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Arthur was on the line of mad, and scared shitless. We're talking mint-bunny shitless. Eliza shot up ,and dusted herself off.
"You two," she sternly stated; to you, and to Arthur:
"STAY!" She walked to the front door. "Y/N!" she yelled, "GET IN HERE!" You practically teleported to her, and she was holding ...a rose, red, to be exact.
"This means something, I know it!" she said in a mesmerized voice, looking in deeply at the deep reds of the scarlet flower,
"Perhaps they were delivering it?" You asked, taking the rose. Eliza gave you an 'are you serious?' look.
"Highly unlikely y/n." Arthur said, coming up behind you, in a badass fashion. You felt the shock of it all course through you.
"B-but why? I don't understand!" you were so confused. "Um. Hey Liz, can I stay here? You still have some of my clothes, right?" You asked, and Liz gave you a face.
" DUH, of course you can stay here!" she said, and hugged you. "Besides," she held you by your shoulders, at arms length, sparing a look at Arthur, "Artie here's about as straight as a circle." you two broke out laughing, as Arthur stood in the door frame, facing you two with a glare.
"She got you pegged!" a loud voice yelled behind the brit, making him jump.
"A-ALFRED DON'T DO THAT!" Arthur yelled, blushing.
"Why?" A voice asked, sporting a french accent ((oooh la la)), and a man with blue eyes, blonde wavy hair down to his shoulders, popped out from behind the American.
"YOU BROUGHT THE FROG?" Arthur yelled, and you spoke in a motherly tone.
"Alfred I told you; no animals in the house!" Francis looked like a kicked puppy as everyone else was clutching their stomachs in pain of laughing too much.
"MON DIEU! " he yelled ,and took the rose out of your hand. "Who gave you zis?" You shrugged, and asked why he'd ask that. He gave you a look (what's with all the looks?!). "Mon Cheri. It means, love at first sight." Arthur's, yours, and Eliza's faces paled. Oh no, why you ?

"Fuck." Liz stated bluntly, staring at the flower.

"I have a strange feeling I'm screwed." you dead panned.

"...Literally." Juliet added with a smirk, and everyone gave her an "are you fucking kidding me" look. You hit her upside the back of her head.


((Time skip school the next day...yay))

"Lizzy, please. We're almost out, be sane." You pleaded to your friend, the school day was almost over and you were nearly cornered by the anarchists five times, (key word: nearly), and Liz was on high alert.


"Fine," she pouted, putting away her knife, "Let's just finish our practice session."

"Thank you!" You sighed ,picking up your violin, and she picked up her viola.

"Alright. 'My songs know what you did in the dark,(light 'em Up)'. Three, Two, One." And with the count, Lizzy's viola sang out in a high pitched beat, and you joined could have sworn you heard the cellos in the background, but your mind does that a lot. As you two were playing the song, you both started doing the simple dance steps Liz had come up with after you had memorized the piece. As the final note rang out, you both bowed slightly.
"STUNNING, WONDERFUL, UNIQUE!" Your music teacher's (Mrs. Stark's) voice rang out, "Ladies, can you come into the next room with your instruments to play that song, with these two gentlemen? " she asked. You and Liz chimed a 'Yes, Mrs. Stark.' in a synchronized fashion, and got up and walked to the other room.
'So there was cellos playing!' You thought, as you heard the tuning of a string. Grabbing some music, you heard Juliet say,
'I forgot something, excuse me for a moment.' She walked back into the room, her facial expression changing from blank to a look of horror. "(Y/n)... It's them, they play cello."

"Who?" You asked.

"Matt and Allen."

"Son of a bitch." You cursed, and walked towards the room, both of you with blank expressions.

"Hello." Matt was surprised.

"Hey~" Allen flirtatiously said. If he was shocked, it didn't show.

"Bonjour." Liz had her autotune voice on, and you just nodded your head.

"Alright," you breathed, as yourself and Liz sat down, "My songs know what you did in the dark,(light 'em up.) one, Two, three." Liz's high notes rang out and soon you joined in with Allen and Matt. The atmosphere was tense, suspenseful and when the notes that were the chorus came up, you and Liz got up, and started to do the dance, but Allen and Matt didn't miss a beat. Heads bobbed with the music and body movement, and there was fluidity in it all. Suspense grew in with the song. Allen started playing the main part, and you dropped to the background music; t playing the main part with Liz in a whirl of exact timing. At the last ringing note, you and Liz sat back down.

" ELECTRIFYING!" The teacher yelled clapping her hands.

"Thank you, Mrs. Stark." You and Liz's spoke together in a toneless manner.

"I'll be right back!" The teacher said, giggling.

" KESESESESESESESES ZE AWESOME ME IS BACK!" An albino yelled, bursting into the room; Matt and Allen were in the storage area, putting back their cellos.

" YES GIVE ME THE KEYS TO MY BABY!" Liz yelled, her baby was a '67 4 door Chevy impala in midnight black.

"Ja, here." He said casually, tossing the keys.

" Gill, if I find one scratch on my baby..."

"I know, I know. You'll 'gut me like a fish' , ja, ja, ja." He rolled his eyes.

"Pipe the fuck down Liz, you'll get high blood pressure." You jokingly stated, trying to cover the fact that two of the most dangerous people in the county are in the other room.

"Nu-uh (Y/n) !" Liz retorted, "Hurry and pack, so we can leave when Mrs. Stark comes back!"

"Fine." You started packing everything up.

"Keseseseses! Later, frau and Frauline!" Gil cheered .

"What's the difference of those two words?" You asked, and he just 'kesesesesesed', then left. Matt and Allen walked out of the room they were in.

"What did we miss?" Matt asked.

"Lizzy being reunited with her car, and a crazy albino *cough her boyfriend cough*." Liz zipped past them with a 'HE'SNOTMYBOYFRIEND!', to put your instruments away with your reply.

"Oh." Allen commented with a shrug, you narrowed your eyes at him.

" Ok dearies!" Mrs. Spark cheered, holding up four little slips of paper, as Liz walked out of the storage room.
"These are tickets to perform in the 'Alluette de triomph' I want you four to play," she gave us each a ticket. "Come up with a name! Play there, and you get 100% in my class for the rest the year, ok? Ok! I have to go now; good bye! Hope to see you there!" And like a flash, she was gone.

"Well. We're screwed." You commented quietly, and Liz gave a smirk. Oh sh*t.

" Liz. I swear to fucking god." You warned, and she pouted.
"Fine, no comment." She then grabbed your arm.
" TO THE IMPALA! " she shouted, and dragged you out of there (thank god you both walked!).

Liz pretty much flew to her car.
" YAY!" She cheered, and when she went to the trunk, opening it up, " all my wepins are here, very good." She purred, closing the trunk ,and getting into the front seat. You hopped into the passenger seat.

"Let's go, shall we?" she asked.

"We shall!" you laughed, fiddling with your music folder.

Oh what a day.

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