A/N: Hello my little ones! I have been itching to write this story for a while so in the sprite of horror and mayhem I thought there was not better time! This story is very dear to my heart not just because it's a horror story, but because it's inspired by story arches and characters and concept albums by King Diamond (who most of you have never heard of) as well as myth and folklore. I'm hoping these elements make for a good classic horror story that will live up to all I hope it will. So here it is, enjoy!

With Love -Ophelia

Chapter 1

Nothing Good

Raven walked the dark street alone under the menacing moonlight. The old dirt road left little comfort as it was tunneled by thick trees, leaving a thin path that seemed to cave in on her. She felt uneasy as her steps quickened and the silence grew even more haunting with every step. Not a soul could be seen in sight and the only light was coming from the very few street lamps that dimly lit the way. Most of which flickered and threatened to burn out, leaving her to the night's mercy.

In the distance a faint symphony of voices could be heard singing through the darkness. Still, there was no one to be seen, but the shadows that loomed around her. Raven began to follow the voices as they grew closer. The singing was sinister as the lyrics began to reveal themselves as an old nursery rhyme. Their rhythm seemed unnatural and robotic, leaving a chill on her spine that wouldn't subside.

As her steps brought her further she peered through the threes, looking for something that went unseen by her own eyes. Only finding more shadows looking back at her from their dark corners where she dare not go. After following the sound, she finally felt a presence that was close, too close. She paused and looked from side to side, trying to locate the source of the voices.

She paused when she reached the end of the road to find an old abandoned house. The Victorian style structure stood tall in the night. Its white paint took on hues of gray in the blue cast of the moonlight, its windows blinded by plywood and nails, leaving the house constructed in a dark, eerie manner. As Raven stood before its darkness, she felt something familiar calling her in. Still, she couldn't quite bring herself to enter the broken structure, even with its haunting nostalgic nature pulling at her will.

Raven took a deep breath and turned around, only to find that she truly wasn't alone. In front of her stood three small children, each of them a different age. They stood directly under the flickering street light and didn't say a word. The tallest, and presumed oldest, stood in the middle, flanked by a small girl with pigtails, wearing a white dress and a slightly younger boy in overalls. In the oldest boy's hands he held a box that radiated of evil, causing Raven to shudder in its presence. All three held their heads downward, keeping their eyes out of sight.

Raven wasn't sure why, but she found herself frightened of the three children in front of her. They seemed odd and unnatural. Their skin was a stark white that lacked life and appeared slightly blue under the street light, as though the very warmth of breath didn't exist within them. Her fear only grow more as all three looked up at her to reveal the solid, black eyes that burned her with their sinister gaze.

Raven gasped and drew back, holding her arm up like a shield. The children didn't move, but refused to take their soulless eyes off her. The tallest one held out the old box and said in a mature voice that lacked any childish virtue, "We are coming to collect you."

Just then, Raven shot upright in fear, only to find herself in the safety of her room. The dark walls provided comfort, yet oddly she still didn't feel quite at ease. Her anxiety was driven even further when she looked at the time that read 3 O'clock.

She let herself fall back, hitting her pillow with force. She wasn't sure if her dream meant anything and it probably didn't, but the hour didn't sit right with her. Nothing good ever happen at 3 O'clock.

She never fall back to sleep; she never could. If she woke up at 3 O'clock, than she was awake at 3 O'clock. After lying in bed for an hour she finally got up and began meditating, going over her thoughts and settling her mind. She did her best to ignore her nightmare and put it to rest with the many others that haunted her, but something still lingered. She tried to think little of it and chopped it up to her nerves, forcing herself to think about other things which she was reluctant to do.

When she was finished she was relieved to find that morning had finally come. She still wasn't sure what to make of her nightmare, but then again she never did. Nightmares were an occurring part of her life, both in consciousness and unconsciousness. To an extent she was used to them. She had a cruel mind and she knew she couldn't escape it. Her demons would follow her wherever she went.

When she finally arrived in the main room, she found the others had already made their way out as well. Cyborg was making breakfast, while Robin was busy scouring the newspaper for leads. Starefire was trying to break up the fight Beast Boy had started with Cyborg over what kind of bacon and eggs they should have for breakfast. This kind of behavior annoyed Raven, but she couldn't help, but feel a smile tug at her lips as she made her way toward the tea kettle.

"Greetings, friend Raven, did you have a glorious slumber?" questioned the green eyed alien girl.

"Ah, it was absolutely thrilling," Raven said sarcastically. She looked around the room to find one Titan was missing and realized the thin blond was no were to be found.

"Where's Terra?" Raven asked with suspicion.

She'd never really trusted girl and the fact she'd betrayed the team in the past just didn't sit right with her.

"She went out to the bay," Beast Boy replied, taking time out of his argument to answer the question of where his missing love had gone.

Raven only shook her head. She really could've cared less where Terra went. To be perfectly honest, she probably would've thrown a silent celebration if she'd heard the girl was gone for good.

Raven then filled her kettle with water and placed it on the stove. Normally while waiting for her water to boil she would have taken a seat next to Robin. (Who was too consumed in his paper to notice anything taking place around him.) She rolled her eyes and took a seat next to Cyborg. This way she could assist him in his noble fight to rid the breakfast table of all things tofu.

After a few banters, the argument finally came to an end with Beast Boy's defeat. Once again Cyborg and his tofu free campaign were victorious. Raven got up when she heard the kettle screaming her name. She pulled the kettle off the stove she took out a lemon tea bag and let it steep a moment before taking it back to her room. As she began to pour a small amount of sugar into her cup, she noticed Robin finally looking up at her. Oh now he notices me, she thought with a long sigh. She had grown tired of his games and tired of him pushing her to be more open.

She placed the sugar bowl down and picked up her tea. Hell bent on making it back to her room without having to speak to the Boy Wonder. However, just as she was about to make her way out of the room, she felt a gloved hand wrap around her free arm. She turned to find exactly who she'd expected to see. Robin standing in front of her with the very obvious words hanging from his lips, "We need to talk."

"I don't want to talk," Raven insisted, trying to shoot down the young man's proposal.

"Raven please, I'm sorry," he pleaded as he followed her.

"I know you are, but that doesn't mean I'm ready to talk about it," she said with no emotion and continued walking.

"Haven't you forgiven me yet?"


"Then why won't you talk to me?" Robin ask, trying to keep his voice down.

"Because forgiveness doesn't mean I want to talk to you," she snapped, but still keeping her voice low enough so the others couldn't hear. "Besides you and I both know it's just going to be the same conversation we always have."

"Because eventually you have to accept that we have to tell them," Robin said trying to reason with the girl.

"I know, but I'm not ready to tell them," she stated.

But before the conversation could continue any further, Starfire's voice could be heard loud and clear.

"Friend Terra, what is that you possess?"

"I don't know, I found it at the front door," Terra's voice replied, "there is a note here addressed to, Raven?"

Raven who was trying to use this distraction as I diversion to leave, turned in confusion. Robin looked back at the girl with a questioning look as she delivered her own in return. She began to move forward with Robin following beside her. She could see a wooden box sitting on the table waiting for her. Approaching it, she could sense a strange feeling come over her. It became thicker with each step and she couldn't help but feel as though something was trying to provoke fear in her. Robin who was at her side could feel something shifting in her. He knew she was already a bit agitated with him, but this was far different.

When they finally reached the table, Robin could see Raven's caution as she didn't dare touch the box. It was extremely old and made of a thick, sturdy wood. It didn't possess any visible locks or seams. Only strange carvings covered its aged surface which appeared to be foreign words that nobody recognized.

"Where did you say you found this?" Raven asked in a puzzled tone.

"Outside, it was practically on our door step," Terra replied.

"You didn't open it right?" She asked with hastiness to her voice.

"Of course not," Terra replied a little defensive, "besides how could I? There aren't any seams."

"Good," Raven said short and hastily picked up the box, almost flinching as she took it in her hands.

"What's in that thing anyway? Terra asked before the dark girl could walk away.

"Nothing you want to know about," she replied trying to brush off the question and walked off out of view.

"Well that must be some secret," Beast Boy added in response to Raven's behavior.

The rest of the Titans were curious as to what Raven may have been hiding from them. But as always, they knew that no matter how hard they pushed, she would continue to push back just as hard.

After Raven found the safety of her room, she locked the door and placed the dark box on her bed. She wasn't even sure what it was. She just knew whatever the box was made for, it wasn't good. Judging by the weight and the hollowed sound it made she could tell there was something inside. She was almost tempted to shake it as though she were a small child. There was something sinister about the box that tugged at her will, coxing her to open it, but she knew better.

Before she could consult her books and find answers about the strange relic. She heard a knock at her door. This didn't surprise her she knew he would come eventually. Raven walked over to the door and unlocked it. Once she slid the heavy panel open she found him waiting patiently on the other side.

"Hey Rae, can I come in?" Robin asked curiously.

He knew he was on thin ice with her and was clear by the look in her eyes. Whenever she became weary with him they always cast the same smoldering stare that both frightened and captivated him.

"I didn't know, can you?" Raven replied in all her irony. Another trait of hers he both loved and simultaneously resentenced.

"Come on Rae, I'm being serious," he pleaded as Raven turned and gave him an almost dismissive wave of her hand. "Does that mean we can talk now?"

Raven turned again and shook her head. She wasn't sure if she wanted to get into the details of their relationship that early in the morning. Ever since she started seeing Robin against the knowledge of her fellow teammates, things between them seemed to become more complicated.

"Why the hell not?" she sighed sarcastically.

"Why don't you want to tell the team about, us? It's been almost a year now," Robin said standing in front of her.

"Because if we tell them, then that gives them the right to have an opinion," she picked up her tea, but paused before taking a sip, "and I don't want them to have an opinion."

Robin flinched at her cynical tone. He knew that she was hesitant about what people thought of them. Or more so what people thought about him with her. She was different and most people feared her for it. Even her teammates still found her unnerving at times. She wasn't like them and that was what made her stand out. She reminded Robin of an ironic poem; shallow yet deep. Constantly saying one thing, but completely meaning another. She was like a living metaphor to him, she always kept him guessing. He could spend hours just listening to her talk about all the strange things she found intriguing, all the things that made her full. Yet at the same time, she could appear empty and withdrawn. These were the moments he feared the most. He wanted to protect her, but he knew there were times when he couldn't. Which brought him to ask the better question.

"So what's with the box?"

Raven shook her head and hesitated to answer the question at first. It was a clear sign to Robin that whatever it was, it scared the hell out of her.

"I don't know yet," she replied simply as he sat down on the bed beside her.

"Are you going to open it?"

"Whoever made this box has made it very clear that it should never be opened."

"Why do you say that?"

"The box is nailed shut," she said with warning, trying to covey her suspicions to him. "It also has no seams and no hidden locks. It was made to remain closed."

"To keep people out," Robin stated looking at the old relic.

"...Or to keep something from getting out," Raven said in a grave tone, causing a chill to run up his spine.

Still, curiosity scratched his surface, wanting to know what could possibly invoke so much fear in her."What do you think's in there?"

"Nothing good."