Chapter Nine: I'll be Your Guardian Angel

"Oh my god! No Mike!" Her voice echoes.

I vaguely see her as she wraps her body around my own. Shades of Grey fill my vision, as everything around me has become dull and colorless. I cannot feel her warmth on my own body, in-fact, I can't feel anything. I died. But why am I still inside this body? Why haven't I gone to heaven, or hell, or anyplace? Why is my body barricading my soul from leaving? Why haven't I moved on?

She cries for the longest time before calling for help. Terry still sobs on my chest, refusing to believe I have passed on. I glance over at Alistair's body. He is gone. His soul had nothing in the afterlife, so it went to he went to his rightful place. Alistair's victim makes her way over to Terry, who then releases her grip upon me and faces her. "Thank you," she chokes out. "If you hadn't have come sooner, I would have been dead."

Terry calls the police and they arrive shortly. I recognize some of the men as they look at me in pity. They can't believe that I got myself killed. For some reason, I was the last to be picked up out of the bodies. Sykes was first, then came Alistair, and lastly was me. I think they had a hard time accepting what my fate became. Poor Terry stays by my body, as they cover me up. Wait! Don't cover me up yet. I need to see her.

I felt myself, or what was left of me, float of my body and out from the covering. I had been free from my shell, but for some reason I just stay there. I look at Terry, as tears cover her cheeks. She was beautiful, even when she was upset. She talks to the police and they hand her some papers to fill out. She would have to be doing police work for some time.

I follow her outside and to her car. I place myself upon the passenger's seat, Terry in the driver's seat, and we drive off. I know she can't see my soul, but I watch her. I watch as she tries to hide back tears and make it back to her house. She takes in with her some paperwork from the back. She would be filling out these papers for some time, for they included many of the things that happened tonight, one of them describing my death.

I follow her to her room and she turns and stares straight at me, like she knew that something was there. "Mike?" I hear Terry whisper.

'I'm here,' I tell her, but I know she can't hear me.

Terry nearly scolds herself for being so dumb and unlocks her door. She steps inside, locks the door behind her, and throws the papers on the table. Terry stands there for a minute, anger and sadness bellowed up inside her, while I try to comfort her. She starts crying, as she feels my touch.

Her cat comes to her, but sees me. He doesn't meow, or hiss, or do anything, but just walks away. He knows my presence is here and he knows that I am trying to make her feel better, so he backs off, letting me consort her. Terry doesn't know what's going on. She doesn't know if I'm really here or not.

'But I am here Terry,' I assure her.

Terry goes into her room and collapses in her bed. Then she sleeps. Her cat jumps on the bed and cuddles next to her. Then she sleeps for the longest time, trying to erase the night, trying to forget everything that has happened. I watch her once more. God! She was so beautiful. Why didn't I tell her how I felt? I should have said something to her, but I didn't. I never let my emotions take the better of me.

This wasn't fair! I died and I never told the woman I loved my true feelings. I loved her more than anything else in this world. I'm so glad I met her, but I never wanted any of this to happen to her. I needed to let her know, so I got up and went to the phone in the kitchen, a new plan embedded in my mind. I dialed her phone number into her own phone and hung up.

The phone rang a few times before I eventually saw her wake up and pick up the phone. "Hello?" I hear her say and pick up the phone myself.

'Terry. I doubt you can hear me. I just wanted to say I love you," I say.

"Hello?" She says again and then hangs up. She stares off, wondering if she heard me or not.

At least it was worth a try, I say, and hang up the other end. Terry starts petting her cat and I know she is thinking about me.

'Don't worry Terry. I'm here now and I won't let anything happen to you. I'll watch over you, I'll protect you.' This is my vow.

I go to her room and sit down in the chair. Terry gives a small smile and I know she knows that I am here now. "I love you too Mike," she says and lays her head back down on the pillow, tears forming in her eyes.

I smile back at her. I'm glad she got my message.

The End