Title: Trails We Choose
Author: Quest
Pairing: Brittana
Rating: M - language and lady lovin ;)

Summary: AU - (Around the Course Sequel) Life decisions. You think they are easy to make or that once you make them everything will be perfect. That's not always the case. Sometimes there are different trails one can take. It's just a matter of choosing the right one. Brittana!

Disclaimer: All television shows, books, movies, and other copyrighted material referred to in this work and the characters, events, and settings thereof are the properties of their respective owners. This is for entertainment purposes only, no profit is being made.

Author Note: Thanks everyone for being so patient on waiting for this sequel! For those of you stumbling onto this for the first time, I highly recommend you read Around the Course first since this one picks almost right after that one! Also want to thank my BFF and beta extraordinaire who is taking time out of her busy schedule to look over this hot mess of a fic ;) thanks NewVida! :D Enjoy everyone!

Chapter 1

(Santana POV)


Cold fingertips ghosted up my arm, causing a trail of goosebumps to be left in their path. My body hummed at the gentle feeling. Thick blonde curls came into focus as I was slowly pulled out of my slumber. "Hi." A soft familiar whisper caused a tired smile to spread across my lips.

Those bright blue eyes stared deeply at me. "This a dream?" I muttered sleepily, snuggling closer into her.

She giggled softly. "No silly."

"Good." I buried myself deeper into her warm body. There were days this week I still thought this was all some big lucid dream. It had been just a week since I had surprised Brittany at her horse show, which she got first place I might add, and everything was going great. I fell right back into my normal routine: up at the crack-ass of dawn to feed horses, spending free time during the day riding or with Brittany, feeding horses at night, and then spending time with my friends and girlfriend.

Surprisingly Rachel managed to get us out of feeding duties on the weekends for the summer, by convincing Aunty A that we needed to actually enjoy some of it. My cousin was pretty awesome. Though I'd never tell her, it would just go straight to that girls head. Now that I had my weekends free though, Brittany and I made plans to do more couple-like things, aka date night. Okay so Brittany decided, I'm just so whipped I agreed without thinking it all the way through.

Like yesterday afternoon, it wasn't my ideal date but Brittany seemed to really enjoy herself, so that's all that really mattered to me.



"Saaaaan, just do it. Plllllease." Brittany pouted at me.

I hated that pout. Okay, not really- I loved it, I would do anything for her when she gave me that look. "Fine." I huffed stepping up to a small plastic ball at my feet. Doing exactly what Brittany had told me; I squared my shoulders, spread my feet, and concentrated on the shot. I pulled my club back slowly before smacking the red ball by my feet.

Watching it dip and roll over the felt grass, bouncing off the plastic walls towards the opening opposite of me, I frowned. The pirate head laughed as the red ball rolled back out at me. "Better luck next time matey!"

"You know what pirate?! I'm going to hit you so hard with this-" Brittany was suddenly standing in front of me placing a soft kiss on my lips, shutting me up.

"Deep breath." She smirked. "It's just a game."

I huffed. "Just a game that I can't win." Whoever made up mini-golfing? It was the worst game ever and rigged too. I didn't even want to come here in the first place.

"It's supposed to be fun." Brittany rubbed my arm before going to set her ball down on the mark.

I stepped back giving her some space to make her shot. "It would be more fun if I actually got a ball in."

"It's not that hard." She wiggled her butt and bit the corner of her lip before pulling back her arm and tapping the blue ball lightly. It rolled easily over all the humps and curved perfectly up into the pirates mouth.

"Aye! Hole-in-one matey!"

Brittany did a little happy dance before turning around to me. "Awe babe." She cooed. Obviously my displeasement was showing all over my face. "You'll get the hang of it. Not everyone does the first time."

"The five year old ahead of us is doing better than me. That's just not right." I huffed. "And then here you are getting hole-in-ones constantly."

Brittany smirked bouncing up to me. Her soft lips pecked my nose playfully. "I'm just a mini-golf pro."

"You are a mini-golf hustler that's what you are." It was true. We made a little wager at the beginning of the game. Completely my idea. So I wanted to make a bet? It was only because I thought I'd rock at mini-golfing. That was before I found out the game was rigged.

"I tried to warn you baby." She kissed my lips with a smirk.


Grabbing my hand she pulled me over to my red ball. "I'll help you." Setting her putter down, her hands gripped my hips, lightly pulling my ass into her hips. A soft moan passed through my lips feeling myself flush up against her. "Shhh- behave."

"Well if you'd stop grinding up against me, maybe I would." I smirked feeling her fingers flex on my hips.

Brittany kissed my neck once before bringing her hands to cover mine on my putter. "I'll grind up against you anyway I want."

"Oh really?" I wiggled my ass into her playfully.

"San there are little kids around." Brittany squeaked into my ear.

"You started it babe." I smirked proudly.

She cleared her throat and started pulling my hands back. "Now focus. You are hitting it too hard. You have to look at the course." Brittany began to explain. "See where the hills and turns are then plot it out." I listened carefully as she spoke into my ear. "Do you see everything?"


"Okay now we pull back and tap it lightly." My hands pulled back with hers. We swung together and I watched my ball slowly roll over the felt, bank a small left, then roll right up into the pirates mouth.

I couldn't help but smile brightly seeing it roll out the other side and onto the next course. "Not so bad huh?"

"Not at all." Turning my head, I looked at the beautiful blonde I got to call my girlfriend. Her crystal blue eyes locked with mine before I leaned up to capture her lips.

She pulled back before I could deepen it. Those damn kids running around are definitely imposing on my sweet lady-kisses. "That bet still on?"

"Absolutely." I smirked before she ever so slowly unhooked herself from me, immediately I missed the feeling of her body pressed to mine.

Brittany bent down, giving me ample time to stare at her butt that was being hugged by a very tight pair of jean shorts. "Santana. Hello." I snapped out of it seeing Brittany smirking at me with her eyebrow raised. What? I couldn't help but stare, my girlfriend was hot.


"I said do you think you'll win, now that you have had a lesson in mini-golfing?"

"Of course. I'm a master now." I demonstrated my putting technique getting a giggle from Brittany.

"Oh yes - you're a master now." Grabbing my hand she pulled me to the next hole. "Lets see those skills of yours."


"We need to get up before my mom comes pounding on the door." Brittany hummed into my hair, wrapping her arm tighter around my waist and turning into me more.

"I don't care." I mumbled into her chest. That was a lie, I did care. Brittany's parents were cool and all letting me sleepover with the door closed, but that didn't mean I wanted either of them busting in and seeing me naked in bed with their daughter.

Brittany sighed happily as I pressed soft kisses into her collarbone. "We really have to get up. AIi will probably come running in any moment."

"Two more minutes." I mumbled into her skin while kissing up her neck to her chin.

"Only two?" She giggled tilting her head allowing me more access.

Nipping her jawline, I followed up to her lips allowing her bottom lip to slip between my own. Our kiss slowly deepened, Brittany's long fingers quickly tangled into my hair as her tongue swiped the roof of my mouth. Her body shifted rolling over on top of me. I loved when she took control, straddling over me. I let out a groan feeling her roll her hips into mine. Brittany let my lips go with a pop before sitting up and smirking quietly. Before I knew it, she was climbing off me and the bed, quickly pulling on clothes.

"Whoa - wait -" I mumbled confused watching her and catching my breath. Here I thought I was going to have some morning sex before getting up for breakfast.

"Two minutes are up." My clothes tossed onto the bed next to me.

"Ahh - I wasn't expecting to be timed."

"It's pancake Sunday Santana, you know someone will be knocking on the door any second."

It was true, around 9 in the morning every Sunday was the typical Pierce breakfast ritual; Saturday's were omelets and Sunday's pancakes. It never changed. "But... sex..."

Brittany smirked before climbing onto the bed after pulling on her tank top to give me another soft kiss. "Later." She pecked me again. "Now get dressed."

I narrowed my eyes. "Fine. But I'm holding you to that."

There was a sudden knock on the door. "B, San breakfast." Brittany's younger sister's voice suddenly rang out.

"Clothes." Brittany hissed at me before handing them to me. "Be right down Ali-cat."

"Okay!" I heard her footsteps run from the door..

Brittany pulled her messy hair into a ponytail. "Told you." She smirked proudly.

"Whatever." Slipping out of bed I pulled on the sweats and tank top Brittany had tossed at me. "What?" I noticed she was sitting on her knees on the bed, staring at me.

"I'm happy you're back."

I grinned. "Me too."

She shimmied over to the edge of the bed, sitting up on her knees to look me in the eye. "Love you."

Smiling I stepped forward, framing her cheeks with my hands. "Love you too." Leaning in I brushed our lips together softly. Her stomach grumbled just as I ran the tip of my tongue across her bottom lip in hopes she'd allow me access inside.

She giggled before pulling back. "Sorry."


Her lips curled into a shy smile. "A little."

"Lets go eat then." Grabbing her hand I started pulling her off the bed and towards her door.

The aroma of bacon and pancakes hit my nose as we jogged down the stairs and rounded the corner to the kitchen. The table was set with five plates and stacks of food. Ali was already sitting in her spot munching on a piece of fruit. She waved happily seeing us both.

"Morning girls." Mrs. Pierce smiled as she walked out of the kitchen holding a plate of bacon.

"Morning." We replied in unison before taking a seat.

"Well look who decided to show their faces." Mr. Pierce walked in from the living room wearing his typical weekend outfit; jeans and t-shirt. "Sleeping until the last possible moment, huh girls?"

"Yup!" Brittany chirped before grabbing the pitcher of OJ. "Gotta get our beauty sleep."

"Ah right. That's what the weekends are for." Mr. Pierce nodded in agreement taking a few pancakes from the large serving plate.

Mr. Pierce passed me the plate and I quickly took two large pancakes from the top before passing it along. "You girls have plans for today?" Mrs. Pierce asked once everyone started eating.

"I don't know." I replied between bites. It was my first weekend officially back and Brittany had mentioned all week she had "big plans" in store for us.

Brittany nodded furiously. "We totally have plans."

"Oh? Like?" Her mother smiled.

"It's a secret."

My eyebrow rose. "Is it now?"

"Mmhmm. You'll find out this afternoon." Brittany smirked at me.

"Can I come?!" Ali bounced in her seat.

"Sorry Ali-cat, it's a date."

"Aww man..." Ali huffed crossing her arms over her chest, giving off the classic Pierce pout. She almost has that weapon mastered. I blushed a little seeing Brittany wink at me.

"So Santana are you back for just the summer?"

I swallowed my pancakes trying not to glance in Brittany's direction when her mother asked the ever so dreaded question. "Umm I don't know yet. Hoping to stay through my senior year, we'll see though."

Both adults smiled. "That would be great."

"That it would." I forced a grin. It would be great, you know if I could just convince my parents that it would be "great" too.

I felt a gentle squeeze on my leg before a hand dipped down rubbing my inner thigh. Getting my attention I glanced at Brittany, she gave me a hopeful smile. My parents seemed pretty willing to listen to me now, so I only hoped I could convince them. Sliding my fingers between her fingers I squeezed her hand, that was currently getting a little too high up my leg.

Her lips curled into a smirk. It was a game for her, to see how far she could get teasing me without causing any attention to us. Brittany had a rock solid system, always sitting on the right side of me so her left hand could wander over my thigh. Her face always like stone, even though she knew there were times she had me biting my cheek to keep myself from moaning and shifting uncomfortably in my seat when her fingers grazed my core.

She was so bad. And I loved it.

It took all my willpower to keep her hand planted closer to my knee and not letting it move any farther upwards. There was no way I'd be able to control myself, especially after our heated make-out session this morning, if she moved up. The blonde would be the death of me; sexually.

"Well I hope you do." Mrs. Pierce smiled at me.

"Me too." Brittany squeezed my leg.

I flashed Brittany a knowing grin. "It's in the works." I had already told her about how I was going to bug my parents until they allowed me to stay. There was no way I was leaving her again.

The rest of breakfast went by smoothly and both Brittany and I helped with dishes before returning to her room. "Soooo this date?"

"What about it?" Brittany shut the door behind us.

"Do I get any hints about it?"



"Nope. It's a secret."

With a smirk I moved closer to her sliding my hands across her hips, teasing the exposed skin right above her waistband. "I think-" I placed a soft kiss to her neck pushing her up against the door, "-I could find out." I smirked against her skin.

She cleared her throat. "Don't think so. I'm good with secrets."

"Are you?" Trailing my lips around her neck, I found her sweet spot giving it a playful nip.

Brittany's body wiggled and she caught the moan before it released from her. I almost had her. "Very good." She tried to sound confident.

I sucked hard on her skin. Pushing her tank top up slightly I slipped my hand inside cupping one of her breasts roughly, getting a groan in response. "One little hint babe?"

She took in a shaky breath but firmly shook her head no. Brittany looked so damn cute, with her eyes closed and her bottom lip being bitten. There was no way I was not getting a hint from her. Pushing up on my toes I kissed the corner of her lips, "don't make me tickle you." Brittany's eyes snapped open.

Her head tipped to the side away from me. "You wouldn't dare."

Brittany was one of the most ticklish people I know and she would say or do anything to get you to stop. "Try me babe. I know all your spots." For good measure I moved my hand off her breast and trailed my fingertips lightly on her skin under her armpit. She bursts into giggles trying to squirm away from me.

"Saaaaan. Stooooop."

I slowly stopped before pecking her lips lightly. "Give me a hint and I won't have to do it again."

Her giggles slowly died, blue eyes snapping down to look at me. "Fine. But no more."

"Promise." I smirked proudly. I won.

"You'll need sneakers."

I raised an eyebrow and stopped running my hands slowly up and down her sides. "Sneakers? That's my hint?"

"Yup!" Her fingers tangled into my hair pulling my face back close to her, sealing our lips firmly together. A soft tongue played with my lower lip, but all contact left way too quickly for my liking. "Sneakers." She reaffirmed before kissing my nose and strategically wiggling her way around me.

"If you weren't so beautiful and my girlfriend I'd totally hate you right now." Brittany smirked over her shoulder, there were times she was such a tease.

Her tanktop began lifting up exposing her smooth toned back before disappearing into the bathroom and closing the door behind her. Letting out a deep huff I rubbed my face, she got me so sexually frustrated sometimes. I dropped my hands hearing the bathroom door open, finding Brittany standing there in just her sweats. "You joining me?"

Pretty sure my mouth was hanging open seeing her leaning against the doorframe half naked. "Ah- yes- 100% yes." I stuttered before slipping into the bathroom after her.

She giggled, shimming out of her sweats and turning on the shower. My brain quickly did a happy dance, shower sex was happening. "Are you going to strip or do you need help?" Brittany was smirking at me and testing the water with her hand.

I couldn't help but smirk back. "Think I may need some help."

Tossing me a sideways glance she dropped her underwear before climbing into the shower, leaving me standing still fully clothed. "Water will get cold if you keep standing there sweetie."

Chuckling, I stripped before getting into the shower. My hands seeked out Brittany immediately as I stepped up behind her. Circling my arms around her waist pressing my lips into her wet shoulder blade. "Still no hint?" I mumbled into her skin, pulling her flush against me before letting one of my hands travel down her stomach towards her core.

Brittany's hand snatched my wrist before I went even lower. "Nope." She reached for the shampoo moving my hand back up to her stomach.

Narrowing my eyes, I pulled back slightly. "Wait - no sexy girlfriend time in the shower?"

"Both of my parents are home and my little sister."

"Hasn't stopped us before." It truly hadn't. We fooled around quite often in her room with her entire family just down stairs. "Plus your bedroom door is locked and the bathroom door is closed, no one is going to barge in. We'll be fine."

Grabbing her hips I spun her around pushing her up against the wall, getting a groan from deep inside her throat. "San-tana-" Brittany bit back a moan when I started trailing kisses around her neck.

"Yeah babe?" I nipped her collarbone, feeling her hands tangle into my damp hair. There was no way I was leaving this shower without having some sexy times. Brittany had already teased me too many times this morning. Not now.

I pressed my thigh between her legs, hitting her core just right. Fingers tightened around my hair in response. "Sh-it." She hissed.

"Want me to stop?" I teased her flesh right above her breast with my teeth. She grinded against my thigh in response. Smiling, I trailed my lips from her neck taking one of her nipples into my mouth. My tongue flicked over it gently getting her to collapse against the wall even more.

"I love you." Brittany breathed heavily.

I stopped my assault on her nipple and glanced up at her. "I love you too Britt." I smiled brightly before placing a few kisses onto her soft lips.

Her hands framed my face holding me still as our kiss became more frantic and sloppy. Brittany's teeth and tongue grazed my lips eagerly and I quickly allowed her access feeling her silky tongue slip into my mouth. One arm wrapped around my neck tightly holding me flush to her body while her tongue easily dominated mine. The sudden moan erupting from me and had her smiling into my lips as she continued to assault my mouth.

Slowly I trailed my hand down her side slipping it between our bodies, two fingers pushing between her folds. Shit she was so wet. Though I couldn't really tell if it was because she was so turned on or it was from the shower. But I wasn't all too concerned about it. It was still so hot. Brittany's hips started rocking against my hand quickly, desperately trying to get me to speed up my slow strokes. Her grip was still firm around my neck but her kisses suddenly stopped once two of my fingers dipped into her.

"Ug-gh." I watched her eyes close, mumbling between a breathless groan.

I started a slow rhythm, not allowing Brittany to set the pace even though she tried to rock harder into my hand. Grabbing ahold of her hip with my free hand, I kept her planted still. She wasn't pleased as I heard her letting out a humph in response.

Brittany's fingers dug into my shoulder blade as I rubbed my thumb across her clit softly. I kissed a trail up her neck. "Babe, you're going to choke me." I chuckled, planting a few open mouthed kisses right below her ear.

"Faster then." She breathed hotly, not releasing her tight grip until I started pumping into her as she had requested.

Roughly removing my hand from her hip she brought it to her breast. I think she just wanted the ability to finally move with my hand between her legs. I didn't protest, instead just took the opportunity to squeeze her perfect breast and rub my thumb over it's hardened nub.

"Saan." Whimpering into my ear I knew she was getting close. I smiled devilishly into her neck before giving it a few rough nips. Moving my hands; both inside of her and on her breast, plus sucking her sweet spot on her neck simultaneously pushed her over the edge. Her body stiffened, walls clenching around me, her teeth biting hard into my shoulder to keep herself from screaming out as her orgasm washed over her body. I slowed my pace inside her to help her down before completely removing them. I wrapped my arm around her waist to hold her up slightly as she slowly came down from her high.

She took in a few deep breaths before spinning us around pressing me roughly up against the shower wall. The throb between my own legs was so intense I knew the minute she started to touch me I'd be pushed over the edge. Her blue eyes stared at me, darkened and hooded, looking like she wanted to devour me up. I was so turned on.

The corner of her lip curled into a smirk. "I'm going to make you come so fucking hard." I just about came right then and there. Brittany never swore. When she did it was always during sex and it was such a turn on. Her lips closed on my pulse point, sucking hard. I closed my eyes, smiling, wrapping my arms around her waist. Shower sex was the best.


"I hate you so much right now-" shifting the pack on my back trying to watch my footing as Brittany lead me along the worn trail.

"You love me."

I huffed, "okay I do. But seriously hiking?"

"It's gorgeous out here!"

"Pretty sure it's going to rain." The clouds had started to roll in and get darker over the past hour or so.

She tossed me a smile over her shoulder. "Sweetie you've been saying that for the last hour, hasn't started yet."

"And you just jinxed it - good going."

"You are being grumpy."

I huffed. "Well I wasn't expecting a hike for our date."

I bumped into her back slightly from the abrupt stop she made. Brittany turned pouting at me. "You're not having fun?"

That pout, it was a killer. "No, I'm having fun babe." I smiled back.

"You don't sound it."

Taking her hands in mine I rubbed my thumbs over the back of each hand. "I am. You know me, I like to complain about everything."

Brittany's head hung, "I just thought this would be a fun us thing. We are almost there it isn't too much farther and we can just have girlfriend time. But if you want to turn around we can."

"No no." I answered quickly leaning up and pecking her lips softly a few times in hopes of turning that frown into one of her amazing smiles. "Sounds perfect."

Brittany let out a sigh.

"Come on babe show me this place you speak of." I started tugging her hand continuing our walk down the trail. I didn't let her hand go, just gave it a reassuring squeeze letting her swing our hands happily together.

Brittany bounced slightly tugging on my hand a little causing me to speed up. "We're almost there. You are going to love it. So much fun. You are wearing your bathing suit right?"

"You helped me put it on." I chuckled remembering how she wasn't all that much help.

"Oh right." She blushed slightly.

It wasn't much longer before I started hearing the rush of water off in the distance. The sound intrigued me, where was she taking me? Brittany pulled me off of the main trail weaving through a small beaten path full of pointy branches and scratchy bushes. My legs, arms, and face were taking a beating before we pushed through the last of the bush.

"Holy - shit -" my mouth dropped open seeing the sight before me. A good ten foot waterfall caught my eye first, explaining the sound of water, dropping into a good size pool below it. Tree's surrounded both sides of the large streams leading away from the rocky cliff. It was gorgeous and secluded. The perfect place to spend the afternoon with Brittany.

"Told you it'd be worth it." Brittany gave me a huge smile over her shoulder before slugging off her hiking pack.

"It's...wow…" I stood in awe, it was a little piece of heaven.

Brittany squatted down unzipping her pack pulling out the large blanket she managed to shove in there, following the two towels squeezed into the bottom of the hiking pack. I watched her plant herself down quickly unlacing her shoes. She looked up me and chuckled seeing me gawking at our surroundings. "Just going to stand there all day sweetie?"

"Right." I snapped out of it and set down my pack before joining her on the blanket. It felt good to get it off my back. How I got stuck carrying the water and all the snacks I'll never know. Actually I do - I blonde hottie has me wrapped around her finger. "So how on earth did you find this place?"

"Middle school." Brittany set her shoes off to the side before pulling her t-shirt off, giving me a fantastic view of her baby blue bikini top. "I was determined to see a Moose after learning about them in science class. Even when my dad explained they didn't live in this area I wouldn't give up." I smirked listening to her story. "I begged him to take me out searching. So on the weekends he'd take me out on these trails, moose hunting. One day while we were out moose hunting we stumbled across this. Then I was obsessed with this place, ended up bringing out Quinn and Tina a few times to swim. As we got into highschool we brought our other friends, just became a summer hangout spot." She shimmied out of her shorts quickly, setting her clothing on the back of the towel. "Though it sucks - I haven't been here at all this summer and we used to come all the time last year."

I leaned over pressing my lips to the corner of her mouth. She was adorable.

"What?" She smiled brightly.

I shrugged, "Just you being adorable."

A soft laugh escaped her lips. "Oh yes. Me and my rambling."

"Mmhmm." Sliding closer I ran my hand along her jaw turning her face towards me. "Especially the rambling." Leaning in I took her bottom lip between mine nibbling it softly. She exhaled moving her lips slowly with mine. I pulled back a little watching her eyes flutter open, those sparkling blues locking onto me.

Brittany just stared at me. "I love you."

A large smile spread across my lips. "Not as much as I love you."

"Doubt it." She giggled bashfully tucking her head into her chest. I pressed my lips to the corner of her mouth. Tilting her head up I was able to capture her lips into a soft kiss before jumping up to my feet. "What are you doing?" Brittany pointed leaning back against her elbows.

"Swimming." I pulled my clothes off before struggling with my shoes. "Enjoying the view?" Chuckling I noticed her eyes locked onto my body.

Her lips curled up into a large cheeky smile. "Very much so."

I pulled my hair up into a messy bun, "So are you going to join me?"

Brittany's shoulders shrugged a little. "Maybe."


"I'm pretty comfy right here." I could see her try not to smile as she looked at me.

Rolling my eyes I reached down grabbing her hand. "Come on you."

Brittany giggled as I dragged her towards the waters edge. I let go of her hand to jump into the water. "Caref-"

I popped up from under the water with a gasp. "Holy shit!"

Brittany grimaced. "It can be cold."

"Thanks for telling me."

"I tried to warn you but you just jumped right in." She giggled as she wadded in towards me. "You didn't let me finish."

I took a few steps forwards so I could plant my feet firmly to the sandy ground. "I get impatient." My arms immediately slipped around her waist once she was close enough. Brittany wrapped her arms around my neck.

"I know." She smirked before kissing me lightly.

Warmth flushed over my body once our skin made contact under the water. Brittany stared at me after breaking the kiss and began playing with the hairs on the nape of my neck. "What?" She had that look, the one where she wanted to tell me something but wasn't sure how to say it.

Her shoulders shrugged. "It's nothing."

"Britt, what?" I prodded more.

She looked away from me. "I just keep thinking about what this summer would have been like if you had stayed in Ohio."

I squeezed her tight. "I'm not going anywhere. Here to stay for the whole summer promise."

Brittany slowly met my eye once again. "It would have been a crappy summer."

"And now it's going to be an awesome one."

A large grin spread across her face. "Definitely an awesome one."

"Right so no more thinking about the could have beens, okay?" Leaning in I peppered her face with soft kisses causing her to giggle.

"No more thinking about that." She agreed.

"Good." I stepped back breaking our tight hold, Brittany frowned and tried to reattach her arms around me. With a smirk I ran my hand through the water splashing her across the face.

Brittany stood there mouth hung open, "You did not just splash me."

"Yup, I did." I splashed her again, trying not to laugh at her shocked expression.

"Oh you are so in for it." She lurched forward towards me. I screeched and started laughing trying to get away from her, but it was hard in this damn water. "Get back here!"

"Nope!" I laughed swimming away from her.

A squeal escaped my lips feeling a hand wrap around my ankle pulling me underwater sharply. It quickly let go once I was under and I popped back up coughing out some water that had managed to get into my mouth. Brittany's strong arms went around my waist. "Gotcha." She laughed when I narrowed my eyes at her.

"Not fair."

"Oh totally fair." She smiled sweetly before kissing me. I groaned bringing my hand up to her neck. She pulled back just as I swept my tongue across her lower lip asking for entrance.

I pouted when I tried to bring her back into our kiss but she dodged me completely. The corner of her lip curled into a smirk before I felt water stinging across my face. By the time I opened my eyes and realized she had splashed me, she was already swimming away. "You are sooo dead."

Brittany laughed, "Gotta catch me first."

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