Hitsugaya scowled as he eyed the people around them, blatantly staring, mouths agape; Kenpachi had a psychotic smile glued to his face, their hands clasped in a lover's hold.

Hand in hand they walked through Soul Society, making a statement.

For the first time since they'd met, they were a couple. A true couple.

Bystanders remained silent as the Captains passed. Most wore masks of shock, while others sneered with disgust. No one challenged their authority.

They could feel the reiatsu of their comrades. A silent show of support.

"I bet they're smiling like idiots," commented Hitsugaya.

"Probably. I know I am," grinned the large man, warmth shining in his eyes as he stared at his partner.

From afar Tamotsu watched his parents, awe in his eyes.

They're so brave. He thought. To risk their reputation for the sake of love. He couldn't imagine being a secret for so long, telling all those judgemental people as though they had a right to know.

A smile pulled at his lips. His parents were actually pretty cool.

Renji reached down to clasp the boy's hand, secure in the privacy the tucked away street provided. "One day that could be us." He whispered.

Tamotsu's breath hitched in his throat. He looked up at his lover, lips parted in surprise. "You mean that?" he asked.

Renji smiled, "I've never meant anything more in my life."

The yelped as the white haired boy pulled him into a crushing his, pressing their lips together.

Ichigo sighed as he watched his best friend embrace his son, having scoped the best angle to do so from moment they set off.

Chad wrapped his arms around him from behind, resting his head on top of Ichigo's.

"We're going to have to get used to seeing them kiss." He rumbled, slightly tense as he forced himself not to intercede.

Ichigo turned around in those large arms, snuggling his face into Chad's neck. "I don't wanna." He said playfully.

Twin smiles bloomed on their faces as he lifted his head for a kiss. His son was growing up, and that was a fact he needed to accept.

From atop a hill Rukia had the optimal view of all three couples. She sat with Matsumoto, enjoying the view. "You know I just realised something." She said to her busty friend. "I'm surrounded by gay men."

She paused for dramatic effect, lips curving into a devilish smile. "And I love it."


40 years later...

"Do you remember?" asked Renji as he sat on a bench with Tamotsu in Seireitei central. The 57 year old man glanced at his lover, who looked but ten years older than they day they'd met.

"You ask that as though I could ever forget." He responded with a smile.

They each fell into their respective memories, reliving the day they had clasped hands and walked the path of the two Captains.

They weren't the only ones. Since that day, homosexual lovers had used that route as a form of confession. They followed in the footsteps of the unlikely couple, starting at Seireitei central, and hand in hand, walking through each division until they came full circle.

"For two scary looking men, they sure did start a romantic tradition." The red head said with a smile.

The white haired man smirked, laughter in his eyes. "For one stupid looking man, you sure do love this romantic tradition."

"That doesn't even work," muttered the older man.

His amused smile turned sweet as he slipped his fingers through Tamotsu's.

The white haired man stared at their hands, young mixed with old. "It's not fair that you get to look like a young man forever," he complained. When he'd started visibly aging he's been worried, but Renji seemed blind to it all.

Renji leaned down to kiss the man's head. "I'm older than you by more than a couple years," he reminded the man, knowing what he really meant. "Besides, I think you're pretty fucking sexy for an old man," he jibed, grinning.

Tamotsu leaned his head against Renji's shoulder, ignoring the looks from passers-by.

"Tamotsu," said the red head seriously, I don't care how old you ever grow. I love you," Whispered Renji.

"I know." Replied the white haired man, a satisfied smile upon his lips, "Because you're different to the rest." He said.

"That's why I love you."


The end. (Ending 2)

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