So, here is the fic I promised. This is for my loyal readers and for FutureDanny_, a friend on Twitter who fought off Vlad when he was attacking me. (Role playing is fun.) A truer hero was never found. Enjoy!

It was dark in the large room where she lay, her amethyst eyes wide as she stared at the ceiling. It had been a long day and she should be asleep, but for some unknown reason she was still awake. Sighing she sat up, scooting back so she could lean against the headboard of her large bed. It had been the last day of highschool, something she had dreamed of and longed for since she had started going to school. It wasn't because she hated school, but because she hated the people she went to school with. They had caused her nothing but pain and misery, but far worse than that because her friend had suffered grievously and for no reason other than the kids, teens now, were rich. Rich offspring sometimes thought themselves better than others and felt the need to prove it.

"Seems that I am an oddity again," the raven haired beauty sighed. She was in that right and others. Her parents were wealthy thanks to an ancestor that had invented something as obscure as a deli toothpick wrapping machine or whatever it had been. She wasn't sure it was something to be proud of, but it was her fate to be the heiress to such a fortune. She loathed it. That title was nothing to her and she had refused it from the beginning. Her parents had produced only two children, twins, the pair of them with her being the oldest of the two females. She was to inherit it all while her sister, the youngest by mere minutes, would be whatever her heart wished. Sighing she closed her eyes just as her door burst open to reveal her fraternal twin. The other teen was not dark haired like Sam, no, her own hair was as golden as the sun rays that the other teen played in while Sam was part of the darkness, her dislike of the bright ball of fire obvious. Her sister's name was Sunshine, named aptly for her golden locks. The dark haired teen sighed again as her younger sibling crawled into her bed quickly. Sunshine was also a twit, or well, like the other prissy females that Sam had grown up around.

"What are you doing up at this hour?" Sam hissed as she looked at her open door, the light from the hallway spilling into her dark abode.

"There is a monster in my room!" the other female squeaked as she began to push her sister before her. "You know how to fight them!" She shoved at Sam making the other twin growl low. Her sister was so freaking annoying and although it was true that Sam had dealt with the ghosts and monsters that plagued their town she didn't want to help her sister. The teen female should learn to fight herself as Sam didn't plan on staying around much longer, not with their eighteenth birthday long past. The raven haired teen turned to her sister, her eyes narrowing as she glared at into her sister's teen eyes.

"We have talked about this before, Shine. You should take care of it yourself!" Sam was thoroughly annoyed. First, she had to deal with all the people at the Graduation, her being the valedictorian and all, and then she couldn't sleep, a problem that had kept her up more recently than not and now her sister demanded that she take care of an issue in her room. Sunshine whimpered as she scooted back. Sam knew it was all an act, though her sister did despise the unearthly creatures known as ghosts or specters. Of course she did like one ghosts, most of the females at her school did, well, save for her. Sam liked him, he was her best friend of course, but the other teenagers fell at his feet when he was in his fighting form while in his human form he was someone to push around.

"Take care of him or I will tell mom that you destroyed another one of her dresses she bought for you," the blond muttered angrily. The raven haired teen sighed in frustration. Their mother was aware that her oldest ruined all her clothing, but had threatened charm school the next time it happened. Sam shuddered. She could leave the house, but she had to wait as she would need some funds to move out. That was something she had to wait another year for. Her grandmother, the nicest woman anyone had ever met, had passed on when the sisters had turned fifteen and had left a large amount of money for the twins. Their grandmother had favored Sam more as she looked and acted as the elder lady had long ago, opting for dark clothing, rough attitude and a lack of love for riches and wealth. Sure, Sam hated all of it, but she knew she would need whatever little money her grandmother had left her to move out of the wretched Pleasantville house.

Getting up she headed for the other room across the hall. It was the same size as Sam's, but pink wallpaper adorned the large room whereas the raven haired teen's were black and red to match her bedsheets. As Sam walked around the room she failed to notice any such specter until she turned the corner of the large pink bed, the lamp that usually rested on the bedside table on the ground a few feet from her, the ceramic lighting accessory smashed to bits on the floor where a white glove appeared from behind the bed. The raven haired teen almost thought it was Danny's, but that hand was much too muscular to be his so going on the defense she pulled out her thermos, the same one that her ghost fighting friend had in his room. Walking slowly she heard the groan of a male in distress.

"Who is there?" she hissed as she moved toward the edge, her bare feet making no sound on the white carpet below her. Suddenly she stopped, her foot touching something warm and slick. Looking down she was shocked to see blood, red blood tinged with a little green. A halfa. That was who was on the other side of the bed, but there was only two halfas that she was aware of. Danny and Vlad. That glove was Danny's mirror save for the size of the hand occupying it. Dan. That was the only other halfa there was, but he was supposed to be imprisoned in a Fenton thermos in the Ghost Zone. Did he escape? That was the next question and if so then where was his warden, Clockwork? She finally took the final step that would show her the man that had invaded her sister's pristine room.

What she found was both a shock and what she had expected at the same time. There lay Dan, the older twisted version of her beloved friend and yet he was injured, way more than the lamp would have done. His suit was torn in the middle, blood rushing out onto the carpet under him. His skin was lighter than usual and he seemed rather thin for the bulky muscular man he had been. Could you starve a ghost? She shook that thought as she moved closer to him, his eyes flickering. She felt a slight fear for the man before her and yet she remembered how he had been the last time she had seen him. He had tried to kill them and yet he had seemed torn between his memories of them and actually seeing them. The older halfa had even mentioned missing Tucker in his weaker moments. Not flattering, but still it had been a confession.

She had mulled that thought over after he had been contained in the ghost fighter's container, never telling her friends of her thoughts or mullings. Crouching low the raven haired teen moved closer to him, his eyes opening sluggishly, like he was half asleep. His eyes were still red, but unfocused unlike they had been the last time. No, he had been beyond focused, more like obsessed with killing them and making his future stick for good. She reached out to check his pulse and about died when his hand appeared out of nowhere to encircle her wrist. It wasn't a strong grip, but it was firm.

"What are you doing?!" came a shocked whisper behind her. Sam turned to find her sister standing there with her mother and father, the trio looking at her in shock and disgust. Her parents stood on either side of their treasured daughter, their eyes taking in the small woman with a bloodied male holding her wrist while she looked lost. That was how she felt at that moment. Lost. She knew that he was evil and she should contain him, but she couldn't so she decided to tell a little white lie.

"It's Danny Phantom," the raven haired woman stated, her eyes changing to a person that was lost to a teen in love, as if she were her sister and the other popular females with their crushes. "He's been hurt and needs help." Sunshine stepped forward, her teal eyes wide as she looked at the male on the ground. She studied him, her eyes starting with his face, and the Gothic teen could see the disbelief until she saw his uniform. Sam could see that her mind was trying to process. "This is his future self," the Goth pushed. "He's come from the future." When her parents looked skeptical Sam continued. "He did it several years ago. You remember the exams and that terrible explosion?" They nodded as they remembered when the Nasty Burger had indeed exploded almost killing her, Tucker and the Fenton family. Clockwork had made it so they were safe, but he had left the memory in the Amity residents. It was a lesson for most, others it was nothing. Sam had learned a lesson.

"Mom, dad, she's right," the blond twin stated as she pointed to his logo, the one that Sam had made him all those years ago, one that only she was aware of. Danny might have an inkling or something, but he could never link it to her since he had no recollection of that time, well, not all of it. The others made no effort to get down on the ground to help her, but her parents did bring some supplies while the butler, Jeffery was called to move the injured male to Sam's room upon her instruction. After he had been moved she was left to take care of him, her parents and sibling heading off to bed, though Sunshine would be sleeping in a guest room as her room was wreaked. Sam looked down at the male in her bed, his eyes open again, this time mildly alert. She wanted to hit him, to yell at him, but she found that looking into those red dazed eyes she couldn't. Dan was Danny no matter what he had done.

"Don't worry. I won't reveal your secret as I have kept it all this time anyway, but once you are healed you will have to go back." He said nothing, but she knew he heard her.