Our life with Peter and Charlotte was just about perfect and we'd decided not to worry about building our own home. We did most things as a foursome, except hunt. Jazz and I were still vegetarian and the other two went off at regular intervals to hunt in cities where it was less noticeable. I didn't think it could get any better and I was right although I didn't know it at the time. One summer evening we sat on the porch, alone because Peter and Charlotte had gone to the city, when we saw a car driving down the track. It was the first vehicle that had come down here in weeks, we had very little delivered but occasionally drivers would get lost and come looking for directions. As it got closer Jasper jumped up and pulled me behind him.

"What's up Jazz?"

"Whoever is coming is very angry."

"Can you tell anything else?"

"No just fury."

The house phone started to ring insistently but Jazz shook his head,

"Leave it. Lets sort this out first."

The car came to a skidding halt in front of the house and the door was flung open to reveal the driver. I gasped in shock when I recognised Charlie.

We stood yards apart in silence for a few minutes then he slammed the car door and walked up the steps to face me.

"So, Jake was telling the truth, you are alive. I didn't believe him at first, I couldn't believe my own daughter would allow me to grieve all this time while she got on with a comfortable new life out here. I guess I was wrong when I thought you cared more than that. As for you..."

I stepped in front of Jasper,

"Dad, I couldn't...

His jaw had dropped

"What happened to you Bella? What's he done?"

"Nothing dad. What did Jake tell you?"

"He said you faked your death so you could run off with Jasper Hale. Why would you do that to me or your mother?"

"You haven't told her have you?"

"No I didn't think she needed to be hurt too."

"Chief Swan if you sit down I'll explain"

"Too true you will."

He sat down expectantly,

"OK I'm sitting lets hear it."

I sat down beside Jasper and we told Charlie everything, it was embarrassing and it hurt to go through it all again but he deserved the truth now. I saw his face blanch as he heard what Edward and then Carlisle had done to me then he surprised me by coming over and hugging me.

"Honey you should have come to me. I'd have protected you."

"Dad you couldn't, not from a vampire, that's why Jasper did it."

"So you're telling me that you're a vampire too now? Well I guess it shows although for one of the undead you look very good"

He was trying to lighten the mood with a joke but his words struck a chord.

"Jake told you about us but did he tell you about himself? Did he tell you about the wolves?"

"Oh I had a show and tell session, scared the crap outta me I can tell you. Its like living in the twilight zone!"

Jasper stood up suddenly and looked out over the front lawn.

"Peter and Char are on their way back, he's concerned, I guess he must have felt trouble on its way."

While I explained about our friends to Charlie Jazz ran to meet the car and explain to them.

"Bella I wish you'd told me although I understand why you didn't feel you could. What I don't understand is why Jake decided to tell me now. He'd been missing a few months, couldn't take it after Skye called the wedding off. He's a different guy since he got back though, sullen, angry, constantly in trouble in the village or in town. Some thing's gonna have to be done about him."

"That's my fault, Skye calling the wedding off"

"Your fault?"

"Yes you see what Jake didn't tell you was that he and the rest of the pack knew where I was and what Edward was doing to me and didn't lift a finger to help. When I found out I told Skye."

"Oh...revenge eh? Nasty thing revenge, it has a habit of biting you on the ass."

"Like now I guess."

"Just a minute, are you telling me that Sam knew what was happening?"

"Yes. Sam, Harry, Old Quil, all the elders"


His voice was a whisper

"Yes Dad, Billy too."

"I see"

He went very quiet then and even when Peter and Charlotte were introduced he didn't say much. They understood there was a lot going on and once they knew there was no danger took themselves off for a walk.

"Are you staying dad?"

"Yeah if that's OK, for a day or so. I have to decide where I go from here"

I didn't understand what he meant although in hindsight I should have. Jasper kept an eye on his emotions but the strongest ones now were sadness and guilt. He felt guilty he wasn't able to save me and he felt sad to think he'd been wrong about his friends for so long. I felt guilty because by telling him the truth he'd lost not only me but his only friends in Forks, he was now alone.

"I checked the phone Bella. There was a message from Jake, now reap what you've sown."

It figured he would get his own back.

The next morning when he got up he sat talking to Peter, they had begun to speak late the night before and after breakfast they went off together

"Just going to show Charlie the horses"

Dad and horses? That was a new one. Jasper and I went off to hunt while they were gone and when we returned they'd disappeared but there was a note saying they'd be back, they had a little business to deal with.

"Don't tell me Peter's persuaded dad to buy a horse?"

Jasper looked concerned,


"I think its more serious than that, I can't find Charlotte either and your dad's bag has gone."

"He's gone home? He didn't even say goodbye?"

"I think he might be headed back to Forks. To the Reservation."

"Oh God, you think he's going to confront Harry and Billy? Jasper he doesn't stand a chance. We have to stop him"

"How? He's got a head start. Do you want to ring and warn Harry?"

There was nothing we could do except wait for someone to get back and tell us what happened. We knew Peter and Charlotte had gone with Charlie, either that or they were keeping a low profile but that was unlikely.

I saw the outcome on the internet, the Quileute Reservation had been attacked with petrol bombs and grenades. All the elders in a meeting were dead plus a group of young men who were sitting in. The only survivor was the Forks Police Chief who was invited to attend but was held up at the station for a few vital minutes. There were no suspects and no clues, no one who had a grievance against the village or the elders as far as police were aware. I was sure Charlie had arranged the meeting and Peter and Charlotte carried out the attack giving Charlie an alibi. My dad hadn't been able to protect me but he sure as hell avenged me!