"Shut up, Murdock. You are making me crazy!" It was all so lovely familiar. They had just barely made it back from a long dangerous case which fortunately pan out very great. Everyone got his fair share of money. And no one got hurt. Even the airplane ride did go as planned, like it always 'mostly' did. Face conned the real pilot. Crazy pilot got into the plane. Hannibal took care of the big guy and soon the crazy pilot landed the plane somewhere in Hawaii where they wanted to spend some time.


Something they deserved after working this hard.

Too bad Decker located the airplane a bit too early. And now, BA was driving the van through their safe-house Face had already scammed a week ago, on Hannibal's orders.

They were all disappointed about this canceled vacation on this beautiful island. But a lifetime in prison wasn't something they chose either. So, running was the only option.

And of course, with all the stress they were tangled up in, Murdock chose only these moments to mock with BA's temper. And Hannibal loved this every time.

"All I was saying, dear furious beasty man, was that I sometimes wonder why Decker loves to play tack with us, this much. Doesn't he have some real work to do? What does his mother say when she finds out that he is playing outside all day long without even open up one single book. Oh no, he won't get away with this. I am telling ya. This Decker needs to understand that business comes before pleasure. Right Hannibal?" Murdock looked expectantly at his colonel who was grinning at him. His cigar was rolling from side to side between his teeth while chuckling at the kid's ramblings. He loved how his mind works during situations like this.

"He is got a point there, BA. Maybe we should tell him to go home and start doing his homework," he teased. BA, already pissed at his disturbed and well diserved holiday doesn't want to hear this at all. Because… well… Hannibal was a crazy as Murdock sometimes and it will take only a few seconds for him to agree with some sort of plan to actually say these sort of things in the man's face. Despite the fact that he was putting himself, and his ass as well, in great danger.

"Aw hell no, Hannibal. I am not in the mood for this yibbayabba."

"Face, what do you say? Are you in for a little tease with Decker?" Hannibal said. Only to tease BA some more. Face was very busy to not throw up on the floor by BA's driving manners on the bumpy roads and only managed to nod once.

"Oew, that's three against one, BA. Somebody needs to turn the car," Murdock cheered along. BA growled.

"No! I am not in the mood for playing tack with Decker, fool! Nor playing these dumb games. I am tired. And pissed. So shut up or I will tack you in the face, Sucker!" Hannibal laughed. Because he knew it was all a little game they played. A familiar game that never grows old.

So he wasn't suspecting the push BA gave when Murdock gave him a hug as he told him he still loved him no matter what. His fist punched his nose and the crazy pilot fell backwards on Face's lap.

"Wowowow, easy BA. There is no need to give Murdock a concussion," Face yelled frantic. Hannibal was amazed by BA's seriousness. He had to do something before this went really bad.

"BA, back off. Murdock? Are you okay, kid?" Murdock scrambled up and got into his own seat. He didn't winch or anything he took the punch like a man. But he stayed away from the big guy the whole ride.

"Okay guy's. I think we lost Decker anyway. Let's drive a little slower from now on, BA. I promise to not tease you further. I know we all are tired. But the safe-house is just a couple of miles away. Right, Lieutenant?" He was addressing to Face, but the poor man was looking sickly green by now.

"Right," he managed to say.

The drive towards the safe-house went easier after this. Face was awfully quiet. Along with Murdock who seemed to hurt a little. Hannibal watched his boy's closely, every time. All the time. And this time something was off about the sudden quietness in the back of the van. BA didn't notice this. He was too busy driving the car over these awful roads.

"Face, you okay?" Hannibal said at last. They were almost there. Again Face nodded once. Then looked at his friend who still clutched his nose after BA's punch.

"We are just tired, Hannibal. Nothing the matter. It was a long case." Murdock spoke in his serious voice. So he must be a little more tired than Hannibal thought. Yeah, now to think of it. They all where.

Inside of the safe-house, a large hunters-woodshed that was built on the edge of the Hawaiian woods, Face stumbled to the bathroom and Murdock slumped down onto the couch. A couple of minutes later BA and Hannibal had an eye to eye kind of talk and the both carried some stuff inside the shed. Only to find Murdock sound asleep and Face ready to drop onto the floor in total misery.

They really overdid it this time. This job was a close one. The boys were so exhausted.

"It won't take long for Decker to find us. I really didn't have the guts to tell them that. We let them sleep for a while. You need to cover up the van in case they run into it." BA, a lot calmer after their 'talk', nodded quietly. He got right back to work. Hannibal walked over to Face who was on the edge of passing out from the bumpy road and lack of sleep for nearly a week. Even in NAM they got a lot more sleep than this last case. And Face wasn't that kind of soldier who can take it. Murdock on the other hand was a very good soldier. But he also had it difficult this last few days.

"You okay, kid?" he asked. Face smiled tiredly.

"Yeah. Just give me a minute."

"Go get some sleep, Lieutenant. Me and BA will guard the place." Face nodded, than slumped down in one of the wooden beds, filled with hay. Soon he fell asleep. And the shed went silent.

They weren't at war anymore. Hannibal knew that. Maybe he shouldn't push his friends this far anymore. His kids need some rest. At least for a few days.

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