Chapter One: A Deadly Website

I Should have stayed with Terry that night and watched over that sleeping beauty. It was a stupid idea for me to go back there, but my curiosity was nudging at the back of my brain. What really did happen to Denise? Driving to her apartment, I kept wondering why I took this assignment in the first place. The Feds wanted me to give up, hand it over to them, but I wouldn't give up. Alistair had gone too far this time and I needed to catch that bastard, before another poor soul was tormented.

I didn't know what attracted me to this case, but once I was assigned to it, I couldn't let it drop from my mind. The fact that this doctor had gone mad and started to experiment on his victims alive caught my attention, this lunatic had to be brought down. He liked women. He liked them as his patients, but there was this one woman that Alistair had tortured. Jeannie. A beautiful woman attracted to modeling, but the doctor had abducted her and used her as an online lecture. Nine months had passed since she disappeared and following abductions continued of women. That sick fuck posted his dissecting online. People really do love death and science, or anything related to real-life gore.

Every-time he'd murder a helpless woman, the site would change. I'd have a lead, and then he was gone again. Every goddamn time, I would loose him. And then the letters came. Alistair had an obsession of writing me love letters, well as Sykes joked about. The doctor loved pestering me for he knew I was looking for him. He loved torturing me with his little notes of what really happened to those women.

I arrived at Denise's house later in the night, just hours after her death. She got to close to something on that site, and someone killed her. Walking in the hallway, I see the yellow police barrier which blocks off her room. Upon entering, a cold chill ran down the back of my spine. It was dark inside, but the numbers on the walls and floor glowed a fluorescent white. The place was a mess. Tables, chars and everything were out of place.

"Oh God, Denise," I say staring in disbelief. These numbers. What do they mean? I make my way towards her computer. Terry made me promise not to go on that site, but my curiosity had gotten the better of me. I had to know what was on that website. I sit down and scan onto Denise's computer.

I type in the words '' I keep arguing to myself whether I should go, but I hit enter, as if my hands had control over me. black smoke emits from the center and fills the entire screen. An old abandoned factory flashes, and entering the doorway of the mine. Nothing scary at all, but the next images that show on the screen are quite disturbing.

Knifes and scalpels puncture a body. Screams of horror radiate the sound box leaving me knowing Alistair did this. There is too much blood and cutting away of flesh that I don't know whom the people were, but I knew they were all female. A back of a women pops into the screen and as she turns around I see she is much cleaner than the victims are. As she faces me, the woman begins to speak, as do the letters in which she spoke.

"Do you like to watch?" She says to me. Images of torture appear on the screen. I just sit and watch in confusion. "Do you want to see more?" I curiously click 'yes' on the monitor. "Do you want to hurt me.Mike?"

I leaned back. "Jeannie."

"I know who you are and I know what you really want."

A text box popped onto the screen. I typed in the words; 'Did you kill Denise?'

"Time to play. Time for us to become one."

'How do I play?'

"Find me. You have forty-eight hours."

'What do I get if I win?'


'What happens if I loose?'

"You die. Do you want to play? What are you afraid of?"

Her words stuck to me. I loose, I die. I thought for a second. What was I afraid of anyway? I clicked 'yes.' The computer screen then went to a close-up of an eye, then to a circular white object. It looked like a child's bouncy ball, but I had no time to re-think that, for it had felt like something hit me. Wincing in pain, images flashed through my eye sockets.

Images more gruesome and terrifying jolted throughout my entire body. Jeannie had been pictured in my mind. Alistair had fun with her, for I saw as she was slowly being killed. These visions were hurting me, as I clutched onto my head. I didn't even feel as I fell to the ground, my body pounding on the surface.

Agonizing screams were the only sounds I could hear, as I watched from the inside of my head. Jeannie was on the floor, on her hands and knees, naked, covered in white. Was this all in Jeannie's mind, or did Alistair really do this to her? More images flashed through my brain; the doctor putting on his gloves, a hand covered in blood, Jeannie tied up being dissected. The images kept repeating each other until everything went completely black.