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In any case, this is my first The World God only Knows fanfiction, which is based on all the beautiful girls her conquers, and how Keima annoys the hell out of them. Please enjoy these ficlets. Don't worry if your favourite girl isn't here yet. She'll be around soon enough.

So here is Chihiro's part. After the anime, I couldn't really deal with the feels, so that is why she ended up being the heroine of the first chapter.

Chihiro was bored out of her mind. It was Maths class, so half the class was asleep at their desks and the other half were on their phones. The teacher had long since given up on them, and was now just droning about some equations…

Chihiro gave up trying to pay attention. She pulled out her phone and considered texting Ayumi, but noticed the latter had gone to lala-land already, which just made it redundant. She was so bored she even considered taking her ruler and poking Otamega for the rest of the period.

Unfortunately, he was asleep too. His messy hair fanned out, giving him the appearance of a motionless porcupine. His glasses had fallen off at some time and were hanging close to the edge of his table, alongside his PFP.

A lightbulb flashed above her head, and a mischievous grin lit up her face… Using the ruler, she stretched and lifted up the glasses, sliding them into her hands. She knew Katsuragi would freak without his glasses, which would provide her with all the entertainment she would need for today.

For a few moments, she poked Otamega with a ruler, but he didn't stir at all. She groaned, but gave up trying to wake him. In any case, Maths would be over in a few minutes anyway. He was bound to wake up before then.

She brought the glasses to eye level and peered inside. Unsurprisingly, she discovered that Katsuragi was quite blind. He had that coming, considering he spent half his life in the dark with a screen a foot away from him.

She quickly looked side to side to see if anyone was paying attention, and as she expected, no one was. She quickly slipped the spectacles up her nose. Just as she expected, she could barely see a thing. All she could see was the blurry colour of the chairs and boards around her… it all sucked. Is that what it was like being Otamega?

As if the glasses had possessed her, her thoughts took a weird turn: 'he he he~ I am the Great Otamega. Bring me my PFP!' She laughed internally at how stupid that sounded, yet the thought of borrowing the PFP for a bit seemed more inviting by the second. Anything was more exciting than the guy by the board.

She was about to take off the glasses when Mobuko chimed from her desk as to why Otamega was in a girl's uniform. Chihiro stood up, her face flushed red; half in anger and half in embarrassment. She pulled of the glasses and threw them in the general direction of Katsuragi, where a small ouch was unheard over Chihiro's tantrum on how she looked nothing like the Otamega.

By now, the whole class was awake and staring at her, before she realised how noisy she had been. She sat down and breathed in and out slowly, trying to get the redness out of her ears.

It took a few moments for her to calm down, but soon, she was back to her normal, really bored self. She started clicking her mechanical pencil aimlessly, when Katsuragi, who had woken up some time during the commotion, turned around and glared at her. She blanched and slid down in her seat.

"Did you throw something at me?" he asked, sounding less angry than Chihiro expected. She apologized and turned away, which surprised Katsuragi. She usually put up more of a fight than that.

A few moments later, a paper hit Chihiro from above. She unfolded it, scanned it, and turned to a new shade of red she didn't know humans could become.

The bell rang and she hastily scrunched the note and grabbed her books to appear busy. He smirked at her, but left without another word, his glasses on his nose again.

She breathed a little sigh when he was gone, before uncrumpling the note.

"Thanks for giving my glasses back. Did you have fun with them?"

She threw it in her bag and stalked out of the classroom, face still red and hands in fists.

"Damn that guy!"

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