Chapter1- Walker's Friend

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the chacracters. But I do own Leighlelia, and Roxy

Well it was saturday afternoon and Grace and I were at her house watching a Get smart re-run. Tatty was out with Tommy again. Cookie was at choir practice. so Grace and I were alone. " Walker's coming home, Thrusday." Grace said to me during a commerical. "oh" I said "He said he was bringing a friend." she contunied. Ok, Walker was coming home again and he was bringing another friend or would it be Swartz again. I pondered that one long and hard. But on thrusday day night I pondered no more. Cause there we were in our usual line up: Grace, me, Tatty, Cookie and Gere. Walker entered the kitchen, following him was another person. yes it was a girl but it diffenity wasn't Shawtz. She had dark hair, auburn. And was curly like mine and she had green eyes. "Hi Grace, hi squirt," said Walker" hi." "So Walker who's your friend" asked Grace. "oh" he said " this is Leigh. Leigh that's my half sister Grace, and her friend Hannah and my mother, Tatty and that's Cookie and that's Gere." he pointed down the line as talked. "Hi ya'll" she said. Ok she was offesouly from the south. she turned Walker and contunied " you call your mother by her first name?" she asked rather shocked. Walker shurged " yeah" he said. Later at dinner.

"So Leigh where ya from?" asked Tatty. "I was actaully born here in ashmore" she answered " my parents still live and work here." " what do they do?" asked Grace. " they sell funnerturie" she anwered " that's funny," grace said " Hannah's Parents run funernutire bussiness too!" "oh" leigh said "how did you meet her" I asked Walker. "well I at this audition," he said. " this guy was looking for a Jazz painist. so part of the audition was too accompany his singer, which is Leigh here. so the Guy goes ok buddy here is your final test. you have to be able to accompny my singer and she is picky about keys." "so the guy liked his playing offeously cause he got the job." said Leigh "yeah I was getting to that" walker said " and as i'm leaving he goes you seem to be able to play in Leighlelalia's key, your hired."

"Leighlelalia?" asked Grace "Leighlelalia," said Leigh. "That's my real name."