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To be fair, Konohamaru thought, there wasn't exactly any reason to think that things would blow up this badly. When he had been watching Naruto-aniki try to recreate Hiraishin, he thought that the worst that could happen was that Aniki would end up in the hospital again like he had the last five times. Sure, Sakura-onee-san would be angry, but now that the stress of the war was gone, she wouldn't be nearly as explosive as she had before.

He did not expect for the seal to blow up and take the both of them out of their own world, along with a large chunk of the surrounding land and trees. He did not expect to end up in a different world.

He did not expect to be running from naked, sexless giants that were consistently trying to eat him and Naruto.

"Aniki!" Konohamaru shouted, even as he dodged one of the slavering beasts. He ran as close to Naruto as he could, before being forced to do a backflip off of the wall of an abandoned cottage to dodge an overlarge hand. He ran under the legs of the creature, trying to confuse it for at least a few seconds.

"Odama rasengan!" Naruto shouted, driving the enormous swirling ball of energy through the head and upper body of the creature. Finally, finally, the creature stopped moving, steam rising from the body as it decomposed at an impossible rate.

Naruto sat down heavily, panting in exertion. With the buildings he'd seen it was obvious that people of normal size had lived here once, so he didn't want to accidentally scare off potential allies with Kurama. Unfortunately, that meant that he couldn't really use some of his bigger techniques, and though he avoided what he could, that meant that the ones he did fight were fast and attacked with an element of certain surprise.

"That was the fifth one." Naruto muttered, pinching the bridge of his nose. "And we still don't know what part of what we're doing is actually killing them. It can't seriously be total destruction of that much of the body. Seriously, if they don't die from destroying just the head…"

He made an annoyed, frustrated noise, tearing at his hair. "We need to find either people or a defensible location. A small cave, or at least a high tree for the night."

Konohamaru nodded, looking around nervously at the dying light. As a shinobi, they would be able to hear the Titans from even farther away than civilians. "Who should take first watch?"

"I'll take care of it." Naruto groaned. "Shadow clones, maybe."

Konohamaru nodded, and then looked at the building that he'd jumped off of earlier. "Maybe we could look around and see if there's any information here?"

"You saw the signs." Naruto mumbled. "We don't understand a thing here."

Konohamaru shrugged a little. "Picture books? Maps?"

"Nngh…" Naruto put his face in his hands. "I don't know…"

"Maybe we're close enough for you to sense people with Sage Mode now?" They'd tried it earlier, but there either weren't people, or they were all dead.

"I guess…" Naruto frowned. "But what if there was never a God Tree here? I mean, there's chakra in the air, and in some of the plants and smaller animals, but there was almost none in the deer we saw earlier, and none at all in the giant things. I mean… what if the reason I can't sense anyone is because they don't have chakra?"

Konohamaru didn't have an answer to that, especially when the attempt proved futile again.

"Fine." Naruto stood up, dusting himself off. "We'll go according to procedure. Straight line, random direction, find a river, and follow it. If we're lucky, we can find some fish to catch, too."



Naruto stared at the enormous wall, his mind blank in confusion. It was almost as much confusion as the knowledge that the giants couldn't move at night. It had made it easier to forage for food, at least.

"Well, it's not a river." Konohamaru supplied, perhaps in an attempt to be helpful, or in an attempt to state the obvious and get it out of the way.

"…We could still follow it?" Naruto suggested, and then froze.


"Yeah…?" The boy looked at him in wary confusion.

"Let's climb the wall." Naruto turned to him with a large grin. "It'll take a bunch of chakra, so you might get a bit tired, but it'll get us away from those things."

Konohamaru's eyes brightened, and he turned to the wall. "Last one up's a crazy Uchiha!"

"Not a chance!"

They made their way to the top, laughing in the knowledge that they'd finally found a safe refuge to keep to during the day, and stopped as soon as they made it all the way.

The sight was beautiful, it really was.

It was also, for that matter, pockmarked with large, roving humanoids, seen only from a distance, and all heading east.

"…They seem to have a craving for human flesh, right?" Konohamaru suggested. "So maybe they're all going where people are?"

"…Yeah." Naruto's face held a look of disturbing realization at the sight of so many of the creatures that had plagued them over the past months. He turned to look behind him, seeing still more of the creatures just roaming around aimlessly. "We'll follow them along the wall during the day, and do some hunting at night. Hopefully, we can at least get some clues."

Just what kind of a world was this?


"How big do ya think the thing that broke this must have been?" Konohamaru asked, staring at the whole in the wall that the creatures had been passing through during the day. It was night, now, and they had seen the once-bustling town from the wall earlier that day, when there had still been light.

"At least as big as a Summon." Naruto muttered, staring at the whole. "Unless they have advanced weaponry or jutsu."

"I think it was the giants. I mean, there used to be people here, so maybe they were trying to get in to hunt people, so they broke the gate." Konohamaru commented, looking around nervously, out of a sense of self-preservation that had been honed over years training as a shinobi, and exacerbated by the past two weeks running around and escaping the grasping fingers of the monstrous creatures.

"Probably just brute force, then." Naruto mulled over the idea, looking around for other signs of destruction. "I don't think it was anything the size of what we've seen so far, or there would be more holes in the wall. They don't seem all that strong, either."

Konohamaru flinched, a little scared of just how large this thing must have been. "Large enough that it might have been harder to kill than one of the Pain Paths?"

Naruto looked over at him, and then shrugged. "If we could figure out how to kill normal ones easily, then maybe. I'm not sure yet. We were trained to kill people, not these things. These things are hard to kill because we don't have information. Once we get information…"

Konohamaru nodded. "Right. Have to find people, then."

"Which means…"

"We follow the river, right?"

"Right. Though, the direction…" Naruto tapped his chin. "There weren't any buildings on the other side of this thing, right? Just on this side. So, I think we're on the inside right now."

"So… we go North." Konohamaru said.

"Yeah. North."


A/N: I know Konohamaru isn't a very popular character, but I think he has potential in this situation, for one very specific reason that you'll understand soon.

Timeline and ages:

Naruto is currently seventeen and a half. The accident occurs about six months after the end of the war, and as his birthday is on one of the last days of the war against 'Tobi,' this makes him seventeen and a half. Granted, it could also make him sixteen and a half, but I think he'd be seventeen during the war. If Kishi decides to reveal otherwise, I will come back and fix this.

Konohamaru is thirteen, because his birthday is in late December, and he's twelve in Shippuden.

The SnK/AoT universe is ONE AND A HALF YEARS post-Zhiganshina and THREE AND A HALF YEARS pre-Trost.

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