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Chapter 7: Crisis of the Nehustan Relic! Target is Hibiki!? The Lion's Brilliance!

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It is currently noon of the day, with the sun peacefully setting down and casting a nice red shade over the mansion by the seaside. The weather is very kind today with the breeze of wind gently swept by, giving one a feeling of calm and tranquility. Then there also the hint of salty seawater carried by the wind, truly one would have no trouble lying on the grass and just let the cool air lure them to sleep.


Sadly, for one of the occupant in this mansion, she doesn't has that luxury. Not when she has to be careful not to get her head removed from her neck by a sword swipe from an European styled knight composed entirely of ice.

While the appearance maybe different, this was the very same ice soldier that Kazanari Tsubasa have faced few months prior.

There are some different though, back then the clones Tsubasa faced were an improvise Poseidon conjure up just to make sure no one would interfere with his battle. Despite this if asked the bluenette can testify how effective these ice troops were, but this time Poseidon have all the leisure he need to focus on how his clone should act, hence he only need to conjure one.

"GAH!" The white haired girl, clad in Nehustan Gear, grunted out.

Despite the Gear grant her great durability, the girl can still feel her teeth rattle when the clone's backhand strike her cheek.

Speaking of her opponent, like mentioned before, this time instead of looking formless beside having limbs and bladed arms the ice soldier have been given more complete form modeled after a knight. The armor, helmet, to the crest shield and western sword. It is the very simple yet iconic image of one have for a knight base on movie or museum display.

In spite of it simple look, the white hair girl herself can testify this thing is anything but a grunt, much to her annoyance. Simply because how it effortlessly blocked, dodged and downright counter her attack with enough strength to thrash her around completely. Then again, she know, there is no point to this 'exercise' otherwise if her practice target is not up to standard.

Sitting on a bergère leisurely, is Poseidon calmly watching the white haired girl struggle against the ice knight he made. One of the deal he agreed with that woman is train the girl so she has more experience in dealing with her enemies.

Mostly the other Symphogear Users, an interesting toys in his eyes but that was it.

He also see the threat of this world, Noises. He has try his hand on few of them before, it would be a massive understatement to said the woman has more than enough of those to spare. Sadly, their strength is disappointing to the Greeed. They are at best somewhat more resilience than a Trash Yummy but far from comparable to a well fed Yummy, the only thing they good for is their overwhelming numbers. Poseidon know their true value as threat to the world lie in their unique property, but for someone like him who can bypass their abilities it pose no interesting challenge for him at all.

Of course one thing the Greeed admit is that when it come down to it, despite being strongers in fighting prowess, the Noises is still a better anti-civilization compare to the Yummy, much better. Within his memory he sure some Greeed like Kazari would have more than enough scheme to make use of these creature to topple human society. But Poseidon is not someone like that, he prefer to use his own strength most of the time, to be in the field.

The Greeed/Rider Hybrid then thought back to the sequence of event that lead to his meeting with the eccentric woman. The first meeting he has with her was interesting enough, for she was the one who seek him out, having managed to detect his otherworldly presence just like he detected her. And she instantly saw there a benefit of teaming up together. At first, Poseidon saw no meaning in the alliance, until...

("What I am aiming for, will bring back the force beyond humanity's wildest dream...Won't you want to see for yourselves what will those sight entail? Wouldn't it be a shame for your long everlasting life to miss such a unique opportunity?")

The sea Rider will give her this, the woman sure know how to do a sell pitch. He was then told the gist of what she has planned and the curiosity was enough for him to take her offer. Beside his thirst for good fight, Poseidon did indeed like some interesting development to fulfill his unending existence and that woman's plan promise just that, especially with the unknown element in it.

But first, Poseidon still need to resolve a minor inconvenient.

The Greeed expression flickered with annoyance when he grip his fist and purple static crackle from it, a foreign power that have invaded his body. That reckless last hit from OOO embedded with that cursed Purple Medals energy has disrupted the power he hold. Given the fact he just take in the power of the Galaxy King too, the disruption make him unable to control his power thus in simple term if he try to forcefully use it too much now the backlash would be like hitting himself with his strongest attack from inside out.

"Still, I can expel the energy bits by bits, plus with the Cell Medals I won't be long."

Grunting for the umpteenth time today, Chris pushed herself up after the ice knight shield bashed her to the ground, and rolled out of the way. Just in time for the sword to impale the spot she used to be. But the white haired girl is no pushover, during her roll she went for a sweeping leg kick at the knight. Only for her greave clad leg to slam against the shield that the knight slammed down to block the strike. The girl click her tongue in annoyance at how sharp the reflex this thing has despite it bulky appearance.

The ice knight waste no time to drag the sword with the tip still in the ground, dragging a trail across the ground. Despite this, the speed of its swing is faster than the eyes can see, but Chris's was one step faster. The girl's own flexibility saved her limb as she was fast enough to backpedal few feet away from the knight, safely avoiding the bisecting swing. Then, with a battle cry she swung down her chain at the knight, with the tip forming a giant energy ball of white coated in black static.


"Take this!" The white haired girl shouted.

The knight instead of duck suddenly froze in its place, the same moment Poseidon was distracted by the Purple Medal's effect. The knight then seemingly broke apart to various fragment of ice scattered everywhere. This combine with the shock wave caused by Nirvana Gedon effected the entire area, with tree and rocks got pierced by some of the fragments. Some of them also fly toward where Poseidon sitting but they all get deflected by an invisible aura surrounding him, making his spot completely harmless from the attack's devastating aftereffect.

Not surprised by such detail even if it irritate her how nonchalant the Greeed act, the white hair girl land back to the ground with a triumphant smirk. Only for her expression to quickly morph to shock, as some ice fragment instead of just fall to the ground like they should, are hovering in the air and instantly shot at her with lightning speed.

Since she just exhaust herself from the attack plus the long duration of battle, and the thought of her opponent has been beaten make her mind subconsciously relaxed. All this factors mean by the time the Nehustan User realize what is going on, it was too late for her to dodge. Thus she can only cross her arms and endure the relentless assault from all the ice fragment, Poseidon have make sure the energy he pour to it is comparable the girl's last attack. No more, no less.


The girl's cry of pain can be heard as she was overpowered by the barrage and get smash through a thick trunk of an old tree, followed by a crash that broke a boulder in half. The attack ended, with the dust and debris slowly clear out to show the girl in the broken Gear laying limp on the ground. The girl let out a pained grunt and try to force herself up, she manage to heard the sound of footstep despite the ringing still linger in her ears. The white haired girl weakly lift her head up, seeing Poseidon casually walk toward her, his expression blank as he stopped in front of the girl.

"Let your guard down and this is the result, you will only get that privilege only if you are far stronger than your opponent, which you are not. Or you are sure your enemy cannot breath anymore, even then prepare for anything. That is the only lesson I will give you and also all that you need little girl." Poseidon said with a cold expression as he snap his finger making all the ice fragment around them levitate to the air before they regroup themselves and the same ice knight she had been fighting just now reappear again. "And I will make sure to hammer that one lesson to your mind until I deem you ready for the battle." Poseidon's blank expression give way to a rather mischievous smile that didn't fit to his personality at all. "When you want to tap out just give me the word."

"Kuh...I don't mind...I will show you...I am capable to be the one who will carry out Fine's plan...for that goal this is nothing! And by the end of it...I will show you...not to make light of me!"

Despite her wounds the girl still grit out her words strongly, all the while slowly push herself up.

Seeing this, Poseidon has an amused smile.

"If that's the case...let the lesson continue."

The second knight of ice rush at the white hair girl, who more then willing to welcome these beating if it mean it will bring her closer to the goal.

Of course, the fact that he know the true situation is far from what the girl envisioned, is just what make Poseidon find the sight of her struggling all the more entertaining.

Opening: Synchrogazer.

It been almost a week after the incident involving the Kamakiri Yummy spawned from Tsubasa's desire. After the resolve of that small scuffle, as Hibiki along with Eiji constantly quote to prevent any more of Tsubasa's attempt to apologize every single time she saw them, Tsubasa and Hibiki has officially start to work together as a duo in dealing with the Noises. Of course sometimes the trio can fight together but when the Noises spread out too far, the team always split between Hibiki with Tsubasa and OOO by himself. After all, there is little to nothing the Rider can advise to Hibiki about the Symphogear. At least nothing worth mentioning when compare to Tsubasa, a fellow Gear User who have much more experience with her Relic.

Thus we find ourselves in another one of such battle. The two Gear Users against the horde of Noises, by this point Hibiki have tagged along with Tsubasa for dozen or so battles already, surely she would have pick up some amazing trick for her Gungnir by now?


Still, perhaps it was a bit idealistic of Hibiki to hope that would be the case.

Evidently by the fact that she just got throw off from a truck sized Noise and crash right into one of the car lying around the street, destroying the vehicle. Thankfully her Gear's defense is more than enough to allow her to survive an impact like that easily, though that still didn't stop the swirl in her eyes. The dazed girl stood up while shaking her head to regain her bearing, that's when the gigantic Noise approached Hibiki. But it was quickly bisected in halves before it can make another advance.

"You need to focus on your Gear." Tsubasa calmly stated, her visage is that of control, of being one with her Gear, all the while swinging her blade in a fluid arc to brush off the Noises's ashes. "It will react to your will and give you a suitable weapon. Even if it just a fragment, a Relic's power still growth to unimaginable level, just like your potential." Tsubasa lectured sternly but with unshaken faith in her tone.

The Ame no Habakiri's wielder instantly twirl around and cut apart another Noise that tried to leap at her from behind, a pretty poor way of doing so if she may add.

"Hai! Tsubasa-san." Hibiki vigorously responded as she finally shook the daze off her, she then proceed to charge at another group of Noises. "Come out! My Armed Gear!" Hibiki shouted with determination as she aim her palm at the Noises.

"I wasn't mistaken." Tsubasa think as she keep a analyzing gaze on Hibiki. "At that moment, when she give out that punch against the Yummy, that power was unarguably that of an Armed Gear's power! I at that time was too blinded by the knot in my heart to realize...Tachibana Hibiki. You are undoubtedly someone Kanade chosen to inherit her strength and will. Watching over you and make sure you can release that hidden strength, that is my start of redeeming for my mistakes!"

"Finally!" Hibiki can feel it. The energy rushing out from her chest. "It like having hot air in me when eating too much ginger or chilly!"

Orange colored energy start to gather at Hibiki outstretched palm, Tsubasa has no doubt it is the prelude of the weapon that represent Hibiki's resolve. The aura from it seems to even halt the Noises as they all froze in their track and observe Hibiki.



"Eh?" Hibiki muttered, eyes widened like a white saucers, looking at her hand that was holding the orb second prior before it pop like an air balloon. "Heh? That's weird? What do you guy suppose happened? Hahaha...AH!" Hibiki yell out as she turn tail.

After all, what other choices does she has when the stunned Noises regained their wits and start to chase after her in horde!?

"This...this is also part of my redemption." Tsubasa muttered.

She try to sound as determined as she could...and failing, well better move quick though, that dog pile of Noises are starting to bury Hibiki completely.

An hour later, an exhausted Hibiki and a slightly winded Tsubasa returned to the 2nd Division.

In the end, Tsubasa has to destroy all the Noises herself, much to Hibiki's embarrassment. Though the bluenette assured Hibiki it no problem, since Tsubasa understand better than most people the importance of preservation and focus in one training to attain mastery over the Relic.

"Tachibana, until our next deploy, how about imagine in your head the visual of a weapons best suited for you? We can go to the training room later as well for you to see which weapons fit you." Tsubasa suggested.

"Eh?" Hibiki's hollow expression said it all.

"Uhm...maybe after you get your rest." Tsubasa conceded.

At least that returned the color to the cream haired girl face.

Hibiki is obviously drained, with her head hung low and her back arch forward as she look like trying to drag her body forward, while constantly battling against the world's gravity that just trying to pull her to the floor. Most of the Division people who saw the girl's performance through the screen offer her encourage words, the girl can only response by weakly lifting a thumb up. She then drop herself to the sofa and let out a long blissful sigh.

"Here, for our new employer." Aoi said with a encouraging smile, in her hand a cold bottle of water.

Hibiki eyed the bottle like she find gold in middle of the road.

"Thank you so much!"

The girl then proceed to chug the entire bottle down.

This was the scene greeted Eiji when he also returned from his Noises cleaning duty.

"Long day eh? How did it go this time, Hibiki-chan?" Eiji asked.

"My burst. Why? Both my inner outward bubble..." Hibiki bemoaned as she caress the precious water bottle.

"I don't think there's much more acute words to describe the situation." Tsubasa conceded.

Eiji in respond gave a consolation rub to the cream haired girl's back, the girl said nothing as she lean to his touch before slide, nope, melt down to the comforting sofa again as he took his hand away.

"So, do you think it is simply just the matter of time and practice, Tsubasa-chan?" Eiji asked.

He spare another glance toward Hibiki, pretty sure her soul is leaving her gaping mouth there.

Eiji of course still worry at the aspect of Hibiki active role on the battlefield now, but the girl had made her decision. Beside, the wanderer believe Tsubasa wouldn't let anything happen to Hibiki. Regardless if anyone think she is responsible or not, the bluenette pride and guilt would make her risk her life first before letting harm fall on the cream haired girl. Of course, no one want Tsubasa to carry that sentiment with her forever. But with how the event with the Yummy still fresh on the singer mind, it will have to do for now.

Tsubasa's troubled expression return, she can't help but let out a sigh.

"She always seems to manage hold it in her grasp before it dispersed in the last moment...but at that time...I am sure I saw her harness the power of the Armed Gear through the punch dealt to the Yummy." Tsubasa said begrudgingly.

Not at Hibiki but rather her own self as Tsubasa once more consider if her advice and tips just simply not what Hibiki need. For that matter, do the blue haired girl really know what Hibiki need? In the first place, it not like there are other example to base on beside herself and Kanade when it come to Symphogear Attuned. And Tsubasa sure as Hell didn't teach Kanade how to achieve her weapons or vice versa. They both growth as the same time, unlock their Gears in a way that it almost akin to an inner realization. It definitely not something Tsubasa can just brush off by carelessly saying to train one battle experience blindly, that only apply to gain mastery over one Gear.

Hibiki's core problem is she didn't even know how to summon her Gear yet.

"Then how did did Kanade achieve our own weapons?" Tsubasa thought.

Her reminiscence to both her and Kanade's past lead Tsubasa to an inkling ideas but she think it too early to said anything for now.

Of course it not just the blue haired idol, both Genjuro and Ryoko also have their own thoughts regarding the matter.

Ryoko was pretty much gushing in excitement and amazement when she saw the amount of Gungnir's energy Hibiki was able to unleash with that punch. The sight is impressive to everyone but being the leading scientist for this field, perhaps she one of a few who really grasp how incredible the feat truly was. For once, the woman herself has believed such power output is only possible once the Gear Users have mastered their Armed Gears.

And yet Hibiki did it with her punch alone.

"Unfortunately the later test I run for Hibiki-chan didn't hint she can unleash energy like that by will yet." Ryoko bemoaned with a downtrodden sigh. "This is the first it have happened, but I think the circumstances where Hibiki have to utilize her Gear, with no training background like Kanade-chan and Tsubasa-chan created a unique circumstance." Ryoko said bringing up the image again to demonstrate her point. "Ironically with no instruction give to her, Hibiki relied purely on her instinct and emotion, which happened to perfectly sync with the Gungnir in that one instance which result in the incredible burst of power we all saw."

"A one time burst in respond to extreme emotional, it easy to understand but not something one can control." Eiji said.

"Right, cause when you attempted to, ironically the self control on one part make the Gungnir and the will of the user can't cooperate yet." Ryoko agree with a sigh. "Call me the Mother of Symphogear is good ego's nutrients and all but honestly I just excavate and follow back to the paths of hidden legend to bring out their power." Ryoko said as she linger her gaze on Tsubasa's pendant and the spot where Hibiki's scar inside her clothe is. "It not that easy for modern mankind to exploit feats of the ancient wills, not to mention, Hibiki's circumstances is way different from Kanade-chan and Tsubasa-chan."

"However, it not like letting one emotion run wild and hope for the best is a viable strategy either." Genjuro join in with a sigh, raising up his hand he grip his fist tightly then let go to demonstrate his point. "To be able to master oneself and one power is important, otherwise the impressive power one possess could very well their own downfall."

An expected viewpoint for a martial arts master, while it seems to counter what Ryoko said, in truth it to help make up the whole picture.

As for Eiji, he can't help but think when the Purple Core Medals first behave wildly but also with his survival in minds, always when he in over his hands, they will materialize to protect him, even if that mean psychologically throw him to the back, locked the trunk, then hijack the wheels and derail off the road completely.

"So...should I eh...just let it happen naturally? Or should I try to will it?" Hibiki asked.

Understandably the girl is confused, since Genjuro and Ryoko's words at first glance look like they were contradicting each other.

"My apology, we do not mean to confuse you, but then again the first step is usually the hardest." Genjuro said with a sigh.

"I must find an understanding about yourself...accepting a new part of yourselves now...something like that." Eiji absentmindedly spoke up. When he see all eyes turn to him he titled his head. "Ah...did I miss the mark?"

"I don't think so, that might just be the case." Tsubasa said with a thoughtful look at her pendant. "I am proud of the fact I wield my song, my Ame no Habakiri as the sword to defend humanity, but...that might not apply to your case Tachibana." Tsubasa said. "You yourself need to learn what your song and Gungnir meant for you, that might be a hurdle. But if you can reach that realization, everything after that should be more manageable for you."

"Part of myself now...well I can't deny that." Hibiki mused looking at her scar. "Aaahhh~! So I should keep trying, and wish for the best." Hibiki declared, despite her exhaustion she still try to sound as energized as she can.

"Heh! Sure is nice for the empty headed, they fine with letting the chips falls where they may." Ankh commented.

Though the fact he is right behind Hibiki did made her jump up in surprise.

"Ankh, that's not nice." Eiji chided before turn to Hibiki. "It great for you to have that spirits, as long as you remember you are doing this to protect other, I believe you will find what you looking for. Beside you not alone, I struggled a lot when I first become OOO as well." Eiji said encouragingly.

While Ankh let out a grunt of annoyance. Hibiki seems interested to hear more.

"Thanks Eiji-kun, that's one thing I won't forget." Hibiki said. "Still...all Riders start of like that eh?" Hibiki hummed in curiosity.

"Well...I'm definitely not the only one who didn't know what he was signing up for at first." Eiji said sheepishly. "But not all Riders got shove into their role by accidents, some actually aimed for it, prepared for it and one could said dedicated their whole life to prepare to be their world's Riders..." Eiji said before his eyes lit up. "Ah...if you don't mind I can tell you about one of my Senpai, Kamen Rider Hibiki?"

Ankh meanwhile just make himself comfortable on the sofa, only paying half attention to the conversation. Maybe it a Kaijin instinct? But the Greeed himself always wary whenever there a big gathering of Riders and he somehow got drag into it along with Eiji, hence he not too interested in these otherworld Riders stories. Instead he always keep his distance.

"Eh? Really what was he like?" In contrast, Hibiki is definitely intrigued.

After all, she get to hear more stories of Eiji before he come to this world and get to hear about a life of another superhero who share a name with her? Bonus.

"From what I known, in his world Rider are essentially people who trained and attained the body of Oni." Eiji said with reminiscence in his tone, this certainly surprised everyone a bit. "They fight against Makamou, basically evil Yokai that hunt and devour human."

Eiji then proceed to explain to them that Riders/Oni in that world constantly train themselves to hone their powers. While still they don't distance themselves from society, most of the time they also live and train in the mountain, to avoid human's eyes when they fought not to mention it help them harness their abilities even more by keeping touch with nature. And Hibiki is one of that world best Rider/Oni, despite this, no precisely because of this, that the man still continue to train himself to get stronger while defeat the Makamou and defend the world with only a few handful of humans aware of the Oni's heroic deeds.

"He sound so cool! I would want to meet him once." Hibiki said with her eyes sparkling like stars.

"Indeed, to keep on training one body and soul to overcome their adversary. It would be an honor to meet and share a drink with such a man." Genjuro grinned.

It is not even a hidden fact that Kazanari Genjuro is someone you could call a role model of hot blooded man with passion.

"Ah, while our Hibiki mean Echo, his is actually Sound Demon." Eiji add in.

"Uwah, I love the name I received but that sound so cool as well." Hibiki said with star in her eyes.

"I think Hibiki-san would be happy to hear you said that." Eiji said with a melancholy smile. "After all, in his world, people didn't react very well to the presence of Oni. Back in old era when the existence of Oni can still be seen by the townsfolk, they treat the Oni the same as the Makamou. There is no difference despite the Oni protected them."

" sad." Hibiki said with a frown.

"Uhm...but I'm sure that didn't matter, because till this day the Oni of that world still protect humanity." Eiji said.

"Another example, of how humanity's protector should be." Tsubasa mused, secretly admire such conviction.

But it is Hibiki who taken this harder, the girl briefly wondered if it her. Someone who also called Hibiki, despite the difference in meaning, were to face with the same situation, would she remain unwavering?

"Hibiki-chan, you don't have to worry...after all...despite how you were treated, don't you still want to protect everyone?" Eiji suddenly asked.

This make Hibiki turn toward Eiji in surprise before she let out a soft smile.

"That unfair Eiji-kun, always reading my thought in these moment." Hibiki fake pouted, but her smile still there.

Obviously there a story here, but either the other people in the room didn't hear anything or they know there no reason to pry.

"What fascinate me is the fact they also use sound in battle." Ryoko mused with her hand to her chin in thought, the scientist let out a childish groan. "Oh! The excitement of being able to see another way of music being utilize in battle! Eiji-kun, are you sure there is no way to contact one of these Oni Riders?" Ryoko almost sound like she pleading.

Like dealing with a child want to buy the new toy that catch her eyes, Eiji can only scratch the back of his head with an apologetic expression.

"Sorry, Ryoko-san. But like I said they have their own world to protect so I can't disturb them. Only when something happen big, like multiverse big, happen then we would somehow always find ourselves assisting each other." And Eiji not joking, till this days he never get to ask how some of the Riders like Kuuga, Blade etc. managed to reach his world. Hell for that matter how did the Showa Riders? "And lastly, I don't even known how to travel between dimension, I sort of just...hitch a ride so to said without knowing the destination when I find myself to this world."

"I see. Well it can't be helped then." Ryoko said with a dejected expression. "Though with how the Riders are scattered isn't there any Rider among you good with traveling between dimension?" Ryoko asked.

This make Eiji perk up in thought.

"Well there is one among us Riders...he is called Decade, he has an...interesting personalities. Though, maybe he just shy like Ankh." Eiji said jokingly, ignoring the irritated cry from the Greeed. "His specialty is as you described, travel through worlds. Mostly the worlds that have Kamen Riders in it and help out with their problem despite having the moniker as the Destroyer of the World." Eiji said without missing a beat.

And yet to everyone else they can't easily dismiss such moniker.

"Why is your friend called that, Eiji-kun?" Hibiki asked wide eyed.

"Well...he has his own situation that admittedly I'm not so clear myself." And that is an honest truth, Eiji sure he isn't the only one who got the gist of Kadoya Tsukasa story and still confuse how it work. And consider the strange life he lead as a Rider himself? That saying something. "But, one thing I know for sure. He has his own situation he worked hard to overcome. Like me he use his power to protect other, even if he didn't act like it." Eiji said confidently.

"Granted. Sometimes his own actions didn't help his case." Eiji thought inwardly with a sweat-drop.

Still there's no way he can voice such thought given the trusting gaze Hibiki giving him. Beside what is the odds Kadoya Tsukasa would show up in this world in near future?

Meanwhile, Tsubasa just silently observed the duo. There something familiar about the sight of their lighthearted banter and conversations, with laughter and joke throw around despite just coming back from a battle. Once more, Tsubasa can't help but compare the similarity to how Kanade is, she always like to save all her energy, seriousness on the battlefield. But once they come back, the red haired girl somehow also leave them behind like a backpack, ready to pick them up again if the situation call for it. She would then greet and interact with her friends, comrades with an easygoing grin and a cheerful attitude like she hasn't just return from another battle.

For Tsubasa herself, it was honestly never her style. She can turn off her battle mode as well for the lack of better words. But even then she still keep her mind readied, somewhat tense as if any second the alarm can blare up again. She was like a blade sheathed, inactive, docile while it wait to be drawn again. And that is fine for her, after all the way Kazanari Tsubasa enjoy herself is...

Flash Back.

"It's cool to be the mysterious, silence type and all..." Kanade said with a teasing smile. "But when you on the stage, pretty damn sure you didn't stop singing from the top of your lung with a big wide smile eh?"

"Well that was..." Tsubasa tried to retort but failed to. "I just..." Instead the girl's cheek developed a healthy blush.

The blue haired girl sputter only increased after another round of heartfelt chuckle from Amou Kanade.

"It's fine, it's fine!" Kanade said with a grin. "The ever reserve Kazanari Tsubasa, who only show her heart to the world through her song, it is so cute. If that is what you want then just follow it to your heart content." Kanade said with a wink.

Flash Back End.

"Something just never change eh? Kanade?" Tsubasa thought with a fond smile.


Hearing Eiji's concerned voice calling out her name, Tsubasa break out of her thought and sure enough she saw Eiji has stood in front of her. He even looking at her with slight concern.

"Is there a problem?" Tsubasa asked with a calm expression.

But inwardly the bluenette is berating herself, to lose oneself in their own thought during a briefing, no matter how light hearted it was, how could she make such blunder!?

"No, I just thought you look a bit...somber just now." Eiji said, with the girl, unintentional, intense gaze bore to him.

"I just having some thought that's all." Tsubasa said, her expression mellowed out hearing his words. "Thank you Hino-san, you are right the whole time. I can't forget no matter what." Tsubasa said with a warm smile.

Of course, the fact the girl now known she hasn't miss something important like a surprise attack strategy also help her calm down more.

"It nothing." Eiji smiled, he noticed how pleasingly contrasting it was for the usual cool blue haired girl to let out such a sunny smile. "So eh...what was I right about again?" Eiji asked with a confused smile.

He hope it isn't becoming a trend anytime soon, what with him unable to catch up with the conversation between him and his female friends.

But as Date Akira would put it if he was here, that ship had already sail and soar straight into the vacuum of space eons ago already.

"Actually...Tsubasa-san, there is something I would like to ask if you don't mind." Hibiki spoke up.

The girl unusual timid, fidgeting voice gained Tsubasa's curiosity.

"Tsubasa-kun...She seems like has shed of a lot of weight in her heart." Shinji noted with relief in his tone.

"She was never the most social girl there is, but she sure has become...distanced to said the least for the past few months." Aoi noted with a shake of her head.

"We were all worried if she keep forcing herself like that, her psych won't be able to handle it and it could mean a slight mistake that lead to disastrous result in her fight against the Noises. But with Tsubasa-kun being the only Gear User we have, we can't risk ban her from duty, not like she agree to any counseling session either." Sakuya recounted with a sigh.

"Hm. A journey itself can be short or long, but the moment one reach their realization is instantaneous. Yet it is that one instance that change everything, I believe in my niece. From here on, Kazanari Tsubasa's sword will truly become the sword that protect the hope and dream of this world." Genjuro said proudly with a confident smile.

"And that is all made possible by our new friend eh?" Ryoko noted chirpily.

"Indeed, at that time I honestly worry things might escalate too big." Aoi said let out a sigh of relief.

After all just thinking back then, seeing the blue haired singer pointing her sword at the younger girl is a sight the computer expert didn't expect nor want to see.

"But Eiji-kun manage to reverse the situation and everything ended neatly, I didn't even realize how I was holding my breath until everything was over." Sakuya noted with a shook of his head.

"True, I believe Hino-kun was being truthful about his story of OOO." Shinji said, it not easy for a ninja to make such comment, Shinji is a nice man but he not someone who blindly put his faith randomly. "In that case, I think I spoke for everyone here it great we meet the 2nd instead of the Original."

"Ah...but..." Genjuro said with an unreadable expression.

"Commander is something wrong? Do you have any reasons to doubt Hino-kun?" Aoi asked cautiously.

"Aren't you the one who was praising Eiji-kun nonstop?" Ryoko teased.

"Well...if Commander has a reason to be cautious then it not wrong to be on guard ourselves. That have worked out great for this Division ever since he lead us no?" Shinji replied evenly.

None rebuke his words, for it is the truth, such is the proof of Genjuro's leadership.

"No. I also hold no suspicion over Eiji-kun." Genjuro dismissed the cause of the small argument with a shake of his head. "To be honest, sometimes when I look deep into this young man like watching a cracked mirror." Genjuro said in concern. "It not a complete picture that everyone think they can see just by watching him act. Despite how he may appear to be, Hino Eiji isn't someone simple whether he has the power of OOO or not." Genjuro noted.

After all, whether he deliberately try to hide it or not, Genjuro can tell, this young man is always in a ready mindset. To him his home is where the battle is, or rather where those in trouble is, it is these seemingly peaceful time that he simply waiting.

The three staff members, not understanding to this degree, can't help but look at their commander with a puzzled expression.

"Ara...Genjuro-kun, could it be even you are interested in Eiji-kun that's way?"

Leave it to Ryoko to shatter the serious mood to million pieces by missing the mark by miles. Genjuro can only let out a sigh as he face-palmed while the other chuckled.

"Ryoko-kun I am serious. But who know, it could be a rambling a middle aged man made during his work."

"Actually Genjuro-kun, you might be right." Ryoko said mysteriously with a gleam in her eyes. "But rather than weird I would said something is missing." Said mysteriously once again drawing all eyes on her.

"Ryoko-kun did you notice something?" Genjuro asked with halted breath.

"Yes...the desire of youth! Our perfectly healthy young man eyes show no appreciation for the pinnacles of maidens lining up in front of him! Not when our cool compose beauty Tsubasa-chan is next to him! He also ignore the adorable and energetic sweet Hibiki-chan! How can I find any chance of entertainment from their interaction if it blander than cabbage boil by H2O!?"

And so she whined to the Heaven of the unfairness of her situation, while the three staff feel like they have no one to blame but themselves for falling to their resident scientist usual antics again. Genjuro is the only one who still mull in thought.

"His he hide it that well? Or rather..."

"It like she just sleeping peacefully." Hibiki thought, her face have a sorrowed expression.

The sight in front of her, to said it hard to take in would be putting it lightly. Next to her, Eiji expression stiffened, hard to tell what he thinking.

Tsubasa, already wear those expression the first few weeks have to seen Kanade like this, already used to it. Instead her face have a melancholy smile.

Looking through the glass panel, all three of them can view inside the room of the comatose Kanade. Wired with various machine that measure her heart rate, blood flow, metabolism etc. Then there is an IV drip connected to the red haired girl right arm. Hibiki's observation nonetheless held true, that is if one ignore the aforementioned machinery.

This is what both Eiji and Hibiki have asked for from Tsubasa. They know it due time they have to visit Amou Kanade in person and Tsubasa accepted their request happily.

"You must be bored, always cooped up in this room. You always enjoy seeing new face, right? Well here is your proud successor and the one who helped us in the concert. I am sure you will enjoy making friends with them when you wake up."

"Uhm...How is Kanade-san's condition?" Hibiki asked.

The Swan Song. The melody that drawn out the full powers of the Relic, embedded with the desire of its singer, to save or to destroy. All of it the song accept and unleash itself to the world with forces equal to myth lost in time.

"For such a Song, it will only accept one offering from us Attuned, our life." Tsubasa said with a forlorn gaze. "Kanade tried to sing that song, but the process was interrupted, yet even then the backlash is still too great for someone who has to rely on Linker in the first place. Even Ryoko-san said she never encounter this situation before so she not even sure if Kanade will wake up, but there is chance...and I believe in Kanade. She...she is too strong to just lie there forever, one of these day she will definitely wake up and I will be there. To greet her, to chide her recklessness, to welcome her back." Tsubasa finished with a somber smile.

"I...I want to be there thanks Kanade-san for what she did. The fact I can still stand here now, receiving the Symphogear...I want to thanks her for everything." Hibiki said with a grateful gaze.

Tsubasa nodded gently.

"I think she would happy to know that...though that might give her already large ego an additional boost." Tsubasa said with a chuckle.

The blue haired girl voice have a sense of nostalgia and reminiscence, it put Hibiki at ease. But then she noticed Eiji, who has been quiet the whole time. He has only been looking at the comatose Kanade with a frown.

"Eiji-kun, Are you okay?"

Hearing Hibiki's questions, Eiji turn to her as he just quickly smiled and shake his head.

"It's nothing Hibiki-chan, I am sure Amou-kun would be happy to know there are people waiting for her to wake up." Eiji said with a smile.

And yet something about that melancholy smile, that make Hibiki paused. She can't place her finger on it but she just know, this is not the usual expression she saw on Eiji, nor is it one she want to see him wear if she being honest.

Tsubasa didn't know Eiji for long, she herself isn't also one who well verse in interact with other., can sense something is not right as well. hence she regarded the duo with a concerned gaze.

"Here he is taking on unnecessary baggage again." Ankh thought.

But in the end, beside letting out a huff, the Greeed didn't said a single word.

Turn out the thought of Eiji's strange behavior nagged Hibiki's minds more than she thought. Try as she might, the cream haired girl just can't focus on the equation of special triangles in front of her at all. The thought of her teacher nagging at her if her homework isn't due tomorrow is a great motivation, but not as strong as the feel of need to cheer up Eiji, that is if Hibiki even sure if he is in a depressive mood.

"I should just ask him, I fought Noises daily now, how hard can it be?..." Hibiki thought for a moment. Then a sigh escape her. "Nope, I will take on pile of Noises any day, how is this so hard!?"

Miku, glance over at Hibiki, smiling in amusement at her friend's clear as day distracted expression, the homework for tomorrow lay untouched on her table. Guess she will have to help her again later lest Hibiki go to bed at 12 AM. As the young black haired girl turn back to the computer screen, her expression lit up as she found the time table she needed.

"It's here!" Miku exclaimed excitingly gaining Hibiki's attention. "It's almost time for the meteor shower this month. Hibiki, do you want to watch it with me?" Miku asked happily.

Hibiki smiled in response, the reluctance on her face slowly faded away.

"The meteor shower? I always enjoy watching it with you Miku." Hibiki said with her smile grew bigger. "But first I have to finish all these homework or the teacher going to eat me alive." Hibiki bemoaned.

Meanwhile Miku just giggle at the scene before she excitedly note down what to prepare for their trip.

Hibiki would be happy to do it as well, but let just said that would mean half of their trip will involve getting all the missed items.

At the Western style building near the cliff.

Chris now dress in a maroon dress with short puffed out sleeves, a sheer light red-violet panel exposing some of her chest and upper back with detached sleeves and black accents on the ends of the dress and sleeves. To finish the touch, she wear her Relic Pendant around her neck as well as dark stockings with maroon bows attached to the dress and maroon pumps.

In contrast, sitting leisurely on an armchair with her foot resting on the computer board, the blond haired women once again wear nothing but a knee sock.

Leaning against the wall is Poseidon as he seems to be playing around with one of the Cell Medals.

"With the complete Relics power you should had no problem with those two who only use fragments of the legends, you should be able to complete your objective. Other than that our friend here would take care of any unnecessary interference right?"

The woman's question no doubt referred toward Poseidon who stop playing with his Cell Medals. In response, his eyes then glowed in azure light before multiple pile of Cell Medals release from his palm. They all taken shapes to form three silhouette of Yummy.

"I believe this will suffice for your cause?" Poseidon asked in a carefree manner.

The blond haired women just observed the three monsters that Poseidon just released, Chris also observe these creatures that suppose to help her. She has seen what one of them can do so to see all three of them at the same time? As much as the white hair girl loathe to admit it, she feel her chance of victory is much more assured now.

As for the Greeed, while not showing any expression, he can still feel the stinging sensation from the palm he just used to release the three Yummy.

True to his nature as a hybrid, the way Poseidon create his Yummy is more variable compare to other Greeed. He doesn't mind the common way of using the human themselves for the Yummy like Kazari or Uva, though he rarely did that since not many of the desires he see interest him beside that girl Tsubasa. A shame it was destroyed by OOO. Other than that he actually prefer the way of Gamel more, to use their own desire to fuel the Yummy. Plus with the power of Galaxy King he could push that process faster, as long as he didn't overuse it to harm himself. So right now three Yummy are the limit he got.

"This will be sufficient for now. Chris, don't forget your objective. While these Yummy will take care of any interferer, just focus what you are supposed to do." The blond haired woman commanded.

In response, none of the traits of a rebellious girl when she was with Poseidon was shown here. Instead Chris just nodded obediently.

"I remember Fine, everything is for achieving the world we wish for." Chris said with determination.

The women now know as Fine, the name that also mean The End, offered Chris a satisfied nod as a response. With that the white hair girl turn around and leave.

"Don't forget your lesson so soon okay little girl?" Poseidon said with a wave.

Chris just glare at him but said nothing else as she leave.

"Do you enjoy riling her up every chance you have?"

Poseidon just shrug in response.

"What can I said? She amuse me, her determination is admirable for a human her age but it also blind her to the most obvious fact. Isn't that right oh honorable Fine?" Poseidon asked mockingly with a smirk as this time Fine also didn't response to him but has an unreadable expression. "Just be careful, what you are doing is very easy to incite the wrath of OOO. Though that itself is something beneficial for me in someway I guess." Poseidon said as he rest his chin in his hand.

"Well I will admit the thought of a battle-thrilled-existence like you will always out of my reach. Still even if that is the case you are here right? Base from what I know you have enough power to put him down."

"Heh. If power is all it needed to take down a Kamen Rider, then there won't be so many foe who lose their life to their hands. Who to said your life won't be added to that list." Poseidon warned with a grin.

In response, Fine just sit there calmly and consider his words at face values.

"Hm, if he think he can end an existence tied to Humanity itself then the King is welcome to try." Fine said with a challenging tone.

"You might be surprised." Poseidon thought as he once again grip his fist as purple static course through it.

The next day arrive with a promising sign of a normal day with no life endangering battles. At least, Hibiki has thought that was what the world has promised her.

Last night she managed to hit the bed early instead of another long late night after countless test in the 2nd Division, when the cream haired girl awake she is delighted to greet a normal sunny morning.

Though there is the fact she has to finish her late essay, but nothing perfect! What important is with the encouragement of Miku, she has managed to turn in her assignment, meaning no berate from her teacher, no make up work and no interference with her plan to watch the shower of star with Miku tonight. The sight is definitely going to be beautiful!

She didn't think of inviting Eiji or Tsubasa or any of the trio, not that the girl wouldn't enjoy the idea. But this trip is something special for both Hibiki and Miku, a pair of friends finally get to enjoy a nice relax event together once more. After all, Hibiki know everything happen recently have made her distanced from Miku for quite a bit to put it lightly, and considering they live together that saying something. Next time for sure, next time she will invite Eiji, Tsubasa and maybe even everyone from the 2nd Division! She can't help but imagine how shocked Miku will be seeing Kazanari Tsubasa hang out with them, plus as long as Hibiki doesn't reveal anything relate to the Noises, Relic, Medals etc. she sure it will be fine

As one can see, the Gungnir's Inheritor was in high mood, fully believing the stargazing trip will go as they planned.

That was until now, into the afternoon of the day. Hibiki stand in front of an underground train station's entrance completely vacated, she look at her phone with a saddened expression before she make a call to Miku, after a few seconds of ringing the call connected.

"Hello? Hibiki? Where are you? I'm back at our room already."

Hearing Miku clearly concerned tone only make the pang of guilt in Hibiki's heart intensify.

"S...Sorry...something came up you see, so I won't be able to go watch the shooting stars with you today." Hibiki said apologetically.

The cream haired girl with halted breath wait for her friend's reply, would she be angry? How could she not? She just broke a promise she made to Miku. However much to Hibiki's surprise, Miku responded with a calm tone.

"It's fine, I know you wouldn't do this if it isn't something important. We can always go next time right? Beside I think I haven't pack all the stuff we need yet so this is good, I can save some strength too."


Somehow this response make Hibiki wish her friend would have been more angry.

"Well then I will leave the door open for you okay? I will see you tonight."

"Yeah...see you later Miku, and sorry next time I will definitely go with you." Hibiki pleaded.

She then heard Miku chuckle from the other line.

"Alright I will hold you on to that, no take back Hibiki-chan."

With that the phone hang up.

"Miku...not only I break my promise...but I made Miku-chan have to lie to me as well..." Hibiki thought, after all she know her friend very well.

On Miku side, after hang up the call, her small smile slowly gone as she look at the package of snack and stuff she already organized neatly for two.

As Hibiki turn off the phone she look into the entrance, now the Noises can be seen crawling out. Their eerie movement is already freaky enough, let alone the fact no one in this world doesn't know what these creatures can do. Anyone would have be struck with fear, and yet Hibiki only regard them with rage in her eyes, she then instantly sing the lyrics that activate her Gear.

"Balwisyall nescell Gungnir tron."

Playing Gekisou Gungnir.

In a flash of light, Hibiki leap up sky high already clad in her Gear. With an angry roar, she tackled through multiple Noises, who were all turn to dust at the moment of the impact. The Inheritor then proceed to throw around punch and kick wildly at every Noises who unfortunate and foolish enough to come near her. The image does nothing to hide the fact that she is using the Noises to vent her frustration.

In the 2nd Division, Genjuro is observing the monitor that show the signal of Noises where Hibiki is.

"Tsubasa and Eiji will be there soon, until then be careful in there, it seems there is something big hiding inside the subway." Genjuro informed through the headpiece.

"I got it. I will... do what I can only do." Hibiki replied, almost like a growl, as she proceed to fight her way through the Noises by throwing all her punches and kicks around wildly, that is until one of the Noises behind the line throw around these pink balls attached to it body, the moment it reach Hibiki they exploded, bringing the entire ceiling down seemingly buried the girl in cement and concrete. "I wanted to watch it..." But then her voice can be hear through the rubble. "I wanted to watch the shooting star with Miku!" Hibiki roared.

That's when the pile of rubbles exploded scattering all the debris everywhere, charging out from the smoke is Hibiki roaring furiously as she once again tear through all the Noises in her sight. With the Noises in her closest vicinity reduced to shred, the girl still isn't satisfied as she punched the ground, making a small crater. Her eyes with a red glint then locked onto the retreating Noises.

"How dare you...make me break my promise!?" Hibiki yell out as she quickly catch up to the runaway Noises all the while her expression darkened, the red tint intensified. "My peaceful normal everyday life with people I love...promise that won't be broken...if...I can't have something like that..." Hibiki muttered darkly before she suddenly tackle another Noises before start to pound on it repeatedly. "THEN I WILL JUST DESTROY ALL OF YOU!" Hibiki roar out as she pummeled the Noises. That's when more pink balls bouncing toward her, the girl instantly cross her arm in a guard another chain of explosion blow up in her face again. Though this seems to be enough to snap the girl out of her raging mode. "W...Wait!" Hibiki called out, her voice seemingly back to normal.

The cream haired girl quickly take after the Noises, but one of the Noises throw some of the explosive balls toward the ceiling blowing a hole connecting the ground back to the surface. This also caused Hibiki to falter, as the girl caught her footing the Noises already hop to the hole and make it back to the surface. As a frustrated Hibiki start to think how to quickly catch up to them before they can harm anybody, her eyes caught a streak of blue light in the sky. This make her temporarily remember the promise she has with Miku, but she was sure this area can't see the shooting star.

Also, said blue shooting star just veer off course and heading straight toward where her and the Noises are!?

End Song.

Playing Zetto Ame no Habakiri.


Right at the Noises make the twelfth steps away from Hibiki, as if the dark sky itself raged, a bolt of lightning flashed and struck the Noises reducing them to smithereens. Of course rather than the act of nature, the feat was recreated by none other than Kazanari Tsubasa herself. Who dropped down to the charred spot where the Noise once was, already clad in her Ame no Habakiri.

End Song.

"Tsubasa-san!" Hibiki call out as she make her way to the surface.

"Paid attention Hibiki, know that if we as the protector, let the Noises escape then it mean more people will be harm in the future." Tsubasa chided.

The cream haired girl lowered her head with a frustrated expression.

"I...I know that...because I have something I want to protect too." Hibiki said as she clench her fist.

"Tachibana Hibiki." Tsubasa called out sternly.

"Yes?!" Hibiki subconsciously responded as if her teacher is in front of her.

"Once again, I ask you, what will you use your Armed Gear for?"


"Alright then, for who will you fight for? What will be your motivation, knowing you might have to fight battles after battles for said reason?"

"W- Wait I mean..." Hibiki stuttered.

Seeing the girl fidget while struggling for an answer, Tsubasa's intense gaze softened.

"...My apology, Tachibana." Tsubasa said.

" okay." Hibiki muttered meekly, clearly still affected by Tsubasa's words.

"But this confirm it for me...Tachibana. It not just the matter of finding the fitting forms, you yourself can't envision the fact you have to held a weapon against other." Tsubasa said with a small, respected smile. "It is admirable, such of right now you will not be able to materialize Gungnir's spear no matter how hard you push yourself."

"But I did want to help!"

To Tsubasa it is a confirmation.

"There you have it Tachibana. I am not criticizing your thinking, I am merely trying to help you understand. While me and Kanade, our reasons to fight, to wield our weapons are clear, you are not fit for such path. There is nothing wrong with that, one life isn't determined alone on the battlefield, you have show me that." Tsubasa said putting her hand on Hibiki's shoulder with an encouraging expression. "Gungnir is Kanade's desire to save you, the fact it can keep you alive against the Noise is enough, you don't have to push yourself. Me and Hino-san, everybody at the 2nd Division, we can handle the Noises. Until then take your time to find your own answer, whether it will lead you to fight alongside us or not, that doesn't matter."

Hibiki take in Tsubasa's words, as the same time the crestfallen expression Miku must have, an image Hibiki can imagine all so easily flashback into her mind. For a moment, a traitorous thought entered Hibiki's mind.

"Can I...continue my peaceful life just like back then? My strength isn't needed right now after all..."

The soft ruffle of a leaf, to Hibiki who was still troubled by her situation pay no heed to it, but Tsubasa already put her back to Hibiki as she point her sword to the direction where the sound come from.

"What's wrong Tsubasa-san?" A startled Hibiki asked.

"Who's there?" Tsubasa didn't respond and instead call out toward where she heard the movement. The full moon shine through the cloud right at that spot revealing none other than Chris herself clad in the... "Nehustan Armor?" Tsubasa muttered, eyes widened in shock.


The white haired girl greeting come in the form of boisterous laughter, even as she made herself known the Chris only clutch her stomach while laughing.

Hibiki is surprised, seeing another Symphogear, another Attuned to just appear like that.

"She seems to be in a good mood..." Hibiki commented, totally lost.

"Ah, yeah. I totally enjoyed that slapstick you two put up for me. I was grateful, a girl who can't even put up a fight for her buddy now preaching to a brat who can't wield a spear to save her life about duty of a warrior? Man it must be nice for you two to have an idiot brute that look like a walking traffic light at your beck and call eh?" Chris asked mockingly.

"Take that back about- !?"

Hibiki was cut off from her outburst as Tsubasa extend a hand, stopping the cream haired girl in her track.

"Stay calm, and keep up your focus. She just trying to distract you with her taunt." Tsubasa said.

The blue haired girl's voice is calm yet her gaze is fierce like a wave ready to crash down on you.

"It's not trying if it working, after all who is it almost lose their s#$% seeing the armor I am wearing?" Chris asked.

She then flexed her knuckles, clearly showing off the Nehustan to Tsubasa.

At the 2nd Division, everyone in high alerts mode due to the appearance of the stolen Complete Relic.

"For the Nehustan Armor to reveal itself now..." Genjuro muttered in shock "Everyone get ready! I want to have that Armor secured as soon as possible!" He barked out. "You two keep things monitored, Shinji-kun will temporarily take over, I will personally lead the team to retrieve the Nehustan!"

This time no one dare to voice a word of protest again, the risk of the Division without its Commander is still there. That just prove the weight the Nehustan Relic carry to the 2nd Division. Not to mention, since the Kamakiri Yummy's battle, Genjuro have make necessary preparations for the Division to be able to function without him for a duration of time just in case he is needed on the field. One of it is making sure Ogawa Shinji has the capabilities, on paperwork as there no doubt of his actual talents, to run the Division.

"To get there in time you better hitch a ride with me big guy!" Ryoko shout with excitement.

Despite knowing Ryoko's 'legendary' driving skills, Genjuro didn't even flinch. Unlike the other staff members, who isn't even the one receiving the invitation. After all, no matter how messed up her driving skills is, there is one thing Genjuro like about it. She will get them there and fast.

"Seems like something big is happening at where Hibiki and Tsubasa are." Eiji said.

Currently he is riding the Ride Vendor, heading toward the locations of those two after finished the group of Noises on his side.

"The enemy send out two wave of Noises at separate location, their goal might be to cut you off from those two since beginning." Ankh commented.

The Greeed decided to follow Eiji this time, if the Yummy appear again he will need to be there to absorb the Cell Medals directly or most of it will just return to Poseidon again.

"Then...I am speeding up!" Eiji warned to the floating arm as he step on the gas pedal making the engine roar louder, with the bike tearing through the wind the vagabond put on his Driver. "Ankh!"

"Since when did I become your sidekick?" Ankh grumbled but he still put the three Core Medals into the Driver. "Alright!"



Back to where Hibiki and Tsubasa are confronting Chris, the white hair girl still has a smirk on her face as she look at Tsubasa tauntingly.

"You are right." Tsubasa admitted with narrowed gaze. "How could I forget the moment of my own weakness when the Relic for humanity was stolen from us, when my weakness forced my friend to endanger her own life?" Tsubasa gritted out begrudgingly. "However, you will realize your mistake if you assume my anger will cause my blade to be dull." Tsubasa warned, promised.

The Ame no Habakiri wielder then entered her stance, an action followed by the Nehustan wielder who settled into her own fighting position.

"Wait a minute! Why are we fighting each other? We are all human here right? Let just talk this out!" Hibiki pleaded.

Her actions further proved Tsubasa's prior words, not that it matter to the cream haired girl. No matter what, harming another person is unacceptable to her.


Hibiki can only flinch, she wonder if the two Attuned even realize how synced their words are that it pointless to distinguish who spoke first.

Playing Zetto Ame no Habakiri.

Without wasting a moment, Chris swing down her chain. As Hibiki, who were standing between them, look at the incoming attack in shock, Tsubasa already rush in and push the girl out of the way, while also blocking the strike with her sword. She then dash in circle to confuse Chris before enlarged her blade.


Chris watched the flash of blade without even a hint of nervousness, instead with a blur of her hand, the whips followed her command and deflected the beam slashes away, striking and destroyed some trees of the forest.

Not letting the đisplay deter her, Tsubasa quickly jump up to the sky and unleash another one of her signature attack.


In response to the rain of sword, Chris simply twirled her chain upward to deflect all of it but as the attack end she lost sight of Tsubasa. A sound of movement make her move her back to the side just in time to sidestep a slash from the blue haired girl, who then quickly swing her sword, now back in normal size, again in pursuit. Just as Chris manage to block an overhead swing, Tsubasa with a flick of her wrist interlock the chain to her blade and stab it to the ground, temporarily blocking the chain movement. This action make Chris stumble for a second, allowing Tsubasa send a kick at her abdomen. Chris manage to cross her arm to block it but she still get push back a bit, Tsubasa then use this chance to stand on her hands as her leg blade unfold.


With her chain still occupied Chris can only jump to the side to avoid the attack but it still manage to scratch her shoulder, this make the white haired girl grit her teeth.

"I admit. Your strength is real, it is not only from the Nehustan Armor but also through your own effort. But this is the Ame no Habakiri after I have managed to overcome my weakness. Even if you have the Full Relic, I will not lose." Tsubasa warned.

The sword wielding songstress gaze seems to pierce through Chris, much to the silver haired girl annoyance as she thought with her complete Gear and training she should be able to beat the bluenette easily.

Chris then use the Solomon's Cane to summon the Noises much to Hibiki's surprise, while Tsubasa observed calmly then unleashing another wave of Blue Tear and dispatched the monsters. Before Chris can use the Cane again she found herself fending off Tsubasa's relentless assault once more, this time in hand to hand combat as the two girls trade blow with their palm strike, fists and hand chop.

Hibiki, despite against the fight from taking place, found herself watching in awe at how skillful the two fighters are. Even if she is a novice, the cream haired girl can see Tsubasa seemingly fluent movements have improved dramatically since the last time she saw the blue haired girl in action, but the white haired girl also didn't fall short, matching the idol's blow for blow.

As this point this is a 50-50 chance battle for Chris and with OOO not even here yet, things might not go so smoothly for her. With that thought in mind, Chris swallowed the bitter feeling raising up inside of her due to her next actions.

"That incident six months ago." Chris said as she pull back her chain while ripping Tsubasa's sword out of the ground, the blue hair girl easily caught her sword again but at the mention of that incident Tsubasa narrowed her eyes. "Getting the Nehustan Armor is just apart of our plan, in truth it is because we need to take out the biggest threat to us at that time...Amou Kanade." Chris admitted.

Of course the white haired girl words make Tsubasa widened her eyes before she grit her teeth.

Chris didn't waste any time as she choose this moment to close in for a swing of her chain, Tsubasa quickly block it before move her head out of the way from a punch as the same time duck down when that same fist aim for a hook punch. Chris instantly brought her knee up for a strike, Tsubasa manage to block with her forearm, but this time she was the one who got pushed back.

"You were aiming to take down Kanade from the start..." Tsubasa muttered angrily.

The swordstress's composure clearly slipped as she enlarged her sword, while before her attack is more controlled and swift, she now focus on strong offensive swing.

"Of course, despite not being a natural Attuned, Amou Kanade still manage to gain the power of a Symphogear. Someone with a mindset like that, compare to you who gained her Gear for being lucky and talented? Naturally we would view her as a bigger threat, so we take her out. And look like we were right, after all when that girl is gone you become all moody isn't? You were hardly a threat to us until some interference occurred." Chris continue to spoke tauntingly.

"No way...that tragedy was specifically aimed at Kanade-san?" Hibiki asked in shock and disbelief.

After all she never forgot the carnage resulted from that bloody attack at the concert hall.

For Tsubasa herself, despite knowing this is the enemy attempt to rile her up, she can't help but be angered. The thought that the incident back then occurred with purpose of Kanade's death in mind? She always thought it the Nehustan Armor was the main objective, while what happened to Kanade is consequential. Suddenly the bluenette found the rage uncontrollable. As if responding to its wielder, her sword cackle in blue electricity, she swing down her blade with a battle cry.


"Lost your cool eh?" Chris asked with a frown.

Despite her 'tactics' worked, the white haired girl found no joy in it.

"But for my missions, my promise, for her! I will do whatever it take to play this role until it all over!"

The white haired girl didn't move a single step as she tanked the hit.

The resulting explosions hindered Tsubasa's point of view, due to this she tried harder to observe what happening behind the smoke. This was the exact reasons the swordswoman missed the tip of the chain suddenly erupted under the ground behind her. The chain pierce true at Tsubasa's back, knocking the wind out of her while drawing blood but thanks to her Gear's protection the wound isn't too deep.

"Tsubasa-san!" Hibiki yelled out in worry, she try to run in for help but a beam of green light shot out from the smoke and suddenly multiple Noises appear as they spit some kind of glue on her, restricting the cream haired girl movement. "What?!"

"You just stand there and watch." Chris said, without sparing a glance to the cream haired girl.

As for the blue hair girl she recovered from the sneak attack but a knee to her face knock her back further. Chris didn't stop there as she strike Tsubasa multiple time with her whips. The bluenette managed to dodge few of them but still end up taking some of the hit. The chain then wrapped around her sword and with a yank Chris disarmed Tsubasa while rushing for a punch straight at her opponent's abdomen, knocking the wind out of the swordstress as she collapse to her knee and coughed out blood.

"Too were doing great, weren't it for my schedule I wouldn't mind playing a bit more fair." Chris said honestly.

The Nehustan's wielder then throw both of her chain at Tsubasa's knee, their tips instantly pierced the blue haired girl leg. And the fact she in a kneeling position this mean both her thigh and her calf are pierced through.

"AR-! Kuh!" Tsubasa stiffened her shout of pain.

But that did nothing to stop the pool of blood quickly forming under Tsubasa due to her wound.

End song.

"Tsubasa-san!" Hibiki cried out in dread and worry. Trapped as the girl is, she can only stood there and watch her friend being hurt. Hibiki frantically struggle, but try as she might the glued liquid stubbornly bind her down. "That's right! An Armed Gear!" Hibiki exclaimed, her face lit up with a desperate sense of hope. She look down at her hand, praying for another miracle to happen. "I...If I can summon my Armed Gear then I can do something to help! Please! Please come out Armed Gear! If you don't come out...Tsubasa-san...Tsubasa-san might..." Hibiki pleaded.

Miracles are valued by humanity precisely because of its rarity. And right now, the silence of Gungnir to Hibiki's plead only further proving this truth.

"Kuh...You...are you here to finish what you started? To kill me?" Tsubasa asked venomously.

Even with the excruciating pain in both of her feet, the blue haired girl still give a glare, that would have kill if it could, toward Chris.

"In respect for the fight you give me, I will told you this. I didn't come here for you, Ms. Idol. The reason I am here is that brat." Chris said, jerking her thumb at a dumbfounded Hibiki, shocking Tsubasa. "The reason you have to look so pitifully in front of me right now, is because we both know you wouldn't have just let me take her away without a fuss."

"Why? Why aim at her!? She didn't even master her Gear yet!" Tsubasa grunt out in demand.

Chris just scoffed in response.

"Sorry but that is none of your concern, maybe you will know the answer in the afterlife. It's time for miss celebrity to step down from the stage now." Chris said coldly, her expression retain no trace of a cocky smirk.

In place of that is a stone cold expression, one that told she is willing to follow her conviction, as the white haired girl aim the tip of her chain at Tsubasa's heart.

Just in that moment the sound of bike engine can be heard, for Hibiki she can already recognize the familiar distinct powerful engine. While Chris have to leap back as an energy slash rush through the space between her and Tsubasa.

"Tch! Bastard was just making a warning shot!" Chris thought in indignant, having noticed the timing and the distance of the attack.

"Tsubasa-chan! Hibiki-chan!" OOO called out.

The Rider quickly rush to their direction, with the Medaljalibur hand he swiftly slashes away the Noises near Hibiki, freeing the cream haired girl girl just as he skid to a stop next to her.

"Eiji-kun!" Hibiki call out happily.

Without a word, she hug on to him tightly.

"Like I need to see this image." Ankh commented dryly as he see part of the glue still stick on Hibiki while OOO just glance at him in confusion. "Don't ask."

"I have to go and help Tsubasa-chan, Hibiki-chan stay here." OOO said.

Hibiki can only nod, the thought of fighting against the white haired girl, no matter what she did is still alien to her.

As OOO make a leap with his Batta leg straight at where Tsubasa is, instead of physically react, Chris just shown a small smirk. Seeing this, Tsubasa snap her head at OOO in fear.

"Hino-san! Don't come! It's a trap!"

Just as Tsubasa finish her sentence, the ground between her and OOO exploded upward. Ripping through the smoke and debris is a big beetle horn, striking a surprised OOO right in his chest. However, the Purple Core Medals warned OOO few seconds prior given the Yummy was too close, hence he managed to cross his claw in time to lessen the impact, this still send OOO skidding back with the wind knocked out of him.

"This is bad, the enemy came prepared. We were too careless." Ankh said earning a confused glance from Hibiki. "Three Yummies, all of them have had their meal of Cell Medals."

Already seeing what one of those monster can do, Hibiki look at OOO in panic.

"Not so stupid to come without prepare for you OOO." Chris said.

OOO regarded the girl for a brief second, his posture show confusion and hesitation.

"The one who lead the Noises? You are barely older than Hibiki-chan." OOO noted somberly.

"Hino-san! Don't hold back! She is in league with those who responsible for the incident six months ago!" Tsubasa yelled out.

This make OOO harden his gaze at Chris.

"You? Why cause so many needless death?"

"Isn't simple? It mean we have something we need to achieve that worth all those lives." Chris replied calmly with a blank expression.

"There isn't something worth sacrifice a life over!" OOO retorted heatedly.

His outburst make Chris tensed up before her face twist in anger.

"Compare to our quest for salvation, humanity itself have wasted countless life for pointless goals!" Chris yelled out in anger, this make OOO surprised, the white haired girl realize her outburst before she grit her teeth in anger. "Now your life will also be use to pave way for our cause!" Chris declared.

Playing Regret Nothing Tighten Up.

The three Yummies are all Uva's type, the Kabuto, Kugawata and Batta Yummy. All three of them as Ankh stated, have been fed with a decent amount of Cell Medals, thus it make Chris's next actions all the more alarming.

The Nehustan User aimed the Cane not at OOO or the other Attuneds but rather the three Yummy, the Relic released a new batch of Noises. OOO finally seeing how the Noises is created can't help but feel surprised, Ankh himself also zoom in his focus on the Cane. But soon their attentions were draw back to the three Yummy who all quickly absorbed the summoned Noises, much like what the Kamakiri Yummy did.

With that in mind he get to his stance as he ready the Medaljalibur, he was ready.

That was until the Kabuto Yummy blurred in front of the Rider.

Before OOO can react, the rhinoceros monster slammed its horn into his chest. The Rider managed to pull his sword up to block in time but that didn't stop the blade from being slam into his chest, knocking the wind out of him. The Rider was flung backward, that was when the Batta Yummy dash past OOO, standing at the spot OOO would have land on. The grasshopper monster then channeled green electricity into its feet, before execute a straight kick at OOO's exposed back.

OOO righted himself mid-air, managed to throw his own kick to counter, the impact send shockwave and while the Batta Yummy stand still, OOO was flung to an opposite direction. Which was where the Kugawata Yummy already stood waiting, the pincers on its head glow with blue energy. This energy enlarged to a giant size pincer, which snapped at OOO the moment he reached the stag beetle monster. This time OOO wasn't able to react, he grunted in pain as the energy pincers held him in place. His armor being bombarded with the Yummy's energy, exploded in sparks.

"Let Eiji-kun go!" Hibiki shouted.

The cream haired girl rush forth, throwing a blind punch. She ignored Tsubasa's words, ignored the Armed Gear, only focus on the fact she want to save OOO. And once again, the Gungnir responded to her true feeling.

Under Chris's watchful gaze mix with irritation and interest, she saw Hibiki's fist engulfed in bright orange light for a brief second, that same fist slammed into the Kugawata Yummy. An impact spread out, the force is so strong that despite standing so far away, Chris can still feel the shockwave from it.

"What the Hell!? That power output from a simple punch is ludicrous!" The white haired girl thought.

For the target itself, the Kugawata Yummy if could form words, it would have wonder if it was hit by a train or something. The force of the punch send it flying, crashing through multiple trees and leave it momentarily disorientated. Naturally as a result, the Yummy lose its hold on OOO, letting him dropped to the ground.

"Eiji-kun, you alright?" Hibiki asked, helping him up.

"Thanks, it just sting a bit that's all." OOO said with a groaned chuckle as he stood up, his eyes widened as he feel a spike of energy approaching. "Careful!" OOO shouted.

The Rider pushed Hibiki away just as he said that, this make the Kabuto Yummy's horn hit empty air. OOO waste no time to slashes at the Yummy with the Medaljalibur. But beyond a show of spark, the Yummy stood still unaffected. If anything one can hear a runt of taunt, as if to ask 'is that all?'. This surprised OOO but didn't deter him, thinking to maybe try a less armored spot, he aim for a stab to the face. But the Yummy decide it have give enough free shot, since that when it grabbed the blade with its bare hand, stopping the attack in its track. OOO tried to push forth, pull back, but he can't free his sword from the Yummy.

The Kabuto Yummy made a fist, but before it can use it, the monster feel a...tap. It looked behind, down its hip and stares eyes to eyes at a stunned Hibiki. The girl fist still connected to the monster's back.

"Eh? Th...that's weird?" Hibiki muttered in confusion.

The Kabuto Yummy would have scoffed if it could, seems like it comrade was unlucky to be caught by a fluke because there is no way such pathetic excuse for a punch could have scratch their hides let alone send them flying. The rhinoceros monster could have easily backhanded Hibiki, but instead it settle for shoving Hibiki away without doing any damage to the cream haired girl. The movement was too quick, with how little strength it needed, for OOO to stop the Yummy.

"It didn't even try to harm Hibiki-chan, what does these guys want?!" OOO thought in relief and worry.

"What game is that seafood playing now?" Ankh thought.

But just because it was just a push, didn't mean there was no danger behind it. Hibiki stumbled back, and that's when her back hit...something. The feeling is too foreign for her to describe, it definitely doesn't feel like a tree bulk. When the cream haired girl stared up and find herself face to face with the Batta Yummy, she yelped. Ignoring the fact she know how dangerous these things are, she looking at a giant grasshopper head hover above her, how could that not creep her out.

"L..Let go!" Hibiki struggled.

OOO would have interfered if not for the fact the Kabuto Yummy hand caught his neck in a tight grip, lifting the Rider up. Its horn gathered with energy ready to ram it through OOO.


But that also when the Batta Yummy grunted in surprise, this startled the Kabuto Yummy and he turned around to see what's going on. The grasshopper monster seems to be grunting in discomfort, its body twitched as it lose its hold on Hibiki who instantly distanced herself away while also look at the Yummy curiously.

"Thanks for the light snack."

"Ankh..." OOO grunted out when he heard the voice.

True enough, behind the Yummy is the Greeed. His hand, or entire body in this current case, stabbed through the Yummy's back. He wriggle as small amount of Cell Medals pour out from the Yummy, the Greeed instantly pull itself away when Hibiki got away. Just in time because the Yummy start to thrash around wildly in an attempt to hit the Greeed.

"Thanks for the help Ankh-san!" Hibiki exclaimed in relief.

"Hm, I was just looking for more Cell Medals, you just lucky to be saved by that." Ankh said, dismissed the girl's words. "Better keep your eyes up girl, luck will run out eventually."

Hibiki blinked in surprised at the Greeed's words but she just smiled at him. As if knowing something he didn't making the Ankh feel annoyed at how familiar that expression is.

With Ankh momentarily stunned the Batta Yummy and the Kabuto Yummy distracted, OOO saw his chances. He focus all his strength for a double kick at the Kabuto Yummy chest, pushed it away while making the Yummy release its hold on him. This give OOO the space he needed to take out his OOO Scanner and swipe it across his Driver.


With his foot morphed, OOO then leap high up, the three energy ring for the Tatoba Kick formed between him and the Batta Yummy. The grasshopper monster look up, if it turn its back now that just make it easier to be hit. Its instinct and confidence in its Cell Medals make it decide to risk it all, beside unlike with the Kamikiri Yummy this time Poseidon didn't put any other purpose to these three Yummy beside fighting OOO and get a hold of Hibiki if they could. In other words, they have no sense of self preservation. Thus the Batta Yummy foot also morphed in manner similar to OOO, allowing it to leap high up as well. Likewise the Yummy also extend its foot for a flying double kick.

Hibiki knowing a clash about to occur watch in worry while Ankh scoffed.

"Heh, dumbass." There was no doubt whose was referred to here.

For OOO, the three energy rings imbued OOO with the powers of his Rider Kick. For the Batta Yummy, it body glowed with the energy in colors of the Noises before it focus on the monster's double kick.

"Seiyah!" OOO shouted out.

"KREEC!" The Batta Yummy shrieked.

End Song.

The two clashed. An explosions rang out, the force make everyone around the park stumbled for a moment, before it quickly die down. And out of the explosion, OOO landed in a crouch on the ground, his eyepieces shined with green light before die down. Falling around him is the Cell Medals made up the Batta Yummy moment prior.

But the battle is not over yet, far from it because this is when the Kugawata Yummy joined the fight again. It stood next to the Kabuto Yummy, both of them let out an ear piercing chirping noises. Despite not speaking insect or monster language, Hibiki and OOO can tell the two Yummy is far from happy.

"Tch, can't even keep their hold on the brat." Chris spat. "Oi, make sure to stop letting your guard down and focus on crushing that traffic light got it!?" The two Yummy can't respond with words but their grunts are enough to show they have heard the order. "With this we have nothing to worry about anymore, after all OOO was almost crushed by just one of them." Chris said with a grin, turning her attention back to Tsubasa.

The bluenette who was watching the fight with worry despite her wounds, turned a sharp look at the Chris due to her words.

"So not only you people control the Noises, but you also in the same league with Poseidon?" Tsubasa accused with a glare.

Chris merely shrugged.

"Don't like the guy much myself, but the strength he hold is undeniable. Still are you sure you in any position to talk like that? The Gear might help you hold the blood but the fact is you are right now as good as dead weight." Chris said, her voice matter-of-factly.

Tsubasa can only grit her teeth, the white hair girl is right after all, with the damage her legs sustained she can't even stand let alone utilize her sword skills.

Back to OOO, despite his enemies numbers now reduced, one can clearly see he is still struggling. If anything the death of the Batta Yummy serve as a caution signal for the other two Yummy. They don't care for their own death but they do care, rather they exist to fulfill, their purposes. So without caring for anything else, the duo focus squarely on OOO. Their teamwork is simple but effective, as shown when OOO take a swing at the Kugawata Yummy, it would use its horn to catch his blade while the Kabuto Yummy use this chance to slam its fist at OOO's chest knocking the wind out of him. When OOO try to retaliate with a claw swing, the Kugawata ram its horn to the Rider, knocking him back.

OOO might be able to draw out the battle, try to find a hole to exploit in their teamwork, but he also aware of Tsubasa's situation. Hence drawing out the fight is the last thing OOO need right now. Thus OOO used his sword to fend away another horn tackle by the Kugawata then leap back from the two Yummy gaining some distances, the two of course doesn't let go easily and already rushing at OOO. Who in turn slotted the three Cell Medals into his Medaljlaibur.

And that is when he heard Hibiki call out to Tsubasa.

A few seconds prior, when OOO is still fending off the two Yummy attack. Chris was about to dealt the finishing blow to Tsubasa.

"It wasn't a satisfying conclusion, but I need to make sure you couldn't pull anything there." Chris said.

The Nehustan's Wielder remember the lesson Poseidon literally pounded to her head, well more like his ice puppet did.

Tsubasa herself let out a grunt as she throw multiple daggers toward Chris who easily knock them away with her whips.

"Stop struggling will you? This will be easier for both of us...W...Wait why can't I move?" Chris asked in shock.

As she frantically try to move her body, her instantly remember those daggers throw in hasty, desperate fashion. Sure enough, as Chrise look for the daggers she saw one of them hit her shadow.


"No way...this was your aim?"

"Too bad...I was one move quicker than you even with my handicap." Tsubasa muttered, trying to stand up.

"Heh...even then what do you expect to...wait...don't tell me..." Chris muttered in realization, as if to confirm this Tsubasa has a cold smile. "You are planning to use your Swan Song!?" Chris yelled out in shock.

Hibiki managed to caught what she said. Ankh make sure to hold her still as he know if he let her go to OOO it will only distract him.

"Let me show you...the song of a protector willing to sacrifice her life for those she hold dear." Tsubasa said before she look back to Hibiki and give out a relieved smile. "I'm glad, look like in the end I am still useful enough to protect something." Tsubasa said with relief, almost akin to a will put to words.

This make Hibiki widened her eyes in fear.

"No." This make Hibiki widened her eyes in fear, as that memory played again in her head, the one involved Kanade. "Tsubasa-san don't sing the Swan Song!"

"It's the same attack that make her partner go to the coma?" Ankh muttered to himself as he heard what Hibiki said, well just look at the mood and he could tell what Tsubasa try to do. "A suicide attack...this girl..."

"Don't think thing will go as you wish!" Chris responded fiercely, not backing down.

The girl gripped her chain tight, ready to intercept the desperate attacks.

Though before Tsubasa could begin, she heard her name being called out by him.

"Tsubasa-chan! Catch!" OOO shouted.

Tsubasa turn around to see a grey blur flung toward her, it then stabbed precisely into the ground right next to her. It is none other than the Medaljalibur and the sword itself can be seen humming with energy.

"This is..."

"Tsubasa-chan isn't someone who won't return what was borrowed right? I will be waiting!" OOO call out.

And despite the dire situation they are in, Tsubasa have a feeling he is saying this with a smile on his face. The bluenette look at OOO then at the sword stab in the ground, she then grasp the hilt and pull it off while letting out a chuckle.

Playing Zetto Ame no Habakiri.

"You really are one stubborn man." Tsubasa said with a chuckle, the resigned glint in her eyes is replaced by a fierce flame. "Alright then...this favor, I will definitely return it alive." Tsubasa said with confidence as she use all her strength to get up.

" you not going to sing the Swan Song...too bad then your last chance is gone!" Chris declared with even more confidence.

Just then she broke free of the technique while throwing her chain at Tsubasa again, but this time the tip is covered in a giant white ball of energy cackle with black electricity.


As the attack rush toward Tsubasa she let out a calm breath before she swing down both her blade and the Medaljalibur.

"Take this! The sword move represent my will with my comrade!" One swing, that's all Tsubasa can manage, and that's all she will need.


Her own Cerulean Flash combine with the OOO Bash as both attack merged together and strike back at Chris's attack! There was a clash, for a brief second, before the Cerulean Bash promptly cut right through Nirvana Gedon and charge forth at the surprised Chris.

"D...Damn it!"

Try as she might, Chris can't use her chain to hold back the attack. It still send her in a trail before crash to the ground leading to a big explosion, by the time the debris cleared it show Chris in the broken Nehustan Armor. She can only lie there and grunt in pain as the Armor seemingly self repairing, though it doesn't seems to be a comfortable process judging by the pained expression Chris having.

End Song.

Tsubasa meanwhile collapsed to her knee once again as her legs give out from the wounds she suffer, remember that OOO have handed her his weapon, she glanced over his side in worry. Just in time for her eyes to catch a brighten light that almost like...

"The Sun?" Tsubasa muttered in surprise as she shield her eyes from the radiating light.

As if to response, the roar of the fierce lion can be heard throughout the city.

Moment prior, after throwing the sword to Tsubasa, OOO situation just gone downhill even more. The OOO Bash he was about to use is now unavailable, he is aiming for another Tatoba Kick instead but suddenly the Kugawata Yummy shoot another energy bolt. Except this time it aim at the Kabuto Yummy, unsure of what's going on OOO watched in shock. Instead of being damaged by it, the energy traveled throughout the Yummy's body up to its horn and with a flung of it head the Kabuto Yummy send a bigger blast of energy right at OOO. It was to fast for him to dodge so he settle for crossing his arms and tanking the shot.

All of this took place in a span of few seconds, and by the end of it OOO was blasted to the ground, his armor exploded in shower of spark with charred and cracked spots on his forearms, chest and even helmet.

"Eiji-kun!" Hibiki call out

The girl about to ignore Ankh's words and run to the Rider's side but she was halted in her step.

"Don't!" OOO shout was what caused this. The graveness in his tone make her hesitate to step forward while she saw OOO get back up with smoke still come out from his chest, and even Hibiki can heard the rough breathing coming from him. Not that it matter to OOO, he just remember the fact how Hibiki almost got captured with him unable to do anything, he can't risk that again, the Yummy wouldn't let Ankh score a surprise hit this time. "I need to finish them now...ANKH!" OOO call out.

He then look at Ankh who look returned his gaze, the two of them seems to have some kind of silent conversation.

"Idiot...are you..."

"I know what I am doing! At least...I think...but isn't that how I always was? Now hurry up Ankh! You want your Cell Medals right!?" OOO shout out.

The two Yummies once again charge at him. Time seems to slow down as Ankh in thought before he let out a grunt.

"Of all the rotten lucks!" Ankh cursed. "Oi , Eiji! You better not fall so easily or I will make sure to fry your butt all the way to Hell!" Ankh shout out.

The Greeed make a throw motion, in these night sky illuminate by the moon, Hibiki saw the reflective colors of the two golden/yellow coins just like the one OOO use.

"Is that..." Hibiki said as she saw the two Yummy already closing in, something tell her the throw won't be enough. "Ankh-san let me have that!"

Hibiki didn't wait for any confirmation, she snatched the coins from Ankh before the Greeed could protest.

"Please! Once again, give me the strength to help Eiji-kun!" Hibiki thought with her heart.

The girl gripped the Core Medals tightly and throw with a speed that Ankh can't possibly achieve as he is right now.

In fact, it was so fast that the two Medals seems to break through the speed of sound for a split second and strike right at the two Yummy heads!


The sound of the impact rang clearly as the two Yummy paus- no stumbled from Hibiki's thrown. Meanwhile the Medals flipped in the air and that's all OOO needed, with them being distracted the two Yummy become his stepping stone to jump up and grab the Medals. The Multi-King Rider then proceed to jump roll over the two monsters and land behind them in a distance away. During that time his hand already make a change in the Core Medals.

"My thanks! Hibiki-chan!" OOO call out with a smile.

He instantly change the Taka and Batta Medals for Lion and Cheetah. Then the Scanner meet the Driver.


The roar of a fierce lion can be heard, that roar come from the armor, and from OOO himself! The energy plates of Core Medals surrounded OOO, changing his armor from the Multi Combo to the Scorching Combo. Liodas, the wave of intense heat he released, push back the two Yummy that try to approach him.

Hibiki and Ankh being a bit close instantly runaway less they want to feel the heat that as hot as being near the Sun to them. As they gain a safe distance, Hibiki look back and feel mesmerized in the new form OOO, not just the power but the light it bring as if the sun has rose amid of the night.

"W...What the Hell is that?" Chris grunted out in surprise.

Tsubasa said nothing as she taken in the luminous light with the ferocity of the lion.

Playing Ride On Right Time.

The light finally die down, it show the empty spot with OOO nowhere in sight.

The two Yummy who managed to regain their eyesight looked around frantically. Only to suddenly got strike from multiple directions at the same time, if it not for the spark and the sound of impact, all those who look didn't realize the Yummy are being attacked.

"Fast." Tsubasa commented.

The swordswoman with the strike of lightning narrowed gaze to try and pinpoint the speed of the Rider.

Though all three Gear Users got equal opportunity to take in OOO's new armor when he stopped in a crouch position.

The armor indeed match the light it release, with its entire body being weave in black and yellow, the head armor give off the impression of the lion mane and the rising sun at the same time. The next eyes catching feature is OOO's Tora Claws now clearly extended its length and its thickness, letting its appearance speak for itself the fate of those poor souls that got strike by it.

"The armor..." Hibiki muttered.

"It look complete now?" Tsubasa also share the same thought.

Both of the girls was reminded of that once fleeting yet impact chance they get to see a unified color scheme OOO, even when the form and color is different it also give off an entirely different vibe compare to his usual armor form.

"So his armor is more powerful the more the color match?" Tsubasa thought.

"This is what that bastard mean...a Full Combo?" Chris also thought with a glare.

Both of the Yummy wouldn't go down that easily though, even from their downed positions they aimed their horns at OOO and fired their electricity in hope of catching him off guard. Yet for all their effort, empty air and the ground are all they managed to hit as OOO once again blitz away in a blink of an eyes.

The Kabuto Yummy try to charge blindly, big mistake as it didn't even get far before OOO rushing straight at it. The Rider skid down with his back parallel to the ground while he put out his claws to his side, this make the Kabuto Yummy legs got slashed by the Tora Claw. The speed the Yummy running plus OOO own speed and power from both side flipped the bulky Yummy over it head and while it is still airborne, multiple claw strikes push the Yummy higher and higher to the sky. OOO then leap up above the rhinoceros themed monster and send multiple bicycle kick at it chest. To finish it off, OOO swing his claws in cross formation, this release a corresponding energy slashes that blast the Kabuto Yummy down the ground.

When the Yummy returned to Earth, a giant crater instantly formed from the impact with the monster exploded to many Cell Medals..

The Kugawata Yummy managed to stand up, just in time to see OOO swipe his Scanner across his Driver once again.


The Driver announcement to the Yummy is like the sound of funeral toll as three golden energy rings form between OOO and the Yummy.

"Seiyah!" OOO shout out.

He rush through the energy rings with his head armor release the intense amount of heat while his Tora Claws also covered in said energy. OOO then strike down both his Claws in X formation tearing through the Yummy easily before it join it two comrade in becoming a pile of Cell Medals.

End Song.

Dead silent, all the Gear Users can only watch with wide eyed, how short was it? Two, three minutes at best? They saw OOO take care the two powerful Yummy in just such a short amount of time while OOO himself stand there in the midst of the rain of Cell Medals being the signal of his victory. Ankh use this chance to absorb some of the Cell Medals, he would have concern more for the Cell Medals that got away but he got a beaten up Rider to check upon.

Sensing Ankh's distress Hibiki also got worried as she follow him and before they can even got close OOO's armor broke apart and fade to bronze gold light. Revealing Eiji who instantly cough up a blood before he collapsed.

"Damn it...Ack! I was so close!" Chris cursed before leaping to the night sky and disappeared.

"Eiji-kun!" Hibiki screamed out his name in distress. The girl quickly rush to where Eiji is and cradle his head to her arm as gently as she could, she can hear her own heart being wildly, her hands trying not to shake in fear as she see blood still flow from his mouth and nose while his whole body is shaking, in fact some of them already starting to stain her thigh. "E...Eiji-kun! What's going on!? Hang in there Eiji-kun!" Hibiki yell out as she hold on to him as tightly as she could without hurting him.

"Oi idiot! Don't you dare do this now! You not someone who get done in like this right!?" Ankh shouted.

Right at this moment a car skidded to a stop in front of them, Genjuro along with Ryoko quickly get out of the car.

"Is everyone alright?"

"What does it look like!? Your niece's legs are shish kabob while this idiot is spilling blood like a leakage!" Ankh snarled.

Genjuro quickly check on Tsubasa's condition while asking Ryoko to do the same for Eiji.

"His blood loss is dangerous and he also going into shock. His vital sign is weak as well...we need to get him to the Division's medical room now!" Ryoko call out urgently.

Genjuro come back with Tsubasa carried in his arms, the blue haired girl ignored her own pain and look at Eiji in worry.

With that the two of them was rushed to the medical center, and thus Hibiki supposedly peaceful day ended.

Next Time on Kamen Rider OOO: Song of Desire.

"I wasn't able to do anything at all." Hibiki said, frustrated.

"Of course you can't become Amou-kun, Hibiki-chan." Eiji said matter-of-factly.

"Because of you...I have to sing for real now!" Chris roared in rage, clad in a completely different Gear.


Next Time: Realization! The Fist that pierce through all! The Shield that protect all!