~Chapter One~

Disclaimer: I don't own B&B or any of the characters. If I did, it would look more like what you are about to read.

Author's note: Being frustrated with B&B and Mr. Bell has finally pushed me to write a fan fic. This is kind of AU as Stephanie never died, however, Quinn and Wyatt are still around.

Big Bear Cabin

"Don't you see that Steffy is still between us Liam? You never seem to be able to say no to that woman and that stops now. Let me tell you something, I am not going to keep playing this game with you. So this is what you are going to do, you are going to get on the Spencer jet and go to Paris. You are going to tell Steffy that she needs to leave you alone because you are starting a life with me, the only woman you have ever loved." Hope says as she grabs her purse. Then she walks to the door of the cabin. Looking back at a shocked Liam, she adds, "Once you have done that, we can get married and start on a family." She then walks out the door.

Liam stands there, still shocked at Hope's outburst. He wants to point out that he loves Steffy too, but his fiancee has already walked out the door and he knows that his admission would not help the situation he is in.

"What do I do now? I don't want to completely lose Steffy from my life. Hell, I didn't even want the divorce. But it is what Steffy and then Hope wanted, and so I gave it to her. Maybe..." he trails off as he grabs his keys and heads for the door.


Steffy is sitting on the couch in her apartment, watching the video that Liam made her, with silent tears running down her face. "What was I thinking? I know that Liam is in love with me and that we could have been happy even if I couldn't give him a biological child." she muses to herself.

Suddenly, the brunette realizes that someone is knocking on her door. She gets up to answer it to see her mother standing there.

"Sweetheart, are you okay?" Taylor asks seeing the tears on her daughter's face.

"I am fine mom. The other day Liam accidentally sent me a video he made for Hope and I asked him to make me one as a homage to our marriage, and I was just watching it." she said as she wiped the last of the tears from her eyes. "Do you want to see it?"

"I would love to see it, but do you think it was the right choice to ask Liam to even make the video?" the older woman asked.

" It might not have been, but the video he made Hope was so beautiful that I knew he would do a great job on one for us." Steffy replied.

The women walked over to the couch where the lap top was. Steffy leanes over to restart the video.

Brooke's House

Brooke and Bill are sitting in the living room, drinking coffee.

"I really think that they could be happy together Bill." Brooke says passionately.

" And I really think that Steffy is the right woman for Liam, Brooke. Though I think I could see Hope with Wyatt." he says, trying to show that he is not completely against his lovers daughter.

" Are you kidding me? Liam would be married to my daughter if Steffy hadn't interfered in their lives."

Bill gets up and walks over to the blonde woman. "Did you ever think that if it was meant to be, that the two of them could have over come anything Steffy pulled?"

Just then, Hope walks into the house, crying.

"Honey, are you okay?" Brooke asks, getting up and walking over to her daughter.

"Steffy did it again mom." Hope says as she sits down on the couch. Over her head Brooke and Bill share a look...

Forrester Creations

"I think the fashion show went off wonderfully, don't you Eric?" Stephanie asks as she looks over to her husband.

"It definitely was, and that diamond..." he trails off.

"It was just the right touch I would say. And it looked wonderful with that dress."

"I think we deserve a vacation. Why don't we go to Paris and see the family?" Eric says with a smile.

"That is a wonderful idea. We can call the pilot on the way home to pack. Let's get out of here." Stephanie says with an answering smile.