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-Chapter 16-

In a dark place… ( Naruto's Basement )

Sparks flew in the air as Naruto brought a hammer down on a bronze cast. The shape had to be perfect and under normal circumstances Naruto would have just bought a bronze cast from a local blacksmith but this project was anything but normal.

Blowing some fire over the cast Naruto quickly ran and grabbed three different bowls each of them holding a different liquid.

Pouring two of the bowls into the red hot cast Naruto had to turn away as the steam from the liquids instantly vaporized stinging his eyes.

Grabbing the last bowl Naruto slowly poured the liquid letting the fluid heat up slowly instead of just pouring it all down at once.

With a satisfied smile Naruto went back to his desk were a metal rod was perched on top of a pile of papers.

"Ugh these calculations are killing me" said Naruto grabbing a pen and writing down a few notes.

' I should go through the test again see if I missed anything ' thought Naruto turning his attention to a little creation of his.

In the corner of his basement floating above a table were two wooden balls and a thin piece of paper splitting them.

Walking over Naruto flipped a switch on the table and watched as a small stream of magic streamed between the ball on the right and the paper in the middle.

Once the steam of magic touched the paper on the right side a stream of magic shot out of the wooden ball on the left only to stop just before touching the paper.

Only a second latter did a small hole appear in the paper did the two streams of magic unite. It didn't stop there though. The hole in the paper got bigger and bigger as the streams started to get wider both of the streams fighting to maintain the balance. When the streams grew wide enough to engulf one of the balls the streams collapsed on themselves and returned back to their previous state.

For what seemed like 10 minutes did Naruto stare at the piece of paper between the planetary models of his.

'The rod will stabilize the rift at the convergence of the energies… but how will I know where to set the rod. If I don't place the rod in the perfect position in the rift it'll just shoot out to one of the beams and we'll be right back to square one….. No Lissana…. and me throwing up blood' thought Naruto before he sighed.

He'd figured everything out. The amount of magic that he needed to infuse into the rod. The amount of time he'd have to grab Lissana. How much magic he'd need to return and even what time he'd be back for lunch. But figuring out the exact position you need to place something in a space that didn't yet exist was slightly beyond him. The experiment helped him understand about where he needed to place it but that was only if the distance between rifts was exactly the same.

"What am I going to-" began Naruto before a bell went off near the bronze cast from earlier.

Running over to the cast Naruto grabbed the now cooled substances.

Eyeing it for any imperfections Naruto looked it over three times before he deemed that it was perfect.

" This….. this will change my world" said Naruto before taking a bite from the crystalized rock candy.

"Vanilla…. So good" said Naruto lighting the tip of the crystal on fire as he slowly enjoyed his snack.

At the Guild

Sitting on a table with Erza and Gray, Natsu was tapping the table with his fingers repeatedly in utter boredom.

Erza who was reading over the newest Wizard weekly looked up at her teammate. " Natsu stop that…. Or I'll cut off your finger"

As Erza finished her sentence Natsu's finger which was about to strike the table again stopped as a nervous sweat dropped down his back.

Putting his hand in his pocket Natsu's foot started to tap against the floor.

Getting rather frustrated Erza was about to yell at him to stop when the doors to the guild opened revealing Naruto wearing his cloak but with the hood down and the front open wide enough to see the front of his body.

"Hey how's it going" said Naruto walking up to Erza and giving her a kiss

"It's-" began Erza before Naruto interrupted her

" Natsu…. Elfman….. and… Gray come with me I'm in need of your immediate assistance" said Naruto getting odd looks from Erza and the guild before Naruto walked off with Natsu in immediate proximity.

" If I can ever prove myself to be a man it's now!" said Elfman running after the dragon slayers

"Ugh" grunted gray getting up and following after the group at a slow pace.

Erza sighed. She couldn't get Naruto to talk to her all day and she had no idea why he was avoiding her. Occupying her thoughts on different matters Erza looked back at her magazine and tried to pick out something she wanted for her birthday next week

With Naruto and the others

"Thank god you pulled me out of there, Are we ready to go get Lissana?" asked Natsu out of the blue

"What?... No I need you to help me make a gift for Erza's birthday" said Naruto nonchalantly making Natsu face fault at his answer

Elfman caught up with them directly after that and Gray froze the ground in front of him so he could slide up to them.

" Ahh good. I've chosen all of you since you all possess….. skills that I wish to harness to the highest degree possible" said Naruto pulling out three sheets of paper and handing it to each of them

"W-What is this" asked Gray looking over the piece of paper

"This gentlemen is operation 'Knock A Tooth Out Of My Jaw' " said Naruto punching himself in the face

This day was about to get really interesting.

Back with Erza

"What's with the down look" asked Mira handing Erza a drink

"I think Naruto's busy with something but he hasn't really talked to me all day…. Am I being clingy?" asked Erza

"Yes" said Mira before giggling to herself as Erza gave her a pout.

"Oh relax I'm sure it's nothing serious. I mean isn't this the Naruto that you stabbed in the stomach only a week ago!" said Mira giving Erza a smile that seemed to radiate sarcasm

"Ughhh don't make me relive it. WAIT!" said Erza brining Mira close to her face

"Do you think he's pissed about me stabbing him? He seemed so calm all week and he never brought it up… but what if he's been repressing his anger what if he's been holding it all in and now he's gone off the deep end" said Erza a slight crazed look in her eye

"Erza… your freaking me out" said Mira with a sweet smile as Erza sweat dropped.

Regardless of Mira's words, Erza could only hope that Naruto wasn't holding a grudge for her stabbing him.

Back with Naruto

"Come on you bitches HIT ME!" said Naruto before his head snapped to the right courtesy of Gray's right hook

Naruto split some blood out and held onto the chair that he was tied up to.

"Again!" said Naruto watching as Natsu hit him in the jaw almost the same as gray

"Hahaha…. So Gray does hit harder" said Naruto turning his head back only to be hit harder by Natsu

"Ughh never mind. My grandmother hit's harder"

This time Elfman punched Naruto in the jaw making the boys eyes roll a little in their sockets

"This isn't working. I don't think we can just hit his jaw and hope a tooth pops out without breaking his face" said Gray cutting the ropes off Naruto's arms and giving the now stumbling boy a small block of ice to hold to his jaw.

"Thanks" said Naruto before he was punched in the face by Natsu

"AHhh what the hell Natsu. Gray just said it wasn't working" said Naruto rubbing the now completely bruised and battered jaw.

"Just making sure" said Natsu a satisfied smile on his face

'….. your too damn happy about this' thought Naruto narrowing his eyes at his brother but not reacting in any way. He had more important things to do.

"I think I have an idea" said Elfman raising his hand in an awkward attempt to catch everyone's attention which he already had.

"what is it" asked Naruto watching as Elfman nervously put his hand down.

"Well when I was younger and wanted to pull out my teeth I would tie the tooth to a door and them slam the door hard so it would pull the tooth right out" said Elfman as a crazy gleam started to glow in Naruto's eyes

Ten Minutes Later

"Steel cables…. Check. Large oak tree… check. Light bike….. check….. and one indestructible titanium floss string" called out Gray marking down all the necessary items

"Excellent. Elfman bind me to the tree" said Naruto putting his arms out as Elfman started to wrap him and the tree with the steel chains.

"T-This isn't exactly what I had in mind" said Elfman as he finished securing Naruto to the tree.

"Fret not my large muscular friend. This method is the same in logic"

"For your sake…. I hope your right" said Elfman backing away from the tree.

" Gray! Apply the floss" said Naruto opening his mouth as gray pulled an impossibly thin piece of titanium string over to Naruto. Applying gloves to his hands Gray wrapped the floss around Naruto's fang at the bottom right of his jaw.

"Were good at this end! Natsu are you ready!" yelled gray looking along the line of floss where the opposite end was tied to Naruto's light bike with Natsu at the steering wheel.

"READY!" yelled Natsu revving the engine

Looking back at Naruto, Gray had a questioning look on his face.

"You sure that we should let the hothead drive the bike?" asked Gray

"Yes, if anything goes wrong we can be assured that Natsu will keep his hand on the throttle and the chances of this tooth coming out will only increase… and I'm half fire too you damn icicle" said Naruto glaring at Gray

"Tch, let's just get this over with" said Gray moving over to the side of the tree

"We good!" called out Natsu eager to bring pain to his brother….. By pulling his tooth out of his jaw… of course.

"Hit it!" yelled Naruto

Wasting no time Natsu released the brakes and shot off the floss quickly unwinding into it's true length

Attached to the tree Naruto started to take some deep breaths. Any second now that floss was going to reach its max length and either his tooth would pop off or the sudden jerk from the floss could break the back end of his bike.

'Either way this is going to suck' thought Naruto as the floss reached max length

Gray and Elfman stood dumbfounded at the following events. Mostly because it happened so fast it was debatable whether or not it really happened.

As soon as the floss became taut Naruto was pulled against the chains holding him to the tree. Then the chains embedded themselves in the back of the tree from being pulled so hard into the wood. Following the instant transfer of force we find the roots at the bottom of the tree ripping themselves out of the ground.

With no roots in the ground and a lot of tension pulling the tree forward it was a simple matter of physics that the tree was pulled away in the direction Natsu took off.

"Woahh what the hell" said Gray looking over the tree or rather where the tree use to be.

"Gray?" asked Elfman having noticed something

"What's up did the tooth come out" asked Gray looking around the ground for a white tooth.

"No that's just it. I don't see Naruto anywhere"

A look of realization passed through Gray's face as he looked in the direction Natsu drove off in. There was a trail from where the tree was being dragged and if one looked closely they could see the impressing of fingers being dragged through the dirt.

"Oh shit" said Gray looking at the trail with Elfman

Later that day about 3:00 pm

Resting in an ice bath that was just a hole in the ground filled with water and ice Naruto winced as he pulled out a splinter from his back. For a straight hour he had been dragged through the dirt underneath a tree. How he didn't suffocate he could only guess.

"Hey Naruto sorry about-" began Natsu before a sword flew past his head cutting a single strand of hair.

" Your punishment will come at a time of my choosing and when you least expect it….. But for now you will go to the guild and retrieve Gajeel. We're going to be in need of his assistance " said Naruto getting a quick nod from Natsu as he dashed off to go find Gajeel.

Taking a deep breath Naruto released a sigh. Pushing the fang at the bottom right of his mouth he moved the fang back and forth a little

12 Minutes Later

"Hey Hey, Why the hell did you drag me out here" asked Gajeel rather annoyed that he was dragged all the way to the forest.

He was rather surprised when Natsu had come up to him asking him to follow him. He'd been inclined to say no but whether he liked it or not Natsu was higher up in the guild in terms of social status. He didn't want to piss anyone off by saying no to him. It didn't help that Makarov was giving him one of those smiles that basically told him to go with Natsu or face his wrath.

"That would be because of me" said Naruto turning around the side of a tree and making Gajeel jump a little

"What do you want" asked Gajeel feeling slightly on edge

"It's very simple Gajeel. You and Natsu will be fighting me two on one. The main objective is to punch me in the jaw so I can lose a tooth. I figured that while we're fighting you guys might get in a couple of blows. So how about it are you ready to die" said Naruto a sickly grin on his face as his sword materialized in his hand.

"Woah woah I never agreed to this" said Gajeel taking a step back

"Man up Gajeel… he won't let you get away now" said Natsu running at Naruto who smiled before throwing his blade at Gajeel and engaging Natsu in hand to hand combat

Thinking quickly Gajeel rolled out of the way of the sword.

Blocking a kick from Natsu, Naruto gave his brother an elbow to the gut only to receive a punch to the face.

A little surprised that Natsu was able to hit him so early on in the fight Naruto backed up as Gajeel joined up with Natsu

"Ha, you've been practicing those combat techniques I showed you haven't you" asked Naruto his smirk widening as he got a taste of some iron in his mouth

Natsu just grinned in response at his statement

Wanting to get on with the fight Naruto burst forward throwing a punch at both Gajeel and Natsu both of them blocking with their forearms

Twisting their bodies Gajeel and Natsu sent a kick at Naruto's mid section.

Lifting both of his legs Naruto blocked both kicks with shins before grabbing both of their arms and sending them flying back behind him.

"Gajeel!" called out Natsu taking a deep breath in mid flight

Catching on Gajeel followed his example

" Fire/Iron Dragon's : ROARR!"

Both attacks swirled around each other converging on Naruto's location

Reaching Naruto, who was still turned in the opposite direction. The attacks exploded on impact.

"We got em" said Gajeel

"Doubt it" said Natsu only to be proven correct when the smoke from there attack dispersed and there behind a golden white shield stood Naruto….. His back still turned to them.

"More speed Natsu, Gajeel. You attacks take too long to get to me. It's almost too easy to set up this barrier" said Naruto spinning around and shooting off three small flaming projectiles that rocketed towards them.

"MOVE!" yelled Natsu already jumping out of the way as the projectiles slammed into the ground that use to be beneath his feet. Earth scattered in every direction as the attack compressed three different sections of earth.

"Hot hot hot" called out Gajeel stamping out the fire that caught on his jacket with his hand. He'd barely dodged those attacks.

Looking back up Gajeel ran at Naruto. If he was going to be a part of this extravaganza then he was going to get some hits out of the blonde.

Naruto put his fist up and waited for Gajeel to approach. Engaging the Iron Dragon Slayer in hand to hand combat. For a no class type of guy Gajeel really played well to his strengths.

'Not bad' thought Naruto dodging Gajeels jabs and blocking the power punch with a fist of his own.

'His technique is rugged and his stance is strong…. Kind of like iron huh' thought Naruto pushing Gajeel back and turning around to block a drop kick from Natsu

Pushing his brother Naruto's sword appeared at his side in time to block the massive saw like blade that Gajeel swung at him.

"Damn that's one hell of a technique. But how good is it really" said Naruto his blade glowing red hot before it sliced clean through the blade in a torrent of flame. With his hand practically on fire Gajeel back away to make sure Naruto didn't cause any permanent harm.

With Gajeel dealt with for a short while Naruto used a quick burst of fire to his feet to blast away from the two dragon slayers

"Very good both of you. But you're going to have to do better than that to touch this gift from god" said Naruto pointing at his face.

"Now….. who still wants to dance?"

Natsu and Gajeel smiled. The thrill of the fight creeping through both of there bones.

Hours Later – Approx 8pm

Opening the door to Erza's apartment Naruto stuck his head inside before slowly creeping into the darkened apartment.

Walking towards the kitchen a sense of dread filled Naruto. It was like something…. Someone was staring at him.

"I think" said Naruto softly before turning around quickly "SOMEONE WANTS TO SELL ME SOMETHING"

"Not quite" came Erza's soft voice as the lamp next to her sofa chair turned on.

"Oh thank god it's only you Erza" said Naruto taking a deep breath. He could have sworn there was a sense of foreboding creeping up his spine.

"You've been avoiding me all day Naruto….. what's going on" asked Erza as the sense of dread came right back

'Ok Naruto….. you knew this would happen just repeat the logical answer you came up with earlier' thought Naruto as he opened his mouth to talk only to freeze as the very serious red eyes of Erza Scarlet bore holes in his retinas.

Practically chocking on his words Naruto was only able to come up with a few words "It's a secret"

"….. it's a secret. Hmph, fine I'm off to bed and I've changed the lock to the room" said Erza with a slightly irritated tone

" W-What…. Why?" asked Naruto before a pillow and blanket were thrown at his face

"It's a secret" said Erza closing the door to the bedroom.

Looking over to the counter Naruto saw a post it note. Grabbing it he read it

You may sleep on the couch.

Do not evade me without telling me why. It irritates me

Love Erza

Naruto sighed. He should have just told her he was working on a project with the guys and that it was a surprise. At least that way he wouldn't be in the shit

Walking over to the bedroom door Naruto took a seat against the wall next to the door. He'd wait for her to fall asleep before making sure his magic kept her warm throughout the night.

A couple of hours later he was able to do just that as the door to opened wide and Erza to grabbed him by the collar and threw him on the bed.

"Ouch" said Naruto rubbing his head having hit the bedpost "What was that for-" began Naruto before Erza laid next to him down using his chest as a pillow.

"Just be quite. I couldn't stay mad at you even if it was just a couple of hours" said Erza snuggling up to his chest

Naruto just gave a content sigh before he drifted off to sleep

At the same time in the forest

"Hey Baka" said Gajeel laying on his back watching the night stars

"…Yeah" said Natsu laying with his stomach on the floor

"I can't move"

"Neither…. Can….I" said Natsu as he drifted off to sleep

"Ughh" grunted Gajeel his entire body sore from fighting Naruto

Next day noon at the Guild

Having nothing to do and with his anticipation growing more and more each second Natsu started to pace back and forth.

Mira was the first to take notice and she went up to the young dragon slayer to see what had him so riled up.

"Natsu, what's wrong" asked Mira in her usual soft tone.

"Oh Mira…. It's nothing just waiting for Naruto" said Natsu unsure of how to tell her that Lisanna could be in this guild in only another day if Naruto was close to finishing.

"Hmmm waiting for Naruto why?'" asked Mira her question innocent but making Natsu sweat bullets. He was really hoping to keep it a surprise but mostly because he wanted…. No needed to talk to Lisanna first….. but could he really not tell Mira the good news

Looking back and forth Natsu leaned in to talk to Mira

" Naruto says he can bring Lissana back really soon" whispered Natsu getting Mira's breath to hitch

"A-Are you serious"

"Yeah he's going to run some tests today and he says me and him can go tomorrow to bring her back"

"TOMMOROW!" shouted Mira barely able to restrain herself as half the guild turned their attention towards her and Natsu

"Nay, what's wrong with tomorrow" asked Makarov standing on a table near Mira and Natsu

"Ah Master, It's just that…."

"Were going to bring Lissana back tomorrow!" shouted Natsu barely able to hold his enthusiasm back. If Mira should know then the rest of the guild should know as well.

"OHHHHH that's FANTASTIC news drinks for everyone!" said Makarov breaking open a keg and filling a mug with over flowing beer.

"WOOOT" yelled Cana joining in on the fun as everyone or at least the adults got a mug of beer.

Chants and cheers flowed through the guild like water down a river.

Mira headed outside and escaped the party almost as soon as it started followed shortly by Elfman. Moments later Natsu followed after them wondering what was wrong

"Mira-nee what's wrong" asked Elfman patting his crying sister's back while they sat on the benches outside the guild.

"Lissanna's coming back and I know I should be happy beyond belief but I'm scared. It's my fault that she's been away for so long. It's my fault that she's had deal with being away from her friends. Do you think she can forgive me?" asked Mira leaving a silent Elfman. He didn't know his sister was holding this much regret over the issue. Especially when it was his fault to begin with.

"She'll do more than forgive you" came Natsu's voice from nearby "She loves you guys more than you think. I bet she thinks it's all her fault" Natsu put both his hands out for the Strauss siblings.

"So why don't we go inside and enjoy the party and I'll go see if Naruto is still on track to leave for tomorrow" asked Natsu as the sibling gave him a nod each and stood up holding his hands as he pulled them into the party inside

With Naruto

"And this is my lab. Pretty cool huh" said Naruto showing Wendy around his underground lab which was just really the basement of a large house he was working on having built.

The walls were concrete so there really wasn't a risk of anything falling down on them. Not that Naruto couldn't just bust out of there if something did.

"U-Um why are you showing me around town and your lab" asked the shy Wendy

"Don't be so shy Wendy. You're a dragon slayer and whether you want me to or not I'm going to treat you like family. Now let's go see if the ice cream shop is open. I promised Erza I'd bring her back a vanilla-chocolate swirl"

"Ah what-" wondered Wendy not having very good knowledge of sweets

"It matters not" said Naruto grabbing Wendy and throwing her on his back so she sat piggyback style

Running out of the lab with a screaming Wendy, Naruto got a devilish idea

"Wendy let's see how well a Sky Dragon Slayer can fly ehh" said Naruto unleashing his wings as he shot off into the sky


With Natsu

Sniffing the around Naruto's lab Natsu couldn't' help but be perplexed at his current situation. He knew Naruto was here and his sent was strong but somewhere outside of his lab he disappeared along Wendy's scent.

They couldn't have just gone up and disappeared… unless he used the rod to go get Lissana without him. But why on earth would he bring Wendy. She had no connection to this what so ever.

"Come on Natsu think. Naruto and Wendy have been spending the entire day together hanging out and getting her more introduced to the guild. Oh my god" wondered Natsu sudden realization reaching him.

"W-Wendy killed Naruto and then hid his body. Didn't she say she was an Air Dragon Slayer or something. Did she want his throne… Wait he doesn't even have a throne!"

Natsu started pulling on his hair in frustration as Naruto landed on the ground behind him with a laughing Wendy on his back.

"Again… Again" said Wendy like the child she was, a rare thing but it brought a smile to Naruto's face none the less.

"No we've circled around magnolia five times. How about tomorrow you have your cat fly you around a couple of times and then I'll take you. That way you'll have more time in the air"

"I could never ask Charla to do that for me. So why can't you take me one more time"

"Ughhh I regret my earlier decision" muttered Naruto as he noticed a panicking Natsu in front of him

"Natsu!" called out Naruto letting Wendy off of his back

Turning around Natsu's eyes started to fill with big tears as he saw Naruto standing there

"Ohh no you don't " said Naruto smashing his fist down as Natsu lunged to hug him.

"I thought you guys were dead…. I couldn't track your scent and I thought the worst happened"

"You idiot I can fly. You can't really track scent through the thin air itself. Well technically you can….. but not when I shoot off to a thousand feet in air in only a couple seconds. Now what's up"

"Hehe sorry kind of forgot about the whole wings thing. You're the only one with them so it makes it hard for me to remember"

'how does that make any sense?' wondered Naruto

"Anyways I wanted to know if we were all good for tomorrow" asked Natsu

Naruto looked up at the sky taking a deep breath.

"Not to seem like everything keeps being pushed ahead of schedule like the whole finding a base, to being able to figure out how to keep the rift open and all that other craziness…. But it looks like lady luck shines down on you Natsu. Feels like some weather is coming our way"

"So we can leave earlier because of some clouds?" asked Natsu looking up at the sky with its scattered clouds

"Baka… believe it or not but storms and even different celestial events hold a lot of magical properties. But more importantly it's a worldly magic. If we leave during that storm it'll increase our odds of being able to stabilize the portal. At least on this side of the rift. But never mind that, we have a party to go enjoy ourselves at right?" asked Naruto looking towards the direction of the guild

"How did you know there was a big party at the guild"

"When is there never a party at the guild" said Naruto with a smile as he led Wendy back to the guild

At Fairy Tail with Erza

Beating up the partiers who started to throw around spells Erza couldn't help but be at peace….

Feeling an arm wrap around her waist Erza was about to flip whoever grabbed her. The only thing that stopped her was the warm sensation that filled her body.

"You're so beautiful when you're mad" laughed Naruto as he gave Erza a kiss on the cheek

"Pft you haven't seen me truly mad yet" said Erza sending him a confident smirk

"I know I bet you look like some sexy goddess when your that mad" said Naruto making Erza blush if only slightly

Catching a glint of gray from the corner of the room Naruto leaned into Erza's ear.

"Hey I'm going to be right back. Want to dance after"

"Sure, just don't keep me waiting" said Erza pushing him playfully

"Never" said Naruto with a smile as he dashed over to the corner of the room getting behind a surprised Gajeel

Before Gajeel could yelp and make a scene Naruto clasped a hand over his mouth while making a shushing gesture.

Removing his hand Naruto looked around the pillar Gajeel had been hiding behind to see that he had a fairly impressive view of a blue haired mage.

Naruto's face split into a grin when he saw Levy talking and hanging out with all her friends. He had a hunch that Gajeel was falling for this girl earlier but now he was practically watching over her like a damn body guard.

"Ohh Gajeel has a crush does he" said Naruto in a teasing manner as the Iron Dragon Slayer started sputtering incoherently

" geesh the longer I stay in this guild the more interesting it gets. I mean now we have four dragon slayers under one roof and three of them are bonded… So Gajeel you going to pull some moves on levy or what?"

" Yeah right. Why would you think I'm interested in her" said Gajeel trying to act like he didn't care

"Please, your eyes give you away. Now why don't I go-" began Naruto before he felt a pulse of magic from above him…. Far above him.

"Hey are you alright" asked Gajeel watching Naruto freeze up as he looked straight into the first floor ceiling above them

Naruto didn't reply he just ran over to Erza

"Hey Narut-" began Erza before she was noticed that her hand as well as the rest of her body was glowing a faint white.

"Whatever you do don't panic. Everything is going to be ok, I'll see you real soon" said Naruto kissing Erza who was very confused

Breaking off the kiss Naruto ran outside the guild just as everything started to get sucked into the Anima high above the clouds.

Naruto could only watch as the city of magnolia was sucked into another world.

'If what Mystogan has told me is right then they'll be turned into a giant lacrima. While that pisses me off to no end at least they have time before there siphoned into pure magic' thought Naruto before looking over to his right where a confused and bewildered Natsu was pulling his head out of the dirt.

"What happened to the guild… what happened to the town?" asked Natsu rightfully concerned

"Cutting it short with you Natsu… It looks like Lisanna's coming home even earlier. Jesus it's like some unknown force wants Lissana back or something" said Naruto looking over the now clear plane that was Magnolia when he spotted Wendy some distance away.

"Wendy! Over here!" shouted Naruto catching the girl and her feline companions attention.

"You can come out now Mystogan" said Naruto watching Gajeel get up from the ground some distance further than Wendy.

' How the hell did he get all the way over there?' wondered Naruto as Mystogan appeared behind him

" I'm sorry Naruto. I couldn't close an Anima that large with the-" began Mystogan before Naruto raised a hand cutting him off

"Forget it. The biggest problem I have with this entire thing is ALL THE GOD DAMN TIME I WASTED. If I had known they were going to just open a rift between here and there I wouldn't have had to go through so much god damn trouble. Ughh do you know how many calculations I had to do, all the variables I had to solve for, all so that THIS shit can happen?" pronounced Naruto his displeasure clear to everyone around him.

"What about Erza? You're not the least bit concerned" asked Mystogan and Naruto chuckled

"You yourself have told me it takes several days for them to go through the magical process. If they attempt to turn Erza into pure magic then they'll have to activate her magic somehow right?" asked Naruto getting a nod from Naruto

"As soon as all of her magic is activated her eye will shatter the Lacrima affect. If that wasn't the case then I'd already be in Edolas saving her" said Naruto standing up.

"Natsu head on over. I have business to attend to"

With those last words Naruto summoned his light bike and drove off towards the forest near Magnolias previous location.

Later with Naruto

Knocking lightly on porlyusica's door

"I can sense you from a mile away brat. You don't' need to knock when you're not even attempting to hide your presence" came Porlyusica's voice getting Naruto to laugh sheepishly as he opened the door to her tree house

Walking in he saw her grinding away at some herbs and other ingredients and he got to work right next to her.

Pulling out a small bag from his small personal storage pocket dimension Naruto threw some herbs down on the counter

"Ohh quite the batch. You pick them yourself?"

"Yeah just a few things here and there….. Look I know that this is going to be awkward but I need to ask you a very serious question" said Naruto gaining the women's undivided attentions.

"If you could…. Would you go back to Edolas… Like forever" asked Naruto a look of thought crossing the older woman's facial features

"No….. As much as I may have missed my home this world and FairyTail is my home now. This is where I belong" said Porlyusica

"Alrighty! then " said Naruto wiping his hands of any dirt.

"See you later Grandma… I got to go get our home back" said Naruto with an extremely sheepish smile before he shot out of the house and launched into the sky not a second later

" What in blazes is he talking about " wondered Porlyusica who was going to be in a state of shock at seeing Magnolia…. Well rather from not seeing Magnolia.

With Naruto

Landing softly on the ground where Magnolia use to be Naruto stared up at the rift above him.

The clouds swirled around the rift making it look like a hurricane with a big light for its eye.

"Surreal isn't it. To look up and see the magic's that started it all….. for both of us" said Naruto as Mystogan appeared by his side

"It was one hell of a ride while it lasted" said Jellal taking off his mask.

"Do you have a plan?" asked Naruto looking over to Jellal

"Yes, I plan to put an end to the chaos that my father has brought to my world. I can only do that if magic is completely removed from my world. Once I go to Edolas it'll be trivial to accomplish my goal. What do you plan on doing?" asked Jellal

"Nothing really…. Guess I'll just watch the show" said Naruto with a smile as Jellal nodded before his body started to light up and he shot up into the rift high above

Naruto just stood there wondering if that's what he looked like when he was shot into Earthland.

"Why hello there" came a boy's voice from behind him

Spinning around Naruto saw a young boy looking at him.

The boy was wearing a black and gold jacket and pants with a white sash cutting through his torso and wrapping around his waist.

"What's your name?" asked the boy suddenly

A little startled by the question Naruto answered quickly " Naruto "

There was only one thing wrong with the way he said his name… it was in a smaller voice, and it was higher pitched in nature

Looking down in shock Naruto saw his hand had become smaller and that the ground beneath him had turned into a lush dark green grass.

Talking a step back in shock Naruto looked back up to see that the boy was gone and that the landscape was as it once was again.

'What…. The hell was that' wondered Naruto staring at his hand that was back to normal size.

The only response that he got was the sound of a hundred whispered spirits. The presence of the thousands of dark entity's from Nirvana having a stronger mental effect on him than he thought.

'I don't have time to worry about this' thought Naruto his thoughts drifting over to Erza.

Pumping magic to his feet Naruto shot off into the sky a trail of fire following behind him as he rocketed into the world of Edolas.

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