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-Chapter 1-

How will the world end that is a mystery. Some have come up with their own fables and stories as to the end of the world such as Robert Frost.

Fire he says will burn the earth with a passion. But is fire the only way for the world to end many don't think so and neither does frost. For frost believes that if he were to go back and relive the destruction of the world that ice would suffice.

The point Ladies and Gentlemen is that there are many ways for a story to end but can a story have a different beginning?

The Dragon Prince

October 9th

It is a day of shadow's a day of quite as the people in Konoha remember the ones they lost all those years ago.

October 10th almost six years ago was the Day that the Kyubbi attacked Konoha it wiped out a good portion of the village and killed several of its citizens. Friends, Family, Colleagues, Lovers you name it they all died when the Kyubbi attacked.

The Fourth Hokage defeated the terror that day stopping it's rampage but at the cost of his own life. That's why October 10th is a day of celebration a day of rememberance not of the Kyubbi but of the valiant sacrifice that the Fourth Hokage gave to save the village.

Though it was a day for most to enjoy themselves it wasn't a day of happiness or joy for one Naruto Uzumaki.

Naruto was holding a large bag with several scrolls as he stood in his apartment building

'Remind myself to thank jiji for teaching me how to read,write and basically do everything I know how to do' thought Naruto as he sealed some gear into some scrolls.

He was sealing basic living utilities like a tent, some blankets clothes and food and water all of which to last at least a month though he doubted he would even need to use a tenth of it.

You see getting beat up every week by someone changes you and that held no exception for Naruto. He knew that on October 10th the people get even more vicious towards him. Last year they had beat him to an inch of his life and someone had actually stabbed him in the stomach with a dagger.

So in order to avoid their wrath he was going to leave the village if only for a day it would probably save his life.

Grabbing his bag Naruto threw it over his shoulder as he made his way towards the gate.

'I'll apologize to jiji for me leaving when I get back I'm sure he'll be ok with it' thought Naruto as he slipped by the two Eternal Guards of the gate who were currently playing a game of poker.

It was rather easy as all he had to do was stay underneath the view of the bench and quickly slip out of the gate It was almost too easy.

'That must suck though I never see those guys anywhere else their always just sitting there at the gates. They must have some jutsu to keep them up all night to because I remember that time I tried catching them walk out of their hut but even after I stayed up all night I didn't see them move. Not once' thought Naruto before stopping in his tracks

'C-Could they be killer robots' thought Naruto as a shiver ran down his spine.

Shaking his head of those thought Naruto continued his way out of the village. There was a nice little Mountain not too far from Konoha but in perfect view making it easy to travel between the two locations without getting lost. Since you could see the mountain from anywhere close by and from the Mountain you could see Konoha.

'I'll give it two days before I go back that way everyone should at least shed their hangover' thought Naruto as most of the people who beat him were either drunk or had an intense hangover and where drinking still.

After several Hours Naruto came to the foot of the mountain Naruto could only admire it's beauty. There were several small streams flowing throughout the entire mountain. Finding a nice leveled area on the Mountain Naruto set up his camp and proceeded to just relax and do nothing.

'It's SUPER boring up here why didn't I bring some cards or something' thought Naruto as he laid on some grass enjoying the sight of clouds flying by.

Time simply passed by for Naruto as he laid there on that small clearing. It was nice to just let all the troubles he had fade away with the wind, to detach himself from the world that knew only hatred and bitterness towards himself. He allowed himself to truly relax for the first time.

He never noticed the day turn into night as the stars came into view. He just continued to look at the stars as he did the clouds creating images and seemingly drawing all different shapes with his finger.

'Heh look at that star it's so much brighter than the rest' thought Naruto as he gazed at a golden looking star which seemed to get bigger!

Standing up to observe this anomaly Naruto started to get scared as the Star continued to get bigger and bigger.

Whizzing by the mountain in a show of fire and light the star impacted against the top of the mountain.

"Ahhhh was that a falling star" said Naruto excitedly as he grabbed all of his gear and proceeded to get ready to climb the mountain.

The way was rough as the climbing this peak was no easy feat and to do so at the age of Six with no climbing gear and a bag of scrolls on your back was even worse but Naruto prevailed.

It took him a solid hour of climbing to get to the top as most of the mountain was walkable but the last edge was a straight of cliff.

"Whew" Naruto said as he stood up atop the mountain looking over the forest below.

He could see Konoha clearly from this far away and could see all the fireworks going off as midnight passed and all the villagers were getting to celebrating.

'I wonder if anyone saw the star crash with all those fireworks going on' thought Naruto before realizing that he had yet to even see the star.

Jumping up and doing a 180 Naruto looked at the path the Star made along the top of the mountain.

The trench it carved in was pretty impressive and from afar he could even tell that the star left a crater at the end of it.

Walking up to Crater Naruto began to feel nervous. As he approached the Star he only got more nervous some could even say he was afraid?

'Why am I feeling like this' thought Naruto as he kept walking towards the crater 'What do I have to fear from a rock' he assured himself.

Steeling his resolve he quickened his pace

Reaching the edge of the crater Naruto's eyes were frozen as he looked at what was beheld inside the crater.

A beast with four limbs and two wings covered in what looked to be elegantly gold colored scales.

This beast was one of myth one of legend this was a Dragon.

'A-A-Ahh Dra-drag-dragon' Naruto stuttered in his own mind as he looked below at the beast underneath him.

Then he noticed something the Dragon wasn't moving it gave the occasional small movements but nothing major. He looked closer at its body observing that it was covered in wounds and the dragon had a huge cut going across it's back leg as well as a wound that was bleeding profusely.

Not even thinking twice about it Naruto jumped into the crater sliding down the edge of it rather gracefully for someone his age until he came to a halt at the bottom.

Once their he ran to the dragon stopping at its since it was the closest wound to him. Throwing the bag of scrolls he had he pulled out the ones Labeled Water, Blankets and First Aid.

Unsealing the first aid he quickly opened it up and tried grabbed the book on various injuries and the best form of treatment.

'Ughh what is this supposed to be a big cut' thought Naruto as looked through the book surprisingly coming across a section called 'What to do when you have a big cut'.

Little did Naruto know that the title to the book was called first aid for idiots.

'Ok so it says that I need to clean the wound and then wrap it up as best as I can' thought Naruto as he looked over the leg of the Dragon the cut was big and he doubted he had enough material to wrap the wound up but he had to stop the bleeding.

Climbing onto the drgon which was surprisingly difficult Naruto pulled out two scrolls unknowingly being watched by a pair of golden eyes.

Unrolling the seal labeled water Naruto unsealed some of its contents revealing several gallons of water.

He started to pour the water all over the wound allowing the stagnant blood to run off of the wound. After cleaning the wound of the blood Naruto threw the water containers off of the leg leaving picking them up for after he was finished.

Naruto proceeded to unravel the scroll labeled Blankets.

'This isn't enough' thought Naruto as he looked at the Blankets he only packed two with the second one being for emergency. But even with two blankets big enough for a full grown man there simply wasn't enough length to wrap it around the leg.

Thinking of something quickly Naruto climbed off of the leg of the dragon and returned to his pouch. He pulled out the patch called clothes and also pulled out a small knife.

Re-climbing the Dragon Naruto unsealed some of his own clothes and proceeded to cut them long ways so he could get some more length on the blanket which would cover the wound.

Attaching different parts of different clothes to each end of the Blanket Naruto threw both ends to both sides and climbed back down the Dragon.

Crawling underneath the little room that the leg left between the ground Naruto pulled one end of the now long piece of cloth he had and attached it to the other end as he pulled tightly ,as the book told him to.

Backing up and looking at the Leg Naruto nodded to himself rather happy with the results he ran over to the stomach which was probably worse than the leg as it was bleeding much more and left a small pool of blood underneath it.

'I so don't have enough Clothing to wrap this!' thought Naruto as he imagined how much cloth you would have to accumulate to wrap this wound. It was a miracle in itself that he had enough clothing for the leg but now he was down to one blanket, he needed a hint.

Walking over to his book he looked for Alternatives to clothing and cloth for REALLY BIG CUTS.

Amazingly yet again there was another section.

"Ok so I need to find a source of dirt and cook it so it's clean before mixing in some water to make some mud before applying the mud to the wound. This is to only be used in dire situations" said Naruto to himself as he read out of the book.

"Ughh I don't have a fire though" yelled out Naruto as he looked down in defeat.

As Naruto looked down he really paid attention to the details of the earth and how warm everything felt.

'Maybe the dirt was heated when he landed here' thought Naruto as he picked up some dirt and actually licked it.

"BLAHHHHH" yelled out Naruto "It doesn't taste good but it doesn't exactly taste bad either and I'm running out of options" said Naruto as he unsealed the rest of his water.

Six gallons appeared before him.

Using two of those gallons Naruto threw the water as best as he could to clean off the wound then he proceeded to pour the water so it gathered in a pool. Naruto mixed it around with as much dirt as he could collect leaving him with a pool of mud.

Hurringly grabbing a palm of mud Naruto started to apply it to the wound. He never phased at the sight of the blood he only cared for the fact that this creature was bleeding and if the dragon was about to die than it would be on his conscious that he didn't try his best to help him or her.

After all the mud was applied Naruto wiped his hands off on his shorts and decided to check for any more wounds.

Finding only a few more small cuts and some bruises that Naruto really couldn't treat

"Ahh looks like I did a good job" said Naruto proudly as he laughed slightly.

'Hmm I've been cleaning this dragon's wounds for some time and I didn't even check if it was alive to begin with' thought Naruto as he slumped his shoulders before walking up to the dragon and putting an ear to its stomach searching for anything that sounded like a heartbeat.

After a few seconds and only silence Naruto decided to check if it was breathing so it went to the head of the dragon.

Showing no fear Naruto walked to the front of the dragon's face and stood in front of it's mouth awaiting for it to breath.

'Hopefully it doesn't breath fire at me' thought Naruto as he awaited any signs of life from the dragon.

After a full minute passed Naruto sighed 'He's dead….. I'll go get some flowers for his body' thought Naruto as he proceeded to walk away.

He didn't get ten feet however as his small form was lifted up by his t-shirt.

Startled Naruto started to thrash around before he was lifted higher….. much higher and turned around coming face to face with the dragon he though dead standing tall with its piercing gold eyes looking at him as if though they were starring through his soul.

As the Dragon looked at him Naruto decided to break the glare and silence

"Hello" he said with little emotion as not to enrage the dragon in any ways.

"Should you not fear me child" said the Dragon.

"Well you haven't hit me or killed me yet and that's saying something when it comes to me" said Naruto adding the last part in his thoughts.

'What could he mean by that' thought the Dragon before peering into Naruto's eyes grabbing onto all the memories Naruto had and observing them.

Naruto was just hanging their as the Dragon watched every single memory through Naruto's eyes experiencing it all through his perpective.

It puzzled Naruto as streams of bright liquid started to stream out of the eyes of Dragon.

"Child" the dragon began to speek "You've lived such a hard life and yet you remain so pure so courageous and…" the Dragon stopped as it brought Naruto closer to its eye "Boy lift your shirt"

Not wanting to Argue with a Huge Dragon Naruto did just that and lifted his shirt though he was rather curios as to why the Dragon was staring at his stomach like it was a free meal.

'Don't tell me he's inspecting me like a piece of meat before he eats me' thought Naruto

"I will not eat you I am merely checking out an anomaly that has caught my interest and it deals with your stomach" said the Dragon much to Naruto's fear as it was inspecting the seal written on Naruto's stomach.

'To seal a demon within the child these people truly are monsters' thought the Dragon as he pondered and pondered on what to do in such a situation.

His left leg grew white before it came crashing down on the earth a giant seal engulfing the crater that the Dragon and Naruto where in.

'What was that' thought Naruto.

"Child I have seen your memories and I want to know if you could would you have your revenge on the people who have harmed you would you seek them out and destroy them with all your will" said the Dragon

Naruto got gloomy at the question but soon replied "No….. I wouldn't no matter how much I may want to, what good would it do me to hurt them it might make me feel good at first but then after so long I would see the errors in my ways and regret the decision forever. So I say let them believe what they do now is good for in the future their actions will cripple them mentally and I won't be there to relieve them of such guilt" said Naruto

"Wise words child" said the Dragon as it gave a small growling sound. Though the sound didn't sound aggressive it still scared Naruto with how loud and booming it seemed.

"Before I continue I would like to know you name" said the Dragon

"umm-umm my name is Naruto Uzumaki"

"And my name is Draiko King of the Dragons. I know you have no parents but if you would I would like to teach you to take you in and make you my own son" said Draiko

Naruto had to hold back tears at the Draiko's words "Wh-Why wou-would you want someone like me as your s-so-son" said Naruto as tears flowed down his cheeks thinking that this dragon was just teasing him with the offer.

"I do not lie child I wish to change you to make you more than what these people could ever dream. you deserve a second chance at life. More so than anyone I've ever met you truly deserve to be happy Naruto" said Draiko

Naruto continued to cry before coming to a sniffle "Ok I'll be your son" said Naruto as Draiko smiled at him before setting him down on the floor.

Naruto looked up at the Dragon only to watch as it pulled out one of his longer teeth and placed it on the floor in front of Naruto who was only half as tall as the tooth.

Looking up at the Dragon he concluded that it must be some type of ritual or something so he proceeded to try to pull out one of his own teeth.

The Dragon laughed at Naruto's antics as the Tooth began to glow before shrinking and revealing a small sword perfect for Naruto's size.

Naruto stopped attempting to rip out one of his teeth as he saw the tooth before him turn into a sword one of extreme elegance as well. The Sword's Blade was a pure white color and was the perfect length for Naruto to swing around despite his size. The Hilt was what really made it the Metal part of the hilt was covered in what appeared to be golden scales with the pommel being a dragons' head. The Grip was an extremely resilient red leather that probably had some runes that made it more resistant though Naruto wouldn't know that.

As Naruto was observing the sword and taking every feature of it into account Draiko laid down so he could relax.

"Umm why did your tooth turn into a really nice sword" said Naruto to which Draiko laughed

"Is it not your Birthday…. I simply wanted to give my son a new gift for his birthday" said Draiko as Naruto dropped the sword and hugged the head of the dragon.

"Thank you….. Father" said Naruto while crying even though he had a distinctive smile on his face.

"Nothing to it Son" said Draiko "Now get to sleep you must be tired from having tried to help me heal and then going through all of this at the peak of midnight"

"Yeah…(yawn)… I am pretty tired" said Naruto

"Then sleep my son I will watch over you" said Draiko as Naruto fell asleep on the Dragon's nose.

As Naruto slept the Dragon brought one of his claws to the bow as it started to glow. Touching him Naruto went into a deeper slumber.

Grabbing Naruto gently Draiko turned the boy so his stomach was up.

Lifting the boy's shirt up Draiko Began to mutter some incantations before a red swirl of power poured out of Naruto but all of it was absorbed into Draiko who breathed it in.

The Seal faded off of Naruto's stomach

'Now that the demon is no longer inside of you my son I will give you magic as I sense you hold something similar to magic I will change it to that of magic' said the Dragon as he breathed upon Naruto and a golden Flame surrounded him.

Now if someone was watching this they would have believed the boy to be dead but when the flame died down Naruto was laying their but with scales covering his body a tail and small wings attached to him accordingly and his hair slightly longer than usual as his body glowed with light.

After a few second the scales and all the other side effects left Naruto returning him to the same features he had before.

'Now you are without a doubt my son through and through without any vile sources holding you back such as the demon that I have contained' thought Draiko as he laid down bent on getting some sleep.

The Next morning

Naruto awoke slowly as his body felt different stronger but also stranger like something new was a part of him.

Noticing his son awaking Draiko spoke up "Hello my son I see that you have awoken"

"Hello Father" said Naruto with a smile "Do you know why I feel so weird I feel kinda fuzzy but stronger at the same time"

"Last night I didn't just make you my son by adoption I made you my son through magic" said Draiko

"Magic? Like the stuff in stories" said Naruto

Draiko began to laugh " All will be explained Naruto but I must tell you that I will only be here for another hour or so" said Draiko making Naruto's eyes widen

"WHAT you can't just leave me now" said Naruto with fear riddled in his eyes

"Calm yourself Naruto I know I can't do that so I put up a Time field around the Crater last night. Haven't you noticed that it's still night time" said Draiko

Looking around Naruto did notice that it was night time and that everything around the crater seemed to have stopped.

"So what does this mean" said Naruto looking around as leaves seemed to be in mid air.

"This barrier can squeeze time making it to where one hour can be equivalent to three years" said Draiko.

"Ok so what are we going to do for three years and where are you leaving to after that" said Naruto.

"Allow me to Explain everything to the point of my Arrival" said Draiko "I don't come from this world Naruto I come from another world a world called Earthland there people use Magic to do all sorts of things such as make food or designing buildings all the way up to creating the elements and doing battle"

"Now Dragons are unlike Humans are immortal meaning we live forever though we can be killed and every thousand years or so we must go into a slumber more for our mental health than anything else really as a thousand years of memories and emotions builds up and we must give our bodies and minds a reset so to speak" said Draiko

"Ok I understand, But what does this have to do with you leaving" said Naruto

"It came my time to go into rest or hibernation whatever word you would like to describe it with when Aconolgia the False Dragon and the dragon of the Apocalypse attacked me. Somehow he had found me and also knew of my Rest period and when I would make a withdrawal from the world to rest. He used this time to attack me as I was weakened"

"Aconolgia want's nothing but destruction but he knows he cannot simply go around and waste everything away as he wishes without me and the other dragons stopping him and possibly killing him if he went too far" said Draiko "So he decided to play a cheap trick and attack me knowing that I was weak. Though he couldn't kill me a wound was all he was looking for as it would increase the amount I need to spend in hibernation greatly. Even now I wish to sleep but I cannot do so here and I must return to earthland"

"So before that I will teach you everything you need to know about defending yourself my Son I will teach you my magic the magic of a Dragon"

"COOL so will I learn how to breath fire and fly and then I can BLOW THINGS UP" said Naruto as he dreamed about all the things he could blow up.

"Yes yes yes you can blow things up later for now I will teach you all that is my magic and how to harness it" said Draiko as Naruto raised his hand.

"Yes Naruto" asked Draiko curiously

"Will I also learn how to fight with my sword" asked Naruto looking over the beautiful blade

"Of course I will even teach you how to fight though your body will remain the same height since I've pinched time to this region you are still bound to this worlds time so even though were going to spend three years in this zone your body will only age an hour or so thanks to the effects. Meaning we can't increase your strength or speed beyond that which my magic in your system has already done" said Draiko taking a pause for dramatic effect

"But we can go over sword techniques and I can teach you to use your magic to draw upon it and become like a dragon" said Draiko but his words fell on deaf ears as Naruto was already experimenting with his sword and swinging it wildly.

With a small blast of fire Draiko sent Naruto tumbling on the floor " wait till I'm done to go swinging your sword around like a lunatic" said Draiko with humor as Naruto got up but panicked as he saw parts of his clothes were on fire.

After Stop – Drop and – Roll procedure Naruto yelled at Draiko

"Why did you go and set me on fire that could have really burned me" said Naruto

Draiko Laughed "My son you are a dragon but not only that you are a dragon of flame and light no fire can burn you though concentrated enough it may push you and make you collide with other objects a fire cannot by itself hurt you" said Draiko

"Woah really…. Ok hit me with some fire" said Naruto to which Draiko sweatdropped but proceeded to blow a small stream of fire at Naruto. Not enough to blow him back like he did before but enough to engulf him and make him feel it's warmth.

Naruto laughed as he stood inside the fire unintentionally swallowing some of it.

'Tasty' thought Naruto as the fire stopped and he looked down noticing that his body was unharmed by the fire.

"Umm I know this might sound strange but I think I ate some of that fire" said Naruto

"No no that's not strange at all see since you're a fire and light dragon you can eat Fire and absorb light to replenish yourself" said Draiko

"So I can eat Fire to heal myself" said Naruto

"Not heal yourself exactly but when you're tired and need more Magic then just eat some fire and your Magic will come back to a certain extent. Another benefit that you have is that you can use light so if you're tired just lay under the sun or a really bright lamp and you'll feel your power coming back to you. Now it might not be as fast as eating Fire it still regenerate your Magic and you can even recharge while in battle making it useful as your opponents will not have such benefits" said Draiko

"Thank you Father" said Naruto out of the Blue

"For?" asked Draiko

"For everything you've given me a new purpose, hope for a better day and I don't know how to repay you" said Naruto as he suddenly found interest in the floor and began to stare at it.

A few second passed before Draiko spoke "You don't have to thank me my Son simply go on in your life and when the time comes for me to return I want you to tell me all about your adventures and perhaps introduce me to a certain girl" said Draiko with a small snicker

"Ok Father!" said Naruto happily "But who's this girl that I'm supposed to find"

"You know someone really like a girl that you have your first kiss with Ehhhh" said Draiko

"Ewwww no girls have COOTIES" said Naruto as he wiped his tongue away.

'Ahh he won't be saying that when he meets the angel of his life' thought Draiko happily as he looked at his son.

"Alright forget I said anything. Now then it's time we started to discuss Magic we have three years and since magic and sword styles are all I'm going to be teaching you were going to go through Earthland Language, Runes, Magic Theory, Dragon Magic, Sword styles, Lacrima Theory and Earthland history but only in minor degrees and only important topics" said Draiko

"Hehehehehe" laughed Naruto darkly "So what are we waiting for the faster I learn how to do all of It the faster I can blow something up or tear a hole in a wall" said Naruto as he rubbed his hands together.

'By God what have I done' thougth Draiko as he thougth about all the accidental damage that was going to be brought to Fiore with his son's help. 'Ohh well technically he's a prince and royalty should be able to do what they want I guess' Draiko added on as an after thought.

"Alright let's Begin Naruto, Take a seat" said Draiko as Naruto appeared instantly before him and sat down patiently.

'Hmm this may be easier than I thought' thought Draiko.

"The first thing we must discuss Is Magic and what it is"

Time Skip 1-Hour real time

A light faded from the barrier covering the crater as it revealed the crater but with significant changes those specifically being burn marks scorching most of the ground and pillars of rock sticking out with cuts littering them.

Inside the Crater stood two figures a golden Dragon who was bleeding slightly on his leg and belly and a small boy.

"So the time has come father" said Naruto holding back tears

"Know this Naruto I will always be with you" said Draiko as Naruto started to glow

"What's going on" said Naruto frantically as he started to become transparent

"Your being sent to Earthland were I come from. Remember that you will feel stronger their because you've only been trained in the Darkness of the night. But do not overestimate yourself my son you are young and while you are capable of becoming strong do not seek death openly challenge those who are strong yes but never bite more than you can chew" Said Draiko giving his son some last words as he faded away

Much to his amusement Naruto started Laughing "I'm not that stupid father… but I can't wait to see you again and tell you of all that's happened. Don't worry about Acnologia though while I'm nowhere strong enough to face him now I will become strong I will keep him at bay until you return father then together we can subdue him" said Naruto with resolve

"I cannot wait to fight alongside my son one day" said Draiko with a smile

Naruto started to walk away even though he was fading away and was facing away from him Draiko knew he was Crying.

Looking back as he felt himself finally coming to a complete disappearance Naruto mouthed the words 'I love you father' to Draiko before disappearing.

'And I love you Son' Draiko thought as he saw his son's essence shoot into the sky and disappear from this world.

Draiko stood there for a minute before Spewing out a large amount of red substance which took the form of a giant Fox about twice as large as himself.

As soon as the Nine Tails was free it tried to attack Draiko but Draiko simply applied some magical force to the beast forcing it to drop to the ground.

"I have seen all of your Memories Kurama. I know of your hate for mankind and your loathe for that village but you will only get your freedom if you agree to some of my terms" said Draiko as it looked the larger creature in the eye.

Kurama knew the strength that this Dragon held was far greater than his own its essence was even over powering his own so he made no more attempts to act out against it.

Noticing Kurama relax Draiko continued "You will not Attack that village do what you will with any of the others but that Village is to be off limits as my Son wanted them to be spared so will they be spared. In return you shall be free and I will make it so that no other being may imprison you" said Draiko

Knowing that this Dragon was a being of its word as was himself Kurama quickly accepted the deal as it was too good to pass up. 'Forget the village as long If get my freedom I would sit in lava for a year if I had to'

Kurama was lifted from the pressure he felt and bowed to the Dragon "Thanks truth be told I may have a lot of hatred placed in me but it is not of my origin these humans have done a lot to offend me and make me loathe them" said Kurama

"Of that I have no doubt I will see you later Kurama enjoy this world and always be free" said Draiko as it touched the chest of the Kyubbi and a rune orange rune appeared before fading away.

"There nothing of this world can bind you since nothing in this world holds any sense of Magic" said Draiko as he started to glow before disappearing into the sky just as Naruto did.

Chuckling happily to himself Kyubbi stretched out it's limbs as It breathed in fresh air. "Ohh how my brothers and sister would be jealous of me now" said Kyubbi aloud before his attention as brought back to some Fireworks off in the distance.

'Ohhh Konoha' thought the Kyubbi as he watched some of the fireworks play out as a grin appeared on his face.

He was covered by the mountain the boy had climbed and with the closeness to Konoha he could appear next to the village in a matter of seconds.

'I said I wouldn't kill anyone but that doesn't mean I can't scare them' thought the Kyubbi as it left its spot and appeared in front of the main gates to Konoha letting loose a roar scarring everyone In Konoha as they all looked towards the main gates and the Kyubbi was their standing with all of its tails looking fierce.

Screams started to eminate from Konoha as the people panicked and the Ninja populace started to gather near the main gate.

5 minutes passed as the Kyubbi just stood with his tails swinging from side to side ominously.

The Hokage had long since arrived and was wondering the fate of Naruto and how the seal could have been broken. his thoughts on the matter however were interrupted as the Kyubbi's front paw began to move.

It looked like the Kyubbi was about to pounce on the village before it jumped forward and muttered "BOOOOOOOO" in a booming voice

Several of the Ninja passed out from fear and shock.

The Kyubbi started to Laugh out loud at the situation. 'Perhaps being around these mortals will be more entertaining than I thought'

Standing up normally Kyubbi began to walk around the village avoiding as many tree's as he could as to not leave a trail of utter destruction in his path.

The ninja in the village tried keeping up with the Bjuu but were having troubles doing so as it's walking speed was roughly a running speed for them.

The Nine tails stopped upon the Hokage's Monument and carved in his own face to the mountain much to the everyone's confusion.

Then instead of attacking the Kyubbi simply fell asleep

Hours went on as the Sun came up and broke the Night with the Kyubbi barely waking up.

Though the site before the Kyubbi did surprise him as the Hokage was standing before him

"Is he dead" asked the Hokage

"ughh Who" said the Kyubbi as he rubbed his eyes

"Is Naruto dead" said the Hokage

"Suprisingly No he isn't dead" said Kyubbi

Keeping his calm the Hokage continued "Where is he"

Kurama brought his paw to the Hokage stopping it just before it impaled him.

"Why aren't you afraid" said the Kyubbi

"Because I know you either don't want to kill me can't kill us or simply have no interest in killing everyone in Konoha so I'm safe now please answer the question"

"Very well" said the Kyubbi as he started to explain Naruto's predicament and where he went the day before. To meeting the Dragon and getting adopted to training with the dragon then being sent to another world along with the dragon. He even explained the night that he attacked and how Madara was to blame for it all.

He went on to explain the seal on his body and the agreement he had with the Dragon since he knew he could trust this human.

"I understand Kyubbi" said the Hokage as he was in deep thought.

Looking up he saw the claws of the Kyubbi holding a small gift

"What's this" said the Hokage as he grabbed the gift

"A goodbye present from the boy" said Kurama

Finding the letter attached to the gift the Hokage read it

" Hey Jiji, If you're reading this than I'm no longer in this world but I don't want you to worry I have a father now and I'm going to help this new world

I've always thought of you like a grandfather figure, I know you had a village to take care of but you still found as much time for me as possible and you saved me from being killed by the people so thank you for that.

I know I said I wanted to be Hokage to change how everyone looks at me but I've changed that Dream I want to bring as much light to the new world I'm going to as I can as well as the one I left behind so open the gift and I know this might sound weird but It's from my Father and I want you to Crush it against your chest

Thanks for everything you did for me jiji I'll visit you one day if I can but if I can't well

I'll always love you like a grandfather so have a nice long life and CHANGE THE WORLD!

The Hokage cried and laughed as he opened the small box. Inside was a small orb that glowed like the sun.

Doing as the card read and trusting Naruto the Hokage smashed it against his chest. What happened next shocked even the Kyubbi as the Hokage seemed to get taller and his face began to look younger.

After a few seconds the Hokage looked like he was twenty five

Feeling his new body he could tell that he was beyond his prime. He felt like he could go toe to toe with the kyubbi himself.

Looking inside the box he found another note.

"Jiji if your reading this note then you're now looking younger than you once where and that's because you are my father decided to give you back your youth for helping me live through my life, Now kick your ASS into high gear and go and fix the world you have plenty of time seeing that you're now twenty one and stronger than you've ever been and not even in your prime

Good luck

'You never cease to amaze me my boy' thought Sarutobi looking up to the sky

"Kyubbi now that I know your innocence would you like to Change the world with me" said the Hokage

"Ohhh as interesting as that sounds….. I'll do it … But I need seven bowls of Miso Ramen a day as the Boy's constant eating of it has made myself addicted to it's flavor" said the Kyubbi

"Very well why don't you join me for a walk through Konoha well that is if you can change you're size to something less ummm destructive" said Sarutobi

To his relief the Kyubbi simply shrunk to the size of a large car.

Nodding the Hokage turned around with the Kyubbi behind him only one thing was for sure.

SOMEONE ELSE was going to do all the paperwork for this because Dammit he was in his prime strength and wisdom and he wasn't going to waste it on something as stupid as paperwork as he had done so for so many years.

The world looked brighter peace on the horizon with the help of the Nine tailed fox. Perhaps in a few years they would stop celebrating its and rather celebrate him as their Hero as one Naruto Uzumaki was.

Naruto's Statue would remain in the Center of Konoha for as long as the village stood along with the statue of a dragon and fox both encircling the young teen.

In Another Dimension we find Naruto Soaring falling through the Air a thin shell of magic surrounding him as he impacts a dune of sand

Unfortunetally for him though minutes later a group of slavers came by and found the boy and grabbed him binding him and tossing him with some other slaves.

"Man what luck to find a boy all the way out here… hehehe …. Too bad for him the price for saving him is him being sold into slavery" said one of the drivers to a caravan as the other driver chuckled

"Let's get these prisoners to the Dark wizards and get it over with. They already creep me out as it is and I don't want to spend any more time with them than I have to" said another slaver who was sitting casually underneath a tarp attached to one of the cars.

"Tch you worry too much they pay us well, exceptionally so I mean we get 200,000 jewels a pop and they don't care about age it's almost too easy with this next batch it's going to make us so rich we could retire and live out the rest of our lives in luxury" said the first driver as he greedily chuckled.

Sighing the man next to one of the cars spoke "I guess you're right but after this we should stop who know's when they might think that were expendable"

"Whatever" said the driver.

"Do you guys know where they take the slaves" said the second driver

"Some place they call the tower of heaven" said the first driver

'The tower of heaven' thought Naruto who had just awoken he could possibly escape but he was weak right now and without any light or fire it was going to take him some time before he felt any better ' And then I can't just leave all of these people behind I have to save them somehow'

'So I'll go to this Tower of heaven I'll wait to save everyone and who know's it could be good training for the next time I see you….. Father' thought Naruto as he let sleep take him again.

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