Her boots hitting the ground were the only could in the air as she walked down the old abandoned road. Her bag was thrown over her shoulder hitting her back with each step she took. She wiped at the sweat on her forehead cursing the Georgia heat. Stopping only for a second she pulled her hair up into a ponytail before continuing down the road. She really need to get off this road before nightfall. She didn't want to fight with walkers in the dark. She was a bad shot as it was. If only her car hadn't gave out on her, she wouldn't be walking down an abandoned road in the middle of nowhere during a heat wave. She rolled her sleeves up before shrugging the back tighter against her back.

Her life wasn't suppose to be like this. Running and fighting for her life everyday. Having to worry if she would eat or be eaten everyday. At the age twenty two, she did not plan her life being like this. Before the out break she was a normal woman. Went out of Saturdays, had dinner with her sister on Sunday, then worked at the diner the rest of the week. It wasn't her ideal job but she made good money as a waitress. She had a boyfriend. She rolled her eyes at that thought. Hell she was glad he was dead. He wasn't worth a second thought.

But she had family. She had her sister, Lori, and nephew Carl. Hell even Rick was her family. Though he was married to her sister, Kris still looked at him as family. He had saved her ass so much when her boyfriend got a little to drunk and tried to hit her. He had beaten Tony to a pulp then arrested him. Yet she still got back with the idiot after her sister begged her not too.

What she would do just to see a friendly face. Hell even Shane would do at this point. She didn't remember the last time she had a conversation with a living person. She really hadn't came across that much people since the outbreak began. She had been alone for a long time. She missed her life. Missed her friends. But what she missed most was hot showers. She would kill for a shower at this point. But in this weather she wanted a nice cold swim in a near by lake.

Pulling her map from her back pocket, she looked over for the river she had seen earlier. She looked around for any signs before tucking the map back into her pocket. She walked into the ditch before disappearing into the trees. She was sure it was around here somewhere. She paused when she heard the running water. Smiling she took off in the direction of where the sound was coming from. She dropped her bag on the ground before stripping herself of her boots and clothing. She tossed her gun on the pile of clothing. After removing her hair from it's ponytail, she ran into the water with only her underwear on. She sighed floating on her back letting her blonde hair pool around her.

Straightening up she brushed her fingers through her hair. She wished she wouldn't have dyed her hair before the world went to hell. She missed her brown hair. But somebody just had to say her and her sister favored causing Kris to dye her blonde. She was always the rebel, wild child. The black sheep of the family but it didn't mean she didn't love them. She was always getting into trouble while her sister was staying out of it.

Maybe that was why she was a waitress at twenty two. She had skipped classes, came to class drunk, fought, and got into a lot of trouble back in school. She just had to prove she wasn't like her older sister. Reaching into her bag she pulled out some soap and some shampoo. She placed the soap on the nearest rock before washing her hair with the shampoo. There was only enough for this once so she tossed the bottle to the bank after she used the last bit. She scrubbed her hair with her fingers humming a song. She rinsed her hair out then reached for the soap. After scrubbing the dirt and blood from her skin, she walked out of the water reaching for a towel from her bag.

She wrapped it around herself before sitting on the rock. Using her fingers she brushed the tangles from her hair. She jumped when she heard a gunshot behind her. She fell to the ground behind the rock running her hands over her body. She checked to see if she had been shot before reaching for her gun. She clicked the safety off standing to her feet. With one hand she tightened the hold on her towel as she aimed the gun in the direction she heard the gunshot.

When she didn't see anything she cleared her throat.

"Hello?" She yelled not putting her gun down. With her foot she pulled her clothes closer to her. Quickly she reached down gathering them in her hand. She quickly pulled the shirt over her head before unwrapping the towel and sliding the shorts on. In a matter of seconds she was completely dressed with her bag on her shoulder. She cursed under her breath as she started towards the direction. Her footsteps were light as she stepped around the trees keeping her gun ready for anything.

"Well well well what do we have here." Kris snapped her attention in the direction the voice came from. Leaning against a tree with his arms crossed was a man. He had a dirty smirk on his face. He looked her up and down before licking his lips. She scoffed in disgust as the man showed his yellow teeth. He was much larger than her but she knew she could hold her own. He raised his hands up in defense. "I ain't here to hurt ya darling." She rolled her eyes cocking the gun anyways.

"Bullshit. We both know what you're thinking in that disgusting mind of yours." She growled watching at the smirk dropped from the man's face. He let out a chuckle before smirking once again.

"You got a mouth on you don't ya girl." He smirked once again running his eyes down her body. "And one hell of a body." She rolled her eyes. She hated men like this. Thinking they could take anything they wanted when ever they wanted. "How about you give Ole' Danny a little look?"

"How about you go fuck yourself" Kris snapped before pulling the trigger. It clipped his shoulder sending him to his kneels.

"You stupid bitch" he hissed clutching his shoulder. She smirked stepping forward pushing against his chest with her boot until his back hit the tree. She moved the end of her boot on the wound before putting pressure on it. He hissed narrowing his eyes at her.

"You are a disgusting excuse for a human being. I should blow your brains out all over this fucking tree but instead I think I'll leave you here so some walkers can have a decent lunch." she pushed against the wound before stepping back. She turned around only to be knocked forward on to the ground. She landing on her stomach with an oomph. Before she could move a foot came out of nowhere kicking her over. "Fuck" she hissed feeling the blood pool in her mouth and drip from her lip.

"Teaches her right. Stupid woman." Another voice hissed as she was yanked to her feet. She should have known the man wouldn't be alone. Hell she heard a gunshot yet the man didn't even have a fun. She cursed herself as she was drug to her feet. They removed the gun from her shorts before she was once again hit. Her head slung to the side. She turned her head back forward to see the man she shot was the one hitting her. A man on each side of her holding her arms. She laughed with blood in her teeth before spitting it at the man.

"Fucking pig" she laughed before getting hit again. Once again her head slung to the right. She couldn't help it. All her life she refused to shut up, or be pushed around. Maybe that was why she was always in some kind of trouble. Black spots started appearing in her vision. She stared at the ground trying to focus her eyes before looking up. But she didn't have time before she was hit again sending her to the ground.

"Had enough yet?" One of the men chuckled at her. She placed her hands against the ground watching the blood from her mouth drip on to the dirt. She was breathing hard but she still managed to look up. Blood staining her teeth and chin, she smiled.

"You hit like a bitch" She breathed before wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. Damn and she had just gotten a bath. The view from the corner of her right eye started going blurry. She knew any minute she was going to end up being knocked out. She pushed herself to her feet stumble backwards a little. "Is that all you got?" She was going to have to fight back. She had to or she would end up dying. One of the men charged at her, and she grabbed a hand full of his hair bringing his head down to her knee. She put all her force into the hit. She was sure she had broken his nose.

After the man crumbled at her feet she smirked looking up at the remaining two. She stood in a battle stance waving for them to come at her.

"Come on big boys, you aren't scared are ya?" She smirked watching the men narrow their eyes at her. She had taken the smallest of them out. These two were a little bigger she wasn't sure if she make it past the next one. But hell she never quit. She refuse to go down with out a fight. One of the men pulled out a knife and started playing with it in his hand.

"I'm gut you." He hissed before lunging for her. He swung at her and she leaned out of the way grabbing his arm. She twisted his arm in a painful way causing him to drop the knife. She quickly picked it off the ground backing away from the two. She smirked twisting the blade in her hand. Now it was a fair fight. She waved them on but stopped when she heard the groan behind her. She looked over her shoulder letting a curse slip. Coming her way was three walkers. She looked back at the men to find them gone.

"Really?" She whispered before turning towards the walkers. She backed up reaching for her gun. She picked it up as the walkers noticed the man knocked out man on the ground. She quickly shot the closest once before finishing off the two others. "Should have let them eat you!" She hissed at the man putting her gun back into her belt along with her new knife. She sighed picking up her bag and slinging it over her shoulder. She needed to wash up.

She pulled the old rag from her bag then dipped it into the water. She flinched when the cool rag touched her face. She dropped the rag bowling water in her hands before splashing it on her face. She could just hear her sister's voice in her head.

You need to realize you are a woman, and men can easily overpower you. You're always picking fights you can't win. One day that mouth of yours will get you into some serious trouble.

She rolled her eyes as her sister's voice nagged her. She grabbed the old piece of cloth patting her lip. She snorted remembering that conversation. Pulling a mirror from her bag's pocket, she looked at her face. She couldn't have a black eye that she was thankful for. Her lip would be a little swollen but all the blood was gone. She put her things up before slinging it on her shoulder. Stopping short, she got an idea. She turned back towards the direction she left the man. Quickly she jogged over and kneeled down beside him. She flipped him over on to his back and started checking his pockets.

He had a zippo lighter, a pocket knife, and some keys. She stood up twirling the keys around her finger. She smirked looking in the direction the two men disappeared. She pulled the pistol from her shorts keeping her steps light and cautious. Kris was always light on her feet. She picked up her pace when she caught sight of the road. She smiled seeing the car parked on the shoulder.

"Nice car" she smirked walking around and tossing the bag through the opened window. She figured the other men went back to get the keys. She was surprised she didn't pass them. She climbed in pulling the key into the ignition. The car rawred to life causing her to smile bigger. She's always wanted one of these. A 1970 charger. She yanked it into gear before whipping it around and headed down the road. The wind caused her hair to wipe around her face. Better than any blow drier. She cursed when she seen the cars ahead. She took her foot off the gas slowing down. She could easily get around them if she was careful. She easily placed her foot on the face easing her way through the abandoned cars. She kept her eyes out for walkers or anything else.

She slammed on her brakes when she seen something reflect in the distance. She throw the car in park as the bright light blinked. She blocked her eyes as it blinded her.

"What the hell?" She asked herself peeking out from behind her hand. She climbed out of her window keeping her gun at her side. She stood on the roof of the car blocking the sun with her hand. She narrowed her eyes trying to see better. "Hello?" She asked waving her free hand in the air to get their attention. The light stopped moving before disappearing. She was sure it was a reflection from a scope or something. She just hoped it wasn't one of the guys that she beat up.

"Don't move." She paused as the voice came from behind her. "Drop the gun." Kris rolled her eyes before slowly placing the gun on the hood of the car. She watched a hand come out and grab it quickly. "Climb down" She sighed hopping on to the hood before jumping on the ground. She finally turned to look at her captures. She rolled her eyes noticing once again she was trapped by two men. She crossed her arms over her chest.

Once of the man was about her size if not bigger. He had black hair and was Korean or Asian. She wasn't sure. He was the one holding her gun. She looked over his form snorting before looking at the next man. He had a weapon, crossbow to exact pointing right at her. He was bigger than her but didn't look as scary as he thought he was.

"I'm just passing through" She snapped popping out her hip.

"I didn't ask you did I?" The second man hissed motioning for her to turn around with his crossbow. Kris rolled her eyes before turning back around.

"I really ain't in the mood." She snapped feeling the man poke her in the back. She rolled her eyes and started walking. She heard the car kill behind her. Great just what she need. She patted her pocket making sure the knife she found was still there. She knew the men behind her were probably thinking disgusting thoughts about her. Hell her ass was pretty much hanging out of these shorts. She looked over her shoulder waiting for the perverted comments. "Well?" She asked narrowing her eyes at the men.

"What?" The little Asian man asked her raising an eyebrow at her.

"No dirty comments?" She asked continuing to walk with the men behind her. "Usually when I come across men they love to make dirty disgusting comments."

"You really aren't my type" The one with crossbow smirked at her. She rolled her eyes turning back forward to see more people in the distance.

"Oh a group, what joy" She said in a fake cheery voice. She heard the growl behind her before getting pushed forward some more. She snapped her attention over her shoulder again. "Don't touch me. I'm walking ain't I?" She hissed before looking back forward. "Stupid hick" she snapped getting another shove forward. She stopped having enough. "I said stop pushing me!" She yelled turning around towards him. He raised his crossbow at her. "Stop pointing that thing at me!" She demanded pushing the thing away from her.

She then got another gun pointed at her. Hers to be exact. She rolled her eyes grabbing the gun and twisting the man's arm. She knocked the gun on to the ground causing it disappear under the nearest car. She released his arm before kicking him on to the hood of the same car. She pushed her hair away from her face as arms wrapped around her torso locking her arms at her sides. She thrashed against the hold before placing her feet on the hood of the car and pushing off. She heard the oomph of the man behind her as he hit the car behind them.

The hold on her released causing her fall to her feet. She quickly turned around throwing a punch but stopped when she heard the click of a gun. She didn't dare move as the cold steel touched her cheek.

"Step away" she froze feeling her heart drop into her stomach. She slowly turned her head trying to see if she was just imagining things. She smirked when she seen who it was. You could never miss those baby blues. He stared at her wide eyed. "Kris?"

"You gonna shoot me, Rick?" She asked causing him to move the gun away from her. She smiled before throwing her arms around his shoulders. He wrapped his arms around her back picking her off the ground. He sat her back down keeping his hands on her shoulders.

"We thought you were dead." He whispered looking over her.

"You're the one to talk!" She smiled patting his shoulder.

"I'm guessing you two know each other" The man with the crossbow scoffed standing straight up. Rick looked over at him nodding.

"She's my sister in law." he answered before looking back at Rick. Kris looked over Rick's shoulder hearing Rick's name being called. Kris smiled running past Rick to her sister.

"Kris?" Lori asked as the girl wrapped her arms around her older sister. Kris nodded feeling the tears build up in her eyes as her sister tightened her grip. "I thought you were dead. I came to diner and it was burnt down. We thought you had died."

"No" Kris whispered pulling away so her sister could wipe her tears away. "I escaped the town. I went to your house but you weren't there. I looked everywhere Lori I swear I did."

"It's okay" Lori whispered tears rolling down her cheeks before wrapping her arms around her sister again. "I'm just glad you are alive." She whispered placing a kiss on her sister's head. Kris nodded tightening her grip on her sister. She was so happy to know her family was okay. She felt arms wrap around her legs and looked down to see Carl crying against her leg. She placing a hand on his shoulder pulling him tighter against them. This is all she needed. Her family. She pulled away looking at all the people who surrounded them.

"Everyone this is Kris, my sister." Lori announced once again whipping her cheeks.

"Out of everyone who died you had to be the to live huh?" Kris rolled her eyes recognizing the voice. She turned her head to the man crossing her arms and narrowing her eyes.

"Shane, always a pleasure." She said sarcastically before turning back to her sister. Her and Shane had never seen eye to eye. She couldn't stand the man at all. And she loved that he couldn't stand her either. "Well aren't ya gonna introduce me to everyone."

Okay so Lori is Kris's other sister by six years. Kristina, Aka Kris was always the rebel, smart mouth girl and never took shit from nobody. When it comes to making decisions, she doesn't always have the best ideas. She used to get in trouble a lot. She has History with Rick and Shane that will be explained later in the story. She had a good eye for seeing through bullshit. She's the best at reading through people. At least she thinks she is. She hot headed and has a bad temper. She is nothing like her sister, and hates being compared to Lori. Anyways I'd like to introduce you to my newest OC, Kris.

Hope everyone reviews, and tells me if they'd like me to continue this or not. Thanks for reading.