. Pronto."

It was quite likely that Raphael would come swooping in as soon as Gabriel took the prophet away from him, so they'd better make all the necessary preparations before that happened. The archangel was already mentally cataloguing all the things around the house Chuck was going to need to take with him.

"No worries, I have a wonderful place in mind, you'll love it," Gabriel promised, "And I'll make sure that all your stuff gets there too."

The archangel had multiple hiding places all over the world, but he had chosen to leave Chuck in the US for convenience reasons. Besides, with the protections Gabriel always kept up in all his hideouts, it didn't make much of a difference where the prophet was going to be hidden.

"What… what about Becky?" Chuck hurried to ask while he still had the chance. The writer had to admit that he had only thought of Becky that moment, but he thought that it was understandable that his mind had been preoccupied given the nature of the conversation.

"Girlfriend, I'm guessing?" Gabriel asked with a smirk.

"We… uh… we've been dating…"Chuck explained. The way the writer blushed a little, reminded Gabriel of eight year old Sam. God, the archangel really missed the kids, but if everything went as planned he would at least get back into contact with the Winchesters again soon.

"You gotta ask yourself, Chuckles, do you want to drag her into this with you?" Gabriel shrugged casually. The archangel would be okay with taking Chuck's girlfriend along, if the prophet insisted on it. Chuck had to make an informed decision he could stand behind later on, though. "I promise, the place I'm taking you to, is as safe as it can be, but you'll still have to cut ties with everyone you know, at least for as long as the Apocalypse lasts. You'll be on house arrest for a while too, just to make sure."

In the end, it wasn't that hard for Chuck to make a decision. Becky wasn't the kind of person to go into hiding, burning all bridges behind her. The writer couldn't imagine that she would be happy being stuck in a house with him 24/7 and to be quite honest, Chuck wasn't all that sure if he would be happy having her around all day long every day, either.

The prophet took his cell phone, trying to decide how to go about this. It might have been a coward's decision, but in the end he chose to write a text message to Becky. Chuck knew that he couldn't tell her the truth, but he felt that he couldn't just disappear without a word either.

"I'm ready," the writer told the archangel a minute later, noticing that a lot of his personal things had already disappeared from the living room. Gabriel must have started to work on Chuck's relocation while he had tried to decide what message to send to Becky. The prophet just hoped that his girlfriend wasn't going to take his 'I'm sorry, but I've got to leave' all too hard.

Gabriel nodded, satisfied. He had gotten all of Chuck's possessions – not including furniture – to the prophet's new home. All that was left to do was to sever the bond between Raphael and the prophet.

Chuck shut his eyes, his face scrunching up as he tried to prepare himself for the possibility that this would probably hurt like a bitch. In the end, the writer only felt Gabriel's hands on the sides of his head. It took a few moments before Chuck dared to open his eyes again. He was a little scared that the archangel hadn't even started yet and he didn't want to get his hopes up.

When the prophet looked around him, he realized that he wasn't standing in his living room anymore. Not a single room in Chuck's house had been this tidy in ages, not to mention the friendly colors the walls had been painted. A short look out of the window revealed that it was sunny – sunnier than Chuck preferred, but that was what blinds were for – and that they were in a street with very well kept single family homes.

Gabriel watched the prophet take in his new surroundings. It didn't look like the man was immediately appalled by anything he had seen, which to the archangel counted as another win. "Welcome to Celebration, Florida."