Here's the preview I promised! It's an M story (yep!) called Free Weekend. Sam and Cat take a break from babysitting over the weekend.


It's supposed to be a regular Saturday. Technically their day off. Sam and Cat deserve it, they'd been working for three weeks straight. So Sam put up on their website that they were gonna be "closed" on Saturday and possibly Sunday. Cat had agreed to the chance of a break away from kids. So, on this supposedly normal weekend morning, Sam is on the couch watching TV as always and Cat is in their bedroom doing a project for school. Cat asked Sam for help, but Sam simply stated that homework "could kiss her ass and then burn in hell" before walking out to the living room. She's channel surfing, hoping to find a good marathon or movie. With no luck, she drops the remote next to her and tosses her head back, giving a loud groan and closing her eyes.

"Why is there nothing on?!" she says aloud.

Little did Sam know that a certain red-head is sneaking up behind her with a pillow in hand and a childish smirk playing on her lips. She tiptoes rather quietly until she hits a weak floorboard and it squeaks under her weight. She winces and stands still, waiting until she's sure that Sam hasn't heard her. Releasing the breath she'd held in, Cat takes another step forward before raising the pillow above her head and bringing it down onto Sam's forehead. Almost immediately, the blonde jumps up off the couch and looks around, eventually finding Cat behind the couch fighting a fit of giggles.

"Cat!" Sam exclaims. "What the hell was that for?!"
"I got ya, Puckle." Cat declares with a loud laugh, ignoring the question.

"It's Puckett." Sam says.

Sam's hands ball into fists and she grits her teeth, growling under her breath. Her knees twitch, aching to move forward so she can grab Cat and shake her until she comes to her senses. She can feel the command spreading to her fingers. But her eyes focus on Cat's lips, grinning and emanating her bubbly laugh and her high pitched giggle. The sound cuts into her bones and shake her mentally. Before she knows it, her hands and legs are relaxing and a smile spreads across her face. "Okay. You wanna play? Let's play."


Yep, things get serious! I'm trying to finish it ASAP, it's actually already taken me almost all week! Maybe because it's Puckentine and not Cam or Creddie. Anyway, it will be up soon! I promise!