A collection of drabbles for Rivamika Week on tumblr and also my first published stories of this pairing.

The first is a quick drabble, working on the second one.




DAY 1: Chance Meetings

coincidence, destiny, fate

in one moment, lives can collide and change forever



Grocery shopping was one of the things he enjoyed doing ever since their victory. With nothing else to do, no titans to kill and seemingly nothing to worry about, they retired their 3D maneuver gears, took their uniforms off and adopted civilian clothes to their daily choice of clothing.

He had too much free time in his hand, which he used to clean his already spotless small home in the outskirts of the reclaimed Shinganshina District. On days when he did not feel the need to swipe the floors and dust his furniture, days that were more frequent than before, he would sat on his pouch with a cup of tea, or coffee (though the coffee he brewed was always bitter), and a book on his lap. But his mind would always wonder and he would catch himself staring at the sky, lips pursed as his muscles screamed at him to move.

Levi threw the green apple up, ready to catch it again when a kid bumped into him and the back of his hand accidentally hit the fruit, swatting it away and onto the cobblestone ground. The child looked up at him, face palling when he recognized who it was, and he quickly stuttered an apology and ran away, nearly tripping on his way and hiding behind his mother's long skirt.

His fingers touched the red spot on the back of his hand, softly rubbing down on it to soothe the tingling feeling on his tendons. Sensing someone approaching, the once Corporal turned to meet the newcomer, and leaned his head back just slightly when he was face to face with someone he hadn't seen since their last mission together.

"Don't waste food," she chided, though it barely sounded like she was reprehending him due to her still stoic voice. The dark haired woman placed the green apple back on the stand, eyes never leaving his.

He clicked his tongue. "It fell, it's filthy and damaged. One cannot eat it anymore."

There was a slight wrinkle on the bridge of her nose and her eyes rolled, "Whatever, shorty. Get yourself another one." And Mikasa Ackerman turned on her heels, picking another apple from the stand again and placing it inside her basket.

Eyebrows knitting down, Levi clicked his tongue again and faced the stand again, hands hovering above the fruits as he examined which one he should pick. "I was wondering," he turned his head to face her once more, and raised an eyebrow when she picked a peach and brought it close to her nose to sniff it, "would you like to grab your maneuver gear and go out to revive the old days?"

It was unexpected; one for it was sudden, two because it was her who suggested it. His fingers enclosed around the damaged, filthy apple and he unconsciously dropped it inside his basket, beady eyes still watching as she sniffed yet again another peach before placing it along with the other one.

"Alright," he answered finally, giving in to his desire to go outside the walls and fly through the trees once more, feel the wind on his face again. Mikasa turned and approached him, and surprised him when she patted his shoulder lightly.

"I'll meet you at six at the gates." With that said, she went her way, and Levi was quick enough to look down and glance at the three fruits inside her basket: a lonely apple and a pair of peaches. Mikasa exited the market street not long after.

It was a coincidence, he thought to himself, picking another green apple and sniffing it. He narrowed his eyes and all but shoved the fruit inside his basket before moving on to another pile of fruits; just a coincidence.