The Hunger Games

The Reaping

Waking up screaming as Gale runs into the room, he shouts "Whats wrong" i reply "nothing just had a bad dream" Gale walks to my bed at the top right corner of the room and sits down and he peacefully says "what was your dream about" with a genoraus smile on his face "i was falling" i mumbel, he puts his hands on my arm and then hugs me,"i thinks everyones having a bad dream" i say "i know" he replys, Gale grabs my hand and walks me out to the living room, it is nice and warm but a disgusing smell of smoke with the damp fire wood, There they are my reaping clothes... no rinkels no stains, i am lucky i have clean clothes unlike some people.

Well we set off and meet up with Katniss, Prim and their mother, i walk with Prim because we are almost same age, shes to month older than me, Gale walks with katniss because i think he fancys her and my mum walks with Prim and Katniss's mum... i dont know why, probably they are the same age too.

When we get to the reaping we all split because the lines are sectioned boys and girls, we are firs in line because we left early so we wouldnt be late or shot, we was lucky because if you are last in line and they have run out of cards for the identification they would use a knife and stab you.

Later on at the reaping, we line up in age groups 12-13 14-15 16-17 and 18, i would have to go into 12-13 with Robbie because im the youngest in the district, its because no one would dare to have a kid because they to would be entered into the reaping. "Look at her" robbie mumbled as Effie Trinket walks down the path with her makeup cothered skin, powdered wig and her exspensive violat jacket with gold buttons, she walks up on stage with her smug grinning face and Says in her easily mocking Panem Accent " Welcome, welcome to the 74th anual Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in your favor" she tells the man to put a video trailer on and it shows how the Hunger Games started long ago in 2013 because all the districts rose up and rebeled against the capital Panem.

"As allways, girls first" she said with a smug face, she walks over to the glass ball and swiftly pulls a envilope out, She looks arround at us and slowly says Prim-Rose Everdeen, "NO, her name was only entered once, it must be a mistake" i shout as Robbie puts his arm over my shoulder, Then suddenly i hear katniss scream "Prim, Prim, I volonteer as tribute" in a screamy dramatic way, i quickly turned to look at Gale before hes name might of been called but no, all i hear is Peeta Melark and i quickly look at him, he looked back and he was almost crying, i feel sorry for him but id rather have katniss live than him.