Lilly's POV

It's funny how fast time seems to be going by lately. One second I was feeling bitter with loneliness, and the next I was in love.

As a pup, I wasn't nearly as shy as I am now. I was actually pretty outgoing, thanks to my sister and possibly my only friend before the whole 'incident', Humphrey.

However as Kate became more focused on her alpha training and Humphrey became more focused on.. well... Kate, I was left practically alone for some time.

Humphrey never wanted to spend time with me anymore due to the fact that he was too busy chasing Kate. Of course we are becoming friends again, and he's like a brother to me, but at the time it felt unbearable.

It wasn't just the loneliness, but the constant feeling that I was never as good as my older sister Kate. Having Humphrey fawning over her never helped, especially since I assumed he would get hurt for it one day.. be it emotionally or maybe even physical. I knew he wasn't allowed to love her, and, did Kate even feel the same way? I doubted it at the time.

Don't get me wrong because I love Kate. I could never ask for a better sister.. Even as she got swept away from her time for me as teenagers, she always tried to make time for me before she left for alpha school.

Did she ever notice my jealousy? No, and I'm glad.

My parents always talked about how much of a beautiful alpha she would be and she certainly is one.. I don't think they realized how much it bothered me until the night I told them about how I fell in love with Garth.

I'll go on about that enough though throughout time, don't worry. Garth is definitely the best thing to ever walk into my life.. literally.

It was love at first sight.. or more of an attraction at first sight. I've never seen a wolf so handsome and strong!

A part of me felt like he was a complete jerk to be honest. However, the other part of me seemed to be upset that Kate got to knows him because of the former law that alphas and omega could not fall in love.

The night of the moonlight howl was possibly the worst and best night of my life all in one. Of course I 'met' Garth but I never really expected to have a chance with him because of Kate.

And let me tell you, Kate was the focus of that night. I wouldn't have even gone if it wasn't so important to her.. but it would've been nice if someone asked me if I wanted help getting ready, or if I had a date, I mean for crying out loud Kate got a thousand more compliments than my zero as I trailed behind her silently.

Even Humphrey was so depressed about Kate and Garth that he didn't want to spend any time with me.

Not to mention I was devastated when she went missing despite my slight bitter attitude that night.

After I fell in love with Garth though, I was no longer jealous of my sister.

I felt bad for the poor guy getting stood up because of his howling. I mean to be fair that was sort of rude on her part and I figured that he just needed to get a little stress off of him. But at the same time, so did Kate.

There was still that voice telling me he was a no good ladies man alpha, but I was drawn to him like a magnet. It was a peculiar attraction, begging me to come closer to him. Call me crazy, but I felt as if this was important.

So I showed him around the pack's territory. I learned that Garth was actually a pretty sweet and relaxed guy once you got on his good side.

So we hung out and I did some silly omega stuff of course.

A little voice in the back of my mind talked to me as we were walking. The afternoon breeze ruffled through his soft, red fur, and occasionally he looked over to me and smiled a genuine smile, his gorgeous emerald green eyes shining in the light of the sun filtering through the trees.

"I think he likes you, Lilly!"

But no, that was ridiculous! Sure he was cute but I didn't like him that way! My fur grew a light shade of pink as I listed off reasons why that was the stupidest thing I've ever told myself.

"He was an alpha! If you loved him it wouldn't even be legal!"

"Why would he pick a shy omega over someone like Kate? They'd make an unstoppable match!"

"Speaking of Kate, it was already decided that Garth was to marry her.. if she ever comes back.."

It hit me like a cold stone as I blushed a bit redder, painfully visible on my snow white face..

I hadn't thought of Kate since we left earlier that day.

I was so worried about her but it seems that I had almost forgotten.

"Oh no," I thought as my face couldn't grow any redder. "You like him! But.. you can't!"

I heard a soothing and handsome voice break my thoughts. "Hey, you sure blush a lot Lilly." He gave me a sly smirk but I saw the playful glimmer in his eyes, and it calmed me down.

I let out a soft sigh and just smiled up at him. "Sorry, I get that a lot." I felt my heart beat pick up, and I had a tickly feeling spreading from my nose to my tail tip in a rapid fever.

How was this even happening? We didn't have anything in common!

But of course we did, I just didn't know yet.

Garth's POV

I'll be honest with you, at first I wasn't too keen to be sent off with a little she wolf omega, especially one who happened to be the sister of the one who ditched me over something I just couldn't help.

The air had been filling up my head after alpha school. Not only did I realize how good of an alpha I was, but I realized how handsome of one I was too.

I noticed more girls everywhere I went, and a lot more fawning than I thought I deserved.

I lost my down to Earth touch I had before meeting Lilly.

We headed off and I let off a sigh, trying to avoid eye contact with.. whoever she was. The last thing I needed was an omega falling for me when I was marrying her sister.

Little did I know I would fall for her before she even fell for me.

I decided I should at least know her name. She would be family after all.. as weird as it seemed to me. Also, I needed to learn the territory of our future land.

"So uh, I never caught your name.. I mean I heard your mom say it but.." I started to say, hoping she wasn't a very chatty omega, or that she at least could take a hint.

I felt kinda bad for not knowing her name. All I've ever heard about her is that she was the second daughter of Winston and Eve, and that she was an omega. I'd heard plenty about Kate at the time though, and tried to ignore that I felt kinda bad that they didn't talk about their omega as much.

She stopped me there, opening her mouth to interrupt me. "Oh no no no, it's fine.. I get that a lot.. and besides, you've probably got a lot on your mind.. my name is Lilly."

Lilly. That was simple to remember. I thought of the flower. Innocent and pure.. For an omega I wouldn't be surprised if that fit her well.. which it did.

I started to listen a bit more as I looked at my surroundings. Lilly had a soft voice, that was sweet like honey drizzling onto your tongue. It calmed my ears and I felt relaxation as her voice trailed into my ears, even then I couldn't say I didn't like it.. in fact, it was kind of cute.

"Oh.. Nice to meet you Lilly." I said, somewhat half heartedly. Sure, she had a nice voice and a name that wasn't ridiculous... but I was still fed up about last night and I was sort of in a sour mood about it.

"You too!" She said in a happy tone. The omega seemed to be pleased with just having company. I guess losing her sister was pretty hard on her. Or she could just be friendly. It turned out to be both, actually.

We walked in silence for a few more moments, as I still cared to look in the opposite direction of her.

"So uh.. how do you like the territory so far?" Lilly asked, breaking the peaceful silence of the chirping birds. Her voice fell in well to those soft sounds though.

"It's great." I answered honestly. While we had more prey, they certainly had more beautiful sights to see. Combining the territories was a great idea.

I raised my muzzle to sniff around so I could remember this area, but it was quickly covered by a whiff of sweet lavender.

I looked at the ground to see no sign of the plant and let my confusion get to me for a moment, but then I realized the obvious.

"That must be her scent.." I thought to myself, holding the smell in for a moment longer. It was more pleasing than most omegas, I'd admit.

"So Garth, where do you want to go?" The omega questioned politely, stopping and sitting down to look at me.

I let out a slightly annoyed sigh as I realized it would be rude to ignore this omega much longer. I turned my head and opened my mouth to speak, but the words didn't come out.

I finally got my first good look at her.. and wow..

My eyes softened from their hard, annoyed expression and lit up curiously.

I expected her to be another scruffy omega, and while she did have tufts of fur out of place here and there, she was still lovely and it captured her playful spirit well.

Her fur was gleaming as she sat in a direct ray of light, patiently waiting for my response as she gave me a curious expression.

Lilly's fur was nice and soft looking, and it wasn't often that you saw a wolf of pure white. It really did capture the innocence of her voice and name.

I've never seen a wolf so beautiful before, even if I wouldn't admit it. I did let it slip in my mind however that I had never seen such a pretty omega before in my life.

She was quite cute, I admitted it to myself.. She had the small frame of an omega, making her look awfully delicate. I could most likely carry her on my back she was so small. Her muzzle had a goofy smile on it, and the one eye I could see lit up with amusement.

Wait a second.. Were her eyes purple? The lavender scent felt even more right now. Impossible.. I felt intrigued by them, but she hid them so well I gave up.

"Uhh Garth, did you hear me?" She giggled a bit.

My heart noticeably skipped a beat as her laugh chimed in my ears, causing me to worry about myself.

I shook my head, getting caught up in the summer weather was all. She was pretty but I knew better than to admit it.

"Sorry, I was lost in thought.. Ask again?" I said, finally smiling. I could see myself enjoying her company now. She didn't seem as annoying as I thought.