A kinda sad Puckentine fanfiction. Sam's POV. There's a quick rant in the beginning. And yes, it's based on Ariana's song.


It's one of those things where you just can't seem to process how you feel. Like your mind is saying yes but your body's saying no. And you're beating yourself up inside because of it. You want to know the truth. It's when you realize it's only around that one person that can get under your skin no matter how much you try to keep them out that you know. Like Carly. She was the only one, besides Frednub, that could really see how I was inside. That I wasn't all big talk and hard fists. When she left, I shielded myself in a dark corner. Hopped on my motorcycle and never looked back. Never said goodbye. Never thought of regret. Not until I met her.


She can do things to me that always seemed damn near impossible. Her voice, her laugh, her...everything. My mind fogs up and I get a queezy feeling in my stomach. Like I've been punched in it by my butter sock. She broke through my hard exterior the day I met her. She was too kind, too sweet. And that stabbed at my heart. She's just... I don't know. I struggle with denying that I have any feelings for this girl. Sam Puckett ain't supposed to feel butterflies. I'm not supposed to break down just because she bats her eyelashes at me and pouts. It's not allowed. It's like a written rule! A rule that Cat erased.


I'm sitting on my bed on my laptop when Cat decides to skip into the bedroom. She drops her backpack on the floor and laughs.

"Hiiii!" she says.

"Well, someone's a happy Cat." I say, smiling at her.

"Yeah, it's me!" she says.

"Care to explain?" I ask.

She sits on her bed and picks up Mr. Purple (God, her and that giraffe!). She plays with his ears and looks down, blushing. "I was asked on a date."

Fuck. There it is. That rock that likes to sink to the pit of my stomach. I force myself to swallow and lighten the weight. "By who?"

"You remember Robbie? That boy I introduced you to when you came to pick me up from school last week?" she says.

The weirdo with the puppet? Is she kidding? I'd prefer she go out with that boy with the girl-like hair! "Yeah." I say with a nod.

"He asked me out at lunch. He wants to take me to dinner tonight at eight."

"Oh, that's-that's great, Cat." I say, I get a scratchy sensation in my throat and I cough. Shit. I thought I had gotten rid of that hours ago. I woke up with a burning throat and took some cold medicine. I guess it didn't last long.

Cat looks up. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine." I answer, turning my attention back to my laptop and coughing again.

"You're not getting sick, are you?" Cat asks with genuine concern in her eyes.

"I'm fine." I say.

"I can stay and take care of you if you want." she says. What did she not get?!

"Cat, I said I'll be fine!" I snap unintentionally. A hurt look swells in her eyes and her mouth falls open, then closes again. Fucking hell. I take my laptop off my lap and go over to Cat, sitting by her and putting my arm around her. "I'm sorry, kid. I didn't mean to snap at you like that. You go have fun, I'll be okay."

She locks gazes with me and a smile slowly spreads across her face. "Thanks, Sam!" She throws her arms around me and I ignore the shivers that fall down my back.

"Not a hugger." I say and she backs up.

"Right, sorry." she giggles.

I look at the clock over her bed. It's three o'clock. We got a few hours. "Hey, it's only three."

"Yeah?" Cat says.

"Anything you wanna do before you have to get ready?" I say.

Her lips purse up and I find myself staring. They're a soft shade of pink and just seem so perfectly formed. My tongue unintentionally drags over my drying mouth and I find my way back to her eyes. There's a twinkle in them that feels like a slap in the face to me.

"Rap-Battle?" she suddenly says.

"Sure, kid." I say, smiling.

She jumps up. "Yay!" She takes my hand and pulls me into the living room.


After spending a few hours playing Rap-Battle, Cat realizes the time and rushes into the bathroom to shower. I collapse on the couch and find a rerun marathon of Zoey 101. I have a killer headache and my cough is getting worse. I cover my mouth with my fist as I hack violently again and groan. Maybe I am getting sick. Doesn't matter, though. I've been through worse.

I don't know when I doze off, but I wake up to the sound of high heels clicking against the floor. I open my eyes and sit up. Cat is just coming out of our bedroom. She's wearing a natural blue dress and black high heels. Her hair is pulled back in a ponytail and she's wearing a bit of makeup. She finds me staring and blushes deeply. "You like?"

I nod dumbly, my mouth hanging open like an idiot. I snap it shut quickly. "Yeah. You look...wow."

"Thanks." she says, smiling.

I sneeze and sniff. My throat flares up in flames and I grit my teeth. "Son of a bitch..." I mutter.

"Are you sure you're alright?" Cat asks. She comes around to the front of the couch and places her hand on my forehead, then snatches it away. "Sam, you're burning up."

"Am I?" I says, feeling the sweat dew on the back of my neck.

"Maybe I should cancel with Robbie." She kneels down in front of me.

"No, no." I protest. "Don't let me ruin your night. Go ahead."


"I don't wanna hear it. Go on your date. I'll be fine. Just a little rest and I'll be okay."

Her face falls in disbelief, but she stands up just as the doorbell rings. "Ding-dong!" She says before opening the door. Of course, there's Robbie. Without that damn puppet. Thank God.

"Hey, Cat." he says. "You look amazing."

"Thank you, you too." Cat answers, giggling.

"Cat, could you wait outside?" I say. "I wanna talk to Robbie for a minute."

"Yeah, sure." she says. She gives us a look before closing the door behind her.

"What's up?" Robbie says, clearly uncomfortable. Good.

"Come here." I say, motioning my hand to urge him closer. He steps up to the arm of the couch. I grab him by his collar and yank him down. "If you hurt Cat, I will shave your hair off and shove it so far up your ass that your butt will itch every time you shit."

His eyes go wide and he nods. I let him go and he stumbles out the door. I close my eyes and sigh, willing myself to take a nap. This sickness is killing me.


So, this was basically a draft I've had in my Doc Manager for a while and I wanted to publish it to see what you guys think. I'll consider continuing it if it gets enough good hits. And thanks for the reviews on Halloween so far! I'm glad you guys love it!