Here it is. the final chapter.

The funeral was exhausting, both emotionally and physically to both the Salvatore brothers. They were left alone, this time. No mother, and no father. Just them.

Damon was in the boarding house's kitchen, emptying the food leftovers in the trash and wondering why everyone referred to their house as the boarding house when only his family lived there. Maybe it was one, years ago, when Martha took the dish from his hand, "It's okay, Damon. I'll take care of that,"

Damon smiled to her, nodding, he left to the library, hoping there was something he could occupy himself with there.

Looking around, he realized how empty and quiet the house was, now. It was definitely missing something, and Damon wondered if their mother had ever looked after them, the way Alaric would, when he felt arms wrapping around his hips from behind

"Fuck, Ric, you scared me."

"Sorry," Alaric said, burying his face in Damon's neck, exhaling his scent, "Are you okay?"

Damon barely nodded, leaning back against Alaric, "The house is too empty now."

"Wasn't it before?"

Damon shrugged, and then turned around to look at Alaric, "Why did mom kill Stefan? Why did she try to kill me?"

Alaric sighed, "She was compelled, Damon. She didn't have a choice,"


"You did what you had to. She wasn't going to stop until she'd killed you. You did the right thing, Damon." Alaric said,

"Why didn't Stefan turn into a hybrid, if mom was a werewolf, doesn't that mean we two are?"

Alaric shook his head, "Mothers can't pass werewolfism onto their children, only fathers can."

Damon nodded slowly and sighed,

"It's all over now. Klaus is, well, locked up. His body is being dumped in the ocean a we speak now. And there is no way I'm letting anyone hurt you or Stefan."

Damon smiled widely, feeling warmth sneaking into his chest, he wrapped his arms around Alaric's neck and kissed him, deeply and slowly, appreciating being alive with the one he loves

"Eww you two, stop that!" Stefan said as he walked into the library, "I still need to learn to live with being a vampire, let alone my brother and history teacher kissing everywhere! That's just disgusting.."

Alaric and Damon chuckled, "Wanna go upstairs?" Damon whispered, and Alaric answered with a kiss.