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Well these Georgia Peaches

Son they know their way around

They can take your money, son before you get sight of town

Well they talk a little funny, but they look so fine

Nine out of ten of them gonna sell you a dime

I think they're cute, think they're cute as they can be

Talkin' about a funny talkin', honk-tonking Georgia Peach

-"Georgia Peaches" by Lynyrd Skynyrd

One year and one month after Daryl and Amber's wedding

Daryl Dixon had this married shit down.

He smirked to himself as he climbed one branch higher in the peach tree in the middle of the farm's orchard. His boots dug into the bark, leaning his body weight onto his knees on another branch so he could counterbalance and free his hands. Then he began picking the ripe fruit, occasionally flicking a wasp off one as he tried to ignore Merle's whistling from one tree over. His older brother had only grown more cheerfully annoying since his wedding to Beth the previous fall. They had married in the front yard of the big house, the young woman having made peace enough with her family for her father to walk her down the aisle and Maggie to stand at her side along with Amber. Things were still a bit strained though, evidenced by Herschel's glares at his son-in-law when he came to treat the farm's livestock.

Daryl wasn't concerned with it, that was Merle's problem. Baby Girl and her Desperado were doing 'just as fine as frog hair' as she would say. The previous year all of them had busted their asses, first planting twice the size of gardens than had been on the farm for the last decade or so. Then had come keeping it all weeded, and watered through a drought. Not to mention Daryl had the duties of keeping his wife good and satisfied. He grinned to himself, still getting used to that word. Amber Lynn DIXON, she was his WIFE.

Baby Girl worked as hard as any of them, maybe harder, determined not to let her injuries from the previous summer slow her down. Daryl had watched her carefully, keeping his mouth shut for the most part, stepping in and demanding she rest only after particularly long days in the heat or standing in the kitchen of the big house preserving food had left her limp evident. She would grumble but then comply. And the 'satisfying' had worked both ways. Their sex life developed some well, interesting aspects. They now had a locked "toy box" under their bed, filled with things that Daryl hadn't known even existed until lately. But he was sure as hell glad he knew now, though Amber's body would always be his favorite toy.

The farm wasn't the only place Daryl and Merle were working like dogs. The work at the club had increased exponentially between the Irish demanding ridiculous increases in gun shipments and the Patriots from the north bitching about the C4. Also, some local meth cooks popped up, Barry quickly sending out teams to shut them down. There had been many times over the last year that Daryl was just been too damn tired for sex, being awake for almost twenty four hours at a time before catching a few hours sleep and doing it all over again. But the farm work ebbed as winter had approached, as always, allowing them time to catch up with one another in between runs for the club. They spent chilly mornings in their bedroom, well warmed by the fireplace and each others bodies as they explored and pushed limits. Then late breakfasts, Amber making Daryl's favorites before they would relax in the living room, him reading or adjusting and cleaning weapons while Amber sat next to him (really they usually ended up tangled up in one another, her computer on his legs, Daryl telling her "here, hold tension on this while I adjust that" while working on the bow) as she shopped or flipped through channels on the TV.

Not to say there hadn't been some stressful times. They had the usual first year spats, including one particular round of fireworks that they would remember for quite a while. As Christmas approached, the boxes arriving on the porch had increased, Daryl eventually questioning the need for so much of their money being spent. Actually he said "Why the hell are ya spending so much a MY hard earned money on this shit for everbody else?!" The second the word "MY" fell out of his mouth the look on Amber's face hardened and Daryl knew he had just fucked himself royally. She QUICKLY pulled out the bank books, showing Daryl how they had been putting over three quarters of his earnings into savings each month, that she hadn't even put a dent into it with her Christmas shopping and that HE could now keep track of HIS money. She also brought up the fact that her mother, Kaye, and Carol had already asked her to run the kitchen at Ty's (as Jake's had been renamed after the Angels bought it). She already planned the menu for them, and gave them her recipes for the dishes so it would be a natural progression. At least that way SHE would have some money of her OWN. Daryl knew Amber couldn't spend that many hours on her feet at a time but from the set of her mouth he could tell she would sure as hell TRY and probably hurt herself in the process. He backpedaled as fast as he could, acknowledging how her work in the kitchens at the farm preserved the food he and Merle brought in from the fields, and how she kept their house running while he was gone with the club. The bad thing was, when he told Norm and Barry about it on a run the next week they laughed at him, nearly busting their guts over him saying it was his money.

Norm seemed to be doing some better, but most of the time it was a crap shoot as to what kind of mood he was in. Amber questioned Kaye about bruises that seemed to pop up randomly around her neck or wrists, but the older woman would just remind her that she had bruises of her own, that they both were just from rough sex. Amber told Daryl that she didn't believe her. Kaye always had a haunted look in her eyes to go with the bruises, while Daryl marking Baby Girl made her feel free and lighter, cementing them together as one. He agreed, telling her how Sarge seemed more cold with each passing kill.

Then that damn stomach virus came. It hit the club right around Daryl and Amber's first anniversary, right after they came back from a well deserved week long trip tent camping in the Smoky Mountains. It seemed like they pulled the truck up into the yard one afternoon, more relaxed than they had been since their honeymoon to wake up each camped out in a bathroom for the next week. It had spread through the farm too, Roxie having to be hospitalized for a few days. Daryl battled through it but it hit Amber hard. He finally had to take her to the emergency room despite her protests, resulting in her getting a bag of IV fluids. She was still a few pounds from her regular weight but seemed to be getting her stamina back now that her eating was back to normal. That didn't keep Daryl from fussing over every bite she left on her plate.

"Lookee there, bro!" Merle called over from his tree, breaking Daryl from his thoughts as he worked in the oppressive heat. This summer was shaping up to be as hot as the last already. Daryl looked up to the garden path, seeing Amber and Beth heading their way, each carrying a basket and a gallon jug. Sugar was trotting alongside, dutifully obeying the "Stay Mama." command Daryl had given her that day after they left lunch from the big house to head for the orchard. The dog was now well over a hundred pounds and was Daryl's constant companion when outdoors unless commanded otherwise. He had taught her a few others, including a "Sic" command that he hoped to never have to use. It did make him feel more at ease about leaving Baby Girl when he went on late night runs though after watching the dog rip apart the scarecrow they used for practice. But when the giant canine entered the house, the situation changed. Amber babied her, feeding her table scraps and still allowing her to share their bed. Daryl had woken up many times to a wet dog nose in his face instead of the Baby Girl he was expecting.

"Whatcha reckon they got?" he yelled back to his brother.

"Does it matter?" Merle asked back, already swinging down from his tree. Beth's cooking skills had been almost nonexistent when she and Merle married but Amber had taken her under her wing, showing her everything she knew. They now had the kitchen in the big house well in hand, all six of them eating at least two meals a day there during the busy season, with Deb there as well when Barry was away.

The women were standing under the trees by the time Daryl carefully handed his full sack of fruit down to Merle and climbed down himself. This would be the last picking of the year and Roxie had warned her "boys" that any bruised fruit would be taken out of their hides. They knew she was joking (halfway, anyway) but still watched what they were doing. The enlarging of the gardens, additional livestock, and the Dixon's hunting had provided almost all their food the previous winter. They all knew they could have saved theirselves a ton of sweat by just buying it, but they also knew what they grew and butchered themselves tasted a whole hell of a lot better than anything boxed. They all also had a certain amount of pride to it too. The week after Merle and Beth came back from their honeymoon, Roxie and Silas had asked the Dixon's and their wives to accompany them to their lawyer's office in town. There they had their will changed, the farm and all it's holding would be split between Daryl and Merle in the event of the Dover's deaths. Debra had no use for it so it seemed to be the right thing to do.

Daryl swung down from the lowest branch, his boots hitting the dry Georgia clay with a thud. Merle was already digging in Beth's basket, whistling appreciatively. Amber held out her jug to Daryl first, knowing he had most probably sweated himself nearly dry. He didn't miss the way she looked at him as he took it. He grinned at her, no words needed as he turned up the jug, gulping down her sweet tea, so cold that it was slushy and threatened to give him a headache.

Why she got hot and bothered when he was all sweaty and dirty was beyond him. Daryl was wearing his usual ratty work pants, a filthy wife beater soaked in sweat, and his work boots. His hair was to his shoulders now but he refused to wear a do rag like his father in law or to pull it back into a pony tail. What he would do was flip his bandana around itself and wear it like a sweatband, keeping his hair out of his eyes while he worked. He had it that way now and Baby Girl's eyes skimmed over it and Daryl's cock twitched despite the heat. The first time he had worn that bandana like that it earned him some good "play time".

"Hungry?" she asked, holding out the basket.

"Fuck yeah." he answered, taking a step to her side to inspect the contents, his own eyes wandering. The double meaning of their words wasn't lost to either of them. She was wearing a cream colored sundress, pink roses scattered across the background of the print. It was short, giving him a good view of her curvy thighs and was damp with sweat, sticking to her breasts. He found himself trying to remember which panties she had slipped on that morning after leaving their bed and was disappointed that he couldn't remember. Well, he couldn't go around all day not knowing what color underwear his wife was wearing, now could he? That would have to be rectified just as soon as they were alone.

Daryl pulled the towel off the top of the basket to inspect the contents. It wasn't time for supper so there was no telling what was inside. But considering the full bushel baskets that were crowding the kitchen floor he had an idea what it had been made with. He was right, the smell of hot peaches wafting up even before the fresh fried pies were revealed. He grabbed the wet rag she had draped over the side of the basket, hurriedly wiping his hands off before going for the prize inside.

"Jesus..." he said, smirking up at her for a second before gingerly lifting one out.

"Careful, I just took them out of the fryer. They're hot." she warned.

"No shit?" he tossed it from hand to hand, already aware. After a moment it cooled enough to handle and he plopped down at the base of the tree, jerking his head over at the ground at his side for her to join him. Baby Girl sat, tucking her bare feet up under her. She and Beth shared a look.

"Merle, there's something I want to show you in the barn." the younger woman said, not waiting on him to respond before heading that way.

"What?" he asked around a mouthful of pie, before a grin of realization crossed his face and he turned to address his brother as he wiped his hands on the grease rag from his back pocket. "Break time bro, I'll be back...whenever I get done." He caught up with Beth, unashamedly grabbing her ass they made their way over the hill to the barn.

"Y'all ain't as smart as y'all think, girl." Daryl said as soon as they were out of earshot. Amber did her best to give him an innocent look.

"Whatever do you mean? I was just coming down here to make sure the farm hand wasn't hungry?"

Daryl snickered, taking another bite of the pie, having to force down a groan. Baby Girl was almost as good in the kitchen as she was in the bed. Almost.

"Thanks." he answered, making sure it was around a mouthful of peach filling. "I'm good now. Reckon ya can head back on up ta the big house. Jus leave the basket and jug here."

"Fine." she huffed, standing. Daryl noted that she only had to touch the tree for a second to maintain her balance and he was proud of that. Amber had come so far in the almost two years since that night she was nearly taken from him forever. She made it a single step before his sticky fingers closed over her wrist, jerking her back down and into his lap. He had noted something after she stood up and was now halfway between pissed and horny as hell.

"Where tha FUCK are yer panties?!" he growled into her ear from behind, one arm tight around her waist as the other traveled up her inner thigh to confirm.

"Back home in the drawer I gue...oh..." she gasped, his fingers sliding over damp skin and then between wet folds. She settled in between Daryl's knees more firmly, spreading her own a little more as her head dropped back on his shoulder.

"Farm girl's really a little slut, ain't she? Comin up here flashin her pussy where anybody can see."

Amber bit her lip as his middle finger circled her clit. "You...*gasp*...might want to be careful...my husband..."

"Kinda feels like he ain't been doin his job..." Daryl said in her ear, fighting the grin that tugged at the corner of his mouth. He knew if Baby Girl made him get tickled that meant she won the game. "Gettin his woman all wet and then leavin her around the hired help. Jus begs for trouble..."

Amber nodded, beyond words now. She WAS desperately wet, and Daryl looking like he did right now had made it worse. His finger was sliding all around her clit in a maddening non-rhythm that was just off enough to be frustrating. Then he dipped his fingertip just inside her and her hips tilted up, encouraging it to go deeper. He pulled away and Amber groaned.


"Tell me, little slut. Why'd ya REALLY walk out here?"

She shook her head against him. "Told you..."

Daryl stopped all motion against her, despite his now rock hard member demanding otherwise. It seemed Baby Girl needed a reminder of who was in charge. Maybe it was just that she wanted a reminder. She was a greedy little slut like that.

"Dammit...Daryl..." she pleaded, her own hand going over his to make it move. He slapped it away, snickering.

"Aw no. Tell me."

Baby Girl growled in frustration, giving a fairly accurate, though feminine, copy of her husband. "I wanted you, okay?"

"Ya got me. So what's ya problem?" He spoke against the skin of her neck, then ghosting the edges of his teeth over the sweat damp skin. Amber turned her head to give him better access but she got no relief. He was making sure to leave it so close and so far at the same time.

That filthy, sweaty, sexy bastard.

"You're not doing what I WANT, that's my damn problem!"

"Then tell me. Ya never shut up anyway..."

Aha, there it was. This was something he had latched onto in the last year. Making Amber tell him what she wanted, what she needed. Outside of this aspect of their lives Daryl was the quiet one while she (as he liked to put it) never shut up. He liked her that way, it didn't hurt her feelings when he said that. But when they were alone and things got heated up he would make her talk, make her detail what she wanted when Amber knew damn well he already knew. Daryl just liked making her squirm. And the truth of the matter was, she liked squirming. But not today, she wasn't going to give it to him. Baby Girl had come out here determined to make him the horny babbling mess, with her fried pies, sweet tea, and absence of underwear. Plus Daryl Dixon could never resist an outdoors fuck, he was that much of an animal. So Daryl could just sit there for as long as he wanted, with his peach sticky fingers annoyingly motionless in her pussy and his teeth promising sweet pain on her neck...

"I need Daddy to fuck me hard until I scream."

God, if Amber didn't love him like she did she would really hate his guts sometimes.

Daryl laughed, that deep satisfied chuckle that said he had won. Amber didn't have time to get disgruntled further before the bite hit her tender flesh at the same time his fingertip skimmed directly over her clit. She moaned, digging her toes into the grass to push her back firmly against his chest. Then his teeth left her, head turning to the one they had left forgotten in the tall grass a few feet away.

"Sugar! Go swim!"

The dog didn't have to be told twice, turning to run so fast toward the pond that she left a haze of red dust kicked up in her wake. She loved to swim, the water giving relief from her thick fur in the heat.

Then Daryl turned his attention back to the one in his arms, his fingers not having departed their work while he addressed the dog. He sucked on the bite mark, tongue laving over the soft flesh. The hand that had pinned her to him left her waist and came up, pulling the neckline of sundress down below one breast. He palmed the weight, grunting in approval when it filled his hand and then some. Then he pinched the nipple, the amount of pressure well practiced, just enough to give the perfect mix of pleasure and pain. Daryl was rewarded with Amber's nails digging into his legs through his pants where she had braced herself and more wet slicking his other hand.

"That's it, Baby Girl. Cum hard for me and I'll fuck ya like ya want."

He shifted her in his arms, Amber helping once she realized what he was doing. She ended up sideways on his lap, so Daryl could drop his head to the breast his hand had just left, the other able to delve two middle fingers deeply into her as his thumb kept up it's relentless assault on her swollen nub. She jerked and Daryl smirked around the nipple he was suckling hard, knowing it was because his wedding band had contacted her tender flesh. He had an additional ring now, that sat on their bathroom counter when he worked on the farm. Baby Girl had given it to him for Christmas, a skull with a rattlesnake emerging from one of the eyesockets. It's usefulness had been proven a week later at the New Years party at Ty's. A couple of drunks had started causing trouble and Daryl and Merle had been pressed into being bouncers. One of the drunks had taken a cheap shot at Daryl and the rattlesnake ended up costing the asshole some stitches below his left eye as well as about ten minutes of consciousness.

Amber began to jerk in Daryl's arms in time to the motions of his mouth and hand. He waited until she slammed down around his fingers to bring his head up, the hand behind her back sliding up to grip her hair and press her face into his shoulder. She bit him hard, just above the collarbone, stifling her loud moans against his sweat slick skin. Her grandfather was marking off the new cornfield a couple of hills over and there was no need to advertise what was going on underneath the peach trees, now married or not.

Daryl shuddered and groaned, not in pain but in need. It had been a couple days since they had been able to participate in anything more involved than a shower quickie or a hurried blow job in the barn. Spring planting season, coupled with the peaches coming ripe had kicked all their asses. They were all looking forward to leaving for a bike rally in Texas in a few days. It would be a week of nothing but bikes, booze, and time with their Angels. It would also be the first big rally the Dixons would attend.

As soon as Baby Girl's body relaxed Daryl kissed her forehead, gently scooting her off his lap. He went to lay her in the grass but she shook her head, turning over onto her hands and knees.

"Said I wanted hard..." she reminded him, voice still breathy from her release. Daryl didn't argue, he would never turn down the opportunity to fuck her while he looked at his mark. He hurriedly undid his belt, Baby Girl pressing her hips back when she heard the buckle. He jerked her skirt up over her ass and then smacked it hard, making her cry out.

"Greedy little slut, gimme a damn minute."

The button and zipper were opened and a second later they both got what they wanted, warm wet enveloping throbbing hardness. Daryl seated himself fully inside her, taking a second to let her adjust. Then he ground against her hard, his head stroking the end of her before he began to thrust. He began hard and fast, not in the mood to wait. What he needed right now was the release that only rough fucking her body could give him. That must have been what she needed too because her chest dropped to the ground, allowing one hand to travel down her body to pinch and pull her clit relentlessly.

He was almost there, could feel the pressure building and he wanted her against him when he came. Daryl reached out to grab her ponytail, wrapping it around his fist twice before jerking her body against his. The sudden change in angle pushed them both over the edge, Daryl with enough forethought to bring his other hand up and over Amber's mouth roughly to stifle her cries while he roared into her neck.

Ten minutes later they were both dressed, Daryl whistling loudly for Sugar in between bites of peach pie and swigs of sweet tea. Amber smoothed her dress down and he reached out, gently brushing grass and dust off the front. Then he leaned over to kiss her, unable to pick her up since his hands were full.

"I love ya, girl. Thanks for the pies and tea."

She laughed up at him, brushing sugary syrup off the corner of his mouth with a thumb before sticking it in her own to suck it clean.

"No problem. It's my job to keep the hired help happy. I love you too." Baby Girl lit him a smoke before she left, hips swaying as she carried the now empty basket, Sugar by her side as she topped the hill.

"And get ya SOME FUCKIN DRAWERS ON!" he yelled after her, chuckling when she lifted a hand over her shoulder to flip him off. He pulled the smoke from his mouth to pop the last bite of pie in, noting the salty trace of Baby Girl under the peach and cinnamon on his fingertip as he licked it.

As far as Daryl Dixon was concerned, married life was pretty sweet.