Author's Note: This is a story I've been thinking about for a while. It's still in the works but I love the idea. Let me know if you guys like it and I should continue but truth be told, I'll probably continue whether you like it or not. Enjoy!

Eye Sight: Chapter 1

Beep... beep... beep... beep...

That's the sound I hear when I wake up every morning. My senses begin to awaken, I hear the beeping and truthfully that's what let's me know that I'm alive. I usually don't open my eyes until someone comes into the room, it doesn't matter if I do or don't because either way I can't see. I just like to open them so the doctors and interns don't feel so uncomfortable around me. I mean how creepy would it be to talk to someone who just sat their with their eyes closed.

It's like clockwork these days. I can't tell the time but my body is on a very rigid schedule. The hospital in Konoha runs a tight ship and I could count down the moments until the next doctor walked in.


"Good morning, Hinata!" Doctor Hatake chimed brightly. "How are you feeling?"

I open my eyes and beam a smile at him. "I'm feeling well, Dr. Hatake!" I have no idea what he looks like but if he looks the way his voice makes me feel, then dear lord I'm in! I always felt like I was blushing whenever he was around but I wouldn't know so what did it matter.

"Fantastic! Hinata, today I have three interns. Dr. Yamanaka-"

"Good morning, Lady Hinata!" the first intern chimed. She sounded cheerful, perhaps blonde? She was really nice, on the outside at least.

"Next is Dr. Inuzuka-"

"Hello." he simply said, a gravelly voice not smooth like Dr. Hatake's. This man was rugged and rough around the edges to say the least.

"Finally, Dr. Sabaku..."

I waited for a hello from the last intern but he never made a peep prompting nervous laughed from Dr. Hatake.

"Ehheh... Dr. Sabaku is a bit on the socially inept side but nevertheless he is an outstanding doctor." I could hear the smile in his voice. Dr. Hatake was always so smiley around me, thinking about it made me blush again. "Alright, who wants to read Hinata's chart?"

Dr. Yamanaka was the first to speak up. "Hinata Hyuuga. 19 year old, born with complete blindness. About 6 months ago, she was in a car accident and was admitted to the hospital to further await treatment."

"Ah, yes. What a gloomy time in deed it was before dear Hinata came to grace us with her sweet smile!" Dr. Hatake chimed, he was clearly a flirt but it always made me feel better. Kinda made me feel pretty although I'd never actually seen myself or had a remote idea of what a face looked like. I blushed again.

"Hinata is scheduled for one of the first ever eyes replacement surgeries this evening." Dr. Yamanaka continued.

It was true. I was scheduled to get a new pair of eyes that day. I always imagined that when this day came that I'd be giddy and excited but it merely felt like another day in the hospital. I wasn't sure what to think but I knew for sure Dr. Hatake and the interns were excited to cut into my skull as soon as they could.

"Are you ready, Hinata?" Dr. Hatake asked.

"O-oh! Yes. I am ready." I said quietly.

"Good, good. Now listen, it's been a long time since you've walked so your muscled have most certainly atrophied. You will have to undergo rigorous physical therapy before we can release you as well as some medications to ensure that your body does not reject the eyes." I nodded. I knew all of this already but it was his job to fill me in. "I have decided that Dr. Sabaku will personally take care of your physical therapy and post operation care."

A straggled chuckle came from the other interns. I imagine the only one who didn't make a sound was Dr. Sabaku. I found myself wondering what he looked like and sounded like. I guessed I would find out soon enough.

"Dr. Sabaku will take care of your preop tasks and I'll see you in the operating room."

I smiled. "I'll see you after."

He laughed at this. It was the first joke I'd told in a long time. "That you will, my dear, Hinata!"

I heard their foot steps exit the room, all four of them. Dr. Sabaku was most likely to return after his morning rounds but either way it didn't matter. I don't think he would be speaking any time soon.

I spent the rest of the morning mentally preparing myself for that evening's events. Thinking about the events that had occurred in the recent past that led me to this hospital bed.

Long story short I was born blind. A Hyuuga child born blind, my parents always acted like it was a headline of some sort. Well, my father did at least. My mother always did what she could for me. My sister was born with sight so she quickly over shadowed me despite our age difference, I was the elder Hyuuga but I couldn't do enough for my father. My mother taught me everything she could and I lived a relatively happy life.

Until 6 months ago. I don't know what happened. A car accident they said it was and my whole family was killed. I was brought to this hospital and pretty much sat here until they gave me the news that the hospital was offering a pro bono eye replacement surgery. It was the only good news I'd had in... my whole life.

This surgery was all I had and that scared the shit out of me. What scared me even more... was being left to my own devices once this hospital dumped me out into the city... I'd always taken it one day at a time but here I was my whole future riding on this one cut.