Author's Note: I've just recently discovered Shingeki no Kyojin, and I have fallen head-over-heels in love with it. Therefore, I have decided to write a story using the characters, settings, and situations, and since I've never tried a time-travel fic, I figured I could try my hand at it. We won't get to the reason for or the circumstances surrounding the time travel for a good while, so bear with me.

Warnings: There will be some mild language, and plenty of gore and blood (obviously). The story might also be a little crackish, so pay that no mind and leave if you do not like such things. You have been warned.

Disclaimer: I do not profess to own any of this stuff. So there.

Chapter 1: Let's Do the Time Warp Again!


Eren could hear it quite easily, and he opened his eyes, feeling the sunlight bite into his pupils harshly. Glancing around, he could see people all around him lined up in formation and dressed in the military cadet uniform bearing the Crest of the Crossed Blades upon the back of the tan jackets.

What the...?

"You!" shouted the drill instructor, stopping at a young man with chin-length blonde hair. "Who are you? Why do you wish to join the military?"

"My name is Armin Arlert, Zhiganshina District south of Wall Maria, and I wish to aid in humanity's victory!"

The voice jarred Eren, and as he took in Armin's features, a strange swelling filled his chest. It was all he could do not to jump out of rank and dance around happily.

It had worked.

Sure, he wasn't as far back as he'd wanted, but it was still very early on, and there was a chance to change just about everything. His sketchy, thrice-damned, wonderful father had actually pulled it off.

Even better, he still had all the experience he'd accumulated from the other timeline. Grisha had warned him that he might not remember everything, or even anything, once he'd awoken after the split, and yet here he was with over ten years of advanced knowledge more than he should.

From Armin, his eyes sought out Mikasa, and the effect was even more disconcerting at seeing his blonde friend's face again. Mikasa's eyes, while never being truly emotive, were much less overcast than when she'd said goodbye (just moments ago, to him). Her hair was longer, too, and he realized that he was the one...or will be the one to tell her to cut it short.

He shook his head in annoyance. Tenses were going to be a bitch with this whole time travel ordeal, he figured.

Tuning out Shadis' voice as he reamed Jean for being a little wuss, Eren began taking stock of the rest of his fellow cadets of the 104th Trainee Squad. There was Connie, and Christa, and Thomas, and Sasha munching on that potato...

And there was Annie, Bertholt, and Reiner. His body became twitchy, and it took all of his force of will to not shift and stomp on them. They were just as screwed in the head as everyone else, maybe even more so, and if he could get them to forsake their titanic ties, then all the better for humanity.

As Connie was called upon, Eren caught his eye briefly and raised his right hand subtly. The other boy caught himself and slammed a fist over his heart forcefully before stating his purpose loudly to Shadis, who chuckled before elbowing him in the head.

Munch, munch...

Eren had to stifle a snigger as he watched the instructor slowly turn toward Sasha incredulously. "You. What the hell are you doing?"

It looked as though she thought he was talking to someone else, and continued to eat her pilfered snack. That is, until he was towering over her, screaming, "YOU! I'm talking to you! Who the fuck are you and what the name of Satan's steaming scrotum are you doing?"

Snapping into a salute, she finished swallowing before replying, "Sasha Braus, from Dauper, in the south of Wall Rose!"

"Sasha Braus," Shadis parroted, appearing almost impressed by her nonchalance. "What are you holding in your right hand?"

"It's a steamed potato, sir! I found it lying around in the kitchen, sir!"

"Did you steal that?" Shadis queried slowly. It seemed he was working up a head of steam. "Why? Why are you eating a potato right now?"

She didn't seem to notice, and obliviously answered, "Well, potatoes are best eaten warm, so I thought eating it now would be the best course of action, sir!"

By this point, Eren was about near cracking a rib suppressing his mirth, and he knew that if he were to allow Sasha to offer Shadis 'half', he wouldn't be able to stand it. Had he found the back-and-forth this funny last time around? Regardless, he decided to end the conversation before Shadis had an aneurism.

"Sir!" he called out, allowing Shadis' ire to focus instead upon himself. "She says she's from Dauper, which is a small hunting village in the mountains. Such places have gone through severe food shortages of late, sir!"

Shadis immediately rounded on him, and he breathed a sigh of relief. He probably would've died laughing if she'd gone with that whole, Are you asking why people eat potatoes? line again.

The head instructor stomped his way over to Eren and glared fiercely at him. "Sticking up for a thief?"

"Sticking up for a fellow cadet, sir!" he responded immediately. Shadis briefly studied him under his surprisingly perceptive gaze as his eyes narrowed thoughtfully.

"And just who the hell are you, then?"

"Eren Jaeger, Zhiganshina District of Wall Maria, sir!" he belted out proudly, pounding his fist over his heart as he stood a bit straighter.

"And what the fuck did you join for?"

"To eradicate the titans from the earth, sir," he answered quietly, yet forcefully. His goal had never changed, but he also couldn't bring himself to feel the absolute hatred for the monsters as he'd been able to in his youth, when his mother's death had still been a raw, open wound.

"A noble purpose, Jaeger, but ultimately futile if you stick up for losers like Braus," Shadis grunted as he moved away, but Eren would be having none of that. Memories of the people around him rose to the forefront of his mind, of who they would become, or how they died, in the future.

"Sir, with all due respect..."

"Liar!" Shadis snapped as he turned back.

"With the bare minimum amount of respect, sir," Eren amended without missing a beat as he locked eyes with the instructor, "there are no losers in the 104th Trainee Squad."

Shadis gazed at him for a long moment, and Eren caught the pleased glint in the man's eyes even as he felt those around him straighten up in pride. "Well, Jaeger, you've certainly got faith in your fellow cadets. And since you're so willing to show it, both you and Braus have a choice. Either run laps until you collapse, or miss out on chow."

Sasha whimpered pitifully upon hearing her second option, and Eren allowed himself to chuckle. "It seems as though we'll be running those laps, sir," he said with a confident grin.

After-Action Report: So there it is. Tell me what you think about it, please. This is more of a test run, so I need to know how I did.