There is some slight changes in characters, but nothing major. There is a good reason for them though, and they relate to the story.

Robin: 21 years old? (Currently) Brown hair, medium build, Prefers sword over magic.

Lucina: 20 years old (Currently) Prefers wielding the parallel falchion.

Morgan: 16 years old? Mother's hair color. Prefers running around in circles.

The Tales of Tacticians and Princess by DoublethinkAgain has a small scene where Lucina tells Morgan a story. I would like to credit him for the idea/inspiration, but I do not plan on copying his work.

One other important tidbit, there will be no OCs in this story.

Bed Time Story

Morgan had an amazing day at the beach. She spent the whole day playing with the other children, and burying Gerome in the sand. Not to mention, Cynthia and Noire were always so much fun to play with, and they could keep up with her unlimited supply of energy. Eventually, Morgan and Cynthia decided to build a sandcastle, but it was soon under siege by a terrifying archer-monster-type-thing. It became clear that only Morgan could stop it and she charged forward to protect the sandy fortress.

Until she got bored and destroyed the castle herself. You could hear the three laughing from a mile away, and it brought a great smile to the two parents watching from afar.


Ever since the war ended, Morgan spent all her time running around or studying tactical books that her father used. It was always hard for her parents to keep up with her. They had faced many things in the past, but never anything like this little girl filled with unending energy. However, Robin and Lucina always found a way to persevere through it.

It was almost midnight, and Robin was carrying Morgan in his arms. She had a spectacular day and never wanted it to end, but her parents forced her to try something called sleeping. He gently placed Morgan in her bed, and Lucina tucked her in tightly. Of course, that was the easy part. In the last few days Morgan had found a way to delay going to bed for hours by arguing tactics with her father or talking to her mother about dresses. Once the charade was finally over, she would sprint around the castle courtyard. Naturally, Robin knew something would have to change, or they would be chasing her all the way to Elibe.

So tonight Robin and Lucina were at opposite sides of the bed ready for the moment Morgan would try to break free. Morgan had been tucked into the bed and only her face was showing above the sheets. Lucina leaned over and kissed her daughter on the forehead and said,

"Good night my little angel."

Morgan always loved when her mom said that. It was one of the few memories she had of her before their reunion. Nevertheless, she tried to wriggle free of her sheets and sprint for the door, but Lucina had tucked her in so tightly that she couldn't move. Morgan was desperate and running out of options. It was getting harder to stay awake each day, and her parents adapted to her tactics.

"But Mom! I don't want to go to sleep yet!" She used all of her energy to try to break free of her linen prison, but the sheets did not budge.

"I know dear, but think about all the fun we will have tomorrow."

"But what about all the fun we could have now!"

"Your grandfather is asleep, and we wouldn't want to wake the cranky old man." Robin joked which brought a giggle from his two favorite girls. It took a long time, but his wife was finally starting to get his jokes.

"But Daaad! We haven't even begun discussing tactics when it is raining!"

Robin was looking into her piercing blue puppy eyes. The dreaded innocent and sweet stare every daughter gives to their farther when they plea for something they really want. Robin probably would have given in too, but his wife knew the trick all too well.

"Don't listen to her dear. You know what happens when I give you that look."

Robin laughed just remembering the day, but it was fun in the end. Of course, any time he spent with her was worth it.

"We can talk about tactics tomorrow Morgan. I will even discuss snow-warfare."

"Awww...How am I going to sleep when I am so excited for tomorrow!"

"You say that every night."

"...but how can I sleep?...I got it! You can tell me a bedtime story!" Morgan was now filled with even more energy if that was even possible, and her dazzling smile broke both of her parents. They resigned and tried to search their memories for an old tale they heard.

Lucina only knew a handful of stories from her past, but she could give it a try.

"What story would you like us to tell you sweetie?"

"An action packed and heroic story! The greatest story that ever existed!" She tried to move her hand pretending to hold a sword, but the sheets still prevented her from moving.

Robin chuckled, "And how is an action packed story going to put you to sleep?"

"... Um, I mean it will be informative, elegant, and a quiet story...with a moral at the end."

Robin and Lucina grinned back at their daughter's antics.

"Okay, ONE heroic story. Now what would you like to hear?" Robin said while trying to think of a story, but nothing came to mind. Perhaps something with a Pegasus.

"I told you! The greatest story in the whole world! My Families Story! All the way from the beginning!"

Robin was motionless and confused, and Lucina was feeling the same, but she managed to break the gaze of her smiling daughter first.

"Dear, you already know that story."

Morgan protested, "Not about how you met! Oh, and how you dealt with Gangrel...and you never mentioned your first date. All I have is small anecdotes."

"You just want a long story to stay up." said the clever tactician

Morgan's hope was fading, and see tried her last life line. "Pretty please! I will never ask for anything ever again!"

Lucina was doing her best hold in a laugh, and Robin finally gave in.

*Sigh* "Okay, but you have to promise to go to sleep afterwards."

"I promise!"


"It all started in a field over three years ago-"

"Chrom, we have to do SOMETHING."

"What do you suppose we do?"

"I dunno"


"There are better places to take a nap than on the ground you know."


"No No No!"

"What now Morgan? You wanted to start from the beginning."

"The beginning when you first met mommy!"

Robin looked over to Lucina and was a little confused.

"Do you mean when she saved Chrom from the risen in Plegia and revealed her identity?"

"No, when mommy was still Marth! I want to hear everything about my heroic parents in FULL detail!"

"I am not sure if Lucina would like to-"

"It's okay love." She paused with a small grin. "I would like to hear what you were thinking"

"...Well how can I refuse the two most beautiful women in the world? All right.

It all started in a forest on a quiet and ordinary night. It was a small band of four sitting around a campfire, and our destination was the mysterious capital of Ylisse. But little did Chrom and I know that our lives would change forever.


"I am sorry! ...I didn't know that pebbles meant so much to you."

"Pah! Throwing a rock into the path could have led to disastrous effects! Chrom could have tripped, and I would have had your head!" Frederick scoffed at the young traveler while Chrom was laughing over his knight's patronage.

"Oh ignore him Robin, he is over protective." Said the smiling girl.

"Frederick, I fear you worry too much about Chrom. He looks very capable to recover from a fall without injury." I tried to give a friendly smile while waiting for the food to cook. I was beyond starving as my stomach groaned and gnawed at me.

"And what if he tripped on a rock that cut him? AND what if this rock happened to have a rare poisonous fungus on its tip. AND what if this rare mushroom was not curable by any known form of healing? You my friend, would stand trial for the murder of !" He quickly stopped himself before he could finish his stern rant.

… "For the murder of who? … Are you more than just shepherds that protect the land from bandits?"

"Heh, I suppose you could say we have some connections with a noble family." Chrom said as he stared at his bodyguard with a raised brow.

"Really? I guess that explains Frederick's eccentric behavior."

"What you call eccentric is my sworn duty to serve Lord Chrom."

Chrom grimaced, "Enough of that Frederick. You know how much I hate titles."

"I beg your apologies Milord."


Once The food was done cooking, Chrom and I started eating the bear meat that Frederick had hunted. Lissa was complaining about something with the food, but I could barely listen over the growling of my stomach. At that moment, I could not think about anything other than satisfying my hunger. I was eating so quickly that I almost choked a couple times on the bones in the meat.

"Careful Robin. Some of it is getting in your mouth!" Lissa teased.


After we finally finished dinner, we talked about bugs and spiders, but that was only to annoy Lissa. Everyone was tired, and Chrom assured me that I wanted to be fully awake for tomorrow. So we all prepared to get some sleep on the ground.

"Good night brother, Robin, and annoying Frederick." said Lissa who immediately nodded off.

Seeing her fall asleep so quickly was comical, but her snoring could be heard by anyone within Ylisse.

Chrom laughed at his sister and turned to me, "Don't worry, you get used to the snoring."

"Er, I hope so...Frederick are you going to sleep as well?" I looked at Frederick in curious as he was sitting up seemingly uninterested in the activity.

"Why do you ask stranger? Hoping to murder Chrom while his guard is asleep?"

I could never tell if he was joking or not, because he always said everything with a straight face. "Well other than that, you are still wearing your armor. That must be very uncomfortable to sleep in."

"Pff, I can handle a little discomfort, I need to be ready at a moments notice if anyone tries to attack my Lord or Lady."

I took at moment to stare at the proud bodyguard and said, "Your dedication is to be admired Sir Frederick. Chrom and Lissa are lucky to have you."

Frederick actually gave a small grin and said, "I am glad someone realizes the importance of my duty."

Chrom groaned, and pretended he could not hear us.

Frederick and I went to bed shortly after. I was going to use a rock as my pillow, but it had a mushroom on it which Frederick had adamantly warned me about. So I elected to sleep without a head rest, and I had some trouble sleeping as a nightmare was plaguing my dreams. Unfortunately, things became even worse when I was violently woken up.

Fireballs were raining from the sky, and the ground was shaking. A tree next to me was on fire, and the smoke was unbearable. I awoke to a spear at my throat, and a very mad Frederick ready to pounce at any second.

"Where are they?!" shouted Frederick in a tone that could have killed by itself.

"Huh? My Gods! What is happening?!" I did not know what was more terrifying. Seeing a fireball nearly strike us about a foot away, or Frederick mad and threatening me with his spear.

"Don't give me that excuse! What did you do with Chrom and Lissa?!"

My eyes widened in a panic. "They are gone?! That doesn't make sense. Where would they go in a firestorm like this? Quick, we have to split up and find them before they get hurt!"

"So you can escape?! Never! You will tell me where they are now, or you die right here!"

"I don't know!" I protested in fear and shock.

He stared at me with cold and heartless eyes as and his spear touched my neck. I was waiting for my execution, but the next second he was sprinting behind me and attacking something else. I turned around to see a hideous creature with glowing red eyes and decaying flesh try to swing his axe at Frederick, but his armor stood the blow. Then, Frederick thrust his spear into the figure's stomach and it disappeared into thin air.

I quickly rose up and drew my iron sword while scanning the area. Two more creatures were charging over to attack Frederick and I instinctively ran over to help. Despite my running, I was still too far away from the skirmish and I had no magic to attack from a distance. I sold my fire tome earlier since I was broke and in need of money. The tome itself didn't work during the fight in the town, and I wanted to eat food instead of fire when Chrom and I parted ways.

However, it seemed my worries were misguided as Frederick effortlessly defended himself against his attackers. A spear went through one of them, and it left a purple cloud of dust as it vanished. The other husk swung his giant axe and sliced the air in front of Frederick, but dodged with surprising agility. I finally reached the grotesque figure and swung my iron sword, but he blocked it with his axe. I was struggling to break our lock when the knight's spear stabbed the creature from behind.


We could see more red eyes peering through the forest, but the sounds of two people running towards us caught our attention more. Chrom and Lissa suddenly rejoined us from wherever they decided to run off.

"Milord! Milady! Are you hurt?"

"We are fine." Chrom said while looking back behind him.

I tried to catch my breath and recover from this violent nightmare. None of it made sense, and I could hear the moans of the beasts coming from the east of us.

"Are these things a normal occurrence in these lands? Because you never mentioned anything about this!"

"No, I have never seen these things before, but they are coming this way!" Chrom motioned to the red eyes looking on from afar.

"Right! Um ... Chrom, Frederick, head over towards those old ruins. Lissa, I'll protect you." I commanded instinctively knowing I could ask questions later.

Frederick gave me another stare of contempt, but he ran toward the enemies with his Lord. Lissa and I followed behind them, but in a more defensive approach. It did not take long to reach the husks of flesh. Meanwhile Chrom and Frederick split up and took on the enemies by themselves.

"Lissa, Look out!"

A risen appeared out of nowhere behind her, and I managed to block the blow of the swordsman. He was quicker than I was expecting and he thrust his sword straight at me a second time. I barely deflected the attack and fell to ground from the sheer strength of his attack. I didn't have enough time to get up and he prepared his final blow.

I was looking at his soulless red eyes when he was hit from behind. Lissa had smacked her staff into the back of his head. The monster was not phased, but he turned to see where the attack had come from. He was distracted just long enough for me to lunge my sword towards his stomach which caused him to vanish into thin air.

"T-thanks Lissa." I was gasping for breath after another close call.

"Y-yoour welcome." She said doing everything she could to stay calm.

Regaining my senses, I scanned the battlefield to see Chrom and Frederick progressing further into the forest, while three new characters had entered the melee. A knight in red armor was desperately trying to survive the horde approaching with an archer assisting her. There was also a masked man charging at the front of everyone else who seemed to be unaffected by these strange creatures.

"Lissa! Who are those people helping us?"

"Those two over there are shepherds like us, and the masked one in blue came from a portal."

"What?" I said confused.

"It was a large big circular thingy and it made ominous and creepy sounds. He came out of this purple thingy and saved me from the ugly things!"


"We were just walking in the forest when it happened! It was like phooo Grr swoosh."

"...Never mind, sorry I asked, just follow me and we will sort this out later."

"O-okay." She said timidly. "I'll be right behind!"

Chrom, Frederick, and the masked man were plowing right through the enemy, but the two other fighters were struggling heavily against the enemy so Lissa and I ran over to assist. When we finally reached them, the archer sniped most of our enemy, but the knight was severely wounded. Lissa did the best she could to heal the grunting knight, and I assisted the archer to take down the last two zombies in the area.

I could see Chrom and the masked man in the distance dealing the lethal blow to the last enemy. Once the madness was finally over, Lissa and I ran back over to Chrom and Frederick after she finished healing the injured cavalier.


The four of us stared at the strong and skilled swordsman. Lissa was the first to break the bitter silence as we stood and marveled at the masked man who seemed to effortlessly counter these beasts.

"Um, I never got to thank you for before. So...thank you. You were very brave."

"You saved my sister's life and for that I cannot thank you enough. My name is Chrom. Might I ask yours?"

"You may call me Marth."


I don't remember falling asleep that night, but I slowly cracked open my eyes to the bright morning sun. Feeling them burn under the intense brightness, I rubbed my eyes and adjusted to the glaring light.

When my vision finally returned, I woke up to the same camp site I had violently been awaken from just hours ago. Frederick was already up and clearing the path while the other four slept.

"Gah, my head..."

There was a faint hope that it was a nightmare, but I saw Virion the archer, and Sully the loud sleeping next to a couple of trees. It was all real, and none of it made sense.

I groaned and did not bother to get off of the floor, because my head felt like it weighed a hundred pounds. After all of that chaos, I finally had a second to try to understand the situation, and at the pace things were going, I probably would not get another one for a while.

Lets see, I don't know who the hell I am. I am traveling with strangers. I know about tactics, and yet I can't remember anything else about my past. I can wield a sword and-"Erg my head"I groaned feeling it throb again. What the hell happened last night? Those things ...they were nothing more than dead flesh and brute strength. Ugh, why did that masked Marth right? Gah, he said something about a horrible calamity? Grr So many questions, and no answers!

I guess I better let this play out. Where are we headed again? Wilsatoll or was it Ylisstol?


"Huh!? Oh uh Frederick, I didn't see you there."

"Hmm." He gave an emotionless stare that made me tense up.

"Um, can I help you with something?"

He shrugged and said, "It was an error on my part to threaten your life last night. My apologies"

"Huh? Oh, you mean the spear at my neck..." I laughed nervously while scratching my head. "I guess I did look pretty suspicious and I can't really blame you for it... I know you are not fond of me either, but I hope we can just forget it. No sense dwelling on the past, right?"

"Very well." He nodded respectfully. "I don't mean you any harm stranger, but my duty is to protect Chrom and Lissa with my life."

Lissa started making noises in her sleep. It would not take long for her snoring to wake up the rest of the group.

"I understand, and hopefully I can earn my trust one day Sir Frederick. We are both Shepherds now...even if I don't know what that means yet."

"And? What happens next!?" Morgan asked impatiently.

"Heh, it's getting late Morgan. I'll tell you some more tomorrow."

"But Daaad!"

"No buts young lady. We had a deal, and now it's time for you to go to bed."

"You promised me the full story though!"

"Right, and we shall go through it a chapter at a time. But right now, it is time for you to get some rest."

"Awww, but we barely even talked about Mom! That was a terrible first meeting! You didn't even say hi to her!"

Robin looked at Lucina and they both laughed. "Well, next time I am in a forest, and a masked 'man' is fighting a horde of monsters with fire raining from the sky. I will be sure to introduce myself."

"Good!" She cried energetically.

Robin leaned over and kissed his daughter on the cheek. He also loosened the sheets a little so she could move again. The two parents both said goodnight to Morgan and walked to the door. They looked back at Morgan to see her snuggled in her blanket. Despite her restlessness, she was very comfortable in her nice soft bed. Robin was about to close the door behind him, when he said one more thing.

"Oh, if you try to delay your bedtime or start running around in the middle of the night, then you will get no story tomorrow."

"Awww, you are so mean!"

The door shut behind them. It was the first time they had managed to get Morgan into bed before one in the morning.

Robin wrapped his arm across Lucina as they walked to their room and said, "She is so full of energy."

"...Well at least we got her to sleep this time." Lucina said cheerfully.

"True, but I am afraid I am a hypocrite. I don't want to go to sleep either."Robin moved his head and looked straight into her blue eyes. He could never get tired of looking at the flawless diamond he saw in front of him.

"Oh, why is that dear?"

Robin chuckled for a second before he hugged his wife at the end of the hall way. A bright and full moon showed the two together in each other's arms.

"Because then I couldn't see your beautiful face."


A writer tend to lose credibility when he talks about what he likes.

That being said... I love this pairing. It is my favorite out of anything. Movies, Games, Books. This is my favorite.