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Kurt sat on his bed, fiddling with his cellphone absentmindedly while his mind raced through the last couple hours. Morgana had smirked when they managed to untangle from the sprawl they landed in when the boys barged in. It only took their horrified cries to snap him out of it.

How could he enjoy that? Morgana is a girl, her parts are not parts that Kurt had ever wanted to intermingle with his parts. But, he couldn't deny that it felt good when she was kissing him, couldn't deny the thrill he felt as she completely dominated him and pressed him into the mattress, goosebumps littered his skin as he remembered the feel of it.

Before he realised what he was doing, he dialed David's number.

"Hello?" David didn't sound happy. Irritated maybe, angry, maybe even a little peeved.

"David, I, I think I might be Bi." Kurt didn't think David could hear him, his voice at both a lower pitch and quiet. He didn't know why he felt so bad. It felt like he was betraying David by liking both genders, or betraying himself somehow.

"And what brought this on?" Kurt frowned. David sounded, almost amused now. Kurt rolled his eyes and clenched his teeth.

"I'm going through a sexuality crisis over here and you have the nerve to be amused?" Kurt could help but ground out, his face growing red in both embarrassment and anger when David chuckled.

"Sorry, sorry, it's just, Dudley just called me in a panic. I hear that you were in some kind of entanglement with his best friends sister?" Kurt sighed, letting go of his annoyance, because yes, he was just in a lip lock with his cousin's best friend's sister.

"Yeah. It was, something else." Kurt couldn't help the small amount of amazement in his voice, it was something else, the feel of her over him, soft hands in his hair, softer lips pressing over his, slick tongue-

"Kurt? You there buddy?" Kurt froze, the phrase sending a shock of sadness through him.

"David, please, never say that again. It's just, that's what my dad..." The line was silent for a second, "Yeah, sorry b-dude. I didn't mean, but yeah. Morgana? Sounds interesting. Did her father have some kind of Arthurian fetish?" Kurt was startled out of his melancholy by his friend's statement, he couldn't stop the unbecoming snort from passing his lips.

"Wow David. No, or at least, I don't think so, but then, her brother's name is Arthur so..." Kurt shrugged to himself, even knowing David couldn't see it.

"I need to be going, but Kurt, remember, there's nothing wrong with being Bi. I'm pretty sure Brittney is Bi, and everyone loves her." Kurt rolled his eyes again, only this time in exasperation.

"Yes but, no one can hate Britney, she's too...Brittney to hate." David laughed heartily on his side of the line, his laugh sounding free in a way it hasn't in awhile, which made Kurt's own smile bittersweet.

"Okay, that's true. I'll talk to you later. Bye Kurt." Kurt said his goodbyes before locking his phone. His back fell onto the bed, letting his eyes focus on the stars of his ceiling. Everything was moving so fast. David was recovering, his family pushing forward in ways neither of them had thought it could that night he called in tears, Glee club was progressing and gaining a kind of following, and even Kurt himself, figuring out some things he had always pushed to the bottom.

Kurt's thoughts moved on to the girl that brought all these feelings forward.

It was morning, a time when Kurt would usually be found hidden beneath the covers with the heater on low, only, today was different. Today there was a heavy presence laying next to him on the bed.

"What the-" A cold hand pressed against his lips. Morgana was smirking down at him.

"Shhh, you don't want your uncle to come in and see us do you?" Her green eyes sparkled mischievously down at him as she let go of his face.

"What are you doing in here?" Kurt hissed, trying to roll out from under her. Morgana rolled her eyes before resting her weight on him with her chin on Kurt's chest, successfully pinning him down.

"What, I can't wake you up with a good morning kiss?" The way she said this made a chill run up and down Kurt's spine. Wasn't she supposed to have some kind of emotion in her voice when she says stuff like this, that's what he was led to believe by the movies.

"Not really, seeing as we aren't dating and I barely know you." Kurt all but bit out. He didn't like this, he only just accepted this part of him, he wasn't ready for more, and a heavy make-out session on his bed for ten minutes doesn't make them a couple.

Morgana pouted exaggeratingly before sighing, "Okay fine. I'll leave you alone." She looked up at him before levering herself off his bed and stretching. Kurt rolled his eyes and sat up, his own arms lifting to get rid of the kinks in his back.

Before Kurt could register what happened, Morgana kissed him and all but dashed out of his room. Kurt was left blinking at the door where she disappeared through for the next five minutes.

Sometimes I wonder what the heck is going on in my head.

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