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Hermione, currently tucked in her four poster bed, couldn't sleep. And it was all his fault. Everything that had happened today had been his fault, no one else's. She hadn't done anything wrong! He initiated the... grrr... kiss. But that was not the reason she was so upset, no sir! Everything that happened afterwards though... Now that was reason for murder.


One week... One freaking week had already passed and they kept talking about the freaking task like it was a show! The four of them could have been killed but no one seemed to care.

Except her of course.

Harry won the first place -naturally- and if you didn't count the minor scratch on his shoulder, he had no wounds; for that she was proud. And finally Ron realised his stupidity... erm... his mistake, she mentally corrected her self and now everything was OK; the infamous Golden Trio (who the Hell had started calling them that? Probably the twins. I'm going to kill them) was back together closer than ever.

Everything was great, magnificent, glorious; you get the picture. The small smile that had formed on her lips dropped when she remembered what happened before the task in the champion's tent. As always when she thought about him the familiar anger begun to boil inside her. After she ran out the medical tent crying, leaving her two best friends to work out their issues, she decided to go for a walk by the Black Lake to calm her nerves and clear her mind from stress. After weeks of worrying about Harry getting killed she could relax for a little while. She sat on the shore near Hagrid's hut and let her mind wonder. She wrapped her arms around her knees and rested her chin on them closing her eyes. Peace... and quiet... that was what she needed. When she reopened her eyes the sun was halfway set and the lake was painted in shades of flaming red and burnt orange. When she saw the giant squid nonchalantly swimming on the surface she couldn't help a giggle from escaping her.

Hermione smiled.

Hearing light footsteps approaching she lifted her head and looked to see who was coming. Her smile widen when her eyes connected with the bright green eyes of one Harry Potter. He didn't wait for an invitation but plopped down beside her and looked smiling at the giant squid playing with some fish. No one talked for a while; they just sat quietly enjoying each other's company.

"How's things with Ron?" She asked rather softly for her standards. She giggled when she noticed his goofy smile. "So, well, I presume."

"Hermione..." He sighed softly. "We need to talk."

Hermione looked at him strangely.

"About what?"

She was kind of shocked when he didn't look her in the eyes.


"About what happened in the tent?" He said, although he made it sound like a question and Hermione sighed. She had completely forgotten about that; but to be honest she was expecting this conversation. He was there and saw everything for Merlin's sake!

"Is... is there something going on between you and Diggory, Mione?" He asked softly. He didn't sound mad, she noted. That's a relief!

"No." She answered honestly. Harry looked at her, questions in his eyes. "Look Harry, let me explain what happened and then you can ask anything you want, OK?" She pleaded.

The boy nodded.

"Well. You see, I came to the tent to speak with you. I pssst-ed at you but I guess you didn't hear me." A frown marred her features as she recalled the event. "Evidently Cedric did and came to see who was there. He asked if I was there to wish all the champions good luck or just you... I said all but asked if he could call you cause I wanted to talk to you. I don't think he was listening, he had a strange look on his face. Suddenly he grabbed my waist, yanked me in there and the next thing I know he's kissing me! That's what happened Harry, I swear to you!"

"I believe you Hermione, don't you worry." A few seconds of silence and then: "Hey, do you think he likes you and that's why he kissed you?"

He sounded so serious when he said that, that she burst out laughing.

"Oh Harry, you really have a wild imagination!" She said between fits of laughter and he blushed. "I'm 100% positive he kissed me because of his nerves; he was probably sure he was living his final moments. I mean come on Harry, the bloke was going up against a dragon for Merlin's sake!"

"I didn't do anything like that." He said indignantly.

Hermione smirked.

"Well..." She tapped her index finger on her chin and smiled sweetly at him. "I'm rather sure if a certain raven haired Ravenclaw fifth year seeker was in my position and you in Cedric's you might have done the same."

Harry, now an interesting shade of pink, mumbled under his breath about stupid girls and their perceptiveness. Hermione chuckled.

"That's what he said you know." Harry said after his blush started to disappear.


"Cedric." Her face paled. "You didn't actually think that after what I saw, I wouldn't demand an explanation right? I talked to him after Ron left -don't worry he doesn't know. I asked him what the Hell was that, if you two had something behind our backs, you know? He told me that there is nothing going on between you two, that because of his nerves he did something impulsive and that he's really sorry. He asked me to give you his most sincere apologies and he left to go find Skeeter and make sure she won't publish some rubbish."

"He's a good guy." She whispered and looked at him. "So... We are OK?"

"Perfect." Harry said and then rose to his feet. "What do you say princess, are you up for dinner?"

Hermione laughed and allowed him to drag her to the castle.


A week later they were sitting in the Gryffindor table in the Great Hall, eating their breakfast and discussing an essay for Potions ("I'm split between killing him or my self." Harry said) when the mail arrived. Since none of them expected anything, they didn't look up from their conversation. Well... Harry and Hermione didn't look up from their conversation, Ron didn't look up from his breakfast. They didn't even notice when a Ravenclaw student gasped out loud and a few moments later heavy silence descented in the room.

At Hufflepuff table Cedric Diggory sat with his best friends Scott Grey, Perseus (his mother loved Greek mythology) Smith and Wyatt Halliwell, discussing about Quidditch when a brown barn owl landed on Scott's plate and lifted her foot for him to take his newspaper. Scott place five knuts in the leather pouch hanging from her other foot and the owl flew away. Scott open his Daily Prophet indifferently as he was sipping some pumpkin juice and when he saw the front page he choked and spat juice all over Cedric and Percy, sitting across from him. They simultaneously started yelling at him.

"Are you stupid-"

"What your mama never taught you how to drink-"

"-or just retarded-"

"-these robes just came from the laundry-"

Wyatt leant over to see what had brought that reaction from the usually collected Scott. What he saw made his eyes bulge and he took a deep breath.

"Cedric...?" He called softly. That very moment he realized the unnatural silence in the usually lively and loud Great Hall.

"What...?" Cedric asked timidly watching his two friends exchange a worried look. Percy looked on with curiosity.

"I think you should see this." Scott said and passed him the paper with a pitying look. And when he saw the front page he wished the dragon had kill him.


"Her- Hermione?" Came a hesitant voice from her left.

She lifted her head and looked at the red headed girl smiling fondly. Ginny Weasley was probably the only girlfriend she had with whom she could actually talk about something else except boys and make-up. Her first year at Hogwarts Ginny was pretty distant and sometimes quite rude even though they never really talked. Later Hermione found out that her attitude was the product of her crush on Harry and therefore of her jealously because she thought Hermione and Harry were an item. The fact Lord Voldemort's freaking diary kept poisoning her mind against the "filthy mudblood" didn't help their friendship. Her second year though the two girls grew closer during the periods Harry and Ron weren't speaking to Hermione and the two girls became great friends. They often studied together and more than once Hermione had helped the younger girl with her homework. They had also discussed her undying crush on Harry and Hermione very wisely suggested Ginny ought to be herself around him and actually talk to him so he could know the brilliant, beautiful and kind-hearted girl she truly was. She was trying and sometimes she succeeded but not always. So when Ginny looked at her as though she was afraid the fourth year was going to attack her any minute, it really troubled Hermione. In Ginny's lightly shaking hand was a Daily Prophet copy, she noticed.

"Hermione. Have you by any chance seen the Prophet's front page?" Ginny asked cautiously and her hands tighten around said paper. Hermione frowned but before she could answer, someone (who she quickly recognised as Parkinson) interrupted.

"Hey Granger, what's the deal? Are you really making your way through the champions?"

Hermione looked at the pug faced Slytherin sharply and for the first time, noticed the unnatural silence. It seemed as though even the teachers were holding their breath. Frowning she looked around and noticed everyone staring at her; not only the Gryffindors but every one.

What's so fascinating about me? She thought getting angry; and then her eyes met the stormy grey gaze of the other Hogwarts' champion. He was looking at her scared- Wait, scared? Hermione did a double take. Yep he was scared.

But why? Why would Diggory be scared of her?

The day after the task he found her and apologized profoundly. She had assured him he was forgiven, that yes she knew it was the stress and that no she didn't get the wrong idea; for Merlin's sake she didn't even know the guy properly and she told him exactly that! He seemed relieved and after another round of apologies they split their ways. They hadn't even talked since then. Sure when they crossed paths or passed each other on the stairs or the corridors they would politely nod but they didn't really talk and that was OK for both parties. They weren't friends just... acquaintances.

While she was pondering that something clicked in her mind when she noticed the Daily Prophet in the majority of the school populations' hands.

Slowly she turned to Ginny.

"Can I have the paper please?" She asked eerily calm, her voice carrying through the silent Hall. Ginny paled. "Now." She said sharply and the red head obliged.


Cedric knew he was dead and by the looks his friends were giving him they knew it too. Scott raised his head and looked at the Gryffindor table, the other three copying the movement. The girl in question was conversing with Potter, oblivious to the deathly silence that had descended upon the hall and the stares thrown her way. His breathe hitched in his throat when the twins' sister walked over to her with a Prophet at hand and an afraid expression on her young, freckled face. She got Granger's attention and the older girl smiled up at her. Her smile though dropped when she saw the red head's face. Weasley murmured something but before Granger could speak, Parkinson decided to intervene.

"Hey Granger, what's the deal? Are you really making your way through the champions?"

Cedric closed his eyes and damned her to hell. He really hoped she would die a most painful death! When he reopened them he saw Granger looking around at the people staring at her with a frown. And then her eyes met his own frighten ones. Her brows rose and she narrowed her eyes. Something must have clicked in her bushy head because she turned to the small red head.

"Can I have the paper please?" She asked softly and her voice was heard nice and clear. "Now." Cedric and his mates flinched when she snapped and watched in horror as she took the paper.

"I'm quite happy to have met you mate." Scott said in a small voice clapping him on the back.

"These past six years were unforgettable; don't worry we'll make sure to tell your parents you love them." Said Percy.

"Can I have your broom?" Asked Wyatt and the other three looked at him sharply.

"What?" He asked confused. "It's not like you can use it where you are going! You are going to die mate!" He said rather cheerfully. "The only real question is if she'll make you suffer before killing you."

Cedric was really considering to murder him but Scott's voice stopped his muses. "Well judging from her expression, my bet is on a slow, painful death!"

Cedric glanced up and saw Granger reading the damn article with a murderous expression. He mentally started praying to every god he could think of.


Hermione took a deep breathe and opened the offending paper in her hands.

There, in the first page for the world to see, was a picture of her. But not just any picture, oh no, God was not so merciful it seemed. It was a picture of her... and Diggory... kissing in the champions tent before the first task... and in just the perfect angle so they were quite distinguishable. Her fingers clutched the paper so tightly her knuckles turned white. But after the initial rage, she managed to smooth her expression to calm impassivity.

Scary sight.

But the picture was just icing on the cake. The article itself was enough to set her on a killing rampage:


Last Tuesday the first task of the well known Triwizard Tournament took place within the grounds of Hogwarts' School of Witchcraft and Wizardly in front of the school's student body along with the visitors from Beauxbatons Academy of Magic and Durmstrang Institute. Beauxbatons' champion Miss Fleur Delacour was placed fourth behind Hogwarts' oldest champion Mr Cedric Diggory. In the second place was Durmstrang's champion, the famous international Quidditch player, Mr Viktor Krum and in the first place was Mr Harry Potter, The Boy Who Lived and Hogwarts' youngest champion.

The four of them are competing for the eternal glory, the prestige and of course the one thousand galleons prize of this tournament.

The second task is appointed for February 24th.

Harry Potter's triumph in the tournament though doesn't seem to transfer to his personal life.

In our previous article about the tournament, yours truly, made an exclusive discovery concerning Mr Potter's love life. Miss Hermione Granger, age fifteen, is Harry's official girlfriend for quite some time now and she's been very supportive and helpful towards him and to whom, according to reliable sources, Harry has already declare his undying love and devotion. Whomever Harry speaks with, he makes sure to compliment and proclaim his affections for his adored girlfriend.

Hogwarts' students claim that since their first year, after Mr Potter saved Miss Granger's life from a Troll attack during the Halloween feast, the two are inseparable and it's not really a secret they are in a relationship.

Until recently the golden couple of Hogwarts was blissfully happy and completely and irrevocably in love with each other.

Not any more...

Mr Cedric Diggory, age seventeen, a sixth year at Hogwarts, is the older Hogwarts' champion and since his declaration as such he have obtain a fair amount of female admirers and a fan club; not only because of his fame as a Triwizard champion but also of his fair looks.

"Have you seen him? He's absolutely hot! His hair is like gold and his eyes... Merlin,he's like the perfect man!" Was the enthusiastic declaration from quite a few female students. Apparently Cedric is the undoubtedly heart throb of Hogwarts and a great student and prefect.

And it seems Miss Granger is one of the many bewitched and didn't hesitate to risk her relationship with her long time boyfriend for Mr Diggory's affections. The two of them were playing around the bush for quite a while, and right under Harry's nose, beforetheir secret relationship was revealed a few minutes before the first task when Miss Granger, ignoring the rules, sneaked inside the champions' tent to see her secret lover; unfortunately for them, they were caught on the act and before Harry's eyes. Passion as it seems was their downfall...

Mr Potter was devastated and we cannot help but wonder if this was the cause for both Mr Potter and Mr Diggory's wounds during the task (Harry had a minor scratch from his dragon's thorny tail while Cedric got burnt). Love and heart break can really be dangerous when affecting someone's concentration during a dangerous and risky task.

Harry's classmates don't think that this will cause him to end his relationship with Miss Granger though.

"I really don't think he'll leave her. He's completely besotted with her and everything coming from her mouth is like Siren's song or something! If she tells him she regrets it, he'll forgive her. She has him completely wrapped around her little finger." Daphne Greengrass, age fourteen, said in a private interview.

We wish that Harry Potter, The Boy Who Lived, will break his love affair with his unfaithful girlfriend and find someone worthy of his love and devotion. We can only hope...


Complete silence.

It was like nobody even breathed. They all waited for her explosion.

It never came.

Harry and Ron, after finishing reading the article above her shoulder, were both red in the face. Harry from the extreme embarrassment and humiliation and Ron from his rage as he glared at Cedric; but Cedric wasn't concerned about them. His focus solely rested on Hermione.

Her face was emotionless as she stood and gathered her belongings, ignoring the muttering of the students. She repositioned her bag on her left shoulder and with steady feet made her way towards the Hufflepuff table, towards him.

He prepared himself for the yelling and screaming that was sure to come. She came to stand before him and stared him down. Her chocolate brown eyes, usually so full of warmth and kindness, were cold and furious.



Well he didn't expect that, that's for sure!

The Great Hall let a collective gasp.

Hermione Granger, best friend of Harry Potter, the brainy part of the golden trio, Gryffindor Princess, bookworm, student extraordinaire and role model for both younger and older students just slapped, yes slapped Cedric Diggory, true Hogwarts' champion, golden boy, heartthrob, prefect and official idol and secret love of every female student.

And it wasn't just a light slap, no sir, when Hermione Granger did something she did it well -ask Malfoy, he still remembered that punch from third year!

His head snapped to the side, his left cheek was throbbing, a deep red hand print marking it and he was sure he'd have a huge bruise there by tomorrow morning. With his ears still ringing and a dazed look on his face -Percy had to steady him or else he'd have fallen on the floor- he watched as Granger walked out the Hall without a backward glance, her head held high.

Damn, he really did it this time!

"This is going to be a looong year." Scott said chirpily.

"You don't say!" Percy answered sarcastically, his eyes wide with shock.

"I hope you are up for it Ced." Whispered Wyatt and when Cedric looked at him questioningly, he nodded towards the Gryffindors. Every single one of them, especially Potter and the Weasleys, were glaring at him.

He swallowed thickly and let his head fall on the table with a thump.

A long year indeed, he thought sadly.