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DAY 7 - Whatever you like

NSFW || Set a few years in the future



There definitely was something wrong with Mikasa Ackerman that morning, and they didn't guess it from the way she seemed to walk more confident than usual, nor by the way her lips twisted in a smug smirk as she paraded about the hallways of the headquarters, hips naturally swaying with every step she took.

It wasn't the way her eyes shone under the morning light that peered through the open window either, nor the way she side glanced at each and every person that stood closer to the stone walls gaping at her and whispering among themselves. Jean was elbowed in the ribs by his blond friend before Eren could turn around and see him gaping at his sister.

And all around her, the members of the Scouting Legion shared one thought: why did she replace her red scarf for a white cravat?

Lance Corporal Levi was sipping his tea when he heard the quiet knock on the door, and since he already knew who it was, he called her inside and didn't turn around to face her just yet.

Earlier that day when he went out of his office to check on the members who were cleaning every inch of the fortress, he wasn't surprised when he saw that almost every single one of them seemed to be in some sort of trance, and after cornering the Springer guy and forcing him to spill everything out, the only thing the boy managed to squeak out was 'Mikasa Ackerman'.

He lowered his teacup to the saucer in his other hand and waited until the door clicked closed to speak. "What was that ruckus about, Ackerman?"

"Ruckus?" She repeated in a neutral voice, and Levi sighed loudly.

"Yes, ruckus. When I went downstairs to check on them, they were gaping like fishes out of the water." With a light push of his feet against the floor, he forced his chair to turn around to face her. "What did y- What the fuck is this, Ackerman!?"

The saucer nearly fell from his hand at the sight of the girl before him – the short leather skirt was the only thing covering her from waist down. She shrugged her shoulder innocently, but the smirk that crept on her lips and the glint in her eyes told him that she was all but innocent. Levi placed the delicate porcelain utensils on his table before he dropped them, "Don't tell me you were walking around like this the whole time."

Mikasa scoffed, "Of course not." She made her way over to him and sat directly before him on his table, legs stretched as her feet rested on his knees. His hands smoothed up and down her legs, feeling her soft skin under his calloused one, and the simple act made her legs part just slightly... And he noticed she wasn't wearing any underwear. What a dirty, kinky brat. "This caused the ruckus," she explained as she motioned at the cravat wrapped around her neck.

Levi leaned back on his chair, fingers pressing down on her thighs as he eyed the article and twisted his lips. "So this explains why there was one missing." Sliding his hands between her knees, he parted her legs and stood up from his seat, and placed his palms on the small of her back to pull her flush to him once he was close enough. "Mind telling me why you did that, Ackerman?"

"Well, Corporal," her voice was sultry, her hands squeezing his biceps and shoulders deliciously, "I was just showing them what is yours."

He hummed appreciatively, his own hands roaming around her back. "So this is your way of making it official on our anniversary?" She nodded in response; his fingers pressed down on the curve of her waist. "You better keep this cravat on the whole time."

Levi brought one hand up to her face and cupped it, and smashed his lips on hers, hungrily tasting her. Mikasa wound her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist, pressing her chest to his (and it didn't go unnoticed by him how her breasts weren't bound by her bindings). They broke apart and he placed forceful kisses on her jaw line; his hands went up to her button up shirt and tore it open, white buttons flying about when the lines that kept them secured on the soft fabric were forcefully torn apart.

His lips landed on her collarbone and sucked on her pulse, his teeth nibbled on the skin of her shoulder and caught one rosy peak between them. Levi sucked on it and brought one hand up to caress the neglected breast before his mouth and hand switched over; his free arm wrapped around her waist when Mikasa arched her back in pleasure and moaned low on her throat.

After playing with her breasts, his mouth trailed up and met hers again, hungrily and eagerly. She tugged on his hair and he squeezed her thighs, and finally slipped one hand between their bodies to touch the wet, warm space between her legs. Mikasa moaned into the kiss and released his lips with a gasp, head tilting back before another breath left her mouth. "Ah, Corporal..."

Levi leaned forward and placed a kiss on her chin and traced her jaw line with his lips, and his fingers pressed down harder and faster on her small bundle of nerves. Her hips buckled and Mikasa managed to grasp her hands on his belt, and she pulled him forward. "Corporal," she called out breathlessly and pressed her open palm on his covered, hardened member. "Corporal..."

The fingers of his free hand grabbed a fistful of her hair and directed her mouth to his. Levi groaned when her hand started moving on his constrained erection and he softly bit down on her lower lips to give her permission to go further. Mikasa shamelessly unfastened his belt and worked on the button and zipper of his pants, hooking her fingers on the waistband and pulling everything down to his midthigh.

He had just forced everything down his legs when there was a knock on the door. "Shit," he muttered and the dark haired girl tensed under his hands.

Eren knocked on the door again, growing more and more impatient with every second that passed. He and his friend glanced at each other before simultaneously glancing at the door and the brunet raised his hand tentatively to knock again. Before his knuckles touched the wood, Levi's voice was heard from the inside of his office and Eren twisted the doorknob and pushed the door open after the command was given.

Levi was sitting behind his desk, a pile of papers at his left and his usual cup of tea to his right, and he had that same bored look on his face again. Eren stepped forward and closer to his desk, leaving Armin to stand a little closer to the door. "Make it quick," the Corporal bit out as he reached for his teacup, "I don't have all day."

"Sir," he started hesitantly, "did you give one of your cravats to Mikasa?"

One dark eyebrow rose as he brought the cup up to his lips, "Ackerman?" Levi sipped his warm drink, hooded eyes never breaking eye contact with the younger man (and consequently making him more and more nervous). "No, I didn't. Why?"

Eren's eyebrows rose up high and he gaped at his superior. "A-Ah... You see... She was," he swallowed and pointed towards his neck, "she was wearing a cravat instead of her red scarf."

The Corporal placed the cup on top of the saucer and clicked his tongue, "What? Jealous?" He teased, although his voice was void of any emotion. The brunet's back straightened and he stuttered, half turning to Armin in a silent plea for help. The blond kid was, too, at a loss of what to say or do. "Maybe I started a trend among humanity's strongest," Levi picked one paper from the pile and scanned it indifferently.

"Y-Yeah," Eren agreed with a hesitant chuckle; Armin just smiled nervously.

"Are you done? I've got work to do, you know." Giving their superior a half-assed salute, the boys quickly scurried away from his office and audibly shut the door behinds their backs. Once Levi was sure they were out of ear shot he placed the paper back on the pile and groaned loudly, "Damnit, Ackerman."

Said woman released his hard member with a wet pop sound and crawled out from under his desk when he pushed his chair backwards. She smirked mischievously at him and kicked his pants out of the way before approaching him. Placing each hand on one shoulder, she gingerly placed one knee on each space between his leg and the arm of the chair, and leaned forward to kiss him again, slowly this time. Mikasa lowered herself on him, feeling his member slip inside her, and she let out a breathy moan once he was completely buried deep within her.

Mikasa wasted no time to start moving. Up and down, slow at first as she held Levi's gaze and shivered when his hand slipped under her open shirt and caressed her back. She murmured his title and went a little faster, well aware of how much more turned on he got when she called him Corporal. He moved his hands down and placed them on her hips to support her, thrusting up his own hips to double the pleasure.

"Corporal..." The pressure of her fingers on his shoulder was nearly painful, but he barely acknowledged the pain, eyes focused on her as he witnessed Mikasa losing herself in the moment. The way she bit down on her lower lip and groaned, the way her lips parted before she let out a shaky breath and moaned out his name. He gritted his teeth and suppressed a moan of his own; it drove him crazy.

Her inner walls gradually got tighter around him and she suddenly crashed down on him, her whole body shaking with the force of her orgasm. Using his hands to force her to move, Levi kept sliding in and out of her until he reached his limit, seeing white as he spilled his contents inside of her.

Humming in delight, he stroked her cheek and cupped her face, then leaned in for a short kiss. "You know," he said in a quiet voice, fingers trailing down to her covered neck and tugging lightly on the white article of clothing, "it looks really good on you."

Mikasa smiled slightly and pressed her mouth on his, their lips moving lazily. "It only looks good on humanity's strongest couple," she murmured against his mouth. Levi nodded in agreement and claimed her lips once more.