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Chapter 2.

It felt like being in a humongous dishwasher as we were circling endlessly in the never-ending giant twister. We were holding onto each-other's hands as tightly as possible. "Savanah, when are we going to get down!?" Alexis yelled out as I did the same. "Hopefully soon, because I'm getting tired of flying!" As I said that, we were finally getting out; telling her to hold on, we flew down faster than expected making a loud THUD in the process.

There we were on the ground, on the Sandy ground to say the least. Slowly holding my head up, I took my time opening my eyes instantly looking around our surroundings. I grew confused, as I looked down in front of me seeing sand and saw my best friend lying unconscious. "Alexis!" I shouted crawling over towards her laying her on her back as she opened her eyes seeing me blocking the sun to give her shade. "S-S-Savanah, what happened? Where are we?" I then scratched behind my neck. "Well, it seems to me that it looks like we are on a beach." "A beach? but it's September." We both got up dusting ourselves off and started to walk taking in more of the location that we were in at the moment.

Hermit crabs were all over the place as we tried to run very quickly where they wouldn't snap at us. "Ugh, if I knew What the beach would be like, I wouldn't have convinced Mom to go." Alexis groaned as I just giggled; she could be a diva sometimes. We had finally reached the boardwalk where he heard a whistle, a train whistle to be exact. "Woah, what was that?" Lex asked me as I heard it getting closer and we both stopped to listen.

On the railway track, were a couple of little tank engines. The first one was blue, had a stubby but long funnel, a stubby boiler, and the bright yellow #1 with red outlining on his side; he was smiling at another one who was a green saddle engine with the same funnel and boiler like him, with the face of an innocent little boy and the yellow #6. "Hey Thomas, are you sure Sir Topham Hatt will love the surprise dinner we'll be giving him for him and Lady Hatt?" He asked the blue one who smiled with confidence. "Don't worry Percy, if I know him by any other person is that he loves lobster; and for dessert, is going to be peach cobbler with delicious home-made ice cream. It's a good thing Edward is going over to Farmer McColl's farm to get fresh milk and to take it to the Sodor Dairy." The engine known as Thomas explained to Percy as they clickety clacked along The track.

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