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Lydia knocked lightly on the hospital room door with her free hand as she balanced the thick book, notebook and pens on her other arm. The door opened and she looked up to see the Sheriff, looking like he hadn't slept since the accident.

"Lydia, what are you doing here?" The Sheriff asked before he glanced down at the title of the book she was carrying and smiled sadly at her, "I might run to the library and see if I can find a book like that. Stiles hasn't let me see the laptop since the doctors let him have it."

She smiled warmly at him, "That's fine, Sheriff. I'm here to help him learn and we'll probably take a while so you can do what you want," She raised her eyebrows at him, "And maybe you can take a nap as well."

He shook his head fondly, "Sometimes, you remind me of Stiles. He's been trying to get me to sleep ever since he woke up."

"You can go now. I'll take care of him," She assured him, looking over to the boy on the bed, who was staring intently at the laptop while attempting several hand gestures.

The Sheriff sighed and glance back at Stiles one last time before saying, "I'll be back in a few hours. I don't want to leave him for too long, I almost lost him." he finished softly.

Lydia winced, remembering the fear she felt seeing Stiles lying unconscious, "None of us are going to let that happen and we're going to help him get through this." she told him sincerely. The older man nodded and left the room, leaving Lydia alone with Stiles.

She tentatively walked over to the other teen and placed her hand on his shoulder, careful of the bandages that covered a part of his arms. Stiles startled and looked up, confusion settling on his face before his brown eyes landed on the notebook and pen that she had. He quickly grabbed it from her and frantically wrote out, 'Are Scott and Isaac okay?'

Stiles looked around the warehouse, wondering what Gerard was playing at. The old man was already several minutes late, which was something they hadn't counted on. All of the sudden, he heard Allison yell one word, "RUN!" He barely had time to turn around before an explosion filled his ears and Scott and Isaac were tackling him to the ground. The pain had barely had a chance to register before he blacked out.

Stiles pointed at the notebook hoping Lydia could read his messy handwriting.

Lydia smiled and nodded, taking the notebook and writing her response, 'They're fine now. Deaton says they're fully recovered,' before signing what Stiles assumed was the same answer as soon as she finished.

He leaned back against the pillows in relief and took the notebook again, 'Have they found Gerard?'

Once Lydia read the messy note, she answered again on the paper, signing afterwards, 'Not yet. How much sign language do you know?'

Stiles read the note quickly and began to go through the alphabet and a few other basic words before he went into the series of signs he'd been working on when she walked in.

Lydia paid careful attention before and smiled to the end before writing in the notebook, 'You did names already?'

He signed back, 'Yes, Lydia,' using the sign he had created for her name, circling his face with the letter 'L'.

She frowned for a moment before laughing. Stiles found it strange to see someone laugh without being able to hear it.

'L-Beautiful? Really, Stiles?' She wrote in the notebook before repeating the signs herself once she was done, finger-spelling his name.

Stiles grinned and shook his head at his finger-spelled name, using his hand to show the sign he had created for his name. He put an emphasis on the letter 'S' before taking his index finger from his left hand and bouncing it off the 'S', imitating a spark flying off from a flame.

Lydia scrunched up her eyebrows in confusion and quickly wrote out on the notebook, 'How did you get that?'

'I changed the sign for 'Spark' to fit the first letter of my name,' Stiles wrote, obviously proud of his accomplishment.

She raised her eyebrows, silently demanding for him to explain.

'You know Deaton's been trying to tell me that he can teach me magic, that I have a spark? I didn't want to before but I think if I'm going to be any use to the pack now, I think I have to.' Stiles wrote quickly.

Lydia frowned, "You're not useless!" She exclaimed as she signed it before leaning over to write the same phrase on the notebook.

Stiles rolled his eyes, 'If human with a baseball bat wasn't effective in fights, I doubt a deaf human with a baseball bat will do any good at all. If I can't hear them coming, I could be dead.'

The strawberry blond girl sighed and wrote down on the paper, 'I guess I can't argue with that,' referencing the fact the she had been trying to convince him to learn magic ever since he had told her what Deaton had offered, 'Why don't you teach me everyone else's name?'

Stiles smiled and finger-spelled, 'Scott' before he held his right hand in front of him in an 'L' shape before forming the letter 'S' in his left hand, bringing it from his forehead to the 'L'.

Lydia repeated the gesture a few times before nodding that she understood.

This time, he finger-spelled, 'Isaac', grinning widely. He held an open hand in front of his face and touched his fingers together in front of his nose before forming an 'I' and pulled it across his body in a rocking motion.

After a few seconds, Lydia laughed and wrote down, 'Are you going to tell him what that means?'

Stiles laughed and signed, 'No', before finger-spelling, 'Allison.'

He formed the letter 'A' in both hands and crossed them, pumping the out slightly to the side.

Lydia nodded at that one and repeated the gesture a few times.

He continued going on, next signing, 'Derek'. With Derek's name, he held an open hand in front of his face and touched his fingers together in front of his nose as he had for Isaac and followed that with the letter 'D'. Then he continued on with Cora's, doing the same thing except with the letter 'C' instead of 'D'.

Lydia shook her head in amusement and repeated them for a moment before gesturing for him to continue.

After finger spelling 'Ethan' and 'Aiden', he touched each respective letter to both sides of his mouth.

'That's kind of obvious,' Lydia wrote with a small grin.

He shrugged and took the pen, 'I don't know them that well. That's all I have for now except for Dad.' He showed Lydia the sign for dad, touching his thumb to his forehead with his fingers spread.

Lydia nodded for a moment before writing, mood sadder than before, 'Are you really as okay with this as you seem to be?'

'I have to be,' He wrote with a frown covering his face.

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