Chapter 1: The Long Expected Movie

There is a living room (yes, a living room) in California, that right now holds 6 restless girls with absolutely nothing to do. So, a little while ago, two of them started an argument. What that argument was, no one could quite remember.






"Shut up!" screamed Prachi to Sarah. I told you they were restless.

"Okay," said Sarah. "" Prachi then got up and tried to strangle her. It wasn't a particularly rare occurrence that someone suddenly got the urge to strangle Sarah because of something; for Andrea, it was usually because Sarah had somehow insulted Elijah Wood.

"Prachi!" yelled Chelsea. Prachi sat down and crossed her arms while glaring at Sarah.

"What is there to do?" Becca asked desperately, putting her face in her hands.

"We need to get out of the house before Sarah and Prachi kill each other," groaned Michelle.

"Aha!" yelled Andrea, pointing an accusing finger at the newspaper she was reading.

Everyone jumped and turned around to look at Andrea. "What!" they asked.

"The Two Towers is playing!" she said with a smile.

"When is the next showing?" asked Sarah.

Andrea looked back to the newspaper and groaned. "Two minutes."

"Ugh!" said Becca. "We'll never make it on time without a car!"

"I don't think we'd get there even with a car," muttered Prachi.

"The next one is in three hours," said the all-knowing person Andrea.

"Perfect!" yelled Chelsea. "We can get all our junk and find the movie theater in three hours!"

"We shall become 'The Fellowship of the Ring'! Journeying to (finally) see the second of the Lord of the Rings films!" yelled Michelle.

"Can we change our names then if we're going to be the Fellowship?" asked Chelsea.

"If we can then I'm Boromir!" Michelle smiled.

"Pippin!" screamed Chelsea.

"Merry!" shouted Becca.

"Sam!" yelled Sarah.

"Legolas!" screamed Andrea.

"I'll be Gandalf," said Prachi with a sigh.

There was sudden silence in the room.

"We need more people," Prachi (now Gandalf) stated obviously.

"Let us go on a quest for the rest of the Fellowship and destroy the accursed ring in the one place it can be destroyed; Mt. Movie Theater," said Chelsea, now Pippin.

Once again, there was silence in the room. It doesn't matter how long you might know your friends; they can still surprise you with extreme amounts of geekiness.

"Wow Pippin," said Becca, now Merry, "you're a geek."

"Shut up," Pippin muttered.

"But Pippin is right," said Michelle, now Boromir," we need to find the rest of the Fellowship."

"Well then," said Andrea, now Legolas," lets get going! After all, we only have three hours."

"She's right!" said Sarah, now Sam. "Let's go!"

And with that, the beginning of the Fellowship set off to find the rest.