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The figure stood motionless at the top of the hill, the morning breeze tugging lazily at his dark blue cloak and shoulder length raven hair. Around him the remnants of a civilisation lay, black, twisted and charred on the equally unsightly field. A quiet sigh escaped the mysterious figure's lips as his gaze swept the horizon.

"Another civilisation has fallen," a second person appeared behind the first, tall and swatted in a black cloak, a deep cowl hiding the face in shadow.

"And they showed such promise," the first answered, emerald eyes still roaming the distance. "How long before another takes their place?"

The second chuckled, deep and raspy, unlike the smooth velvet tone of his companion, "You would like to know, wouldn't you? Wandering this world through the ages, watching civilisations rise and fall…tell me, are you tired?"

For the first time since the start of this conversation, the fist moved. It was only a slight tilt of the head, but his gaze locked onto the cowl of the second.

"Tired? No I wouldn't say I am tired, more…bored. Sure, each era yields a different lot of humans, but they are just that. Humans. This world has no more greater powers other than you and me. Wizards perished a few millennia ago, magical creatures have long since died out and magic is all but forgotten. There is nothing but logic left. And it bores me."

"Well, if you feel that way, why not try living in another dimension?"

"Another dimension? Is this part of my power or yours?"

"It's the combined power of the Hallows you possess."

Annoyance and exasperation flitted across the face of the first man, however, his tone was resigned as he spoke, "And you didn't see fit to tell me because…"

Amusement was evident in the other's voice, "I was waiting for you to either figure it out, which you obviously didn't, or wait until you were bored." When the other didn't speak, he continued, "So do you want to travel to another dimension? One that would be much more interesting than this."

"What would happen to me if I accept? And do I get to choose which dimension I would end up in?"

"Oh, nothing would happen to you, power wise and I have already chosen the dimension to drop you off. All you have to do is accept and I will tell you more when we are there."

The shorter male pursed his lips in thought, then shrugged, "Eh, why not? It's not like I have much to lose anyway." He eyed the taller figure and held out his hand, "I accept, Death."

A pale hand emerged from the folds of the black cloak and gripped the smaller wrist, "Very well, Master."

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