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After laying the small Gothic female on his bed he turned to his sister, the redheaded female sad as she looked at the raven haired woman. She had been in shock when he had come to her.

"Please," he whispered, his words lost. She nodded, laying a small hand on his shoulder in comfort. Turning away from his best friend he took off for the portal below them, door still open after Dan's entrance into the Ghost Zone. Not even hesitating he took off into the green swirling entrance.

Dan stood in the empty tower, or so it appeared like that as the silence loomed around him. He was still confused as to where the age changing ghost had gone. It wasn't like the old, well, the time changing ghost to just vacat. He was always here, only leaving for the occasional meetings with the Observants that he kind of ruled over. That said, there was that question as well. How had he lost control over someone who had been made not to do things?

"So, you came?" came an unfamiliar voice from around him, the older halfa looking around in confusion and frustration. He wasn't in the mood for games and the confusion of the missing ghost was still brewing in his mind. "I was quite surprised you came when there is nothing you can do."

When you see my face
Hope it gives you hell
Hope it gives you hell

"You bastard! Come out here and fight!" Something moved above him, a small shadow moving below him at that same moment, but Dan was stronger than the halfa of this time and was able to tell that his enemy was try to throw him off. Closing his eyes for a second he threw a quick blast above him, the sound of it hitting what had once been flesh causing a small smirk to twist his lips. He would take this bastard down easily. After all it was just an Observant and although he had never seen one shift like the one in Sam's room he was sure they weren't that strong. A yell filled the air as said Observant fell before him, but this creature looked nothing like his brothers. He was human looking, though he was still green like his brothers he was stronger, somehow the halfa could feel this.

"You stupid ghost!" he wailed, his voice that one that didn't match the others either. It was funny though that he didn't curse like the form he was in. He cursed like a child, something that should be easy to take down, well, that was what he thought, but when the male before him stood, and pulled out a very familiar staff Dan felt the color fade from his skin. He had known one of them had had it, but to know that this particular one had it wasn't good. He might have a better idea of how to use it then the others!

"What have you done with the time idiot?" Dan inquired instead. He crouched low, his cape flying around him as he remembered his best friend, the small Goth, laying motionless, her life gone. "Tell me!" The Observant smirked, his shiny fangs revealed as he looked at the staff rather fondly as his own cape moved behind him.

"I retired him," came his smart remark. "He was too soft for the job." He looked to Dan now, his green eyes flickering a light yellow as power blazed around the staff. "After all he let that halfa go free when he should have killed him."

"Then why kill the girl?!" Dan bellowed. "She was the fucking key to that happ-" Then it struck him. They were smarter than he gave them credit for. "You are worse than bastards," he growled as his own ghostly power burst around him.

"You are douches!" came a loud voice from behind Dan. The older male didn't have to turn around to know that it was Danny and that the halfa had heard it all. "You mother fucking douche bags!" he growled rushing past Dan to stand before the other male, the green skinned creature immediately throwing the staff forward, but before he could stop the time in the tower Dan came up from the right, knocking the staff to the ground with a loud clash. "NO!" the smaller halfa growled as he punched the Observant in the face, his green face jiggling like jello as he flew back.

When you walk my way
Hope it gives you hell
Hope it gives you hell

Immediately the creature was back on his feet, his green eyes flashing as his eyes meshed into one. Danny's eyes grew wide and Dan made a sound that drew the creature to look at them funny.

"What the fuck?!" the pair of halfa's exclaimed in unison. The creature before them narrowed that one eye and rushed forward, the two men before him dashing to the side as he passed, but he grabbed what he was after, the staff clutched into his green fingers.

"Freeze!" he yelled, the pair of halfas stopping for a second. At first the Observant began to laugh only to stop as Dan looked at Danny, the two realizing quickly enough that they were not frozen... Then those green eyes fell on the one eyed thing with a smirk. "Um...time stop!" it yelled out, the staff just there, nothing happening as he looked at them with fear growing in that one green eye. "Time freeze!" he cried once more before the staff glowed, this time though it flew right out of his hands, flying high in the air before poofing away.

"Hmm... seems that this little thing has lost power it never really had," Dan stated, his voice husky with anger as he began to advance on the now cowering male creature. "In fact it seems that we now have a way to take out our aggression." Danny nodded, a dark look coming into his green eyes, but in that moment something else happened, that green that was the halfa's eye color in Phantom form flickered to red. Neither one noticed, but there was someone there who did.

"Time out!" came a voice, the sound of it echoing around them and stopping all three. The Observant was stopped at the moment he would have rushed out of the door while the older halfa was stopped at the moment he would have leapt after him. Danny, he was paused at the moment it hit him, the pain and the anger reflecting in those red eyes. Out of the shadows walked a rather tattered looking time ghost, his own red eyes narrowed as he walked first to the Observant. He glared at the worker, his hand coming out with his staff to hit the creature over it's head. That was all it took for the thing to retain it's original shape. Letting out a whistle two more of the creatures appeared, but they didn't wear the clothing the other one had. No, the looked more like officers in their attire.

When you see my face
Hope it gives you hell
Hope it gives you hell

He said nothing as the took the their fellow Observer away. He turned to Dan, the older halfa looking really pissed off and yet excited it seemed in his haste to grab the offender that was no longer there. Pulling out a necklace, one that gleamed with his initials he threw it on the man that had once been his captive. Dan fell forward and into a wall to the amusement of his former warden.

"What the hell?!" he growled turning to find the time ghost before him. He would have been happy to see the male, truthfully, but with the death of Sam still fresh he growled again and lunged at the one that had been absent in that moment. He had known, like Clockwork, that it would happen, but he hadn't known when it would happen!

"I know that you are mad, but I can help her," the time ghost stated. "But it comes at a cost." Dan wanted to tell him that with everything there was a price, but the words stuck as the time ghost's words echoed in his mind. He could help the dead woman...could bring her back... He looked to find Danny still there, his red eyes catching the older male's attention.

"His eyes," the older male stated. "Those are my eyes." The time ghost nodded. Nodding, Dan turned to Clockwork. "Just remember that I am not doing this for him," he spat. The now child time ghost smiled in understanding. "What is the cost?" He knew what the ghost was going to say and even if the price was that he was willing to do it. Sam had truly been his other half. She had never stopped caring even when he had become a halfa... even when he had said things that he wished with all his life he could take back.

"You should go to her," he stated. "Take this." He pulled something out from his cloak, a container, a vial as small as a quarter. "You drink this and then you give her a hug...or kiss if it so suits you. Something that brings you in direct contact with her." Dan took the item, his hands shaking slightly. He wasn't going to admit that he was feeling a little emotional. That wasn't him, but he wasn't who he had been before either. Sam had changed him back just as it had been her who had kept him going. A smirk twisted his lips. Ironic that her death had kept him going, though destroying his town hadn't brought her back...

Taking off he forgot the younger halfa that was still suspended in time, though Clockwork turned toward the other male before floating over to him. As Dan disappeared into the Ghost Zone Clockwork pulled out another necklace, but he didn't put it on the other halfa. He began to talk, his words soft, but he knew that the halfa could hear him. Even those suspended in time could hear the words being spoken around them.

Dan flew to the room where he knew the Gothic female lay. He had known that the halfa wouldn't leave her where her parents would find her. Sighing he saw the redhead sitting in a chair, her teal eyes flying to meet his green ones. He would revert to his human form, but he figured this was who he was and that was who should be there to do what he was about to do.

"Dan?" the redhead said, her eyes growing wide. That had been the last one she had expected to come through the door and although she wanted to stop him she could see that he wouldn't allow it. That he had come to see the dead woman that lay in Danny's rumpled bed. Watching he kneeled beside the bed, his white cape flooding like a waterfall behind his back and over his boots. He pulled out the vial, his eyes feeling the sting of tears. He wanted to wipe them away, but he wouldn't. Taking the whole thing down in a single gulp he looked at Sam, his mind working on the way he wanted to hold be close to her...for the last time. Taking a deep breath he leaned in, his lips settling on her own lavender lips as he pulled her to him in a hug.

It was at that moment that Danny entered, his red eyes flashing daggers at the male before him. He began to walk over there, but in that moment Sam opened her eyes, the soft amethyst gaze dazed as she stared at the man pulling away from her. She tried to move her lips, but as soon as her lips opened the man before her said the words that she had wanted to say, the three words making her eyes tear up.

"Goodbye," he whispered as his own body began to fade, his green eyes flashing to ice blue as his ghost form faded from him and then his human form vanished... The air in the room cold and then back to normal as his form faded away leaving a shocked Sam, Jazz, and Danny.

"Sam!" the halfa exclaimed rushing to her, her eyes falling on his and he saw the sadness, but in that same moment he saw the love she had for him as she was able to yank him down for a hug, her slender arms still slightly cold. He pulled her into his arms as Jazz snuck out. Giving her a smile as he pulled back he told her the words that she had longed to hear from him, words that had been too late for him as they had when the last time she had been in his arms had been after her life had been taken. Now he had the chance, the second chance that he had been given only because his enemy had been willing to forfeit his life for hers.

"I love you too, Danny!" she said, her heart beating wildly in her chest. He pulled her back to him, his lips crashing onto hers as he put all his heart into that kiss, that one that was full of joy that she had lived, that was full of anger that she had even been taken and all so many more emotions.

Neither of them would forget that the one ghost, the one enemy that had once been friend, would be the one that sacrificed himself for their happiness.