(Don't Panic! I am still posting Connected! But I'm trying a few new things here. 1. working on two Barbie stories at once. 2. Doing a story from someone's point of veiw. And 3. A school story! This could be interesting on two accounts. First, I'm going to try and morph all the Barbie Movies into the story and two... I've never been to a real school a day in my life! I'm homeschooled and have no idea how schools run. So, if things are off bear with me! I'm going off what I've seen on movies! Well, thanks! Laterz!)

My High School is much like everyone else's... I guess. We go to class, we have teachers we hate and teachers we love. We have a scary lunch lady and a stern Principal.

I guess the only thing that really makes this school different are the students. We've got Fairies and Princesses. Princes, giants, and then some ordinary people. Like me.

Of course there's the 'cliques' per say. There's the dance group which consists of Princess Genevieve, Odette, Clara, Aramina and Kristyn. Okay, one thing you should know about Kristyn Faraday, she's got a habit of doing her own thing. I don't think she means to, it's just who she is. It drives the Dance Instructors, Madame Natasha and King Randolph, who is Genevieve's father, nuts! Oh yeah, there's also a few boys who like dancing despite the torture they get from their friends. Eric, Daniel, Derick and Dillon.

I'm prone to think it's Scientifically proven that if you're a boy and your name starts with 'D' you're going to like dancing... Any hoo.

Then there's the sporty group... never mind. Everyone here is involved in some sport or another. Whether it's Archery or Studying. Yeah some people actually see studying as fun. I call them nuts, but hey. It's their choice.

Speaking of studying, there is a small group of Book Worms. I think we all know what that means. What's strange though, it mainly consists of fairies. There's Mariposa, Carlos and Catania. All fairies. Then stuck in there is Julian, who's just a normal guy and Princess Anneliese. Also human.

The Principal of the school is Mr. Drosselmeyer. You can't make that guy smile! And yes, he is Clara's Grandfather, but he shows no special treatment! Then again, she's never given a reason to go to the Big Man's office, unlike me who has a habit of getting sent there. It's not that I start fights, it's just that I won't walk away from one.
Well, moving on. The treasurer of the school is Seymore Crider. I personally don't think he's totally honest but I have no proof.

Our scary lunch lady.. well none of us know her name. We just refer to her as the Snow Queen. Let me tell you! No one questions her rations at lunch time! Word is she's not married, and I believe it! One look from her in the mornings and you could use frost bite as a reason to skip school!

Anyways, the rest of the teachers and students will be introduced in their own time.

Now, our school does have it's rivals that are always in competition. For instance, Viveca and Hailey are in constant competition over who can design the best clothes. Here's the point though, Hailey does Tutus. Viveca does everyday clothes, so there's nothing to compare.

Now, the part everyone always wants to know about... The Couples.

Well, there's Clara and Eric. Eric's a bit of a tree hugger but not really. He just thinks it's cruel to chop down trees and turn them into nutcrackers. Rumor is before he and Clara came to Mattel High, she saved him from a curse that had trapped him in the form of one of the little wooden men. They've pretty much been a couple since they stepped through the doors.

Then there's Kiera and Nicholas. Popstar and Prince. Interresting. But they do get along.

Alexa and Ian are also an annouced couple, while Ian's twin brother Jeremy is still pinning for the attention of Alexa's best friend, Liana. That's just a few.

Then there's the couples who are too shy to say anything. Like Mariposa and Carlos. Toooooo cute, but won't admit they like each other.

Then there's Rosella and Antonio. They're that kind that stares at each other across the cafeteria but can never think of what to say when they're standing close enough to talk.

Anneliese and Julian have a 'home work' relationship. Or so they both claim. Julian's been tutoring her since Freshman year. Come on!

One more, Derick and Genevieve. Okay, they both dance and have several similarities! His problem is, She's a Princess. But, Derick's also got a pet Parrot, Felix, who takes no second thoughts in telling his friends all about Derick's feelings. Somehow, Genevieve never hears it.

At least, I don't think she does.

Speaking of Genevieve. Okay, she's a princess. She lives in a palace right? You know, one of those buildings bigger than the Malibu Mall, but yet she and her Eleven sisters all share one room! Can you explain that to me?

One other thing I never quite got... Everyone is always amazed at how much Kiera and Tori, and Erica and Anneliese look alike when they're not even related!

But, when you flip through our year book, it looks like someone copied and pasted a whole bunch of the same picture! Us blonds all look pretty similar... to say the least.

Oh yeah, I guess I should introduce one more person, Me.

My name is Corinne D'artagnon. I'm an ordinary girl. Born in the country, raised in the country. My dad died when I was little so I was raised by my mom, which resulted in me being a littlestubborn and just a tad hardheaded. Okay... maybe a bit more than that.

My three best friends, I mentioned two of them earlier, are Aramina, Viveca and Renee. All four of us are the top students in our self-defense class, which is taught by King Regillious. We're known as the unstoppable team, but that's where our similarities stop. Aramina's into all things romantic like Dance, poetry and talk about DRAMA!

Viveca's the ultimate Fashionista and Renee is still trying to become the top in music class. But there's quite a bit of competition there. No one knows how we became friends so please don't ask because I have no idea!
Well, there's a short-sweet-and-simple over view of my school.

We all know about each other, but we don't really know each other. Sad, huh?

But, Sophomore year would change that... None of us were expecting what happened to pull us together. It was my fault, I'll admit. A complete accident!

But sometimes the worst thing you can image can be the best thing that ever happened to you.

Kind of like A Best-Bad thing. It doesn't make since but the outcome is never what you were expecting. But it's still amazing! Hey, it's High School right?