Lucina opened her eyes to feel the sun's warmth press against her face. Fearing she slept in too long, she tried to get up but the muscles in her shoulder howled in response from the sudden movement. Despite two days passing, there was still some soreness in her arms which made it difficult to move around. The duel with Priam proved to be one challenge that pushed her pasts her limits. Yet, that did not stop the two tacticians from praising how well she fought. Half the time she wasn't sure what to do with her crazy family, although she was glad they kept her company while she was immobilized.

"How you feeling today?" Robin asked as the princess gently eased herself up in bed.

"Better." Lucina said while rubbing her shoulder to ease the tension in her muscles. Although she liked it better when her husband did it for her. "I think I will be able to move around more today."

"That's good." Robin nodded. "Depending on how you feel, we can head home in a day or two. I'm sure Chrom and Sumia will be eager to hear how the tournament went."

"I can travel today." Lucina insisted not wanting to be a burden. "I don't want to keep you or Morgan waiting. She is probably anxious to return home as well."

"One more day won't hurt." Robin replied cheerful. "Besides, I have something special planned for today. I even bribed Morgan so it will be just the two of us."

"Oh?" Lucina asked interested. "How'd you manage that?"

He smiled back and said "I promised her we would tell the last part of our story."

"That's right. This is the last one." The princess said wondering how time had slipped away so fast. "I suppose we will need to figure out some other way to keep her occupied now."

"Yeah, and soon or else we will never get any sleep." The tactician replied gravely.

She agreed, but for now that could wait. There was one other mystery that needed to be solved and that was whatever her husband had planned. Especially with that the insidious smile he had earlier. "So tell me. What else is going on in that sneaky head of yours?"

"I would tell you, but it is a secret." Robin smirked back.

Lucina looked up skeptical and said, "I'm not sure I like the sound of that."

"Relax dear. I think you will like it." He replied confident.

After some more time went by, Morgan came knocking on their door impatiently waiting her story. While a lot had changed in the past few months, somethings always stay the same.

"Story!" Morgan demanded while barging in.

"Alright. Alright, settle down." Robin tried to calm the energetic monster.

"I can't help it. It's been forever since you left off."

"We did get a bit sidetracked when Sarah showed up." Robin replied not thinking much of it yet. There would be plenty of time to reflect on his past when he got home.

"Yeah, but it was really nice meeting her."

"It was." The tactician agreed. "She was a really interesting housekeeper. I'm sure she has a story of her own"

Lucina nodded while she resisted the temptation to tell him the truth. It could wait until the time was right, and she would be by him while he took the news.

"Yep! But now we can continue where we left off. Especially since we are at the best part!" Morgan said eagerly.

Robin laughed and said, "I don't know about that. My favorite part was getting married."

"Mine as well." Lucina smiled back happily.

"Nonsense! This part is clearly the best!" She insisted.

"Well, then I guess we better get to it."


Not a day went by after Lucina and I returned home without hovering over each other like two love struck newlyweds. In the end, neither Lucina or I thought things would get any better. Sharing each day together was more than enough for us. That is, until the two of us went into town to drop off a package. It was there where a special surprise would cross paths with us. A child, roughly the age of sixteen approached us, and she was both tired and pale looking. To make matters even worse, she couldn't find the two people she was looking for.


"You've lost your parents?" Lucina cried out horrified. "Heavens, that's terrible!"

"Mhm. Last thing I remember was waking up in Mount Prism without them. I don't have a clue where they ran off to."

"Hold on a second!" I stopped her in dismay "You walked all the way here from Mount Prism?!"

She nodded tiredly. "I couldn't find them over there, so maybe they are back at home."

"Where might that be?" Lucina asked ready to carry the young child if she needed to. Her voice was gentle and soothing like what you might expect from a mother.

"The castle." She smiled back.

"You live in a castle?" Lucina asked perplexed. Neither of us remembered seeing this young woman before. Maybe she was a distant cousin or something that we didn't know about.

"Yes, my mother is a beautiful princess, and father likes to teach me tactics. It's so much fun being around them."

"... Pardon?" The two of us said in sync.

"Oh, sorry." The girl shook her head and said, "I don't mean to ramble on."

"No, it's okay." Lucina said warmly. "Could you at least tell us your name sweetie?"

"My name?" She whispered puzzled at the question. She then looked up towards us and said, "Its Morgan."

"Morgan?" Lucina repeated to herself. "Why, that is a lovely name."

"Thank you." The child beamed. "It is a name that is going to carry on my parent's wondrous legacy. Now, if only I could find-" In that instant, her eyes crossed paths with ours. A sudden wave of shock rose from within her before she shouted in joy. "Mother! Father! There are you are! I've been looking all over for you!"

Naturally, both Lucina and I froze like statues. The words she said didn't fully register and I thought I misheard her. "... I'm sorry. What?"

"I was beginning to think something happened to you two, but I should have known better. Nothing can stop the power of my legendary parents!"

"...I'm sorry. What?" Lucina said not understanding what she meant either.

With an ecstatic glee, she said "But everything is okay now! I can finally play with you two again, and go on adventures, and get in trouble, and-"

"Wait, let's go back to this 'Father' thing." I replied trying to make sense out of this.

"Y-yes." Lucina said bewildered. "I fear you are mistaken sweetie. You must have us confused with someone else."

"Huh?" Morgan asked while scrunching her face. "Oh! I get it. This is another game of yours. Clever, but you won't trick me! Not even those disguises will throw me off!"

"Disguises?" I asked finding more questions than answers.

"Yeah. I almost didn't recognize you two because you both look so young! I swear, you two are glowing even more than usual!"

"Oh, um, I'm flattered." Lucina said trying to think of what else to say. "But I really am sorry Morgan. We couldn't be your parents. We've only been married for a little more than a month."

"That's right. It wouldn't be possible for us to have a child yet." I replied thinking the same. The time traveling rule did not apply because it didn't seem like this girl traveled with Lucina. Although, it was very unsettling how closely this girl looked like her. She even had the same stance as her, but it must have been a coincidence.

"Whuh?" She paused for a moment and looked carefully between the two of us. "Come on you two. Quit playing around. I would never forget who my parents are. Especially not when they are in front of me!"

Both Lucina and I glanced back at each other not sure what was going on. This seemed so bizarre that I half thought I was dreaming. "Listen sweetie." Lucina placed her hand on Morgan's shoulder and said gently. "I'm sure you are scared and worried about where your parents are. But don't worry, Robin and I will do everything in our power to help find them for you. I promise."

Morgan bit the side of her lip and said afraid, "Why are you looking at me like that mother? Did I do something wrong? It is like you don't even recognize me."

Seeing that she was starting to panic, I chimed in and said, "Morgan, could you tell us more about, um us, and the last thing you remember before being separated?"

"I … I don't know." Morgan said covering her head. "But the moment I came back I looked everywhere for you two. When you weren't there I figured you must be at home."

"Came back?" I asked carefully. "Where did you come back from?"

"Ngh. My head." Morgan closed her eyes and grimaced in pain as she tried to recall the answer. Her arms were shaking and she looked incredibly tired.

"Easy now. Don't strain yourself." Lucina whispered reassuringly. Her voice was both sweet and kind as she tried to ease the girl's worries.

Morgan slowly looked back at Lucina and said, "M-mother. I don't understand."

"Don't worry. Everything is going to be alright sweetie. We will sort this out." Lucina said in a soft and loving tone.

Morgan gently nodded her head as she looked back to me. "Father, you recognize me. Don't you?"

"I um." I stuttered as she lowered her head disappointed. "It is remarkable how much you resemble us."

"Right!" Morgan said urgently remembering something that could help prove her claim. "I even have the mark of the Exalt. Just like mother does!"

"You do? … But you couldn't. That would mean-" Lucina stopped in dismay. The realization had not set well with either of us.

Quickly, the girl reached down near her foot and pulled up her cloak to reveal the Ylissean mark near her ankle.

"See?" Morgan asked hoping that it was enough to prove herself.

"I … that can't be." Lucina whispered in awe.

Equally unsettled, I gulped fearing the worst and asked, "Morgan. By any chance, do you have the mark of a dragon as well?"

"Huh?" Morgan scrunched her eyes confused. "What do you mean father? I thought when you defeated Grima the mark left you for good. So why would I have it?"

Lucina and I looked back at each other with wide eyes. How was it possible for her to know about that? Even I hadn't noticed it until Lucina brought it up. "Morgan. Could you tell us a little more?" I said trying to make sense out of all this.

"Of course! There is so much to tell. After all, you two are the best parents in the whole wide world! I still remember the time when we … we." Morgan paused as she stumbled for the words. Perhaps out of the three of us, she was the most troubled not being able to remember. "...Ngh. Come on you stupid brain. How could you forget that awesome trip? It was right before dad got- Nnnnh" She closed her eyes again as the strain burrowed into her head.

"It's okay. I'm sure the memory will return after you get some rest." Lucina replied hopeful.

"Right!" Morgan said quickly. "The memories will come back soon. I know they will! I could never forget about you two for long!"

She bounced back so quickly that I was afraid to ask anything else fearing I would only strain her more. The heavens knew I had a million questions, but those would have to wait until later.


Seeing that she was tired and possibly hurt, we took her back to the castle to get some rest. Along the way she spoke about a few other puzzling things like vacations we had never been on or the types of foods she liked to eat, which was nearly everything you could list. Thankfully, there were no incidents when we returned to the castle. Only a few confused looks by some of the guards.

Shortly after we took her to one of the guest bedrooms and let her get some rest. Morgan didn't want to go to sleep, but her body succumbed to the idea with little trouble. She then fell into a deep sleep that she would not leave anytime soon. Leaving both Lucina and I very, very confused. "

It couldn't be. It just couldn't." Lucina whispered to herself after we closed the door behind us. "... But she has the mark. I don't understand."

"Neither do I." I replied dazed.

"R-Robin." She clutched her hand to her heart and said, "She looks so much like us. It's scary."

For a moment I had a thought I was trying to suppress. It was the last thing I wanted to think of, but it was the only thing that made sense. "Do you think … I mean. Could it really be possible that she is our..."

Lucina held her breath and said, "But she is nearly my sister's age. How could that be?"

"I imagine Chrom and Sumia have had this same conversation before." I replied giving my best guess.

"But, why would she come back?"

"I don't know, and it doesn't seem like she does either." I shrugged.

Lucina thought it over for a moment and said alarmed, "Oh gods. What if something happened? What if Grima is still alive?"

I paused for a moment and thought it over. "No, I don't think that is it. At least, she seems to believe he is dead. So maybe it isn't that. We won't really know until she regains her memories."

"Right. She must be so scared. She can't remember anything, and the two people she calls her parents don't recognize her." Lucina said worried.

"She's brave too. It wouldn't be easy to travel here from Mount Prism."

"Especially without her memories. Gods, she seems so calm despite everything that has happened to her."

"Do you think that maybe traveling through time had something to do with her memory loss?"

"It's possible. The strain is what caused my friends to get separated. Maybe it also has an effect on memory?" She asked not really sure.

"Could be." I nodded back. "Although I hope it is only short-term. We don't need another me running around."

"I think it is already too late for that, dear." She replied lowly.

"R-right." I hesitantly said uncomfortable. "If she is our ... successor, then we're already too late."

Lucina looked at the sky in wonder and said, "Dear Naga, what do we do? This wasn't how things were supposed to go."

"Well, marrying me wasn't exactly part of the plan either, and I like to think that as a pleasant change." I added while reaching out to hold her hand.

The princess stopped for a moment and softly said, "I think it went too well dear. We already have a time traveling child after a month. My parents at least had two years to gather themselves before I came into their lives.

"Perhaps we should ask them for advice. They would know this situation the best. Especially since they also experienced Cynthia's return."

"True." Lucina thought it over and looked towards me very tense, "But Robin. I'm not ready to be a … to be a m-mother."

"And you think I am ready to be a father?" I laughed trying to hide my own fears. "I'm still half convinced I'm dreaming."

"Me too." She admitted unsure of things. "But, do you think it is our fault that she is here? Did we do something to make the future even worse?"

"It's too early to say. Whatever it is, it must have been important enough for Naga to send her back. We will have to make it a priority to speak with Tiki when we get a chance. First thing is first, we have a young girl that needs our help"

"Right." She nodded. "Until then we have to figure out what to do with her and keep her safe."

"That will be the hard part. I don't remember being a child, much less what to do with one."

Lucina sighed and said, "I didn't have much of a childhood either, but hopefully my parents will know what to do."

"... Or at least, hopefully Sumia will know what to do. I doubt Chrom will handle this well. Then again, I don't think I'm doing a good job either."

"Nor am I." Lucina said lowly. "I-I mean. I did picture the two of us having a child some day, but even then I didn't actually imagine that we might have one so … soon. Robin, do you think that. I mean, are you okay with this?"

"I don't know if okay is the right word." I stuttered. "But to think that you and I have such a beautiful and courageous child. It feels good. She definitely gets those traits from you."

Lucina gave a faint smile and said, "Don't sell yourself short dear. She looks a lot like you too."

"That's usually how it goes, right?" I joked.

She laughed back and said, "Yeah. I guess so. Naga. We really are parents."

"Mother, father. Thank you for coming." Lucina said quietly.

"It's no trouble Lucina." Chrom replied sincerely. "It's always a pleasure to spend time with you. Now, what's this about?"

"Well, um, I don't know how to say this." I laughed nervously. "So, I guess it is better to show you. Morgan, could you come in here?"

One energetic girl soon rushed through the door with a wide smile and said, "You called dad?"

"Dad?" Sumia and Chrom said simultaneously in surprise.

Lucina then cleared her throat and said, "Mother, father. I'd like to introduce you to Morgan. She … is our daughter. We found her during our trip into town."

"... What?" Chrom said confused

"Hi Grandpa, Grandma! It's good to see you again!" Morgan exclaimed happily.

"... What?"

"Grandma?" Sumia said thinking it over before looking at the two uncertain parents. "Does that mean that you two are?-"

"Yes. Or at least we think so." Lucina said tenderly. "She has the mark of the Exalt, but she has lost her memories. Probably from traveling back in time."

"Well that does sound like a certain tactician we know." Sumia hummed happily.

"You are taking this rather well." I remarked surprised.

"Why wouldn't I be? I've seen enough time traveling children by now that it is almost normal. Although it is strange to see you two have such a beautiful and sweet girl so early."

"Thank you." Morgan beamed from the compliment.

"Polite too." She hummed. "Isn't she Chrom?"

"... What?" He asked still stunned.

Sumia giggled and said, "Looks like we broke him again."

"Hehe." Morgan laughed seeing the stunned look on Chrom's face. "I haven't seen grandpa that pale in ages. Ah, good times those were. Or, at least I think they were."

"Oh? You do remember somethings about your past?" Sumia asked interested.

"Bits and pieces, but it is all fuzzy." Morgan said and knocked on her head a couple of times.

"I see. Do you remember spending time with me, at all?" Sumia asked hopeful.

"Of course!" Morgan exclaimed. "It's always fun to spend time with you! Especially when we go soaring through the sky on your pegasus!"

"Eee!" Sumia squealed in delight. "Did you hear that Chrom?"

"I um. You two, and her. But she is, and you are." Chrom mumbled incoherently.

"Oh lighten up Chrom. We don't need you fainting again."

"B-but Sumia. Didn't you hear what they said? And this girl-"

"Honestly Chrom. Robin and Lucina are in the prime of their lives, have a deep trust for each other, they are in top physical condition, and are filled with raging hormones that overwhelm them like a giant tidal wave. What exactly were you expecting to happen?" Sumia scolded thinking the outcome was obvious.

"I … I wasn't expecting anything to happen!" Chrom defended while horrified at the thought. "Why in Naga's name were you thinking about that stuff?!"

"Because I've always wanted grandchildren! Granted, I thought it would take another year or two, but life is filled with wonderful surprises!" Sumia exclaimed giddy. "After all, we used to be like them."

"Sumia. You can stop helping now." Chrom said gravely finding it difficult to focus. His left eye was twitching and he had turned gravely pale.

Meanwhile both Lucina and I were blushing the reddest shade imaginable. The two of us didn't dare look at anything other than the floor.

Morgan then tugged on my arm and said, "Father, what does grandmother mean by that?"

"It's not important." I quickly replied keeping my head down.

"Not important at all." Lucina affirmed while her voice cracked.

"So Morgan. Tell me." Sumia asked interested, "Is my husband still going to be a big dorky goofball in the future?"

Lucina quickly intervened and said "Mother. I'm not sure if it is appropriate if we keep asking her about-"

"Yep!" Morgan chirped. "He gets even worse, actually."

Sumia smiled and said. "Hehe. Good."

Morgan then continued while looking over to us. "It's even more fun when I get to see his face turn so pale. This time I didn't have to do anything other than call him grandpa! Oh! Look, his face is twisting again! Rarely can I do that twice in the same day." Morgan cried excited.

"Hehe, I'm sure his head is pretty fuzzy right now too." Sumia joked.

"Oh! Speaking of fuzzy, I almost forgot!" Morgan said alarmed.

"Forgot what?"

Morgan then rummaged inside her coat and picked out a piece of paper. "The letter from Naga."

"Letter?" The three of us said surprised while Chrom was in his own world.

"Yep. Can't believe I forgot about that too. My mind must be really messed up. Naga asked me to write this a few days ago." She said casually.

Morgan then gave the letter to me and I quickly opened it.

Greetings brave warriors of Ylisse

I'm aware this news might have come as a surprise. However, I'm sure Morgan will be able to explain the situation better than I. Do not be alarmed, the reason for her return is as simple as she says. Consider it a form of my thanks, and a return of the favor.

"A gift?" Lucina replied puzzled.

"I guess Naga wasn't expecting you to lose your memories either." I replied somewhat relieved. At least from the tone, it didn't seem like we were in any mortal danger.

"Nngh. But it is frustrating that I can't remember. Maybe if I banged my head on something it will help!"

"No. There is no need for that." Lucina warned. "I'm sure you will just need some time is all."

"Mhm." Sumia said reassuringly. "After all, you already remember more than your father."

"That's true." Morgan looked up to me and said, "So you know what this means, right?"

"That Naga needs to learn to be more descriptive and less ominous?"

"No silly!" Morgan cried happily. "That means that we have to play together to jog my memories. Just like we did in the past."

"Oh, well. If you think it would help then we would be happy to do so." Lucina replied.

Sumia nodded and said enthusiastically. "Anytime you want to go a ride or spend time with us then you are more than welcome. Right, Chrom?"

"...Um. S-sure."


"And ever since it has been the three of us together. Teasing Chrom the entire way" Robin smiled back

"Mhm." Morgan beamed. "It's been a lot of fun, and from here out I know it will get even better!"

"Me too." Lucina said warmly. "And one day you will be telling your children all of our exciting adventures together."

"But just so you know, you are forbidden from having your children travel through time." Robin warned.


"It's for the best. Chrom has enough issues to deal with."

"Yes, I don't know if my father could take any more news like that." Lucina said concerned.

"... So that's really it. There is nothing left?" Morgan asked somewhat disheartened.

"Nope. Just new memories to create." Lucina said enthusiastically.

"Right! I will get my revenge on you two for always winning our board games. Plus, I'll recruit some of the other shepherds to gang up on you when you try to cheat."

"We don't cheat." Lucina said while squinting her eyes not understanding what she meant.

"We just pool our resources together." Robin said calmly.

"That's still cheating! I can't hope to win when you two work together!" Morgan grumbled.

"Well, you are not alone." The tactician boasted. "With your mother by my side, not even Grima can hope to withstand our might."


The sun was low in the sky while Robin guided his wife by hand through the town. At first she thought they were going to a shop or perhaps a public event, but as they progressed through the streets they reached the edge of the city.

"Where are we going?" She asked curious.

"Just wait and see." He replied with a wide grin.

That sinister smirk had her worried, but for now all she could do was trust him.

Robin then said, "You know, we've spent so much time reflecting, we haven't made any plans for what to do next. I intend for the two of us to have even greater memories in the future."

"Me too." She replied happily. "Speaking of which. Do you think you could teach me how to swim sometime? I don't have much experience."

"Sure. I'll be happy to." Robin nodded. "Now, the first rule of swimming is that you have to wear a swimsuit that is appropriate for you. The less it covers, the more I can see. So naturally, it is important I see more of your form, strictly for teaching purposes."

"Are you sure that is necessary?" Lucina asked cautious.

"Absolutely." He stressed.

Lucina smiled warmly knowing what he was up to and said, "What about you. What are you planning?"

"Well, now I want to go swimming." He laughed. "Although you'll see in a few minutes."

Shortly afterward the two crossed the gate of the city and towards the more sandy horizon in front of them. Robin then guided his wife to the edge of the city wall and encouraged her to sit down next to him.

"Remember how you used to say the stars looked brighter in this world?"

"Mhm." She nodded still skeptical of what he was up to.

"Well, I heard in town that there is going to be a meteor shower tonight. The sky will light up for us."

"It's not dangerous is it?" Lucina asked worried.

"No. We will be safe." Robin assured her.

Just then, a gust of wind blew across the couple. Each shivering from the sudden icy wind.

"Brr. It's surprisingly cold out here." Lucina said finding odd how a desert could be so cold during the night.

"It is a bit chilly." Robin remarked whiled taking off his cloak and offering it to his wife.

"Don't worry dear. I'll be fine." She protested not wanting him to go cold.

"Nonsense." He smiled while wrapping the cloak around her.

Hesitantly, Lucina snuggled into Robin's coat and wrapped its warmth around her. Although she still felt guilty for putting the tactician out in the cold. Especially since the chilling wind picked up. However, she quickly found a solution to the problem. She then scooted towards Robin and moved up so she was now sitting on his lap while she leaned her back against his chest. "There, now we can both stay warm." Lucina smiled back content.


Still, when Robin didn't say anything that had her worried. "Robin. You don't mind, do you? I mean, I've been a bit clingy since we returned home from our mission. I know that you are not going to vanish from me again, but still, when I'm near you I feel much more at ease.

The tactician then wrapped his arms around her waist to answer. This earned a big smile from his wife as they looked up to the starry landscape. "I prefer it this way." He declared proudly. "The closer, the better."

Lucina sighed in bliss and said, "You are going to regret saying that. I fear I take things too much to heart."

"That's one of the many things I love about you. Besides, it's fun for me to hold you as well. As you know my intentions aren't always honorable."

"I'm well aware." Lucina beamed. "But are you sure Robin? Because I do worry I smother too much."

"Don't worry dear. If I ever need space I'll tell you, but I'd rather have you within reach so I can smother you."

The princess hummed and said, "Very well love. Thank you."

Robin then grinned and said, "So let's see what wonders and joys this world has to offer, together. We have a lot to see and do."

"Yes, we do."


A light then twinkled in the sky while the first meteor crossed the horizon. The lovely couple watched in wonder as more followed from behind, lighting up the night sky. As they fell, Robin forgot to tell Lucina that you were supposed to make a wish, but it didn't matter at this point. They could make their wishes come true as long as they put their mind to it. For them especially, part of the fun would be the journey to the wish.

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