Season Nine, Episode One, (Money, Money, Money)

Part One (deleted scenes – explicit slash)

(Disclaimer: I own and claim nothing and do this for the love of the show and these characters, nothing else).

(Scene: a motel in north western New Jersey. Two motorbikes are in front of the motel room, and inside the door various duffle bags and belongings sit on the floor. It is late evening.)

House flopped down onto the unfamiliar motel bed, sighed and closed his eyes, waiting for the Vicodin to take the edge off the pain in his leg. A bump next to him made him open his eyes and turn his head. He blinked at Wilson, who said, "You don't mind, do you?"

The other option was for Wilson to set up the camper bed provided by the hotel. It made more sense for them to share the double, considering how exhausted they both were after a day on the bikes. House shook his head, and waited, watching the other man.

Wilson turned his head to House and said simply, "Thanks."

House shook his head again, and Wilson said, "I'm… it's good, what you did."

House waited for a long time, then when it was obvious that Wilson had nothing more to add, said quietly, "What do you want from me?"

It was Wilson's turn to shake his head. They lay there gazing at the ceiling. Eventually Wilson spoke, "Finally, after what… how many years, you want to have this conversation?"


"Well, I don't."

House sighed and persisted quietly, "For the next five months, what do you want?"

Wilson lay silent for a while, his soft brown eyes blinking several times as he stared at the ceiling, then after a while he said, "I don't know. What I said in the car."

House pursed his lips and said, "Look, for once in your life, can you just put aside all that… stuff, you carry around, and just… tell me?"

"What stuff?"

"The fear, the inhibitions, the raft of other people's expectations, the bullshit."

"So what if I do? Put it all aside, I mean?"

House gritted his teeth and emphasized each word, "What do you want?"

"Just… just… you're here!" said Wilson, spreading his hands in exasperation, as though that explained everything.

"Well, when you've finished stating the fucking obvious, how about you tell me why I'm here," snapped House.

Wilson shook his head and blinked, "Maybe you'd be better suited to answer that than me?"

"No," sighed House.

There was a short silence, then Wilson began, "House-"


"…Greg, I'm just… thank you, for everything, for being here."

"Jesus!" swore House, then spoke as though addressing a child, "Tell me what you need. Do you need a friend? A companion? A lover?" He hesitated as he heard the sharp intake of breath as he said that last, then continued, "For once in your God-damned life, cut the crap and tell me the truth."

There was a long silence from beside him, and House eventually suggested, "You should probably exhale now." He smiled as he heard the sharp release of breath.

"Um, I um…."


"Probably 'Jim'," came the interjection.

"…. Jim, look, you know this offer's been on the table for a while now, right?"

"Ah… no."

"What? No?"

"Not really, I wasn't…."

"Jesus," murmured House. "You do realise that was a male prostitute I took to dinner with you and Amber, right? Could I have hinted more clearly?"

"Was that what that was? A hint?"

House chuckled, "Yes. Look, if you don't want that, it's-"

"I do!" exclaimed Wilson, and House wasn't sure for a moment which one of them was more startled.

He turned to stare into the wide brown eyes, "Then why the hell have you been dancing around it? It's not-"

"It's not a transaction, House!"


"Greg. It's not."

"Then… what is it?"

Wilson stared at him for a long time, then sighed and rolled away, "Forget it."


"You heard me."

"I heard you, you just didn't make any sense."

"Shut up and go to sleep, H-Greg."

"It's not like I don't have feelings too, you know… Jim."

"Yes, and a hyena has a soft side. Go to sleep."

House stared at the resolute back before him, pursed his mouth, then reached a cautious arm over Wilson's back and was relieved to feel it tugged under Wilson's elbow. House moved a little closer, and said, "You don't exactly have time to waste."

The elbow lifted, then House winced as his hand was smacked firmly.

Wilson murmured, "I might need a few days."

House's mouth twitched upward, then he waited for a few minutes. Eventually he said, "Okay."

"In the meantime, if you need someone to make sweet, hot love to, there's always your prostitutes."

House smiled and moved even closer. After a minute he felt Wilson relax back into his arms. House tightened his grip around Wilson, and muttered, "We could share one. To break the ice."

"Oh for fucks sake!" Wilson swore.


"Will you just shut up and go to sleep?"

House felt vaguely offended, but did as he was told, and was almost asleep when he heard Wilson mutter thoughtfully, "That's actually not a bad idea."

House smiled and meant to reply, but finally felt the Vicodin drag him down into sleep.

House opened his eyes to the dim light of dawn and the familiar, sharp cocoon of pain. He winced, as he did every morning, and edged up onto his elbows. He was surprised by a movement beside him and a voice saying, "Stay there, I'll get it."

House sank back onto the sheets, but winced again as the pain returned, more savage now as he came out of the fog of sleep. The bed dipped. He turned to Wilson and accepted two pills, sitting up awkwardly and swallowing them, then taking three gulps from the proffered cup of water. He nodded and Wilson put the cup on the nightstand and settled back on his side next to House, resting up on one elbow.

Eventually the pain localised into his leg and his mind cleared enough for him to form words, "Thanks."

"You know, for years I thought I knew what you went through," said Wilson, "And I had no idea."

"What makes you think you do now?"

"I don't. I got a glimpse, with the chemo. I took two Vicodin and I was floating somewhere. And the other stuff you used; I realised how much pain you had to be in to need so much firepower to take it away."

House opened his eyes and looked at Wilson through the familiar fog of the drug.

Wilson said, "I was an idiot."

House nodded and rubbed his forehead, "Everyone was. Is."

Wilson smiled, but then bit his bottom lip, "You looked peaceful, for a while, but then your face… you got that frown, even in your sleep. It's that frown; when I see patients with it, I tell the nurses to jack up the morphine."

"How long have you been watching me sleep?"

"Since it got light. I'm trying to work you out."

House did frown, then, a little irritably, "Why?"

"You're so different, one to one like this."

House sighed and nodded.

Wilson went on, "You're exhausted before you get up in the morning, aren't you? And you have to be angry to concentrate."

House rolled his eyes and grumbled half-heartedly, "Christ, I'm being psychoanalysed by an amateur at six a.m. I'd rather wake up next to a cheap hooker than hear this bullshit."

Wilson laughed, and said, "Coffee?"


Wilson stood up and House's eyes followed him around the room as he found the kettle and prepared two cups of coffee. Wilson walked back to the bed and put the coffee back on the nightstand, then met House's eyes, "You want your coffee in bed?"

House put out a sudden hand and stopped him, "Not yet. Sit down. Please."

Wilson settled down on the bed next to House, then stilled suddenly when he saw the look in House's eyes. He looked a little breathless, and asked House, "Why?"

His eyes widened as House reached up and tangled his hand in the hair at the back of Wilson's neck and pulled him very slowly down until their faces were millimetres apart. Wilson held his breath as House asked, "You're…. you haven't done this before, right? With a man?"

Wilson's eyes were like saucers now, dark and wary as he shook his head, "Jesus, how do you even know that? No."

"I might be surrounded by idiots, but I'm not one myself," House pointed out, "I would have noticed."


House shook his head and shrugged. Wilson smiled and conceded, "You're right, you would have noticed, somehow."

House said nothing in response, but pulled a little more to bring their lips very close. He looked into Wilson's eyes for a few more moments, then gave a last small tug to bring their lips together. Wilson's mouth was warm and still for a few moments, then came alive under House's. He moved so that he was leaning over House and rested his arms on House's chest, and they began to kiss in earnest.

House tangled both his hands in the hair behind Wilson's neck and pulled Wilson closer, letting his tongue slip between Wilson's lips, exploring his mouth gently.

After a while Wilson muttered something and House pulled back a little, a question in his eyes.

Wilson's eyes had adoration in them, and House smiled, "Nice?"

"Mmm. God, I've been waiting so long…."

"Yeah, I know. Like I said, idiot."

Wilson huffed a half-hearted protest, then House murmured huskily, "You said you wanted a few days, but… you want to take this further? Now?"

There was a long silence, then Wilson whispered, "Absolutely."

House grinned and began to undo the buttons on Wilson's pyjama top, so Wilson began to do the same to him. They discarded the tops and House leaned over to kiss, slowly at first, across Wilson's chest and down. He hooked a hand into the waistline of Wilson's pyjama pants, then slid it underneath and massaged the fine skin over the front of Wilson's hip bone. Wilson gave a short moan of delight and leaned into the contact, rubbing against House's hand like a cat.

Wilson straddled House and reached down to tug his own and House's pyjama pants fully off, so that they were both now naked on the bed together. It was House's turn to moan as their bodies rubbed against each other.

House grunted and pushed upwards, with a strength that surprised Wilson, who asked, "What are you doing?"

House raised his eyebrows and replied, "You really don't think I take it from below do you? Really?"

"Oh, no, I guess not, but I hadn't…"

"Be quiet."

Wilson gave him a look, but complied as House rolled them over so that Wilson was beneath him. Wilson was distracted at the sensation of House's bare skin sliding across his own along the length of their torsos. Then the overwhelming realisation hit him that this was House, here, with him in his bed. Finally, they were making love. Wilson was so caught up by this thought that House's voice surprised him.

"You all right?"

"Yes! Yes, absolutely all right."

House surveyed him fondly for a moment, pushed the hair back off Wilson's face and kissed him with renewed enthusiasm, first on the lips, then down his neck. Wilson's body arched up off the bed in response, and House murmured his approval.

"Greg," whispered Wilson, breathily, then added, "Ohhhh…." as House reached his chest and sucked gently on the nipple then placed gentle, sucking kisses down his stomach. House continued without hesitation, and Wilson fisted his hands into the sheets and cried out as strong, hot lips engulfed his growing erection, "Oh, God…."

House smiled and closed one hand firmly around the base of Wilson's erection, then used the other hand and his mouth to work on Wilson. After a few minutes, Wilson was hard and leaking pre-cum, and he was muttering soft pleas and tugging at House's hair.

House wet one finger with his lips and traced it lightly around Wilson's tightly-bunched hole, moving up the bed to look into the other man's eyes and wait.

Wilson took a deep breath and asked, "What?"

"You're not ready for this, are you?"

Wilson shook his head, "No, not really…" but then continued after a brief hesitation, "I'm not ready to die without knowing this, either."

House paused, then nodded and watched Wilson's eyes carefully as he pressed his finger very carefully into the other man's body. Wilson's pupils were blown so that his eyes were dark and he shuddered, but he nodded. House continued, pushing in further and working his finger in small circles, making Wilson whimper slightly. House leaned down and kissed him. Wilson met his eyes again, gave a small nod and reached around House's body, deliberately pulling him closer. His meaning was clear, but House took his time and massaged and loosened Wilson's body for a while longer, until he was satisfied he was well-prepared.

House leaned over Wilson and retrieved a small bottle from the bed-stand, flicked it open and quickly applied it to himself, then replaced the bottle. He moved slightly down the bed, then brought his mouth next to Wilson's ear and whispered, "Ready?"

Wilson turned, meaning to say something, but all he could do when he saw the look in House's eyes, was nod and breathe.

House watched his eyes carefully as he lined himself up and slowly began to push himself into Wilson's body. Wilson's breathing quickened and he met House's eyes, but then closed his own.

"Keep them open. Please."

Wilson nodded once, and struggled to keep his eyes on House as he felt House's hot, slick erection enter his body.

"It feels weird," said Wilson, shaking a little.

"It's supposed to feel weird, that's the best thing about it," said House, still watching his eyes. Wilson pursed his lips and tried to control his breathing, but couldn't help a small gasp or whimper occasionally, each one of which made House smile.

House pulled out slightly, trying to get a better angle, and Wilson gasped, "Ohh, Jeez!"

House didn't pause, just drove in a little deeper, and smiled at Wilson's mouth fell open and he gasped, "Oh, wow…."

"There's a reason this is illegal in a lot of countries," smiled House, and began to rock gently back and forward, nudging himself a little further into Wilson's body with each thrust. Wilson began to gasp and whimper in time with each movement, and House's smile broadened and he whispered, Wilson's name as the rhythm he was creating sent pulses of pleasure through his whole body. House began to rock faster and faster, and their groans of pleasure mixed as they both began to climb towards their climaxes.

Soon their pace was frantic, and Wilson was crying out incoherent words interspersed with House's name. Suddenly Wilson arched up and a stream of semen pulsed out from his trapped erection and slicked between their stomachs as he shouted in ecstasy. House felt Wilson's body clench around his again and again, and it was enough to send House over the edge to his climax. They clung together, their groans and gasps slowly dying down to moans of pleasure. After a while the paroxysm of ecstasy left House and he slumped boneless onto Wilson, who was still gasping.

They lay together, unable to do anything but try to catch their breath.

After a while House managed to move and turned his head to look at Wilson. A smile spread across House's face as their eyes met and he murmured, "You look… luminous."

Wilson looked surprised as he managed to gasp out, "I guess… I guess that's… why it's called an 'afterglow.'"

House nodded and continued to stare at him.

After a while Wilson looked at House and whispered, "You are not at all like I expected."

House raised an eyebrow, so Wilson continued, "You're considerate, gentle..."

"So I act like a lover when I'm making love? Why is that such a stretch of the imagination?"

Wilson smiled, then his face changed and he looked at House, "That's just it... you're making love."

House smiled and whispered, "Of course I am."

Wilson looked at him enquiringly.

House muttered, "I'm with you."

Wilson felt his body melt into the sheets and bit his lip to stop himself from smiling too much. House's eyes softened and he asked, "Are you all right?"

Wilson pulled House close, stroking his hands through the short, rough hair, "Never better."