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Chapter 2

..Baby Hybrid…..

"You're going back to Mystic Falls and you're not bringing me!?"

"Correction, love, I went to Mystic Falls without you."

Hayley narrowed her eyes at the original pain in her ass, who seemed to not notice her mood swing. She had just found out from Tyler who had called her, said that Klaus had saved Caroline yet again. It pissed her off so much. She knew that she shouldn't get jealous of the Barbie vampire, yet she was. She wanted Klaus to pay attention to her because she was carrying his baby. She wanted to slap him too, and she was ready to but in walked Elijah.

"Will you please make him leave me alone!?" Hayley almost begged Elijah. "You both know that I want to go back to Mystic Falls, and he went without me!"

Klaus raised an eyebrow at the young werewolf. He was about to reply but then Elijah went over towards her. "Klaus, you should give her some room, you know."

Klaus rolled his eyes. "Elijah, you sound like mother. Now why would I let this young woman be that way towards me?" He went on ranting till Elijah held up his hand. "What, brother?"

He mocked the word, brother.

"I'd like to just add, if I may," Elijah started. "That this is Hayley's life. She should be allowed to do as she pleases, even if it means she is in danger. You are the baby's father, so you should protect her."

Hayley watched the two brothers begin to fight, and she let out a sigh, placing her hand on her belly. Klaus groaned loudly, clearly not pleased and he was about to say more, fight more with his brother. They turned to Hayley, who seemed off. "What is it you want, little wolf? Do you wish to see Tyler again?" Klaus asked bitterly.

"Yes, I do want to see Tyler again." Hayley said, looking at Klaus right in the eye. "I know you're jealous of him, but I don't think it's fair to make me hurt because Tyler has Caroline."

Before anyone knew it, Klaus was in front of Hayley and had her against the wall. "I will get Caroline in the end, little wolf. And if you wish to live, you'd better stop saying things that you have no idea about."

Hayley was shocked, staring wide eyed at the hybrid. "Niklaus," Elijah spoke up. Klaus looked at his 'brother'. "Let her go. She is carrying your—"

"Stop using that same line over and over again, brother." He mocked the word yet again. "You sound like mother. If I wanted a baby, it would be with Caroline."

"She's a vampire— she can't have children! This is your chance to have a real family!" Elijah never sounded like someone so fearful to lose something, but he kept his face cold, stone cold. "Caroline might be someone you want in your life, but she isn't. Hayley is standing right in front of you, carrying your baby. What do you say to that? Do you not care if she is to die? Your child would die with her."

Klaus dropped Hayley, who held onto her neck as she gasped for air, trying to get it to her lungs. Niklaus glared at Elijah before he turned, and walked away.


Elijah ended up bringing Hayley back— but only for a few days, just so she could speak with Tyler. He said that he didn't want anyone to know about the baby— mostly the Salvatore brothers. He didn't want either to get the idea that it would be okay to hurt the baby or Hayley. The baby would be powerful, which might cause them to not think, just kill.

Hayley walked towards the Grille, in hopes to catch Tyler there. She didn't. She found Caroline, and she felt her heart sink. Why is it always Caroline this and Caroline that. What about me? Hayley thought with a frown. Caroline looked up, and then smiled when she saw Hayley. She waved the werewolf over.

"Oh my gosh, Hayley!" Caroline smiled brightly. "How are you?"

"Good…" Hayley muttered. "How are you?"

"Fine," Caroline replied, and the two fell quiet.

Hayley looked around. "So….anything cool happen well I was gone?"

Caroline shook her head and then sighed. "Klaus ran Tyler out of town…." The blond looked saddened. "I'm doing everything I can so that Klaus would let Tyler come back….I would even go on a date with him, just for Tyler."

Funny. You sound like he would want to go on a date with you. But who did he sleep with? Who is carrying his child? ME! Hayley thought bitterly. And what else is funny? You're willing to throw Tyler away. TYLER. He's the best guy out there….why couldn't I be carrying Tyler's baby…?

"Oh…" Hayley wasn't sure what to say. "Did you try that already?"

Little slut.

"Yeah," Caroline nodded, "I did. You know what he did? He laughed in my face."

Hayley did everything not to attack the little Barbie vampire then. She would have to say thank you to Klaus— wait a minute, when would she EVER say thank you to KLAUS? Never, that was sure.

"Hey Hayley, are you okay?" Caroline asked, right when Hayley noticed Stefan and Damon Salvatore enter the Grille.

"Fine…" Hayley muttered. "I gotta go…"

She rushed it right out of there!


When did she start letting vampires walk all over her? Hayley wondered, as she sat in the apartment Elijah had rented for them. She wanted something to drink, something to forget both Tyler and Klaus. She couldn't however, because she was having a baby.

"Hayley?" she looked up to find Elijah entering the room. "Are you alright?"

"No," Hayley said as she felt her lip quiver. "I want to see Tyler, but Klaus ran him out of town! What am I going to do?"

"Come back to New Orland's?"

The vampire and werewolf looked over to the door, and found Klaus. He was smirking….just like always. "Never, I came here to see Tyler and I'm going to see him." Hayley said.

"You pregnant women are feisty…" Klaus said, well Elijah gave him a warning look. "But I know something that will make you come with me, I'll easily take that baby from you."

"Then do it," Hayley snapped. "I could care less. You know what? If you kill it, I can go back to living wherever I want to. I won't have vampires nervous for me. I can be my own person. So if you kill the baby, you're doing me a major favor."

That shut Klaus up, and then he stormed off.


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