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Eye Sight Chapter 5

The smug look on his face hardly hid the hate plastered all over him, the way he stood and how he scrunched his eye brows together. I wasn't sure who this man was but he was sure who I was and by the firm stance he took in my door way, he had some unfinished business with me. Even as I knew this man was going to turn my life upside down, I couldn't help but focus on his eyes. The lavender orbs gave him such a feminine quality but the fierceness behind them sharpened his deadliness.

Dr. Sabaku had frozen in his seat, I could tell he knew something but I would get that out of him sooner or later. He turned hesitantly and stood. "May I help you, sir?' he questioned firmly.

The man scoffed and began making his way across my hospital room and stood before my bed. "I merely wish to come speak to my dear cousin, Hinata." he said snidely.

"Cousin?" I echoed.

"Yes, we've met before, Hinata, it was a very long time ago. Although you wouldn't remember me either way because... well you couldn't see." he shrugged, his voice dripping with sarcasm and disgust. "It's nice to meet once again, my name is Neji Hyuuga." he bowed, slightly.

...Neji...Neji! The name rang clearly in my head. Memories shaking my small frame. Neji Hyuuga... son of Hizashi Hyuuga, brother of... my father... I swallowed hard and looked up at the man. I vaguely remembered conversations my parents had about my fathers rogue brother. Once my father had made it big with Hyuuga Corp, his investments had paid off big time early in my parent's marriage. Hizashi wanted a cut when his wife got terribly ill and my father said no. I won't deny that my father was a cruel man, he treated me, his own daughter, as if I were a burden he wished to sweep under a rug, but to deny his own brother money to care for his dying wife was beyond any words I had for him. Sadness filled me as I stared at the man who's mother was ripped away from him, torn from his life when my family could have saved her. I knew his pain, more than anything he could ever know.

"I remember you, Neji. It's nice to finally see you." I smiled weakly, unsure of what to say.

"When we read of the car accident, we were beside ourselves. We even set up the funeral and after that we searched for you and we tried so hard to keep you in good hands." It sounded rehearsed, something that came right out of a book but then again that's how most of the Hyuuga's I remember spoke. We were a very proper breed. "The Hyuuga assets have been frozen and they are only available to you, Hinata. I know you have a long road to recovery but just know that once you do you are more than welcome to take your seat at the top of the Hyuuga family, which is rightfully yours." His words did not waver, his voice was stern and he stared deep into my eyes, mirror reflections of his own.

I nodded, my throat dry. I had something to go to after this was finished. After I recovered I could go and return the Hyuuga name to what it once was and once I did that my father would smile down upon me from the heavens. I would make him proud like never before, like I never could before. I was going to take full advantage of this but questions still remained...

"Thank you, Neji. I appreciate you coming here... and setting up the funeral for my family."

He nodded and dug into his back pocket, pulling out a small rectangle piece. It looked like glass, so fragile. I felt as though if he dropped it, it would shatter into a million pieces. "This is a phone, I'm sure you're a smart girl, you can figure out how to use it. My number is already saved in there, feel free to contact me when you want to come home." He tossed the phone by my feet and turned to walk away. He made it only a few inches before the door- I couldn't help myself. I had to ask.

"Neji... H-how did I get the same eyes as you?" I asked, shakily.

He stayed silent for a moment, measuring my emotional status. How much he was going to tell me and how well I was going to take it. "Hyuuga money … and Hyuuga eyes... they go a very long way." he murmured, anger laced in his voice as he quickly slipped out of the door and down the bright white halls.

Hyuuga money... and Hyuuga eyes... That means... That means I have someone in my family's eyes. My mother? My father? My sister?...Hizashi? I frowned, deep in thought as Dr. Sabaku turned back to me, worry etched across his face.

"I'd better tighten security... if the world catches wind that you're alive, well and seeing... you'll have reporters everywhere." I nodded, absently as he stood and made his way out the door.

I stared out the window, still wondering who's eyes has been implanted in my skull. It couldn't have been Hanabi's... she was so young. They were most likely not developed yet... my father? He was so stingy, he wouldn't dare label himself an organ donor. He wanted his whole body to be buried and probably most of his money as well. I wonder if they had wills...

I slid the blanket from my legs and let them dangle off the side, as I moved my body the small phone Neji gave me went crashing to the floor. I reached down to pick it up but I could barely reach, I stretched my arm as a far as possible but I felt myself sliding swiftly off the bed, the sheets going down with me. My arms and legs still weak, I crashed to the floor with a grunt. A throbbing pain shot through my knees as I landed on them, I braced myself as best I could and held my breath.

As I waited for the world to stop crumbling, I hear footsteps enter my room. I couldn't get up fast enough before Dr. Sabaku rushed to the side of my bed and scooped me up in his arms, cradling my against his chest. I could hear his heart beating frantically in my ears as he lifted me back to my bed.

"Hinata! What are you doing? You could hurt yourself." he said, almost angrily. He bent down and reached for the phone, laying on the night stand next to me, not even a scratch on the glass screen.

I felt like a small child, being scolded for touching the hot stove which had already taught me my lesson. "I-I'm sorry... Ga-... Dr. Sabaku... I was trying to get my phone... I slipped. I'm sorry..." He sighed and patted my hand lightly.

"It's okay, you... I just got worried is all. I can't have you getting hurt, Hinata. You're too important."

I felt my face heat up at his words. Important?

More footsteps entered the room, I looked toward my opening door and for the first time noticed the large men stationed outside my door. Doesn't that make it more obvious that an important person is in here? I guess, not that I'm important... Important. My face flushed again, Am I really important to him?

"Good afternoon, Hinata! I'm your physical therapist, Dr. Kurunai Yuhi!" The woman smiled brightly, as her jet black hair curled around her beautiful face, and her striking red eyes bore down on me. "Good afternoon, Dr. Sabaku!"

Dr. Sabaku smiled fakely at her, I wondered if he was capable of faking a good smile, and I did as well. It was nice to know there were other doctors in this hospital than just Dr. Sabaku and Dr. Hatake. She rounded my bed, taking the place of Dr. Sabaku, and held her hands out for me to take them.

"Listen, I want you to lean on me as much as you want, I know you're weak but together, the three of us are going to make you well again!" she said happily, full of earnest courage and admiration.

Dr. Yuhi's optimism was calming, warmth spread through me as she encouraged me day after day. She had such a kind and caring nature... she reminded me so much of my mother.. My sweet mother. I couldn't help but watch her face as I gently slid off the bed, bearing most of my weight on Dr. Yuhi.

I watched her as she lit up brightly at my progress over the next few weeks. She fawned over me, she called me beautiful and even brought me clothes every now and then, promised me that when I was 100% better she would take me shopping and we'd go to dinner and see movies. It felt so good to have someone to share this experience with. We met every day at 3 pm. It was my new schedule, before it was the blaring beeps of the heart monitor, then Dr. Hatake's flirtation. Now I woke up to Dr. Sabaku's angelic face with his wild red locks curling gently. We had breakfast together, Dr. Yuhi would come early sometimes and the three of us would have lunch. Then therapy then dinner. Dr. Sabaku began bringing books from the library, teaching me to read and write. It was hard at first but I made a lot of connections, things were easy to remember but hard to recall. It's hard to explain. I felt peaceful in this new life, even better than I did before. I always felt guilty when I thought about that, I felt as thought I was losing connection with my mother and sister but I knew deep in my heart and theirs, they wanted me to be happy and safe, and here with these people, I was.

Neji never came back to visit, he never called either. I couldn't shake an uneasy feeling I had when I thought about him. I don't remember his father but there was something strange about the two of them. It almost made me not want to go home. Truthfully, I didn't want to go home anymore. All I could think about was the sweet people I had here, the new family I had gotten after the accident. The new life. When I left the hospital I didn't have to be a Hyuuga if I didn't want to. I could give all the money to charity and pursue my own dreams, become a doctor or a lawyer a farmer if I really wanted to!

The reality of my responsibilities was bearing down heavily on me as my release date approached. I still didn't know what I wanted to do, do I go back to the Hyuuga estate and carry on my family legacy or do I find some quaint place here in the town and make my own life. I could throw away that phone Neji gave me, contact lawyers, take the money I need and give the rest away. Never look back to this life. Or, I could go back and rise above, just like Dr. Sabaku did. Become something great in light of my fathers constant jeers and disapproving looks. I could never see them but I always felt them.

I spent many nights staring off into the distance, wondering and contemplating about what I was going to do with myself. Sometimes Dr. Sabaku and I would take walks together in the garden and around the hospital. A lot of the time my portable heart monitor would go off when we got too far and he would just laugh and tell the nurses it was for physical therapy! They never believed him, every one thought we had a thing going. I didn't think we did, I mean, I wouldn't have minded but it wouldn't happen. Dr. Sabaku was charged with my care and he was just being a great doctor.

One night, we sat in the garden, I was blankly staring at the flowers. They swayed beautifully in the wind, the moonlight gave them such a soft glow but I wasn't paying attention to the translucent moonlight that was dancing across the field, my thoughts were far off into the future, where I was going to be in just a few short months.

"Hinata, you're thinking about... when you leave again, aren't you?" Dr. Sabaku said, quietly as he inched closer to me on the bench. I didn't notice as I absently nodded, still far off in thought. "I know it's scary. Feeling alone in the world, feeling like you don't know what's going to happen in the future. You feel alone, don't you, Hinata?" he asked. I nodded again. "I told you before... you're not alone... You've taught me a lot of things. You may not believe it but I wasn't exactly the friendliest doctor in the hospital... I had a lot of trust issues. You've opened me up, you saved me. You may not realize it but you did. The least I can offer you is a safe place to stay once you leave here." His words caught me off guard, scared me as I looked back to him, confusion plastered all over my face. He smiled shyly, "Come live with me, I want you to. You don't have to go back to Neji Hyuuga, you can stay with me. We'll build you a new life."

I couldn't understand what he was saying, it didn't compute. All I heard was a safe place to stay with the person I felt safest with. Deep in my heart I knew I didn't want to go back to the Hyuuga estate, I was just scared to be on my own and here Dr. Sabaku was offering me a place to stay. He was such a kind doctor, caring for his patients. I smiled weakly and nodded.

"Are you always this kind to your patients, Dr. Sabaku?"

His cheeks flushed as he shook his head "...Only you... Hinata Hyuuga..." he murmured as he closed the small space between us. His shaky hands planted on my shoulders, awkwardly, as he brought his face closer to mine. Fear fled through me, What do I do? I've never kissed anyone before! I thought back to the romance my mother used to read me and closed my eyes, waiting for the contact that was sure to floor me. His lips were soft, unlike his worn hands, and warm, like his body whenever he held me close, as the nerves in my lips tingled with fire. Slowly his hands moved up my shoulders and neck to plant firmly on my cheeks, leaving prickling skin in his wake. His lips moved against mine softly and slowly, making no move to intrude until he pulled away, his breathing ragged and his face returned its normal color as he stared into my eyes.

I stared back, my cheeks red as apples, his hands melting the skin on my cheeks. His emerald eyes watched me intently, searching for any emotion that I may show but my pale lavender eyes stayed empty in his line of sight, I watched his eyes swim with emotion. He once seemed so stoic and now I could see all the past pain and present pleasure shining right from his eyes. I couldn't imagine him any other way.

And what a beautiful sight... for sore eyes.

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