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Chapter 12: In the Theater of Movies

"Did you see the look on their faces," asked Galadriel. "Priceless. Absolutely priceless."

"I know," said Pippin, "it was great."

The group walked to the Movie Theater talking about the recent events that had taken place at Barnes and Nobles just a little while ago. It was only minutes away from seeing The Two Towers and the whole group was excited more then they had been the whole day.

Pippin was ready to see Shelob. Being afraid of spiders her whole life, the two scenes she was not looking forward to were from The Two Towers and Chamber of Secrets. This was going to be interesting...

Besides that, they all looked forward to the battle at Helms Deep and the Ents.

"What kind of food should we get?" asked Merry.

"I think we'll be fine with some popcorn, candy, and Starbucks," said Strider.

"Caffeine! Yay!" screamed Sam. Sam on a caffeine high. Oh joy.

"The movie starts in 20 minutes," said Arwen.

"We spent a lot of time in Barnes and Nobles," said Boromir.

It didn't take the girls more then 5 minutes to get everything they needed and soon they were seated in the movie theater.

12 girls, one Movie Theater, and caffeine do not mix.

"Oh my god! I love this song!" screamed Eowyn as she stood up in her chair and started dancing to Standing Still.

"I'm going to see Legolas soon!" screamed Gimli.

"Frodo!" yelled Gandalf.

Although the scariest thing in the movie theater was probably Sam running up and down the isles screaming 'The Ents are coming!' over and over again.

Needless to say, they had a whole part of the movie theater just for them. People were even standing in the back just to get away from the girls.

"Will you be quiet!" random movie person number 13 yelled.

"No!" the girls screamed.

"Raise you're hand if you've read the books!" screamed Legolas.

Besides part of the Fellowship, only about 5 people raised their hands.

"Raise you're hand if you only came here to see Orlando Bloom also known as Legolas!" yelled Gimli.

Most of the women in the theater raised their hands.

"You, my dear people, have no culture!" yelled Gandalf.

". . .there's books?" one person standing in the back said. Lucky for them, none of the girls heard that person because Sam had chosen that moment to once again scream 'The Ents are coming!' If the girls had heard that person they would have not have seen the movie. . .and neither would have that person since it's very hard to watch movies when you're dead.

But the girls happily waited until the pre-show ended and the previews began so that the movie would start sooner.

And then, the lights dimmed.

"PREVIEWS!" all the girls chorused. They sat down in their respective seats and began watching.

"Ohhhh," said Sam, "some pirate movie."

Of course, we all know that this certain pirate movie featured Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp and was called Pirates of the Caribbean. But, the girls did not know this at the moment because Pirates of the Caribbean had not been publicized yet.

Notice the words 'at the moment.'

"Orlando Bloom!" screamed the girls (along with a few others in the movie theater).

"That is a must see movie," said Frodo.

"Agreed," everyone said.

The next preview though was none other then. . .

"A MasterCard commercial?!" yelled Arwen. "We don't care about friggin' MasterCard."

"Speak for yourself!" someone in the back yelled. The girls shook their heads; there was a line between strange/weirdness, insanity, weird, and insane. This person had crossed the 'weird' line and was moving onto the 'insane' one.

Then, the movie started. It would be 3 and a half hours of screaming, cheering, laughing, complaining, and lusting.

"The movie should have been longer," muttered Gimli.

"They left out Shelob!" yelled Boromir.

"Now I have a whole 'nother year to get psyched about Shelob," muttered Pippin in a monotonous voice. It was sarcasm people.

"Well," said Arwen, "that was certainly an interesting day."

"And we're still spending the night at Pippins'," said Strider.

"We better arm ourselves with Silly String," said Merry. "Her brother is Sauron reincarnated."

An evil grin formed on the faces of the Fellowship. This was going to be fun.

And thus, the Fellowship of the Movies was born. The One Ring which had been passed down to Kristen, also Frodo, has stayed with the group to this day, months before Return of the King is yet to be released.

They fight the perils brought down on them from 7-Eleven, and visit Diane/Gollum whenever they can at Barnes and Nobles; and even get a discount!

The next time they had met up with each other altogether was June 20th, when book 5 had come out. Predictions were made, contests were won, and the book was bought.

To this day the girls stay friends.

Even though they all have different names when talking with 'normal' people, they will always be known and remembered as The Fellowship of the Movies.

Pippin Tookthepopcorn

Merry Starbucks

King Aragorn of the Caffine

Gimli, Lord of the Soda Machines

Legolas, Prince of the Ticket Stubs

Boromir, Steward of Movie Theaters

Samwise Gotthecandy

Gandalf the 3-D

Frodo Badreviews

Lady Galadriel of the Buttered Popcorn

Eowyn, Moviemadian of Hot Guys

Fighting bad critics and defending good movies, they are purveyors of movie justice! The journeys they have quested and the battles have been many...

Little did they know that the worst was yet to come...

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