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Stiles walked into his house with his father hovering behind. He hadn't been able to convince his dad that being deaf didn't mean he was likely to collapse at any moment. The moment he stepped into the living room he found the entire pack plus Danny smiling at him. The whole group signed, 'Surprise,' with the exception of Derek who was sitting in a chair in the corner, looking like he might have been dragged there. Stiles wasn't very surprised to see the entire pack in his house, Lydia had reported that it had taken quite a lot to keep them all from crowding into his hospital room.

He grinned at them happily, glad to actually see them. Lydia had said they were all fine but seeing and hearing were two different things. He signed back, 'Thank you,' with a goofy grin on his face before he pulled Scott and Isaac in for a hug. He pulled away and signed 'Thank you,' again; wanting them to understand how grateful he was that they had saved his life.

Lydia tapped him on the shoulder and handed him a wrapped present. A card was taped to it so he read that first. The pink, cursive words on the card read, 'This should help until they learn to sign and it should help in school as well.' He raised his eyebrows at Lydia who just grinned at him. He curiously ripped off the paper to reveal a tablet and when he opened the box, Lydia gestured for him to hand it to her. Shooting her a confused expression, Stiles watched as she turned it on and opened a program, typing out, 'I charged it and added a few things.'

She handed it back to him and he smiled before typing out, 'This'll definitely come in handy until dad learns to sign.'

Lydia grinned and took it back from him, quickly typing out, 'If you press this button, they can hear it'. She pressed a button on the tablet and everyone in the room turned to look at them.

Scott quickly stepped closer and leaned over, typing out, 'This is so cool. We're already learning though,' He finger spelled the alphabet before turning back to the tablet and typed out, 'Lydia says you have signs for our names. Can you show us?'

Stiles nodded and pointed at Scott before showing him the sign he had made for his best friend, Sheriff Stilinski staying close by and repeating it to himself.

Scott's eyes widened and he slowly finger-spelled the word, 'Brother,' looking questioningly at Stiles, who nodded and repeated the sign. The True Alpha's face lit up and he hugged Stiles again before repeating the sign to himself a few times until Stiles nodded that he had it right.

He turned to Isaac and showed him the sign he had come up with for Isaac's name. Isaac repeated the sign to himself, looking slightly confused before reaching for the tablet. He typed out, 'I get wolf and I think you used 'I' but I don't understand the rest.'

Stiles took the tablet back with a smirk and typed out, 'You have to figure it out yourself,' before pressing the button so they could hear it. It was funny to see Isaac groan without hearing it though the reminder that he was truly deaf was also upsetting, but Stiles did his best to shake it off.

He noticed Lydia giggling and whispering something to Allison. He wished he knew what it was, usually, he was really good at listening in on conversations. Or at least, that's what he had told himself. He continued showing everyone their names. Ethan understood his and Aiden's sign quickly, typing out to Stiles, 'E-twin and A-twin? Really, Stiles?' but Aiden didn't and Ethan refused to tell him, keeping his brother away from the tablet until his message to Stiles was gone. It seemed Ethan was more motivated in learning it than Aiden was.

When he showed Derek his name, the man narrowed his eyes slightly but did nothing else. Cora, however, just looked confused, having apparently only learned the alphabet. Stiles was surprised that the only other person who understood their name was Danny who promptly rolled his eyes at the sign for 'D-Goal.' the goalie (and only one in the room who didn't know about the Supernatural) had then explained that he knew some Sign Language because he had a cousin in Hawaii who was deaf.

After a while, they all sat down in the Living Room as Stiles' father ordered pizza. He held the tablet in front of him so he could contribute in the conversations, having Lydia translate for him what they were all saying. Although, he wasn't fluent in Sign Language yet, though, so she frequently took the tablet from him to type it out. Pack meetings were usually so loud and it was weird for it to be so silent with all of his friends there, especially when he knew it was still loud to anyone else in the room.

After the Sheriff ordered the pizza for the teenagers – plus Derek – who were sitting in the living room, he found himself a spot in the kitchen with a mug of coffee in front of him. He could hear the chatter coming from the living room and it pulled at his heart to know that Stiles couldn't. His son had been injured so badly that his hearing was gone forever and he could barely believe it. Stiles hadn't been as lively since the explosion and the Sheriff already missed hearing his son talk.

Stiles had spoken when he had first woken up in the Hospital Room but since he realized what had happened he had spoken only get the Sheriff's attention for something he needed. John knew that it was because his son couldn't hear himself speak and he realized that it must be weird not to be able to hear your own voice, but that didn't make it any harder for him to get used to as a father. He missed his son's voice. He missed the hyper-active words that ran together the more excited he got, he missed having to tell his son to slow down so he could understand a word he was saying. Now, he just wanted to hear his son's voice again.

The whole situation was insane. He couldn't understand why Stiles would have gone in that warehouse. He couldn't understand why the pack had let him go. At first, he had wanted to blame the others but he knew he couldn't, they had no way of knowing a bomb would be planted and he knew that Stiles had likely insisted on joining them. There had been no way for anyone to know, which was why the sheriff department was going crazy with trying to find out why a bomb had been planted there in the first place and he hated that he couldn't tell the truth about it.

"Sheriff?" He looked up to see Scott standing at the door, looking concerned, "Are you okay?"

Feeling wetness on his cheeks, he realized he had been crying. He quickly wiped it away, feeling ashamed he had let the teenager see, "Yeah, I'm fine," He answered, "How's Stiles?"

"He's alright," Scott said, taking a seat at the table.

"Good," The Sheriff replied, taking a sip of the coffee. He sat the mug down and looked Scott straight in the eye, "I know I can't protect him as much as I want too, so please, please, watch out for him."

"We will, I promise," Scott said confidently, "Nothing like this is going to happen again and we're going to help him through it."

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