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1) This is Not Puck/Kurt nor Karofsky/Kurt. The only confirmed pairings that I have are Karofsky/Blaine(Note, this does not end well) and the canon pairings in Glee. (Obviously not Klaine) Kurt/Ron will be endgame, but seeing as Ron is 11/12 at the moment, that won't be for a while. If you want to see any other pairings, please review them and I'll see if I can make them fit.

2) Kurt is Bi. And he will be in a trio pairing with a male and a female much later on in this.

3) Harry, Puck, and Hermione are straight. David Karofsky, Dudley, and Blaine are Gay. Any other sexualities are open for discussion.

4) I plan on KDH to be a LONG fiction, that means No immediate romances! If that's what you want, find a different story.

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Kurt Hummel was sitting next to his father; his backside was sore. He shifted, letting his grip on his father's slack hand slip as he made himself more comfortable. His eyes moved to his father, lying on the bed, looking for the entire world that he was simply sleeping.

He wasn't. He had a heart attack a few days previous and had fallen into a coma. Kurt was assured that he should wake. He hoped it would be soon.

His heart beat picked up when his father's did; Hope filled his chest. He moved a bit closer and gripped his father's hand.

Burt's eyes opened slightly, his hand gripping Kurt's back, a small smile on his face.

"I lvv yrr." Burt slurred before his eyes closed, his hand going slack, and the heart monitor flat lining.

Kurt couldn't tell you what happened next, everything dissolving into a mix of white, blue, and light green.

The next thing he knew was Carol's arms around him as he slumped boneless in her personal space.

In all of Kurt Hummel's sixteen years of life, he never, ever, had to go a day without speaking to his father.

When he was six and lost his mother, his father was the only one he could lean on, his rock.

But now, he didn't have his father. He was alone.

He is an orphan.

Kurt knew his mother wasn't an only child. She had two siblings, but they live in England, and he had only ever met his aunt Marge. She is a horrible person who Kurt would never purposefully force anyone, friend or enemy, to spend time with.

He never met his uncle Vernon or his wife. Never thought he would.

Kurt looked down at his bags, all packed. His room was empty, only his bedding remained, and in the morning, even that will be packed.

He had one more day of school before he has to leave, to live with his Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia in England.

Kurt was in a daze, hadn't really left his dazed state since his father's passing. He could only recall the basics of what happened at the funeral, the priest, the guests, Carol, Finn. He remembered crying himself to sleep that night, curled up on his dad's bed.

School didn't help him; he went from class to class, still as if in a daze, no teachers called on him, people he didn't really know giving condolences, bullies ignoring him, his friends gave him pitying looks.

He ignored everything, everyone, walking slowly from place to place; Until Rachel Berry stopped him in the hall.

"Kurt. Come with me please." She told him before taking his arm in hers and pulling him to the music room. Kurt followed without fighting.

Kurt was pushed into a solitary chair in the middle of the choir room, his glee club friends standing at the front, headed by Finn and Rachel.

"I can be tough" Brittney began, the song moved slow at first, bringing Kurt's attention slowly to the group before him.

"There's a girl, who gives a shit." Santana moved to her best friend's side, singing the next verse.

"And I remember all these crazy things you said," Mercedes smiled sadly at her friend, earning her a watery smile back. His show of emotion brought a smile to each of their faces, though sad.

"Damn, Damn, Damn," The club sang together, the sound raising, making Kurt's heart beat to the tune.

They got through a few more verses, before Kurt couldn't take it anymore. He stood suddenly; the chair he sat on was pushed back, making a scraping sound as it moved across the floor.

The music faded and every eye turned on him. His own eyes filled with tear and he had to leave. He couldn't be here; he couldn't stand there and listen to them.

He pushed the door open and rushed out, looking for a place to be alone.

David Karofsky, hockey player as well as football player, Kurt Hummel's bully, and secretly not so heterosexual. He was currently trying to find whatever had died in his locker. He had spent the past half hour trying to clean it of a stench that started the day before.

He sprayed it down with some Febreze someone had lent him when a small blur rushed into the room. He stood abruptly, dropping the contents of his locker on the floor. He cursed at himself and bent to pick all his junk up, when he caught the sounds of sobbing.

Now normally David would ignore it, he had better things to do then let some pussy cry on his shoulder, but this time he had a fairly good idea as to who was crying. The thought of just leaving him there alone didn't sit right in his stomach.

He decided to follow the sounds of soft sobs, moving around benches and lockers until he got to one of the seldom used corners of the locker room. What he found was Kurt Hummel, curled up into a small ball, crying into a hand that covered his mouth and muffled his sobs slightly.

"Kurt?" David cringed, cursing himself internally for using the other boy's first name instead of an insult, or even his last name. His breath caught slightly when the boy looked up. His usually perfect hair was a mess, his eyes rimmed red. Tears fell freely down his cheeks and snot dripped. He looked beautiful in his pain, and that thought send a shiver down David's back, he didn't know if it was a shiver of disgust, or something else.

Kurt didn't say anything, just continued to look at him, almost like he was looking right through him, his eyes glazed over. It took him a second to realize that Kurt didn't recognize him, if he recognized anyone.

"Are you okay?" He had to say something. When Kurt didn't answer David knelt, his hand steadying him on the wall. Kurt watched him for a second. David placed a hand on Kurt's shoulder, which prompted Kurt to throw himself into the bigger boy's arms, crying into his shoulder.

David didn't know what to do. He had never had to deal with crying people before, especially not crying people he may or may not have an infatuation with. He brought one arm up and cradled the boy into him, rubbing his back softly.

"I don't want to leave." Kurt whispered. David started, looking down at the boy. But Kurt's eyes were pressed closed tightly, he wasn't talking to David. He was still lost in his mind.

"I want my dad. I want to stay. I don't want to leave." He kept muttering under his breath. David started to rock him slightly.

It took a while for Kurt to calm down. Only slight sniffling coming from his lips. David spotted a basket, a few towels were sticking out of it. They were still slightly warm, probably the last load before coach left. A quick whiff told him that they were indeed clean. He grabbed one and pulled it over.

He physically moved Kurt around to face him, placing him before him and steadying him.

He used the towel to wipe his face relatively clean.

"You might be leaving." He said after a swipe under one eye. "But you'll never be alone." He cleaned under the other. "All your friends are here for you." He cleaned under his nose. "I'm here for you."

He sucked in a quick breath, and kissed Kurt.

Kurt looked around himself, this would be the last time he saw the place he grew up, at east, for a while. He sighed deeply. He had told himself to snap out of this slump. He needed to be at his top most game when he meets his aunt and uncle. He couldn't allow them to see the scared little boy he was inside that he had been for the last few weeks.

He walked to the car and stopped. Carol was standing on the other side and gave him a soft, sad smile. She knew he didn't want to go. Burt had been talking about changing his will, to leave Kurt with Carol should something happen to him. But he hadn't, in the end.

They had talked with his Uncle Vernon, but the man refused to allow him to stay with Carol. Kurt was sure there was some kind of story there. He really didn't want to think about it now.

His mind turned to his friends instead. Rachel had told him of her plans, to email him daily and run some scales by him or something just as ridicules. He highly doubted the girl would.

Finn and Mercedes had been avoiding him for some reason. He didn't blame them; he had been avoiding everyone lately as well. He decided that he would call them later, when he had the time.

He'd never forget them, they are his friends, and he was sure they would never forget him. Old friends, or new friends.

"You ready sweetie?" Carol's voice brought his attention back to the car. He gave the woman a tight nod and opened his door. He sat down and pulled his backpack to his lap. All his things were sent beforehand, already boxed up and sitting in the room that would be his.

As the car started to move he looked out the window, they weren't going fast enough for anything to blur yet, the building he called home was slowly fading into the background. He mourned it, he wouldn't be seeing it again for years.

As they moved through town and the building started to blur Kurt touched his lips, remembering David's kiss. The jock had looked terrified as he leaned away after the kiss, jerking to his feet and rushing out of the locker room as fast as he could, leaving a dazed, for an entirely different reason than the previous dazed spell, and confused Kurt.

Of all the reasons he thought David bullied him, crushing on him was not one of them. He almost swayed as he had gotten to his feet.

Later that same day he found a sticky note inside his locker, folded in two, with a name and phone number written on it. It took him over an hour to decide to text him. A simple 'Why?' text. He got a shrug emoji back.

Kurt was walking. He didn't know where he was. It was dark. He could barely see a foot in front of him. He tried to turn, but it didn't work. Suddenly he saw Finn. He tried to call out. But the taller boy didn't look at him, he just stood there, out of reach, as Kurt walked past.

He looked back, but Finn was gone.

Continuing his walk, he came across another figure. Mercedes. He called out again, but she ignored him like Finn did. He walked past her too.

It happened again and again, he passed everyone from glee club, all the teachers, band members, Carol.

He finally slowed. Looking before him he saw a silhouette, a man, his back turned to Kurt. But Kurt recognized the man.

He started to run, moving as fast as he could, trying to get close enough to see him. But every step he took pushed him farther away from him.

"Sir, the flight is over."

"Dad!" Kurt screamed, jerking from his seat, making the flight attendant jump back and clutch her heart. Both waited a minute as their hearts slowed from their frantic beat.

"I'm so sorry. I- I, I need to go. Sorry." Kurt quickly grabbed his backpack from the overhead compartment and rushed off the plane.

When he stepped out of the airport he saw a large man holding up a sign. 'HUMMEL'

Kurt fixed his backpack and walked up to the man, he just wanted to get the introductions done and over with.

"Uncle Vernon?" He asked, holding out a hand. The man gave him a once over, ignoring his hand, and grunted.

"Yes well, let's be off. Best be getting home soon." His first impression of his uncle? Rude. His second impression? Judging.

Kurt decided to focus on his accent, it was heavy, British. He mused that he would be hearing the accent many times, seeing as he was living in England now. He didn't live in Ohio anymore.

That thought should have made him happy. He'd been wanting to move away from the backwater town since as long as he could remember, but he had never thought that this was how he would get out. He never wanted this to be the reason he got out.

The drive to Uncle Vernon's house was quiet, both men keeping to themselves. Kurt couldn't help but retreat into his mind. Thoughts about his father, a stray thought about his friends, his mother.

The hour it took to get from the airport to his uncle's house went by too fast, Kurt didn't want to get out of the car, but he knew he needed to. He sighed to himself as he unbuckled his seatbelt. The door opened slowly, Kurt stepping out with his backpack getting pulled out without him turning. He pushed the door closed and winced at the slam of it.

He finally turned to see his uncle watching him, standing by the door.

The house was plain, Kurt noted as he moved to stand by his uncle. The man turned to the door and pulled out his keys. Kurt turned to look at the other houses as his uncle fumbled while trying to find the correct keys.

The houses surrounding this were the same, one had a lighter blue trim then this house, and one had green. But the houses were pretty much identical. Kurt adjusted his backpack again before turning, his uncle's muttering of 'found you' catching his ear.

"Your room is the first to the right." Vernon motioned to the stairs with one hand as he pulled the key's out of the lock. "Your aunt is at the store; she should be back soon." Vernon's voice followed him as he moved up the stairs.

Once he got to the top of the stairs, he stopped. His uncle had stayed on the first floor, leaving Kurt alone on the second. Kurt sighed, noticing two doors to his left, one directly before him, and two on his right.

Both doors on the right were open, the farther door showed the bathroom, the closer was a plain white and blue room. He let his backpack slip off his shoulder, the straps catching in his hand.

He lifted the bag and let it drop on the bed with a small thump before sitting next to it. Boxes were stacked along the wall next to a desk. The light was switched off, the sun illuminating the room with soft yellow hues as it sank in the sky.

"Your parents were good people." Kurt jumped, his head snapping to the door. His uncle stood in the doorway, a sad look on his face. Kurt smiled tightly.

"The rest of your stuff is in storage. We'll see about getting them if you need something." Uncle Vernon turned and went into the room at the end of the hall, right across the stairs. Kurt groaned to himself before falling back onto the bed and covering his head with his pillow.

Kurt later found himself sitting across from his aunt and uncle in the living room. He felt the awkward silence sitting in the air, thick enough to cut with a knife.

"So, you have a son?" Kurt asked trying to start some kind of dialogue. He didn't like the silence, it reminded him that his dad wasn't here to crack a dumb joke to break the tension. He picked up his teacup and sipped the tea for lack of something better to do.

"Yes. Dudley. He's a sweet boy, attending Smeltings this year he is." Petunia smiled proudly. She obviously adored the boy, probably spoiled him rotten. Kurt gave her a tight smile.

"He's, what, 11?" Kurt set the teacup down. Leaning back, he caught sight of his aunt and uncle exchanging glances. The awkwardness must be bad enough that even they felt it. Great. Petunia nodded to his question when he was finally sitting straight.

"I was told that you had two boys in your care." Kurt questioned, crossing his legs and arms and leaning into the back of his chair. He caught the paling of both elders' faces.

"Yes well; The boy is going to St. Brutus' Secure Center for Incurably Criminal Boys." Kurt blanched. He was glad that he'd already set his tea down.

"He's a criminal?" The incredulousness was evident in his voice. He highly doubted that there was a criminal in his family. But then, it takes all kinds.

"Yes well," Petunia and Vernon shifted, clearly uncomfortable talking about this. Kurt searched for something else to talk about.

"How about you? How has your life been? We haven't heard from your family in years." Vernon found something else to change the subject before Kurt could, and for that he was grateful. Kurt had been drawing a blank.

"Well, mom died when I was six. Dad and I got on well though. Just him and me." Kurt smiled tightly again. He needed to stop that, or he would get those lip wrinkles that old women get. He shuddered internally.

He was able to distract himself with those thoughts of wrinkles, kept himself from thinking of his dead parents. Even so, he felt the tears building up behind his eye. He could allow them to fall.

"I'm sorry. My sister was an amazing person. I always told her that she should have stayed here instead of traipsing through the Americas." Vernon's words made Kurt angry. If she hadn't 'traipsed' through the Americas, she never would have met his dad. Of course, she also never would have caught that virus.

Kurt couldn't help the icy glare he set on his uncle. Vernon gave as good as he got and the two were soon locked in a silent glaring contest. Kurt curled his hands into fists and felt the bite of his nails digging into his palms.

"Boys! Please. Come, let us go for supper. We can get bac to this conversation later." Petunia sounded worried, his eyes slightly wider than normal, her skin paling slightly, making her a dangerous shade of white. Kurt looked away from his aunt and uncle, his eyes moving instead to the teacup he had forgotten on the table.

"Of course Pet. Where would you like to go." Uncle Vernon's voice had a tint of apology, he apparently didn't like it when his wife was upset. The three stood and made their way to the front door, Kurt keeping to the back, sending silent apologies to his parents. Hopefully his stay there would go better in the future.

Kurt had been in England for two weeks. The period of time his uncle thought he'd need to get used to the town and the people, before he returned to school. Kurt wasn't sure if he liked it. The classes were different, to a point. Things like French and math were the same, and even science. But others were different. History and spelling, which was weird. You'd think spelling would be the same.

Kurt was dead on his feet by the time he got back from school. He moved like a zombie through the hall, slamming the door closed harder than he had intended. He winced when it stopped reverbing in his mind.

When he got to the kitchen, he couldn't hold in the groan. His aunt was at the counter, carving a turkey. He didn't like the fatty foods that she kept preparing. His dad had enjoyed those foods, and look where he was now. Uncle Vernon was so overweight, it scared him. He didn't want to lose someone else so soon.

"How was school?" Aunt Petunia asked, looking up at him with a worried gaze. Kurt couldn't help but look away. He hated those looks, the pity in their eyes reminding him of everyone at home. Reminding him that he had lost someone.

"Turkey for dinner? Again?" He asked instead. He didn't want to answer her question. He didn't want her to worry anymore. He would get by, it wasn't like they were too hard, he just needed to study a bit more then he would have if he was still in Ohio.

Petunia didn't answer, turning back to the turkey. Her back was straight and turned to him. He knew she saw his face, saw the worry and hurt. He didn't mean for her to. Yes, he wants them to get healthier, but not by guilt tripping them into it. The only way for them to change is if they want to.

"I'm going to my room. I'll, see you for dinner." Kurt moved out of the room as fast as his tired feet would take him. He didn't want to be near anyone right now. He just wanted to be alone.

When Kurt got to his room, he flung his bag into the wall, letting it thump to the floor before slumping over onto his bed. He doesn't think he has ever been this ungraceful. Not since he was a child at least.

He looked over his room. He painted it last week and got some of his furniture in. His bed had been set up, quite a bit bigger than the guest bed he had when he first got there. It was a bit big for the room, but it was worth not having the walking space.

He really needed a bigger room. Most of his things were still in storage, the room way too small to fit more than the necessities. He changed his room colors up, they were radically different from the walls he had back home. Dark blue on the four walls, black with stars painted on the ceiling. Dark green carpets. It gave the feeling of nature, of being outside.

He at first wanted to make the room the same colors as before, but it hurt. The room was too small for his old things; it would never work without all the polishing he had before.

Kurt was shaken from his musings by his phone.

Yo Fag. How are things in the land of tweed?

Kurt chuckled. Puck's number flashed, he never thought he would be in contact with Puck of all people.

Perfectly fine Puckerman.

Dude, Finn and Rachel sang this song today in glee. It was so wrong. I thought they'd know better.

Every song those two sing is wrong.

No dude, it was worse than usual. They like, wore nun and priest outfits and everything.

Dude I gotta go. Lunch just ended. Puckzilla out!

Goodbye Puckerman. Kurt.

Kurt sighed. He had no idea what Rachel and Finn were thinking. They had done a lot of stupid things in the time they started glee until the time he left, but to deliberately sabotage themselves? Kurt wasn't an idiot, but even he knew that Finn wasn't stupid enough to not know that dressing like that would offend almost everyone in the room.

They, they meaning Rachel, must have had a plan. Maybe it was about recruitments? He remembered that they were still looking for replacements, and since he wasn't there either, they needed two replacements instead of one.

Kurt growled. He hated this. He wanted to be there, helping them recruit, going to New York for nationals. But he couldn't. He sighed when he felt his phone buzz.

Hey Kurt.

Kurt frowned. Who was David?


Um… It's me, David Karofsky. From school, or, from Ohio School, McKinley.

Kurt turned red, his mind going to the memories of David Karofsky holding him, and kissing him.

Shouldn't you be getting to class?

I have a free period. Thought I'd text you for some, advice?

Color me intrigued. What kind of advice would you need from me?

I want to come out to my parents.

Kurt was glad that David couldn't see him. He was sure his face was scrunched up unattractively in his surprise. He closed his mouth and quickly typed an answer.

Why are you asking me?

That might have been a little rude. But it was too late now.

I was wondering if you had any advice. You came out to your dad right?

I'm sorry, I shouldn't have typed that.

I should just go. Bye.

David stop it. Of course I'll help out. Did you want to do this via text or call?

Kurt's phone buzzed with an incoming call.

"Hello David." Kurt sat up on his bed and rested his back against the headboard. His legs were pulled up to his chest.

"Hi. Um, I know it's a lot to ask. I mean," Kurt rolled his eyes.

"It's not a lot. It's a bit of a surprise, but it isn't really, too much."

"So, how did you tell your dad." Kurt could feel the other boy flinch.

"Sorry. I didn't mean to, I mean, I messed up earlier and I-"

"David. Calm down. It's fine. I just told him. Of course, he already knew. He did this whole speech and such." Kurt smiled wryly. He remembered the speech.

"Are you outside?" Kurt could swear he heard birds.

"Yeah. Just, going upstairs. It's a nice day actually. I'd ask if you could be here with me when I tell them, but," Another flinch. Kurt rolled his eyes. "Can I call you tonight? After I tell them?" Kurt sighed. He'd like to be; he knew how much he needed support when he was in David's place. Wait, did he say tonight?

"So soon?" He heard David sigh through the phone. Kurt liked to think he was the only one depressed. It was with a bad taste in his mouth that he is reminded that he wasn't the only one.

"I figured that if I did this tonight, I would scare myself out of telling them." Kurt nodded to himself. It was a solid plan.

"Good strategy. Only thing is, by the time you tell your parents, it'll be well past midnight here." David cursed to himself. Kurt couldn't just leave it like that. "But you can call me in the morning. Seven there is noon here. I should be at lunch then." He hoped that was enough.

"Thanks. I need to go. Azimio is calling. Bye." David hung up before Kurt could reply. Kurt looked at the phone with a fond smile. He never thought he'd be so close with one of the glee club's biggest bullies.

"Goodbye David. And good luck."

An incessant buzzing woke Kurt from his dream. Kurt was glad, it wasn't a very good dream, he hoped to soon forget it.

"Hello?" He cleared his throat, he sounded groggy even to his own ears. "Hello?" He repeated, he congratulated himself internally for making him sound more awake then he was.

"Kurt?" The sound of David's voice choking in tears instantly brought him into full wakefulness.

"She left us." The sobbing that followed made Kurt's chest hurt.

"David?" His own voice was softer then he had intended.

"She just packed up and left." Kurt wanted to hug him, let him cry on his shoulder, but he couldn't. His heart was breaking more and more the longer he listened to the muffled sobs.

"David, please calm down. Good, now, slowly, tell me what happened." Kurt waited a minute for the sobbing to subside a bit. He heard David take a few deep breaths.

"I told my parents about me being gay." He paused here and didn't continue for a minute. Kurt took a deep breath.

"What happened?" He didn't want to force David into speaking, but he knew that getting it out would make him feel much better. He didn't think David would need this at school tomorrow.

"My mom screamed at me and my dad." He paused again, though Kurt didn't speak up again, he could almost hear the thoughts and memories flowing through David's mind.

"She packed her things and left us. She said she wasn't coming back till I was 'fixed'." David let out a shaky breath, followed by a watery sob and the sound of David trying to wipe away the tears.

"I wish I could do more than just listen to you." Kurt confided. He wished he could be home, in Ohio, he wished he could be there to speak some sense into Mrs. Karofsky.

"I have to go. Sorry for bothering you so late." David's voice was distant now. Crap. He was withdrawing. He needed to do something, this was not good at all.

"Do you mind if I told someone about you, about you being gay?" Kurt winced at his own words, he sounds insensitive even to his own ears.

"Go ahead. Night Kurt." David didn't hang up, his breathing still coming in short bursts.

"Goodnight David." He didn't want to hang up, he would have been glad to lie there listening as David fell asleep, at least to know that the other boy didn't do something crazy after he hung up. But he really needed to talk to someone.

Once he hung up he looked through his contacts, finding a number pretty easily, since it was at the top of his recent list. He hit the dial button.

"Hello?" Noah Puckerman's voice came through the speaker. Kurt was glad that the other boy didn't sound intoxicated, like he could be any given day of the week depending on if there was a party or not.

"Puckerman. It's Kurt." Kurt took the time to check the time. 1:32am. Great. At least it wasn't too late with Puck and David.

"Hummel? Isn't it like, really late there?" Puck sounded confused, but Kurt knew it was an act, he knew that Puck knew exactly what time it was with him.

"Cut the crap Puckerman. I need a favor." Kurt was not in the mood for Puck to downgrade his skills. There was enough self-pity with David and Kurt at the moment.

"What could you possibly need from me? You're on an entirely different continent." Puck sounded bored, but Kurt could pick out the curiosity in his voice.

"I learned some things before I left, and now the person I learned them about has confided in his parents. Before I continue, I need you to promise me you won't talk to Anyone about this. This is between you, me, and him. Only you, me, and him, got it?" Kurt could feel Puck's excitement through the phone. Kurt left room for no argument and schooled his voice into a stern, low baritone.

"Damn Hummel, your voice just made me feel like I was making a deal with the devil. Creepy." Puck did sound a bit wigged out. Kurt cleared his throat, both to bring his tone back to its usual tone and to remind Puck to answer the question.

Okay, okay. My lips are sealed. Now, please continue." Kurt could practically feel Puck relax back into his seat.

"The guy I was talking about, he's gay. He told his parents and his mom left." The line was silent, Kurt wasn't sure if he should continue, and Puck didn't give any indication of having heard him.

"Puck?" Kurt asked finally.

"Yeah, I'm here. So what happened?" He sounded a bit mad. Kurt wasn't sure if Puck was mad at him or at David, or at his mom? Puck was hard to read when he wasn't in the same room, and even then, Kurt has a hard time of it.

"She said she wouldn't be coming back until David was 'fixed'. His words not mine." He let the name slip, hoping that Puck would pick up on it and figure out who he was talking about.

"That's harsh man. Why're you telling me? No offence, but I haven't been the nicest person to you." Kurt rolled his eyes.

"The only one who would be offended by that comment would be you. The reason I'm telling you is because I can't be there for David. You are the only one in Glee club that would not be completely biased against him. You are also the only one who would keep this secret. As much as I love Finn and Mercedes, neither are good at keeping things secret. And I'm not really close to anyone else now am I?" Kurt sighed, leaning back into his pillows and pulling his blanket around him.

"You really trust me; even after everything I've done to you?" Kurt could hear the incredulity in his voice. Kurt knew that if this had been a few months ago, he himself wouldn't have trusted Puck with this information at all. Hell, a few months ago, he wouldn't have trusted anyone with this info, not Finn, or Mercedes, or his dad.

"Yeah." He couldn't really say anything else. The line was silent again for a few minutes, both boys soaking in the new feelings of comradery.

"Wait, did you say David? As in Karofsky? As in one of your biggest bullies aside from Finn and myself? Because dude, I thought you had a problem befriending me, but befriending him?" Kurt knew this was coming.

"As I said, we have some things in common. More so then I had with you and Finn at the time." Kurt sounded more defensive then he had intended.

"Fine, fine. Okay, what should I do then? Do I just show up? Tell him you sent me?" Kurt was glad that Puck didn't go on about it. Kurt didn't think he could continue defending his friendship with Karofsky if Puck kept bringing up the bullying.

"I'm not sure. Just, do something that will take his mind off of things. I hear that video games are pretty mind numbing." Kurt didn't know if it would help, but he hoped it would.

"Yeah. Finn and I just pooled together to buy a new fighter game. It's at my place now. I'll take that over. Bring some chips or something." Kurt was grateful, he truly was.

"Thanks Noah. This means a lot." The line went silent again. It wasn't an uncomfortable silence. Kurt knew that David hadn't meant for Kurt to tell Puck, most likely meaning he could tell someone there in Europe, but he didn't care. David needed help, help Kurt couldn't give.

"No problem. I think I'll go now, before it gets any later. Promise I won't tell anyone. Bye Kurt."

"Goodbye Noah." Kurt hung up and tried to get back to sleep.

It was hard, his dreams filled with what would happen if he ever told his aunt and uncle. The dream always went to them kicking him out and leaving him alone and stuck in Europe.

This is much, much longer than I intended. I never thought I would do this, and I never realised how badly some of my works needed a rewrite.

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