My name is Doctor John Wilson. Recently, I have received a flood of requests to write about my former roommate, Herlock Sholmes. Doubtlessly, you recognize his name. Who hasn't heard the tales of the great detective, Herlock Sholmes? His intelligence and shrewdness are famous, and some go so far as to say he is the greatest crime-fighter in all of London!

These stories are all lies.

The truth is that Herlock Sholmes is the biggest fool it has ever been my misfortune to meet. Yes, the two of us have solved some mysteries together, but most of them were solved by sheer luck. The rest of the cases were not solved by Sholmes; they were solved by me.

I cannot live a lie anymore. In this volume, I intend to set the record straight and reveal the truth behind the career of London's most famous detective.