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Fruitless love

Is it possible to die without losing your life?

I think so.

How else can I describe my feelings right now?

This mask I wear constantly, to the point it's fused to my face, is the only thing protecting me now. Shielding me from prying eyes, from those who want to see me break.

What they don't know is I'm already cracked wide open.

And I'm continuing to break apart.

So I sit here;

In the coolness of autumn

Trying to repress the stitches of my heart from coming undone completely.

I don't cry or scream

What's the point of doing those things?

It won't change anything.

I have loved him but it was never returned and it will remain so to the end of time. My love will be unrequited for as long as I live.

Another crack forms on this mask

I can still remember the exact day I fell for him as if it was yesterday.

I was eight when nii chan brought his friend over to the house.


Nii chan's kind voice echoed through the halls.

"Come and meet my best friend Usagi san."

My heart lodged itself in my throat when my big green eyes gazed at the sinful angel. The one word that went through my mind at that moment was


Love at first sight—

On my part.

More cracks

I thought he could, would love me.

'If I be all I can and more then maybe he'll fall in love with me.'

Became my motto

To push myself to be someone to his standard, someone perfect that he can love back.

The cracks are getting wider

However…no matter what I did, how much I achieved, or how perfect I became for everybody, his love was always nii chan's.

Not mine.

But damn nii chan was dense.

Like me Usagi san's love was unrequited, ignored, shot down.

So I believed that maybe I had some hope.

Some chance to get him to look away from my brother and at me.

My mask is coming undone…

I even felt his agonizing pain when nii chan went off and got married to that whore. I was furious at his cruelty I cried after dragging my love to the store.

Just us


The pieces are falling

"I'm sorry. What nii chan did was just cruel!"

Remember screaming out, the river of tears wouldn't stop.

Not until he kissed my head and breathed

"Thank you."

Why is my mask falling apart?

My heart fluttered when he leaned on my shoulder and cried allowing me (me!) to be the only one to see him cry and hold him.

He was cold and it started snowing but inside I was burning up.

Stop falling mask, I need you.
I need stability.

I was so close.

So close to achieving his heart and having my feelings returned.

Nine years spent loving his afar

This year moved in with him.

So, so close.

Until today.


Today…someone else stole his heart from me.

Crack crack

Someone else stole his attention

His love

All from me.

Crack crack crack crack crack crack


"Hey" eh? "What are you doing out here all alone?"

Prying my eyes away from the ground and out of my pain (for the moment) a giant stranger is looming over me. Ocean crystal blue eyes watch me with some unhidden worry.

I stare into those eyes.

"Sorry but can you repeat your question?" I place what's left of my mask back on my face. No need to look imperfect in a stranger's eyes.

"It's late, shouldn't you be going home?"

My smile fazes for a sec before I catch myself from slipping.

"I would but…ano…" I don't want to go back to Usagi san's house. I don't want to see them kissing again or hear their lustful moans. It's too heart breaking. "No one's there." I lie. "My roommate locked me out by accident and I forgot my keys."

"That's awful!" I flinch at his loud voice "Don't tell me you're planning on staying here on this bench all night!"

I shrug.

It'll be better than Usagi san's place.

"I'll survive."

"No! I can't leave you here! It's cold, you'll get sick."

So what man?


You're gonna let me stay at YOUR place? Ri-ight…

"If you like I have a guestroom in my apartment. It's small but it'll be better than sleeping in the cold."

Ok then. He's beginning to creep me out. He doesn't even know me. I could be a killer! Or him! What if he's a killer?

But…the offer does sound nice.

It is getting pretty cold…

Ah what the hell?

What do I have to lose now?

"Ok then."

Smiling so full of sunshine, he leads the way as I get up from the park bench and follow.

"Sorry for intruding" gotta stay polite.

"It's not a problem. My name's Nowaki, so we won't be strangers. Nowaki Kusama."

Should I care man? I want to remain strangers.

Politeness Misaki.

Stay polite.

The name does suit him…Nowaki...

"I'm Takahashi Misaki; nice to make your acquaintance."

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