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A sigh escaped her lips as she rolled over on to her back. She wasn't sure what time it was. She had laid down when the sun was still up but she couldn't sleep. She laid awake listening to everyone else go to bed. Her lip was between her teeth as she laid her forearm over her forehead. She just couldn't get Rick's question out of her head. Where were you when everything happened? She remembered exactly where she was. A place where she shouldn't have been.

Let out another sigh, Kris sat up pushing the hair from her face. It was going to be long night. Not only was she restless but her side hurt a little. Not that she would ever admit that to anyone. She decided looking at the stars could help her with her lack of sleep. Standing up, she pushed open the flap of the tent before standing up. She winced feeling the throbbing in her side. Her hand instantly went to her side laying over the injury.

She quickly pushed away the pain stepping away from her tent deciding to leave it opened. She really didn't feel like kneeling down to zip it up. After a quick look around the camp, she made sure nobody was awake before heading towards the field. She made sure to keep the camp in sight before jumping the fence. Slowly she laid down on her back releasing a sigh.

She looked the night sky. It was so peaceful. The stars shining bright in the sky. Their fire burning as bright as the sun during the daytime. Blowing the air from her lungs, she closed her eyes going back to the memory of the day things started.

Untying the apron, Kris walked into the kitchen. She pushed the hair from her face before hanging up her apron. She quickly looked at the clock before turning to Zoe.

"I'm going to go ahead and head out, you good here?" Kris asked earning her an eye roll from the girl. Picking a tray, Zoe balanced it on her hip.

"Get your ass out of here. You know I can cover these idiots for two hours." She snorted causing Kris to smirk. She gathered her things smirking at her friend.

"Don't kill anyone while I'm gone." Kris winked causing Zoe to grin.

"Better take a shower before you head there. You smell of truckers and stale food." Zoe grinned pushing the door open with her hip. Kris rolled her eyes giving her friend the finger before heading out the backdoor. She rushed home to take shower and change before heading to town. She bit her lip turning into the parking lot. She came here every Wednesday and yet every time her nerves were just as worse.

She felt herself finally drifting off to light sound of crickets around her.




The sun was barely up when he exited the camp heading towards the tree line. Walking through the camp, he couldn't stop his eyes from drifting to the new tent. The door was opened but he quickly looked away not wanting to be caught looking into the blonde's tent. Shifting the crossbow on his shoulder, he let out a snort. Not that he cared if he was caught. He had nothing to hide.

He ducked under the fence heading towards the tree line. From the corner of his eye, he caught sight of something on the ground. He stopped slowly turning towards the object or should he say person. His eyebrows creased together as he pulled his knife from his belt. Slowly he approached the body.

Realizing it was Kris, he lowered his weapon before nudging her leg with his foot.

"Hey." He said lightly hitting her leg again. "Wake up." He looked down his eyes looking over her body. His eyes stopping at the blood seeking through her shirt. Kneeling down he checked her pulse making sure she was still alive. He did not want to be the one going to camp explaining to Lori he found her sister dead. He sighed when he felt the slight pulse under his fingertips. "Hey girl, wake up." He said again shaking her shoulder.

It took him a moment to notice the sweat forming on her forehead. Reaching his hand out, he placed his hand on her forehead checking her temperature. Like he expected she was burning up. It must have been something to with her injury.

"Great." He sighed placing his arm under her knee and back. He lifted her picking her up bridal style. Her head fell against his shoulder as a soft moan escaped her lips. He tried his best not to touch her side or hurt her in any way as he headed back towards the camp. Carol was the first to sight him throwing down the rag she had before rushing over.

"Is she okay?" She asked looking over Kris's body. "What happened to her?"

"Found her laying in the field. Can't get her to wake up." Daryl explained causing Carol to lightly pat Kris's cheek.

"Kris, honey, wake up." She paused placing her hand on Kris's cheek again before covering her forehead. "She's burning up." She gasped her eyes widening.

"What's going on?" Both of them snapped their attention to Rick as he stepped out of his tent. His eyes darted between the two before landing on the girl in Daryl's arms. Quickly he rushed over before stopping next to Carol.

"Daryl found her laying in the field. She's running fever." Carol explained as Rick checked her pulse. His eyes moved down her body before stopping at the fresh blood leaking through the girl's shirt. Slowly he lifted it up seeing the pus and blackened area around the injury.

"It's infected." He sighed before nodding towards Kris's tent. "Bring her in here, Daryl. Carol get Lori for me then you two go get Hershel." Carol nodded before pushing passed him towards his tent. He helped Daryl get into the tent before they laid her down on her sleeping bag. Daryl moved back allowing the sheriff attempt to wake his sister-in-law up. Rick lightly patted her cheek like Carol had done moments ago. "Kris! Wake up. Come on, I know you can hear me."

Daryl looked over his shoulder when the tent flap brushed against his back. He wasn't sure why he was still sitting here. He had gotten the girl back to her family. There was no need for him to be there. So why didn't he leave? He watched as Lori crawled in before falling back on her knees. She let out a whimper before covering her hand with her mouth.

"We got Hershel. He's on his way." Carol announced coming to sit down next to Lori. She wrapped her arm around the woman trying to comfort her.

"Fever." Lori whispered slowly moving her hand. "Is-isn't that a sign of turning. What-what if she was bitten?"

"Lori, stop. She wasn't bitten." Rick threw over his shoulder before placing his ear against Kris's chest. He tried blocking out Lori's whimpers behind him trying to hear Kris's heartbeat. It was faster than normal. He moved away looking over her face. He flinched when Kris let out a choked up cough before wincing.

"What if she dies? I said bad things to her yesterday. She'll think I hated her when she died." Lori cried before burying her face in her hands.

"Jesus" Daryl mumbled before leaving the tent. He could not sit there and listen to the woman talk about her sister dying. It bothered him but he wasn't sure why.

"Lori, calm down." Rick demanded firmly watching Daryl leave from the corner of his eye. "She's not going to die." He almost let out a sigh of relief when Hershel kneeled down in the door way. He looked around at them all before coming inside. Rick moved allowing the older man to take his spot. Rick explained everything he was told as Hershel lifted the young woman's shirt taking a look at the wound. He pushed around the wound making Kris's body jump and pus leek from the wound.

"I'm going to need something to wipe up this mess, some water, and-" He looked around his eyes drifting over the women before turning towards Rick. "you're going to have to hold her down while I drain it."

"I'll get the water and some towels." Carol offered releasing Lori before crawling out of the tent. Lori shook her head reaching out and taking her sister's hand.

"What do you need me to do?" She asked her hand shaking as it wrapped around Kris's.

"Lori." Rick sighed before reaching out and taking Lori's other hand. "You should wait outside. I don't want you to see this."

"I am not waiting outside. She's my sister, Rick!" Lori snapped pulling her hand from her husband's.

"He's right. I can't have you in me and Rick's way." Hershel instructed pulling a knife from his bag. He placed it at the end of Kris's shirt before cutting upward. He stopped below her breasts before ripping the rest. When he was finished Kris's shirt was more of a crop top instead of a tank top.

"I can't just leave her." Lori whispered looking at Hershel instead of her husband.

"I'll be right here." Rick suggested reaching out and running his hand down her back. She looked up at him before sniffling.

"Here." Carol yelled coming into the tent holding a bottle of water and two towels. She landed down beside Hershel before turning to Lori. Gently she reached out placing her hand on Lori's shoulder. "Come on, we can wait right outside. If anything happens, I'm sure Rick will come get us." Lori looked between Rick and Carol before nodding her head.

She allowed Carol to escort her out before she started crying again. She leaned against the RV watching Rick zip up the tent. He gave her one last reassuring smile before completely closing the tent. First her son and now her sister. She buried her face in her hands before sliding to the ground. She felt the sobs building up her throat.

She quickly looked up at the sound of somebody walking up. Shane was staring at Kris's tent before he slowly turned towards her. Quickly Lori moved to her feet before running over to him. Her arms went around his waist before she buried her face in his chest. He looked down at her in confusion before wrapping his arms around her shoulders and burying his face in her hair.




Rick moved over Kris pushing her arms over her head. Using his left hand he held her wrist in place as Hershel told him too. He looked over her face seeing her forehead wrinkle before she coughed once again. Her whole face was covered in sweat and red. If he didn't know any better he'd say she was bitten.

"Hold her tight. She's going to start fighting." Hershel announced pouring something over her wound. Kris's body jumped once again as the sizzling sound hit his ears. "Okay here we go." Hershel sighed pushing the blade into the black area.

Kris jumped again before her mouth opened in a scream. Using his free hand, Rick opened her mouth not wanting her to alert the whole camp. She fought against his hold pulling at her hands.

"It's going to hurt her but we need to cut the infection out before it gets worse." Hershel instructed moving the knife again. Kris's eyes weakly opened looking at him with confusion. Tears rolled down from the cover of her eyes. They clenched closed again before her head arched backwards. She once again screamed into his hand.

"How much long is this going to take?" Rick asked through gritted teeth. He did not liking watching Kris in pain. She looked so helpless as he held her there. She pulled at her arms again before her body slumped under his grip.

"It's not going to be much longer." Hershel offered not looking up from the task at hand. Rick kept his eyes on Kris's face. She looked peaceful once again. Slowly he removed his hand from her mouth before reaching up and pushed the hair sticking to her forehead away. She would be okay. Kris was one of the strongest people he knew. He kept telling himself. She would be okay.




It was so loud. Everyone's screams rang in her ear along with gunshots. Smoke covered the streets from the burning houses, and cars. She could see some people moving in the smoke. She wasn't sure if they were human or those other things. She stayed clear of everything moving. Her blonde hair was tangled in knots. Her blue eyes smeared with makeup and her sweat. Her dress was ripped up the side exposing most of her leg. She looked like a homeless girl with all the dirt and blood smeared on her bare skin. She flinched when she heard another gunshot.

Turning on to the next road, she took off in a fast pace towards her sister's. She was sure she could make another block on foot. She broke out into a sprint her boots slamming against the ground. She couldn't believe this. Her life was gone. She had lost everything in one single hour. She ran down the sidewalk avoiding people. Somebody begged her to help them. She blocked it out and kept her eyes on her destination. Once the house came into view her steps grew quicker. She ran on to the porch stopping when she seen the door was wide open. She held her hand to her mouth trying to hold down the panic in her throat as she stepped into the house. She quickly closed the door behind her when she heard a ring of gunshots.

"Lori?" She asked stepping deeper into the house. Her sister's house looked untouched. The pictures were still in place on the wall. All the furniture looked unmoved and clean. No blood or dirt anywhere on the ground. "Carl?" She asked stepping into the kitchen. Once she got no answer she started panicking more. "Lori? Carl?" She screamed moving back into the previous room. Her hands curled into her hair as she looked around the house.

"Fuck." She screamed her nails digging into her scalp. They left her. She shook her head trying to think of her next move.

She woke up with a gasp her eyes snapping open before quickly closing from the sunlight. She groaned weakly picking up her arm and shielding her eyes with her forearm. She immediately regretted it when a pain shot through her from her side. A moan escaped her throat as she slowly touched her burning side. What the hell had happened? Last thing she remembered was laying in the grass. Then she had at weird dream of Rick. She remembered pain and screaming. Slowly she sat up holding her side. Her whole body felt weak. She hadn't felt this weak since her last fight with her boyfriend.

Something fell into her lap. She looked down noticing the damp rag laying in her lap. She pulled it up noticing the traces of blood on it. She pushed the blanket off her body placing the rag by her side. Her eyebrow rose when she got a look at the t-shirt she was wearing. It didn't belong to her. Somebody had changed her clothes.

What the hell? She asked herself lifting the shirt to see why her side was hurting so damn much. Her fingertip brushed against the fresh bandages. She quickly looked up at the sound of her tent being unzipped. Her eyebrows creased together at the sight of Hershel's daughter crawling into the tent holding some bandages in her hand. She looked up softly smiling at the sight of Kris.

"Hey you're finally up. We all thought you would never wake up." Maggie whispered sitting on her knees beside Kris.

"How long have I been out?" Kris asked her throat dry. She tried clearing her throat but it didn't work. She looked up to see a bottle of water held out in front of her. With a nod, she accepted it before gulping down half of it.

"It's been two days since Daryl found you in the grass." Kris nearly spit out the water at the information. She coughed water dripping down her chin.

"Two days?!" She asked in horror looking at the girl.

"Yeah. You're injury had gotten infected. It was pretty serious." Maggie shrugged taking the bottle back from Kris. Kris wiped the water away from her chin with the back of her hand.

"Damn." She mumbled. What had she missed? She couldn't believe it had been two days. It felt like she had just fell asleep in the field a hour ago. She quickly turned towards the girl raising her eyebrows. "Where's my sister?"

"Her and Carol are inside cooking. She said she was heading down soon. The rest of the group went out to look for that little girl. Some of them are already back. " Maggie explained twisting the bandages in her hands. "She sent me down to check on you. Everyone has been really worried." Kris snorted looking around for her shoes. She couldn't be laid up in bed sick like this. Being weak and useless.

"Well I'm fine." She shrugged reaching over and grabbing her boots. She pulled them closer towards her.

"Be careful you'll reopen your stitches." Maggie suggested making a move to help her but Kris shook her head in protest.

"I got it. I want to see my sister." Kris demanded pulling her boots on. She fought the urge to flinch not wanting to alarm the girl. She took a deep breath before trying to move to her feet. She almost fell if it weren't from Maggie she would have.

"Maybe you should lay down for a while longer. Your body is-"

"Don't you dare say weak. I can do this." Kris demanded stubbornly. She pushed away from the girl stepping outside. She would show them she was not weak. She could do this. Maggie climbed out behind her with a sigh.

"I think you should take it easier." She insisted getting an eye roll from Kris. Taking a deep breathe, Kris headed up towards the house. She stopped at the sight of her sister and Carol coming back towards the camp. Lori looked up stopping in her tracks at the sight of her. She watched her sister softly smile before quickly walking over to her. She softly wrapped her arms around her.

"I am so glad you are awake. I was afraid you'd never-"

"I'm fine Lori. It's going to be okay." Kris whispered wrapping her arms around her sister as well. Lori pulled away before placing her hands on her sister's cheeks. Softly she brushed the hair from her sister's face.

"I can't help but worry. I can't lose you." Lori sniffled softly combing her sister's hair with her shaky fingers. Kris weakly smiled reaching up and placing her hand over her sister's.

"You won't lose me. I'm right here." Kris whispered squeezing her sister's hand. She watched her sister's eyes drift passed her something behind her. She turned following her sister's gaze to see Rick and Shane coming up the drive. Lori released her sister taking a step in that direction.

"I'll be right back." Lori mumbled before heading off in the direction of the two men. Kris nodded not wanting to walk anyways. She turned her attention towards the camp noticing Maggie had been right when she said some were back. All they were really missing was Daryl now that the two other men were back. She took a minute to look around for the girl. Not finding her, she figured the girl disappeared when she was hugging her sister.

She stepped towards the camp stopping at the sound her name being called. Looking over her shoulder, she raised her eyebrow at Shane.

"What?" She asked him slightly turning her body towards him.

"How you feelin'?" He asked looking over her body. He stopped next to her reaching the back of his hand towards her. She raised her eyebrows grabbing his wrist.

"I feel fine. Why are you tryin' to touch me?" She asked dropping his wrist allowing him to withdraw his hand.

"Seeing if you had a fever." He shrugged letting his arm fall next to him. She gave him a confused look before nodding.

"Well don't try it again." She sighed crossing her arms over her chest and heading towards the log to sit on. She eased herself down on it receiving a smile from Carol and Andrea as she did. From the corner of her eye she watched Shane go inside his tent. She wondered why him and Rick looked angry when they were walking back together. She jumped when a hand landed on her shoulder. Looking up she met eyes with Rick. He was softly smiling down at her. He crouched down beside her becoming eyelevel with her.

"Didn't take you long to recover." He commented with a small smile. She smiled back before shrugging her shoulders.

"You know me nothing keeps me down for long." She told him rubbing her hands on her jeans. Her eyes darted around the camp before she turned back to him.

"Just take it easy these next couple of days." He demanded placing his hand on her shoulder. She sighed before nodding her head not having the energy to argue. He lightly squeezed her shoulder before releasing it and moving to his feet. She watched him walk off before turning her attention to something else. She wondered when Daryl would be back. She wanted to thank him for not leaving her to die in the grass.

Placing her chin in her palm, she closed her eyes her mind once again drifting off to the beginning of this mess.

So many people. All dead.Why were they killing people? Innocent people who had done nothing wrong. She covered her mouth as she lightly stepped around the bodies. One sound and she could end up being one of these bodies. She flinched when several more gunshots rang off from the down the hall. She didn't dare turn around. She needed to get out of here before she was seen. She couldn't risk being caught and getting several bullets pumped into her.

Her pace picked up when she heard heavy footsteps echoing through the hall. She quickly cut the corner before breaking out into a sprint for the door. She pushed the door open not caring how loud it was. She ran down the alley towards the road. She stopped dead in her tracks when somebody moved around the corner. Her eyebrows creased together at the woman.

"Hey! You don-" Her words died on her lips when the woman stepped into the sunlight. Once she became closer Kris stepped back realizing the woman's jaw was missing. She didn't even seem fazed by it. Kris shook her head. What was going on? She heard more gunfire from behind her and quickly looked over her shoulder. She needed to get out of here.

Kris jumped when she felt a hand land over her forehead. She opened her eyes to see Lori looking down at her. A look of concern on her face. Lori slowly removed her hand from her sister's forehead.

"Your fever has gone down." Lori commented before digging into her pocket. She crouched down in front of her sister holding out a small pill. "This is antibiotics. Hershel wanted to take some when you woke up." Kris nodded accepting the pill before placing it in her mouth. She swallowed it dry not needing any water.

"Thanks." Kris told her running her hands over her face.

"I'm heading up to the house. Do you want to come with me or stay here?" Lori asked causing Kris drop her hands. "You could get some sleep you still look worn out."

"Just have something on my mind is all." Kris shrugged looking around the camp before looking back at her sister, who was now standing. "I think I'm going to stick around here."

"Okay well if you need anything you know where to find me." She told her before turning on her heel and heading towards the farmhouse. Once again Kris buried her face in her hands feeling her side throbbing. She winced thinking about placing her hand over the injury but thought better of it. She couldn't allow somebody to see she was still in pain. They'd probably send her back to bed. Her head snapped up when somebody yelled from behind her. She looked over her shoulder taking in the sight of everyone gathering around and looking into the distance.

Andrea's words finally hit her as she shook up. Walker. She made her way around the trees trying to catch sight of it. Her eyebrows creased together when her eyes landed on the figure coming to the tree line. She quickly made her way over to the group.

"Shane hold up. Hershel wants to deal with walkers." Rick ordered causing Kris to look at him. She patted her jeans trying to find the knife she had. It was gone.

"What for, man? We got it covered." Shane told him as he and T-Dawg walked towards the direction it was in.

"Damn it." Rick hissed before running towards the RV. He ran back out telling her stay here as he passed her. She didn't argue knowing she probably wouldn't be able to get there in time anyways. For once she was going to listen and try to heal instead of pushing herself. She stood next to Dale watching the men approach the walker.

"Andrea, don't." She turned her attention to Dale before her eyes darted to Andrea with the rifle.

"You shouldn't be doing that. You might hit one of them." Kris demanded turning her attention bad to the men. She watched them lower their weapons before a gun sounded. The walker's head slung backwards before it hit the ground. She quickly turned towards Andrea seeing the smile on her lips. Her stomach dropped when she heard the yells coming from the group in the field.

"No!" Rick yelled back at the camp. Kris pushed off the ground breaking out into a sprint towards the group. She didn't care that her knees were trying to buckle or that her side was burning with pain. She stopped as the men pulled the body to it's feet. Each on them wrapped his arm around their shoulders half dragging him back. She gasped covering mouth with her hands.

"Daryl." She whispered feeling her stomach drop. She bite back the nauseous in her throat. She was gonna be sick. She couldn't bring herself to ask if he was dead or not. Kris narrowed her eyes at the sound of Andrea running up towards them.

"Oh my god" She whined coming up on the group. "Oh my god is he dead?"

"Unconscious. You just grazed him." Rick answered at the woman. Kris held back the sigh of relief feeling the anger building up in her chest.

"Which wouldn't have happened if you would have listened to us!" Kris screamed reaching for the woman. How dare her shoot Daryl. When she got her hands on her she was going to ring her neck. Dale quickly grabbed Kris's arm pulling her back.

"I didn't mean to." Andrea argued causing Kris to let out a furious growl.

"I should shot you and you see how you like it!" She growled fighting against the hold on her arms. Glenn was now holding other arm. She didn't care that her body was weak or she was in pain. All she wanted was to get her hands on Andrea and ring her neck for shooting Daryl. She kicked her legs trying to make contact with the woman.

"Guys isn't this Sophia's?" T-Dawg asked causing the fighting to stop and everyone to turn to him. In his hand was a dirty doll.




Her foot tapped against the ground as she sat against the wall in the hallway next to her sister. Neither women had said anything to each other which Kris was thankful for. She had too much on her mind. First was when the hell did she start to worry and care for the redneck? Yeah she hung out with him a couple times but they hardly talked. He usually ignored her. Chewing on her lip she fisted her jeans in her hands. When she had saw him in Rick's arms she felt like she was sick. And when Andrea shot him she saw red wanting to kill the blonde with her bare hands.

When did that happen? She finally released her lip when she drew a small amount of blood. She couldn't be acting like this for a stranger. It was ridiculous. Yet she felt like it wasn't.

Lori had checked up on her injury after they returned back at the camp. She wanted to make sure it hadn't opened when she ran across the field or when she was throwing legs at Andrea. It hadn't, thank god. But she wished she wouldn't have done it. Her side was throbbing.

Shane was standing beside her on the other side of the wall in silence. The door creaked open making Kris stand to her feet. She helped her sister up as well when Rick walked out.

"He's all right." He told them looking at Kris when she let out a sigh of relief.

"Can I see him?" Kris asked motioning towards the door. He gave her a look she didn't regonize before nodding his head. She quickly pushed inside the room seeing the redneck laying on the bed. She nodded at Hershel as he walked around out the door softly shutting it behind him. He cut his eyes at her before turning away from her. "You sure know how to make an entrance there Daryl." She smirked walking around to sit on the edge of the bed. "For second there I thought I was goin' to loss my only friend here."

"It be worth it never havin' to listen to you again." He mumbled trying to pull the blanket up. She rolled her eyes the soft smile pulling on her lips. She couldn't help but smile when he didn't deny he was her friend. "Shouldn't you be in a coma?"

"Well unfortunately for you I woke up earlier." She snorted turning her body towards him. "What happened to you anyhow? You completely looked crazy. Had the ears and everything." Holding up her tags to show him what she meant.

"Damn horse." He muttered as if blaming the creature for his problems. She chuckled dropping the necklace to bounce off her chest.

"Well if you would have asked your ass wouldn't have been thrown from it." She said an accusing voice causing him to snap his attention to her.

"I've already gotten this speech from the old man. I don't need it from you." He narrowed his eyes slightly at her.

"I'm just tryin' to help." She shrugged looking down at the blanket. She picked at the fabric before looking back at him. "I'm happy you're okay." He gave her a look she couldn't read. Slowly she leaned forward brushing her lips against his cheek. Softly she pressed her lips to his cheek. She pulled away before standing up and walking towards the door. "Get some rest. I'll be back to bother you later." She smirked before walking out.

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